Monday, June 8, 2015

The Intolerable Essence of Being Greece and the EU!
Stop renegotiating a fictitious debt that has already been discounted with an entity, the EU, that may no longer exist in a few years. For some time now, we have been witnessing a financial Kabuki where Greece and its ignoble, manipulative representatives are playing on the world stage while their country sinks into oblivion.
For the past year, I have stated very clearly that the best thing for Greece is to refuse to pay a debt incurred while doing business with Germany. Simply put, Greece cannot afford to pay anything, let alone fictitious debts denominated in the over-inflated Euro. At the same time, Germany knows all too well that there is no collateral that will guarantee any repayment, let alone one that is denominated in the billions. Both parties are playing an exasperating game which amounts to really nothing other than process leading to Erehwon [nowhere spelled backwards].
What should Greece do?

Get rid of all its present leaders who have made a mockery out of a country that once had a very noble history albeit centuries ago. These politicians know all too well that they are just kicking the can of insolvency down the road so that they can come later onto the world stage and play their farce once again. The most important reason for Greece to leave the EU is the simple financial revelation that with their own printing press—in Drachmas—they can literally print their way out of trouble; instead of pleading to retain a currency—the Euro—which is nothing more than a paper barometer of the German economy.

In turn, Germany has to come to turns with the realization that Greece will never be able to ascend from this fictitious morass created by France and Germany to basically control the militaristic future of a Prussian resurgence a la WWI, WWII etc. The Euro is not a real currency that reflects anything other than the presumed strength of the once formidable,  Deutchmark.
Contrary to the world bankers and hedge fund managers accruing paper wealth beyond the diktats of the game, Monopoly, they are really nothing more than “Teddy Boys”[sorry Britain] playing with themselves. For the most part, currencies are nothing more than paper expressions of wishful thinking about a particular nation, commodity or assets. In reality there is nothing to back up the myriads of currencies floating around the world. All that moves around are electrons which indicate some number that may or may not having meaning; according to the receiver.
The Greek debt is as much a myth as the European Union is and will be. There is no real European Union! What we have is a group of former politicians in one country refusing to give up their past personas in order to play again in a country which can’t even garner a Prime Minister, let alone a efficient government. And that basket case of a country –Belgium—has become the epicenter of the fictitious European Union where more countries are performing under par [France]; or, completely out of step with German growth like Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal [PIIGS].

In reality, the EU has become somewhat of psychological burden on the financial systems of the world, having to work through national companies which are highly subsidized like the French or even the Spanish. Only those countries that have grown strong have retained their own currencies, denominated in numbers that can attain whatever ratios are needed for trade. Witness the Swiss Franc that broke through the ersatz basket [or snake] of the Euro to ascend into one of the strongest currencies in the world. 

For three hundred years, the Swiss have been successful in allowing their banks and FIFA executives to indulge in massive financial corruption without harnessing an ounce of moral indignation. And so, England, Norway, Sweden, and Holland have all quietly amassed an impressive growth picture while remaining relatively silent on the world stage.
Only the Greeks and Germans, and sometimes the French, scream ‘bloody murder’ when the Kabuki goes awry.
  Greece will inevitably default on its debt. 
In fact, if anyone bothers to take the time to read their balance sheet, one will find that Greece is in technical insolvency! In other words, Greece’s DEBTS EXCEED ITS ASSETS! If that is not bankruptcy, then folks, I have no idea what that term really means. 

The Greece/Germany two step has shown me how inept our own bankers, Secretaries of State and Treasury really are –when they announce that the world financial markets will collapse if Greece fails to pay its debts. It has already failed de facto to pay its multiplicity of debts. Nothing has happened to the world markets; simply because Greece and the Euro are not that important to Chinese, South East Asian and American GDPs [which is what really matters].
Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe are all nice geopolitical entities in which highly paid pundits revel about in their nonsensical discussions about Geopolitical Imperatives or the New Cold War. The truth is more ugly than that. China keeps growing. India will grow. 
Vietnam; Indonesia; Cambodia; Myanmar— will all grow.

