Monday, June 29, 2015

Puerto Rico, An American “Commonwealth” [State] must be able to Declare “Bankruptcy” Because the Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Clearly Stated that the Puerto Rican Debt  Not Payable!
Just as we are entering the death spiral of Greece and potentially other EU countries [Spain, Italy, Portugal]; Puerto Rico refuses to pay any of its hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. Governor Padilla has stated to all of his debtors that Puerto Rico will not pay any of its debt back. This statement may sound arrogant and dismissive; however, I found it to be a breath of fresh air. Unlike all the leaders of the EU who are basically in technical insolvency, this Governor makes no bones about the fact that he and his cohorts are incapable of restructuring any reasonable deals with his creditors.

How Puerto Rico became such a financial basket case is a shady story with endless Investment Banking and Hedge Funds willing to extend credit to any Island on a basis of fictitious numbers of future cash flows which the creditors knew in advance were never really viable. Why would such sagacious bankers from the mainland go out of their way to prostitute themselves in front of Puerto Rican institutions like the Light and Power company?
The answer is very simple. 

Most of these bankers wanted to EARN FEES on the financial instruments that they were creating specifically for Puerto Rico, irrespective of caring about its REAL FUTURE EARNINGS. What is happening in Puerto Rico is what had happened when our fearless, greedy leaders like Bill Clinton and Bush Jr allowed the banks to loan at will; assuring them through the mumbled thoughts and words of the three stooges: Greenspan, Bernanke; and Geitner—that all these banks would be backed up by Fannie Mae and other Federal Financial Institutions. Effectively, these financial geniuses created ‘zombie banks’ that could do no wrong every time they flushed a suzerainty like Puerto Rico [used as target for US Navy shelling] with Bonds for everything. The bonds were to be paid back in principle by revenues and tax dollars that were supposedly generated by the consumers of the utility or manufacturing facility.
That did not happen.
Instead most Puerto Ricans [whom I admire]  came to Nuevo York [mainly around my neighborhood on 108th and Amsterdam] decades ago to make better, safer living for themselves and their family. Many of you would say that the financial behavior of the Puerto Ricans was irresponsible.
I could not completely agree.

The willingness to take money that seemed endless and ‘free’ was too tempting to refuse. However, what had happened during the tenure of the governors prior to Alejandro was reprehensible. This endless flow of bonds for everything and anything was part of a collusive entity created by greed and irresponsibility between the Wall Street bankers seeking fees for their meager work and Puerto  Rican officials harvesting cash crops for their respective political futures. Now, Puerto Rico beset by malignant neglect by the Obama administration has ventured down a road where they are stating out right that ‘no debt will be repaid’.
That may mean very little to us, Americans for now.
It does portend a trend where American localities like Detroit and Stockton, California have also gone into a fiduciary default mode. The difference is that both Detroit and Stockton were able to declare bankruptcy and wipe out their respective debts in order to start all over again. Puerto Rico which has debt in the billions of dollars cannot and will not pay back any of the bonds. If PR is granted the right to enter into Chapter 9 [bankruptcy] then it might be able to restructure the debt load and something on the bonds.
However, this is a new phenomenon where a commonwealth [ read state] has no ability to wipe out it debts completely is problematic, uncertain. Now, we will wait and see what PR does in the next few weeks; as well as watch the Wall Street Bankers like Citibank accrue fees for helping them to bail out from their own debts .

Banking is nothing more than a vicious cycle of numbers floating around the ether of “make-believe” or more clearly stated by the lead banker in the Wolf of Wall Street--- 
“Its Fugazi!” 
Poof! Magic! Where the money never goes back to the client; but keeps floating around the banking cycle fueled by cocaine, alcohol, sex and mucho greed!
Folks, sit back and watch the new show:
“West Side Story” meets “Wolf of Wall Street”!


  1. I must say that I do not understand USA and whole Anglo America (with Canada). It is only remaining functioning full fledged civilisation on world, for us Europeans looking somehow childish, even sometime stupid, but honestly very very often making us mostly just down deep jealous.

    In the time of Roman Empire, barbarian tribes around, or inside, were adjusting their language to Latin and were importing Latin words, today it is same with English... And this is just starting to rapidly go forward...
    And here are some other facts...
    USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia are 50% of population of West. Those are really big numbers.

