Wednesday, April 6, 2016

From a FB friend, info on Barry Seal


  1. Basically, Barry Seal has been involved with THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)), since the early 1960's!

  2. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Lately, I have been checking out my Facebook page; and about a month ago, a woman by the name of Pam Carlson left a message, stating: "My husband has a brother with your name." Pam Carlson "supposedly" is married to Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967), who is my younger brother. Over the last about 30 days, I have been carrying on a conversation with Pam Carlson and my "supposed" younger brother (Richard Earl Carlson).

    According to Pam Carlson's Facebook page, she (Pam Carlson) married Richard Earl Carlson on December 3, 2010. How can this be? Why am I questioning this? Because, during 2004, Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967) went to prison in Virginia over stabbing an Indian on an Indian Reservation; and said Indian (former friend of Richard Earl Carlson) almost died from said stabbing. As a result, Richard Earl Carlson was sentenced to five (5) years with at least 85% (violent crime). Therefore, Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967) would have gotten out during 2009; however, there was mandatory Parole for at least five (5) years, unless Richard Earl Carlson got a Parole transfer to Illinois! This is not impossible; however, most of the time, the transfers are "DENIED"!

    Pam Carlson and "supposedly" Richard Earl Carlson have posted several "still" pictures of Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1067); and these said "still" pictures are actually my brother Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967)! Why am I having an issue with "still" pictures? Because, Pam Carlson has posted several videos at her Facebook page; and these said videos show her dog, her children, and some friends! Why is there NOT a video of Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967)????? In addition, my "supposed" brother will NOT create his own E-Mail or Facebook page; and this is after I asked both Pam Carlson and my "supposed" brother to create an E-mail for Richard Earl Carlson! Therefore, I can have a "private" conversation with my "supposed" brother!