Europe is the newest and oldest sense of the term is just not relevant!
America could become an asterisk in the history of the 21st Century if we don’t stop creating wasteful and complete inane wars thousands of miles from our shores—all in the name of “Peter Pan’s” Terrorism. We have a very weak growth capacity. We will enter a negative growth curve if we don’t stop producing the useless tools of a war that has no bearing on our future.. or national security.
Yet who am I? Just a lonely voice in the world of “bankruptcy”; whether real; or imagined. A word of wisdom to all countries and currency producers---Get Your Own Printing Press! No more worldwide Kabukis, its a distraction and its tiresome.


  1. EU exist as seperate entitiy from world, only because US have GMO, liberal capitalism, deregulation and private health care insurances, definition of EU is we are NOT THAT... At least in my head. Also in Europe you do not pay estate tax for house you live in, that is also very important. Europe did not exist as name or anything until invention of Islam, so Europe was invented back than as we were NOT THAT.

    Growth is not important also, people just get instability from growth, and they get pillaged more to suffer more lately. Pope said that economic policies were you put water in to glass of rich, for poor to get something when water spill over, does not work, because that glass all the time is somehow getting bigger and bigger. Magic. Working hard is also not good, only poor people works hard, like those poor people in Asia, rich people does not work hard at all, they are example to follow. Beside pillage is only economical policy there is.

    1. Only question now with this TTIP is how we in EU will make US to adopt our standards of behaviour. TTIP is all what we were waiting for. Now you are done :)), you must become Cuba unless you are ready for looong battle, we are going to socialise and subsudize everything what will move. We can eat whole supstance there is but we are never going to accept defeat, we can sell all castles to Chinese if needed.

  2. Here is one great link! One university student (free university), (40 years old) from my city made threats two weeks ago to health commission of department of health who gave him spa (for free of course) he did not like, as he wanted other one 300 miles away.
    Well he came today with boxes full of molotov cocktails and throw them all on to building and doctors working inside. And what are US veterans doing... Listening to doctors and shaking head up and down, AMATEURS. In US he would end up in Guantanamo.

    1. One nice link again. we are coming... workers self-management is coming to former Goodyear factory n France... Court made decision to not allow owner to take machines out and remove facilities, workers will take over:)
      In that factory two managers were kidnaped two years ago by workers, and owner said that they all were funny, that he can pay workers in Africa 1$ per day! Exactly same what i am thinking.

      and this link down there about same is for classy people:)

    2. Dr.P you are continuing to hold onto some longstanding phalluses about "paper money."

      The simple truth is that money doesn't need to be "backed up" by anything.

      Money itself, paper or mere numbers on a computer screen, works because it is SCARCE.

      No one can just go out and make dollars or Euros like you can go out to a gold mine and mine gold and then convert it to a stupid currency tied to gold.

      The only way that the Euro is created is when the Central Bank of the EU creates it -- out of thin air -- and no one else can do that so THAT MAKES IT SCARCE.

      SCARCITY and CONTROLABILITY is what makes a currency work....not "backing" by some other scarce thing.

      It's the money itself which is the scarce thing.

    3. Now as for your comment that this situation is like Prussian hegemony a la WWI or WWII....well, this is ridiculous and shows an appalling ignorance on your part regarding the causes of those wars.

      Those wars had nothing to do with Prussian militarism, and if you knew history by real historians instead of British and American wartime propagandists then you would know the causes were not German aggression.

      The last war of German aggression and hegemony was the Franco-Prussian war of 1871, and it set the stage for WWI because the Germans brought about this humiliation of the French and forced them to even pay financial payments to Germany although it was the Germans who caused the war!

      What happened in Versailles was the same only in reverse. WWI was brought about by the French and the Russians seeking to destroy a rising Germany, and then the French and British brought about WWII for the same reasons...

      If you think otherwise then answer why the French and British didn't declare war on the USSR when it also invaded Poland as the Germans did...

      The French/British war on Germany had nothing to do with Poland anymore than Operation Enduring Freedom had anything to do with WMD's....

    4. The simple truth which the British and French have always known regarding Germany is that they can never compete with the Germans. The Germans have a united society of the most dedicated and intelligent citizens with no class conflict, crime, political corruption or businessmen lobbying for the conquest of foreign countries at the expense of the state for their own benefit....

      England and France have always been hobbled by the colossal expense of operating foreign empires at the taxpayers' expense which only benefitted a few rich business owners...

      The Germans never had that.

      France and Britain could never compete economically or intellectually or socially or financially or in any other way with the Germans --- the highest performing people on the earth....