    1. And he is also childish...

    2. think it would have been better if the Chinese finished invading North Korea. Seems everyone wants North Korea as a sock puppet, not to mention as an experimental laboratory for all sorts of populace conditioning. So what's the airport for? That for hiring out the North Korean military, like some mercenary army, or are they expecting visitors from outer space?

    3. On second thought, some people who actually use their brain when they write things had this to say about North Korea being invaded by China:
      Found it interesting, all the various views.

      You know as a little child i always wanted a nuclear bomb, so nobody would screw with me.... How's that being a sovereign person? I hear the world has a few such individuals already. I'm jealous...

    4. No no no we are jealous really, if you look those family houses in Seattle, today in Houston, those brick houses in Montreal we communist are very very jealous, infrastructure everywhere holding very very good fixed level, in poorer areas it is like 3rd world shit, but again somehow tidy and planned. In those better areas it like something we could honestly never do on your level.
      Problem is that still many many people really have it nice. On third of people have ti better than we are able to provide. One third are slaves, and one third are people who still could make it in upper third or think it is in upper third.
      So does it really have to be that way that you need to have so many slaves not having home at all, or having it but having it on lower level then we communist were able to achieve for our poor.

    5. North Korea could fix that question i hope, they have stability, there are no rich, they are independent and they are monarchy, totemistic style on monarchy, and totem is functional (he is able to have own offspring)...
      They just need Professor Richard Wolff to give them workplace democracy, no other thing is needed to anyone. Than North Korea should liberate with that model Southern Korea, and Japan, and than with USA and together with Mongols (there 400M of them living in China) liberate China from capitalists (russian stalinists)... North Korea and Germany should be new shock force of West...

    6. As for resident demographics, I think the problem with such lifestyles are that they are based on quality of lifestyle, which says nothing of asset classes which are overvalued via speculation. In essence I feel Americans (if not North Americans) are having their network destroyed by speculation in housing; wherein deflation will eventually destroy their network and steal any bit of liquidity they might have. Many might loose everything just on interest rates alone. Its like playing in the casinos.

      For myself, I work all over in trades, and I couldn't imagine owning a house, even if I could afford one. No time to mow the lawn, or even fix anything. Too busy looking after the worlds problems. Work way too many hours, and I'm thankful that I'm not playing Russian roulette with an overpriced housing market, even if I could buy in cash - because I'd loose the value of it over time (i feel). Best strategy is to look for assets that are undervalued, and that will hold their value into the future, if not gain traction in the free market.

      As for Communism, I've always been a fan of Murray Bookchin since my late teenage years or so... My uncles raised me on a diet of anarchist literature, which was more trashy and self-serving. So I did everything to counter their revolutionary spiral downwards, discovering Bookchin's post-scarcity, discipline, and responsibility towards the ecology, and any version of society we might have to compromise with.

      But as an adult, I believe less in revolutionary potentials. I see humanity as mostly unguided, and socially programmed by media and scientific oligarchies. I see the world rather without much merit, consideration, or measure of individuality that I would ever try to strive for collectively. In short, I don't even try, beyond mere hopeless conversation where I might constantly be harrassed from having a very different opinion than the majority.

      Its like talking about macroeconomics. Few, if anybody i meet think there is anything wrong with the world since 2008. Even if someone might agree, even fewer could say why. Few even still might have read a book about it. And even if they have, they usually have margin accounts in tech stocks or whatever else. That's just my experience. So I just drink coffee and shrug my shoulders.... It's not like I'm going to take to the street corner, and start preaching Karl Marx. That's ain't me.

      Like the idea of the Kibbutz and I got no problem with some small versions of communism or socialism - but just the microeconomic versions of it. Like "some" socialism in Canada. Think it should never be more than 20% of the Canadian economy, as we need an economic engine to run the rest and provide for it. Those are my experiences anyhow.

      Don't have any faith in Lennin btw. Don't like guns. Mostly I'm with George Orwell on most, if not all forms of macro-level economies and governments. Call me Jaded. If I had to have a nickname, "jaded" would suit me fine.