      That's where the causes of those wars lay -- in the need by France and England to do to Germany what the Romans did to Carthage and for the same reason. Or look at the Pelloponesian War and the preventive nature of it in terms of the "rising power of Athens" and you have the same situation.

    5. The German position in the Euro is that it was intended to benefit Germany because it forced other Euro members to accept German exports to their countries at more favorable terms.

      In this regard this has worked === German products have become more affordable in Italy and France and such places and have displaced their local products somewhat.

      But the Germans never realized that the borrowing and credit dimension of this regime had such risks and costs. It's arguable that the effect on Germany has been a net loss.....

    6. Additionally Dr.P you have neglected to mention the root cause of the Greek problem --- that Greece under the Popandraeu Dynasty has been Europe's only crypto-Marxist state outside of the Warsaw Pact and Yougoslavia.

      Greece was run as a crypto-Marxist country in which everyone was on the government dole and everyone was working for companies owned by the state, and that's how this problem came to be....

      It's the Greeks own fault though many Jewish international speculators have made it much much worse by trying to swindle the Greeks and tear them apart business by business and so forth the way vulcher Jews do in these situation....filthy Jew predators.

    7. The rising power of the Golden Dawn nationalist movement in Greece reflect the Greeks' disgust with the harboring of foreigners there taking away jobs from Greek citizens as well as their outrage over the sinister role of Jews in their suffering....

    8. Now I want to return to Dr.P's misconceptions about the causes of the Second World War and the German contribution to it or lack thereof....

      It really reflects the different cultures of our two different government agencies....I from CIA and yourself from the Department of State.

      The State Dept. has a very fine intelligence bureau but they do not go back and re-visit the true causes of American wars like the CIA does....

      The State Department has no bureau in it which would go back and study what were the real causes of this war or that which the US fought and made up propaganda for....

      Whatever stupid propaganda the US makes up against Germany or Iraq or Vietnam will never be overturned in the State Department...and so it's culture is totally based on misperception of current conditions because it's based on prior propaganda.

      However CIA was not like this when I was involved.

      The old hands I worked with who fought in the OSS had totally revised their views of Germany and the USSR from their WWII misconceptions.

      They had time and purpose to intelligently study what the real causes were..and to correct for the false propaganda of the British and their own wartime American collegues.

      The generation of CIA officers who I knew did not blame Germany for WWII...nor did they think the Neuremberg trails were anything but phony show trials.

      They thought the US fought on the wrong side and had no problem using Nazi assets anywhere they could be found and brought into service.

      And I agree with that perspective.

      I also agreed at the time that the best way to deal with the growing problem of drug importation into the US was to get out in front of the issue by participating in it....

      And the failure to do that is what's brought about the current horrible situation where savage cartels of barbarous assholes are now in control of everything and law enforcement is doing nothing about it...

      I also agreed that forming alliances with Kadaffi in 1972 was the best way to prevent terrorism against Americans..and that policy worked until stupid law enforcement brought it down in 1980....

      Law enforcement always...always....does things which are counter-productive to the safety of Americans in these issues and always has terrible unintended consequences....

      Best to have a strong CIA willing to break laws and participate in criminal activity in order to control it because law enforcement never can....

    9. If law enforcment wanted to they could end the scourge of drug use in America.... It would be simple, but they just won't do it.

      Every city in America has huge open drug markets like RAVE parties and so forth which go unmolested by local police just as they did with alchohol during prohibition.

      Most local police forces could care less about who is selling drugs or who is buying it. They never do any busts or stings or anything. All they do is pull people over for traffic violations and then when they find drugs they prosecute those people...if it's enough to make at "intent to distribute" case then they turn the person to go after his supplier...

      But all this is just what falls into their laps from traffic stops. Other than that they make no effort to go after the local drug pushers or users and everyone in every town knows who they are.

      Only Federal law enforcement really tries to address the problem but they have the wrong approach and I'm going to tell you what's wrong and how it can be solved.

    10. The problem with law enforcement's approach is that they want to after the big dealers and importers and that's a huge mistake.

      From the point of view of large dealers and importers and transporters and manufacturers outside the US it is only a business. The big kingpins and big operators are just businessmen meeting a demand which will always be there so long as the demand is left alone by law enforcement. If law enforcement takes down a big dealer he's immediately replaced by another so it solves absolutely nothing.

      The only way to work the problem is to attack demand by going after users and the people who sell to users.

      The only targets should be the assholes who sell drugs TO THE USERS. Instead of letting these people go by making them turn on their suppliers they should forget about their suppliers and go after the sellers and their buyers.

      Drug buyers have no fear of law enforcement and treat what their doing like the public treated alcohol during prohibition because law enforcement encourages that view.

      When the users and their sellers are afraid of the law the demand will go away.

      Forget about the growers in Columbia and so forth or the transporters and big dealers. They will always be there so long as the demand side is unaddressed.

    11. Go to this and watch the video on this article "Judea Declares War on Germany"

    12. Everything was set up for Germany to go against USSR, Versailles was treaty to protect German economy from collapsing. Versailles was illusion for stupid WW1 veterans to think that Germany was defetaed, WW1 did not solve anything... Germany had army of 100,000 people, yes but they all were trained to be future officers of bigger army, Germany could develop sport planes from which fighter Me109 was developed, they were given Skoda factories in 1938 in Prague, British gave them naval permission, French gave them Rurh in 1936, and Saar region in 1935, Germany had to repeay war debts in worthless inflationary german DMs, not even one golden bar went to Paris or London. War plan of London and Paris was for Germany and USSR to fight among them self, and keep defensive in France and then after few years enter with army in to Berlin and Moscow both, as only way to stop USA and communism from USSR.

    13. Hitler was idiot, he was so jaleous on French and British empire he was talking all the time how they have big empire and Germany have none, he totally did not think about USA at all. And yes you must keep Prussian militarism checked and controlled because others will than. Germans are always ready happy! :))

  3. As for the weak American economy....

    It's the trade deficit stupid.

    Correct for population growth and GDP has been flat now for fourty years LOL

    You can't have a trade imbalance of colossal proportions for every month and day and decade for fourty years and not hemorrage wealth....

    It's been a gigantic transfer of wealth from America to China and Mexico and other places....

    The US economy has few exports to sell in this free trade regime and can't compete with foreign countries....

    All the US has to do is re-instate the former system of quotas and taxes and tarriffs and protect its own industries...

    It will cause only minor losses of exports but it will solve the trade imbalance...and that's the net loss of wealth from the imbalance of exports vs. imports under the free trade regime.

    We will have a small loss of exports but a huge gain in employment from Americans having to buy products made by Americans....

    It will be a net gain under which the economy can once again grow as it always did until free trade ruined it....

    1. AH, but you forget that US capitalists already had that nice economy and tarrifs, now they want whole world, and that is only where i support and understand them. But that is huge project and yes former middle class will have to adopt to new reality because such plannes are more important than middle class. Just look that map of Siberia and than compare that to Germany, you will understand that even China is potato to that.

  4. In every American city drug dealers make sales by texting their clients and they don't even use code words...LOL

    Law enforcement does nothing.

    Your average street level drug dealer with a phone and a car will operate for years and years and never get caught because no one's even trying to stop him.

    I know what I'm talking about. There's no enforcement on the user level. All the enforcement is directed on the suppliers, and that makes no difference whatsoever.

    1. Of course, control is the most important aspect of government, control is only thing which goes even above taxation because without control there is no taxation.

  5. I know many drug users and not only have none of them been arrested but no user they know has ever been arrested.....

    They have no fear of arrest whatsoever.

    If suddenly some of their buddies were to be targeted and arrested 99 percent of these users would quit.

    1. Of course, drug users do not like to go to prisons, they could get clean there and it would not be popular. Ann Coulter says, that under prohibition alcohol usage on average was lower, and of course it was.

  6. In a city like Austin probably half of the cars driving around have illegal drugs in them. People just act like nothing is going on, and here I've seen people fill the inside of their cars with smoke from marijuana or meth or crack while they're driving.

    It's a joke because law enforcement is going after their suppliers instead.