    7. nice authors,,, NA always surprise me how industrious minds it have

  2. As long as we people are not willing to invest few $$ in to political campaign of politicians, there cannot be republic, as rich buys whole show... Via internet and facebook, tomorrow we all could have representative republic back. Only problem would be that people are stupid and rich are evil. Maybe we can introduce that after NWO is established.

  3. To be serious, for once, I think the world needs some sort of gold standard and/or cryptocurrency blockchain to protect itself against bankers.... hate to see it happen..... it won't be pretty... but when everyone suddenly wants to go bankrupt in the world ... i mean the entire PIGS thing... its gonna get damn ugly fast!

    Any gold standard ain't perfect - it can actually be worse to live under - but what solutions are there at this present time? its an issue of trust.... otherwise we would have the Asian Infastructure Investment Bank and many other multilatral attempts to side-step American confetti....

    Just today I was reading about the province of Ontario is something like 350 billion in debt, and Alberta, arguably the richest province (although Saskatchewan has surpassed in exports last year) in Canada, can't even come up with a provincial budget with the price drop in oil... Ugly crap.

    Greek Economic Crisis isn't Unique, Just Look at Ontario

    In America, cities everywhere are fiscally bust, not to mention entire states like California - which arguably has worse problems - like with water management. Stealth QE pumping money into American Treasuries in places like Belgium, Ireland, etc - is unprecedented. We are on the precipice of a major collapse in my opinion.

    The way I see it, is that the Captain of the ship knows the Titanic is going down. He starts an argument with all the passengers, about he right way to polish the silver. Then he moves on to hand out life jackets to select friends and employees, while lowering life-boats on a quarantined area of the ship. But like they say, "never cry wolf!" Wouldn't matter if you tried, because on the ship, the bands are playing, the slot tables are rolling, and people are drinking bubbles....

    1. Yeah go to a Gold standard and then the countries with huge Gold mines like South Africa and Russia and Ghana will be the richest on earth.

      That's just stupid.

      There's no need to "tie" currency to anything. It works by itself because no one else can make it.

      Try "mining" bitcoin and then tell me that paper currency doesn't work.

      It does.

    2. dear Anne here we do not believe in economic solutions given by propaganda we are producing

    3. I don't think money is propoganda when it is motivated by a lack of trust. My opinion, is that history repeats itself. Precious metals will be the liquid asset to hold for all bilateral and multilteral trade in the future, when things break down. In my humble opinion, the world will revolve around it.

      Commodities themselves, on the other hand, generally speaking will be depreciated extensively in my opinion, with the arrival of debt bomb contagion.

      The only difference this time will be the historical significance of cryptocurrencies. But I won't got there, with you guys.

      As for South Africa, its mines are mostly out of gold. It ore bodies are hardly worth moving anymore, unless the gold price goes up extensively. Peak gold is here, in my opinion. The quality of ore bodies is dropping globally, and peak production is spiralling downards too, with mining production costs averaging more than the price offered by the markets. This would indicate essentially, that with any future debt bomb contagion, that gold will be in a bull market.

      Communist ideals (propoganda) aside, I will count on the history of markets before i ever have faith in political aspirations collectively. My faith is on gold, not trust in people. You can't take one of the worlds largest commodity markets like gold, and call it a ponzi scheme, when all the worlds central banks account for it somehow.

    4. I am too greedy and i have bigger plans so i can give you few tips, for instance chrome, when Mugabe came to power US capitalists were able to collect many many chromite and make great inventory for 20 years of production, now they are full. So price of that sometime must go up because capitalists buys only if something is cheap and sell it only when something is expensive... 3D printing in USA should make that go up... But only what is secure all the time is cooper, you cannot without that. While gold is child play, imagine if US would put 10 tonnes of gold tomorrow on market... Gold is most dangerous.

    5. I can see only the possibilty of the US having 10 tons of gold, if Yamashita's gold hoard, or many other such legends are true. So on that account, you could very well be right - even if China or India suddenly dumps gold on the market.

      But as for the US, and the Western World, I think their markets are naked shorted, and completely manipulated on the futures market - while they are insolvent in the Comex and LBMA. I think the fraud is no different than the Forex markets. Besides banks are being fined all over for manipulating commodity markets - and I would argue that precious metal markets are rigged worse than most commodities, if not the most. A good book on that is "The Gold Cartel" by Dimitri Speck.

      In any case, I dont think anyone will dump gold worse than what has already happened in the last 5 years or so. Most Western central banks have leased gold, which means they have sold it off, and yet they somehow account for it fraudulently on the books.

      Anyhow, I don't think much of this Greece crisis. I think its mostly dangerous under the umbrella of contagion. Its not Greece, but the many other nations and subnational debts that might start unravelling because of it. For the most part, the little guy will win in a deflationary economy, as inflation is nothing more than the governments and rich people skimming off the top. But it will be very painful for everyone intially, if not long-term if the collapse is too severe.

      As for gold collapsing in price, I think you have a point. But its not something I expect, and am more than willing to take a gamble on. Im hedged in precious metals in either case; not so much as an investment, although I have thankfully bought at the bottom.. Not the bottom of say 10 or 20 years ago, but I've bought below the cost of production.

      Should contagion take effect, here is my opinion of what will happen:

      1. Above ground gold will be #1 in demand. It will provide both solvency and liquidity during crisis, bilaterally, multilaterally, and even in times of war. There is officially 165,000 tons of this available, if not a minimum of 3x more than this unofficially if you believe in Yamashita's gold - which runs the black markets - and can never be claimed as sovereign - or no nation could ever run anything like the Economic Stabalization Fund - because money is a weapon whether it's for defence and/or assault.

      2. Annual gold production accounts for in or about 2500 tons per yer. This will be #2 in demand. Much economic growth, in my opinion, will be generated around this, and will account for atleast a minimum of 5 years worth of future mining investments in a growth bull market.

      3. Recycled gold, and civilian gold (seized or cashed in) will be next on the menu of importance.

      Anyhow, I didn't know about chromite. I'll have to read about that.

      Copper I think will likely depreciate with deflation, but mostly a decline in worldwide GDP. Its an industrial metal. And unless its traded like money - precious metals - i don't think it will do well.

      Mostly my strategy would be to get into commodities, after a precious metal bull market. Cash out high and buy low, as long as I can do so without either being an unsecured creditor or with a street name vendor of securities. That will be especially important before and after a crash of epic proportions.

      Don't know what year things will start to fall apart. But I think historically, something way worse than 2008 is gonna hit the fan, anytime now.


    6. Anyhow, Russia, China, India, and many other nations with street smarts are buying gold. I can't say that about the bankrupt West. Its possible that BRICS will dump it in a collapse scenario and lose face to Western hegemony, but I doubt it. There will be problems everywhere, that's all that I really do know for sure. But I don't think the world is going to last much longer without a bimetalic standard "somewhere."

      it is technically possible to avoid a gold standard, like with a Ripple cryptocurrency, or just a global reset, issued by the IMF. I do believe there may also be attempts at controlled collapses in similar fashions. We have the technology to do it. But I don't think anyone is giong to throw out 6000 years worth of economic history, when the gold in circulation since the pyramids, that has never rusted away, is still in circulation. If anything, I think its more likely that much of the worlds wealth will value gold that much more valuable in times of crisis, just over a lack of trust.

    7. Do Western Central Banks have any gold left?

    8. With BRICS wanting to start their own monetary infastructure, I don't think anyone is gonna dump gold - especially since they've been hoarding it after all these years. China is already opening up a silk road settled not only RNB, but gold, for example.

    9. of course you will not read about zimbabwe... there is money in there, USA is full and under full control, meaning price will up, they sell only when price is high and when they are full of it... logical

  4. Okay so now's when I tell of my story involving Puerto Rico.

    As many of you know when I was in grad school at MIT for one year I made the terrible mistake of moving in with a girlfriend who was a business student at Boston University, and what a living hell that was, including her half-hearted efforts to poison me and some of our house guests with these little red and black beans from Puerto Rico which she kept around. She was a sick puppy but from my dealings with her I gained some first insights and penetrating understandings of what Puerto Ricans are like.

    Thereafter in the later 1980s I witnessed the Puerto Rican Development Bank being used for a colossal scam. Many of the islands' business and political leaders participated in this crime of monsterous proportions.