  7. Dr Steve, This following article will dumbfound many people!::::"CIA FALSE FLAG IN TIANANMEN SQUARE"

  8. ah german movie producer angry because he was unable to collect money for his german movies on kickstart and i do not know where else... germans just do not know to make movies... idiot

  9. The answer to the Greek crisis is a crate of champagne. Two quarks go on each neck. The rest comes naturally!

  10. Now when i look with cold head this article, i see that again Dr. P is 100% right, but untold truth is that China is rising because of US liberal capitalist Satanists as Satan wants war between China and US. It is not because of euro social-democrat Satanists. But without Satan we would never have such chance to unite west as we have now :) Wise US policies :) ... For west to be sucure it is enought to nuke Japan and Taiwan, optionally South Korea and island of Jawa, (because they all do not have nuclear weapons) and everything is going to be fine again, and we have united west. Solutions are wast. Also we can put economic sanctions of UN on to China and Russia and strip their veto power in security council. rUSSIA because of Crimea, and mainland China because it is occupied by russian "communists" and those islands in SE Asia and Tibet.

    1. I should have been invited to Bilderberg!

    2. When we nuke Taiwan we can make them again permanent member of security council.

    3. Chia Cha you to can be a Bilderbergher...just join Mc Donalds they build lots of Burgers. Huuuurr! Anyway garden party great success 6000! Blind Vets came, thanks for asking.

    4. i am 5 10 and 190lbs, i am there already...

      this is very very good link, very smart, how much time you need in Europe to get by train from one point to another as passenger...

      this is link for Bruxelles and all other cities

  11. Dr Steve, I believe these two following articles should have not only Americans worried but the entire globe more than concerned!!
    "Michigan Martial Law Drills Prove 'If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere' - Exclusive New ANP Pictures Of West Virginia Military Movement"
    "China Buys Walmart, Will Rebrand As GreatWallmart"

    1. Oh if China buys Walmart that would be great, what world would hate more than capitalism are chinese capitalists... I pray God this happens. UK before WW1 was market liberal, after WW1 they went liberal-democrat, after WW2 they went labour. France before WW1 were social-liberal, after WW1 they were mixed and after WW2 they were socialist... We need China as winner of capitalism so that good old USA must go socialist to protect their own assets from chinese money... Welcome to club USA, together we are stronger...

    2. Oh what we have here, US fascists are trying to sell expensive medication to whole world, because they do not like that only US slaves must pay medication 5 times more than same one from same companies but bought in bulk by civilised public health systems around world.

      I think that this cannot pass on EuroAsian land mass, because of proximity of Russian and Chinese army. For this thing to pass US army should invest much more in land army. It is much better that cure for some disease does not exist than that there is one but you do not have money for one. We all know how ass of son of Kennedy was saved from bone cancer by biological chemo therapy back in 1960es. That is why it is important to kill rich.

    3. We must put rich to be our slaves and to work for us, they are good in collecting money, and you just cannot go against such genetics. They are like negros collecting cotton, but that does not mean you will put negros on power. What kind of stupidity would that be for some civilised society.
      I never heard that you can live with bone cancer more than 12 years, every bone cancer is 4th terminal stadium. Guys, he is cured.
      Capitalists are against progress.,_Jr.
      Such therapy is very expensive even today.

    4. He had therapy made from his own cells. That reminds me of this sate capitalists who called them self "communists" in USSR,,, look their cars, they were bigger and more luxurious than RR s on west.

  12. Pope is right again. Here we have Chinese capitalistic scums developed by US capitlaistic satanists stealing land from poor people around world to feed their weaponized number of population supported by project of american decolonisation which went only against Christian nations like UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherland and Belgium but not against US pagan masters like China, Japan, India, Golf countries and Indonesia... Pope is again right... People are loosing food and land... We should start killing US capitalists first than their Chinese lap dog daddies partners. Or just switch to Chinese, and kill US capitalists only, because with chinese you can get at least some deal on nation to nation level which can be respected by just calling Russian army. For this new better deal nation just need to call russian glorious army as protecteor. Putin would keep interests of Catholics around world much better i think...

  13. Saw something that might interest you on Public intelligence Blog, NATO are having a 3 day live public brainstorming session online at the end of the month regarding the fate of the World. You could be the catalyst that sparks the revolution! Or not.

    1. Oho, well me, I will sign up there, there is nothing better than to serve evil capitalists for free. When you work for free it is impossible to sell your soul and go to hell, transaction cannot be counted as such. But for mine revolution i predict that i would need only 30 brain washed obedient slave zombies, A4 printer, banking account, 2 programers, one server, lawyer and ... , as one little connection.