    They took an old decrepid refinery there, the big one not the small one next to it. There was a small refinery there which was operating and it used crude from Venezuela...not that one. There was no problem there...I think that one was called "Commonweath.."

    But the big one was called I think the "Aerochem" refinery and it was huge and closed for many years and it refined different chemicals or distinites or whatever...

    But what these Puerto Rican politicians and the Development Bank did was to borrow over seven hundred million dollars from about twenty large US banks supposedly to refurbish the refinery and bring it on line to create employment among the Puerto Ricans.

    But instead the money was all diverted, and basically converted, or some would say stolen. The refinery never went back into production and there was a bankruptcy. But I don't think the twenty or so US banks got anything back.

    It was just a colossal scam by the Puerto Rican elite. In those day over seven hundred million dollars was still big money..huge money. Remember the Iran Contra thing was over only twenty million.

    Anyway that I guess is why all this is happening.

    The Puerto Rican elites have struck again.

    It's a beautiful island but there's too many Puerto Ricans there.
    The girls there can be very cute but treacherous.

  5. If the Puerto Ricans have borrowed colossal sums and now they want to reneg this is nothing new.

    Trace where the money went and who stole it and you'll see it is in the personal accounts of various Puerto Rican politicians and such....personal accounts offshore like the island itself.

    Nothing new there just that they gained an interval after what they did in the 1980s so people wrongly trusted them.

    You should never think that Puerto Ricans or Mexicans or Peruvians or anyone like that ever reforms or improves.

    They don't.

    1. What you have to understand about the Puerto Ricans, as I learned from my stay there on McCleary Avenue, was that they are insanely status conscious. They are obsessed with being richer than their peers. The wives on that island bully their husbands to do whatever they can think of so their kids can go to private schools and such in the US, and buy property in New York or Miami or whatever.

      They do anything they can think of to be richer than the other Puerto Ricans.

    2. The only cars I remember on the island at that time, which was my "Miami Vice" days...

      One guy dating my gf's sister Marie Elana had a red Ferarri. And every other car on the island was a volvo for some reason.

      Everywhere those stupid volvos.

    3. On every street corner are pediatricians. Puerto Ricans would join the US military so they could get US Medical Degrees in the military and then go back to PR and open a pediatrician office somewhere.

      The big thing though was psychiatrists though. All the wives and daughters of the rich there were going to psychiatrists because they were so fucked up. They wanted help.

      They ate a lot of pork which was good, some beans, and chicken which they selected live at the "Pollorillia."

      I dressed better than Sonny Crocket on that island.

    4. My gf's mother took this big interest in me and would talk to me for long times on the phone. She had a friend from Spain with a daughter who was nineteen who had fallen in love with a cowboy in Wyoming and the girl's mom was terrified because this nineteen year old girl was sole heir to a huge fortune and it was more than possible that she would marry the ignorant cowboy from Wyoming...where they owned one of the biggest ranches there...

      So my gf's mom asked me to seduce this nineteen year old so she would lose interest in the cowboy.

      This was a very serious matter. It was so serious that my gf's mom gave no regard to her daughter's relationship with myself...ONLY that the mission had to be accomplished, secretly, without my gf knowing, that her mom had recruited me to seduce this nineteen year old...with the idea that I would marry her and inherit the fortune and run it.

      This was truely serious and she recruited me because I was at MIT and by their standards I was an honest and intelliigent person. And my gf had a party for the nineteen year old in our apartment in Boston but the nineteen year old spent the whole evening only talking to me and not paying any attention to the other PRs there and when my gf's mon heard this that's when she made me this offer.

      Anyway the nineteen year old was totally gorgeios and blonde and tall and athletic and sweet but it was an impossible mission.

      There was just no way I could see her and screw her without my gf finding out... And this girl would have taken a huge effort because she was totally infatuated with this stupid cowboy.

      Getting her away from that jerk was the whole reason why she was sent to school in Boston so suddenly after her summer romance on the family ranch in Wyoming.

      But that kind of thing is emblemmatic of how PR women think and their crafiness and so forth...

      What occupies them.

    5. When my gf and I lived in Boston her mom would wait until the one night, a wednesday evening, when she knew her daughter was away at class at BU, and then that's when she would call me to make her plots and schemes involving myself without her daughter knowing what's going on.

      Typical PR.

    6. I am have doubts now, to get some Anglo-Saxonian girl and reeducate her and get in to fight, or some Asian or Muslim or from Africa so that i do not have to do anything, just eat dinner. When american mum is preparing dinner that means she have put some box in some other box and pressed button, mummy was cooking. With those from Africa problem is because you can get someones head on plate. I think Muslim or Asian are best. They are well trained, those cultures have experience. Romanian girls are very very very popular in Italy, people are happy, as they really cook, and that is must no1, everything else is not important.

  6. Now let's talk about Greece and it's connection to the Supreme Court's disgraceful ruling that "homosexuals have a Constitutional right to marriage in America."

    Remember that this case and many others litigated by male homosexuals is done through the "Lambda" Legal group which is an organization of male homosexual lawyers...

    Lambda Legal is called that because Lambda was the symbol of the Spartans, and the Spartans were a society of women-hating sexual sadomasochists who always chose young boys to fuck and brought them into the anal sex world of Spartan culture which included anal sex with boys, and then murder and meyhem against their enslaved neighbors the Helots.

    So next time you hear homosexual propaganda about "equality" and "tolerance" and "inclusion" remember that the Spartans had no tolerance for any boy who didn't want to join their homosexual society.

    What Sparta teaches us and which Lambda Legal knows is that homosexuality is not necessarily born into can be learned.

    Homosexuality including cruelty, sadomasochism and sexual enslavement and torture against other men and young boys is something which can be TAUGHT and LEARNED.

    The truth is that all the propaganda about "tolerance" is a smokescreen for the agenda of these freaks to seek to destroy all of heterosexual marriage and bring about a homosexual world where boys will be indoctrinated as in Sparta.

    That's the horrible truth revealed by their own name.

    1. I totally believe in gay rights!

      However i feel that the pendulum of violence is starting to swing between heterosexist orthodox institutions/culture and homosexual fascist agendas.
      I fear it like that plague!

      My interest is that Conservative homosexuals will stand up and curb such violence. Fore example, when woman gained rights in America, to work and have jobs outside of the home other than in traditional roles, they didn't start closing down legal schools, pulling down flags, or taking away the tax exemptions of churches. If women had, I suspect there would have been a lot of violence, similar to race riots - if not worse - and woman today might not even have their intended civil rights gained.

      That said, I'm Conservative with my approach towards gay rights. I think nobody should be pulling down flags, taking tax exempt status away from churches, or shutting down legal schools that are Christian. I say, let Christians do what Christians do, even if that involves having discriminatory measures broadly speaking.

      I think people who believe in gay rights, and start forcing other people's hands, will only call upon their generations, if not generations after them, cultural wars, if not civil wars. They will only encourage violence upon themselves.

      Personally I wish to get along with everyone - including those I disagree with massively. if we seek conflict, that is exactly what we will get. What you sow, you will reap....

    2. To be sure, i'm not able to qualify my opinion legally. For example, I believe in gay rights in so far as people should be able to sue public institutions, or places of business open to the public, for not accounting for their rights, involving all things like marriage.

      however when it comes to think like churches, and clubs, I think thats just too much.... While in theory and practice gay minorities might be discriminated against by Churches, etc - allowing for their equal rights is no different than allowing society to collapse, simply because you had to be equal. Its very much like pulling the pin out of a grenade, just because you can't get your way. At this point, in my humble opinion, it becomes a national security issue.

      I think if people want gay rights, they should acquire them over generations, by becoming normative, and essentially creating their own churches and clubs which are inclusive of the general public. I think gay activists need to be much more Sun Tzu over generations.

    3. In my view life is never fair. Nobody is ever equal. Nobody can get the same job, or can even enjoy or suffer life equally. Even with level playing fields, through socialist agendas, life is never equal in all respects, given equal opportunities.

      That said, if you are born queer (which I believe if often the case - though it likely can be learned too), than you are going to suffer anyway. Who is kidding who? Some people suffer more than others, no differently than someone born with a bad case of spina bifida. At some point you have to accept how difficult the world is, and get on with your life, despite it all.