  14. Dr Steve, What the fuck is going on with this Jade Helm crap especially when you see things like this:::"Highly Suspicious: Saudi 'Civil Defense' Trucks On Texas Highway - Las Vegas Convoy Had Blackhawk Escort - Mysterious 2015 Wal Mart Evacuations"
    "Suspicious: "Saudi Arabian Defense" Trucks In Texas Highway!!!

    1. I believe Jade Helm is primarily a Psyop with the intent of inducing the Patriot movement to shoot first.... It's phishing for a new Ft. Sumter.

    2. Preparations are being made because government psychics are predicting a colossal catastrophy like a pole shift or something. Marshal law isn't part of the New World Order or anything like that. It's because of a fear of global natural catastrophy.

      Aliens are now being infiltrated into human society in preparation for this.

      The global population will be devestated.

  15. ah this happened 1000 yards, from my house yesterday as swastika is becoming tool of attention, and every news provider on world will show it... croatian society is 50:50 divided ustashi fascists against partisan communists...

    this happened in 2006. again against Italy in Italy...

    and what we need is western workplace democracy...

  16. Everything I am seeing and reading is that this will lead to a Lehman like collapse of Deutch Bank which appears to be tottering like a drunk on the streets of NY.

    The Anglo American European institutions of control are unraveling. The slavish devotion of the old colonies are long past. The old colonies have come into their own and will double cross their former masters.

    As we can see, this leads to ever grander attempts to control and colonized. The over pampered old boys and gals, who never lived a real life, cannot grasp the idea that things will not go their way in their lifetime.

    Unfortunately, like children in a sandbox, if they can have it then no one else can. They will never let the old colonies to come of age in their own right hence they will smash the game board (that is Earth and all that is in it) so no one can ever use it again.

    1. Those old Western colonies are now den of evil and capitalism and total slavery... You talk like US process of decolonisation and chinese colonisation is something good? Henry Kissinger is very very dangerous man. We on West should put him on trail for genocide of Catholics in Western Timor by Indonesia and for supporting of pagan colonisation by Indonesia... Putin as new defender of faith could enforce his extradition to trail to Vatican. Indonesia slaughtered 30% of Catholic Portuguese there. 300,000 of 800,000 people living in Easter Timor were killed. Philippines should liberate Borneo, Eastern Guinea and Celebes from Indonesia and Malaysia, Sri Lanka must go back to UK and Sumatra to Benelux. We should also also stop colonisation by China of Singapore and liberate them from US and Chinese capitalists. North Korea should also liberate South Korea and Japan from Chinese and US colonisation.

    2. Our western bordering brothers from Slovenia will be first music band from West playing in North Korea. When North Korea introduce our Slovenian and Croatian workers self-management, together with Cuba we can form nice axis of liberty going against US and Chinese state capitalism.

      interesting, interesting, we must form new block very soon, seems that only normal and free countries have good relationship with north korea... UK have wise policies also as we can see. We and UK should develop own nukes with cooperation with North Korea. UK should forget Trident.

    3. from wikipedia, Slovenia[edit]
      Slovenia and North Korea have a strong relationship. Like Serbia, relations between Slovenia and North Korea began in 1948, during the time of Yugoslavia. Relations between the two countries are generally strong. The North Korean embassy to Slovenia is accredited to Vienna, Austria. Slovenia is also biggest friend of Russia in Europe.

    4. Thanks for the tip Chia... they were often on my playlist when I used to radio broadcast at W[redacted][redacted][redacted]...

      Here are some Laibach favorites:

      Drzhava, an early one w/ Tito samples...

      even earlier, 1983...

      Die Liebe...

      Full length film, Victory Under the Sun (1988)...

      Their newer stuff is more polished, and will be more palatable to Kim Jong-un than the early industrial noise. From last year...

    5. Yes i hope also that respected leader will be pleased with list of songs they are going to choose for such big occasion. They are always fascinated by Hong Kong, they are saying it is ultimate capitalism, but this is going to be much better, real back to future.

    6. Do you know how Rammstein is called also? As, Laibach for kids. :))

    7. They just cannot get old... Even those effects which were just for that time looked like they were made today. You cannot hide intelligence...
      I liked this one also..., i think it was from 1994, WAR... :)

      And of course, blog of respected Dr. P can go in to timeless zone also...