      Sure i believe in equality of opportunity- but not at the cost of producing a pendulum of violence that will not stop swinging amongst the social fabric of society. For that matter, if its obvious that a child is likely gay from a young age, put them in yoga, dance, or martial arts that fits their personality profile. But don't stick them in with a group of boys like in football, and expect them to somehow be equal. Uniquely tailor their world, and socially engineer their world so they can succeed on their own merit, despite everyone else.

    4. They are sick people who need to contain their pathology.

      When they seek to spread their way of life they need to be put in prison or killed.

      It wouldn't bother me if every homosexual person was put to death.

      Does that inform you of what I think about "gay" rights?

  7. Until now I viewed homosexuals with no hostility but after this event I know view them with contempt and as a threat to the heart of civilization itself.

    I call on all sane people to end all tolerance of homosexuality and once again make it illegal.

    These are not member of an oppressed minority.

    They are criminals.

    1. Yep now they are becoming not protected any more, they are now us, now we can bash them and kick them as whole society... No we can openly say to female judge, but judge you are lesbian, you cannot judge between male and female, you appeal and get her statistic, so when we see more females winning cases given to her than we do not have conspiracy any more. Also promotion, also harassment of heterosexual females on job, now they are done. Than kids in school getting aids and hep C, mmmm that is how must go... People will find out what they are getting.

    2. Obama is creating sex wars, like race wars. He has embraced the homosexual agenda and promoted it amongst a fascist agenda.

      i fear that he is using the homosexual agenda for equal rights to fight against Christianity. he wants to shed much blood this way.

      And many of you are right. Homosexual themselves have gone too far, in terms of aggression, rape, etc.

      That being said there are a lot of Conservative homosexual groups out there. They just aren't given voice. And I feel its direly needed.

      Gay pride is turning into gay fascism. Its dangerous, and it should be avoided at all costs.

    3. Obama is a Saul Alinsky death spiral fascist prick, who wants to crack all the eggs he can.

      He doesn't care if you are gay. If he did, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing.

    4. Anne, Obama have now 20% of world population on his side, now and do not worry, they know, that capitalists gave them those rights. Capitalists now have not only females but homosexuals on their side. They are not stupid, but many years will pass until they see they were used.... Now we will have "gay" proctologists, asshole cosmetic, asshole bleaching, Mercedes would have ass massage seats, (optional sitze mit arschloch massage) mit tempomate und ohne tempomate... Than we will have freedom of kids to be gays, gay school reading, cartoons with gay relationships on tv, gay mickey mouse and his partner richy, sexual school educations for gay kids and hetero kids (showing how to use condom on one dildo), etc etc...

    5. I didn't want to read your last reply Chia Cha! Yuck!

      FYI a kid growing up with the local AIDS Society down the road is good enough for me. Kids will learn all they need to know, and no gay agenda in school needs to cover that. Especially with the internet everywhere - its not like information is somehow hard to get a hold of. Just my opinion. Gay agendas are not required in school, and we don't need to piss off either the Christians, the Hindus, or the Islamic religions.

      As for women in general, I think men can do the cooking too. That said, everyone is an individual and biologically so. If it fits a person's personality to stay at home and raise children, or to cook, or hold down a job and work 80 hours a week, i don't care what crap you got between your legs.

    6. I am sorry, wrong, what kids learn in school among other kids than that is good and you can repeat it.

  8. One of my sons tried to join our various intelligence services but did not get in, I looked at their web sites and ads and they are all about 'diversity' so maybe sour grapes, but as a white middle class boy he had no chance.He was even learning Chinese because he thought languages might help, still I said it would be useful for talking to our jailer's one day. He has ended up at an Investment bank well paid but he hates it spreadsheet death by a thousand cuts. Also he hates the look in peoples eyes when he tells them what he does, he said it is like he puts puppies in a mincer or something. Still I did warn him tis like shaking hands with the Devil when you deal with the banks.

    1. Stingy concepts can never go far, fascism could not go with armies, they froze them self, not they are trying with banks, but they froze them self again... too stingy... Cmon guys become little more popular...

    2. I would have been much better off if I had a job in a bank rather than doing intelligence. It pays much better and there's much less stress.

      Having money is important.