  17. Why we do not have this in Huffington Post...

    1. not even one article about Easter, 6 others about Pope, among which is yes him with Putin, but not about Easter...

  18. I have signed up to that NATO forum... I am waiting for password and approval... Who knows maybe i am not that crazy...

    1. Gaddafi and Chavez had to go and poison members of US elite. Not wait and think that there are some rules which are going to be followed or believe in free market of concepts and ideas. Arabs in 12th century were rich, mass of people (working class which was not working very much) were fed and perky... So they were blown away by Mongols, i guess they were waiting for something... Kissinger is also waiting for something, to China to join NWO under his terms, so funny... China will give him medal and will tell him how he will be known in Chinese history books as great person, maybe he will even have own name written in some Chinese history book under chapter "20 century only"... Or not... Let s be real, Chinese have vast history and culture, heck they went in to feudalism 1200 years before Europe went. So it is Kisenger or Kisinger?

    2. Bush - Berlin - Peking coalition hoping it is going against Peking... ...uh... ...Snake eating tail...

    3. Well, maybe i am starting to finally get it. US have only normal economical ideas on world as cashless society (rich cannot hide from taxation) is fantastic US idea, helicopter money is also great US idea (people really gets money), negative interests rates are also fantastic US idea, (tax rich to put money on sun and work). but US is not adopting all those great policies... ...well why is that?
      Well i think it is because we around world have to start hating Chinese capitalism and we have to wait for Germany to destroy economy of those in EU who follow Germany...
      Wise wise...
      I hope that is it.

    4. Chia Cha, The reason they took Gaddafi out is simple like what's shown in this Y/T video "Rothschild-owned Central Banks in All But Three Countries in 2013!!
      'As of the year 2000, there were seven countries without a Rothschild-owned Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran then along came the convenient terror of 9-11 and soon Iraq and Afghanistan had been added to the list, leaving only five countries without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family: Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran the only countries left in 2013 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are: Cuba, North Korea, Iran.

    5. One recent source stated that the strategy for BRICS will be to offer the entire European Union, within each nation individually, including the PIGS, the option to issues their national debt denominated in RNB/Yuan. So if you think about it, Putin offering Greece pipelines and what not is the least of NATO's/US worries. This might be the solution to the Greek crisis, someday - essentially what the US is trying to avoid at all costs: a Eurasian Trade Zone. As for me, I have no clue, but stealth QE and negative interest rates only go so far. So what's really next?

    6. Problem today is that religiosity is being supplanted by religion called extra profit, in the name of that new world religion we will soon get legalisation of pedophilia.

    7. An interesting video::::"United Nations in the U.S. & Mass Military Exercises"

    8. After nuclear WW3 when capitalists see that money they invested in to war was same to money they collected after, meaning, when they dissolve them self, world wide socialism will have to be established by UN. Until, this is just their propaganda.

    9. Well done for signing up to NATO Think tank. On my home front NYC District Attorney got in contact re phoney Director who was after my son. So well done National Crime Agency here and Interpol. Also could someone have a word with the folk who are trying to wind up Putin and the Chinese to stop being so asinine. Have they got tiny dicks or something? Regarding Greece they should copy Iceland, then tell the Banksters to fuck off in short order.

    10. Obama personally is tampering Putin very much. Yes, he have orders to meddle but he is just too good, he personally is going so far :)...
      Poor Obama.
      Imagine, you are president, and capitalists bought you "all" tools you would need to get job done, but because you deal with capitalists, capitalists did not spent even one penny extra, just enough for you to maybe do it if you would squeeze all what you got...
      I think Obama just wants to play golf, but he also wants to impress. Good Obama.

    11. I sign up, but they did not approved me yet, they say they are little "worried" about my fake account... I think they are worried more about my hammer and sickle, he he.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Someone is now thinking very deeply: "hmmm, what kind of trap is now this..." Poor NATO, of course it is trap... This reminds me of programming language: Basic 2.0, which have wonderful syntax called: FATAL ERROR. They really need new algorithms.

  19. For me the most funny part in geography is when you look at map of North America and find peninsula which looks like, something, trying to reach that island below. But having problem of being little short. After that you move eyes above and look at that huge continental land mass up there. 4/5 of map. Than you starting contemplating and think how interesting is that president of all that up there must lick ass of president of that little down there.

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