Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Panama Papers: The Intelligence Communities’ Counter-Terrorism! 
These so-called papers reaffirms the power of Intelligence Community to disrupt worldwide Political/Economic corruption and induce Regime Change! For some time now, we, Americans, have been affecting strategic worldwide geopolitical changes, not with bombs or bullets, but with binary numbers and fanciful arithmetical formulas. The recent exposure of offshore corruption extending from Russia to China via Iceland has already had a major impact on the geopolitical scene. 
The President of Iceland has had to resign. For the most part, Iceland is important to the USG because Russian submarines pass through the “GIUK gap”—Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom.
Who else was destabilized by this exposure?
Prime Minister David Cameron, his father, as well as his extended family. It’s now up to the Brits to determine whether Cameron does, or does not, belong in a leadership position prior to a June referendum on “Brexit” [Britain leaving the EU].

Of course, the one man who has to worry the most is my favorite bete noire—Vladimir Putin. Once again, Putin must wonder about his personal safety in a Kremlin known for swift coups that fester under a cloak of secrecy. Putin has just decided to create a new security force that reports directly to him—the ersatz, “Russian National Guard”. Clearly, the Russian National Guard will not be involved in any mundane activities which we, Americans, normally associate with our own troops. Instead, Putin’s National Guard will report directly to Army General Viktor Zolotov, who was, and still is, Putin’s personal bodyguard. However, the list of future candidates for neutralization is not complete.
I sense that our Intelligence Community[IC] is providing a less than subtle warning to those miscreants who think that they can avoid the long arm of the American law by deliberately holding back the names of drug cartel members as well as the names of well-known American businessmen. Over the past two decades, America has developed a formidable counter-terrorist instrument more powerful than any kinetic action. It is called, ‘economic warfare’; first practiced when we were implementing a regime change in the Soviet Union.
The company shield is pierced by the electronic intrusion and the monies are swept out of the account without any forewarning or collateral damage.This weapon is silent and surgically devastating.
Let me quote from my favorite Greek tragedian, Euripides:
“There is nothing like the sight of an old enemy down on his luck.” 


  1. These days of easy hacks are going to be over soon. There was never any need for anyone to connect their computers containing needed files to the internet. This is all going to be over soon.

    NSA and other agencies never connect their internal computers to the internet.

    These hardware and software companies who sold these insecure products to the public are going to start facing some serious liability also.

  2. Replies
    1. The software and hardware companies who sell these insecure products know what the risks are and yet don't disclose any of these risks because if they did no one would use the internet for much of anything and they couldn't become billionaires with these phony tech startups and their IPOs and billion dollar sell outs to Google and others....

      The lure of becoming a tech billionaire has lured hundreds of young jerks into inventing unsafe and dangerous new services to the public using the internet. The internet does not need to be used for 90 percent of the things it's now being used for.

      Until now the internet and tech companies have enjoyed an "aura" of progress and sincerity which has shielded them from public criticism and legal action. But that is about to end. It will soon no longer be that when Apple's iCloud permits hackers to steal images it stores of Jennifer Lawrence's vagina that she will declare that it is not Apple's fault and they were not liable because how were they to know that someone would try to hack their Cloud? How were they to know LOL???????????

      Ha Ha Ha now that's a good one!



      The hackers are malfactors but APPLE IS LIABLE AND NEGLIGENT.

      And so are all the others....

      And in the future UBER will be found to be just another taxi service and not a "ride sharing" program LOL.

      "Ride Sharing" is a carpool and not a fee for service business LOL..

      The aura of tech lives on but not forever.

    2. I love it Mike!Pop the EMP's or better yet a few cripling solar storms and lets get this party started!!!

  3. Dr. Pieczenik is not Russia a counter balance to "THE WEST"??? Without Russian President Putin, and to some degree China (partially controlled by "THE WEST" through various "BACK DOORS"), would not "THE WEST" have complete control of "THE EAST;" and at that point, they ("THE WEST") would have complete control of the "entire" EARTH????

    You have stated in prior comments Dr. Pieczenik that you want Russian President Putin removed from power. However, would that not create a "power vacuum" in Russia??? And, at that point, there would be no effective counter balance to "THE WEST"!

    What do you want Dr. Pieczenik? I have told you before about the changes made during 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS), that everyone seems to be ignoring and avoiding! Basically, GOD made changes; and WE (EARTH'S POPULATION) are currently outside BIBLICAL PROPHECY! Therefore, the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are actually "FORCING DESTINY," which will result in an "EXTINCTIION EVENT"!

    1. Russia is a klyptocracy where everyone is a crook and there are only criminals around. Putin is a criminal of all kinds.

      Every form of cyber crime comes from Russia and the Russians are the seat of the worst forms of cyber criminality.

      The Russians are terrible people.

  4. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I have been in communication with my "supposed" brother Richard Earl Carlson (b. 5-9-1967). During the conversation, I tried to corner him ("supposedly" Richard Earl Carlson) with the "Parole Question;" and as a result, at first he ("supposedly" Richard Earl Carlson) lied and stated: "It was 2007 (released from Parole)." However, my "supposed" brother caught the case in North Carolina [I thought it was Virginia.] during 2004; and was later sentenced, as to said case, for five (5) years. My "supposed" brother admitted to the case; however, he ("supposed" brother) would not admit to his ("supposed" brother) current Parole situation! But, is really on the run? How can he travel several STATES (currently has to present I.D. to show not a Fugitive) and get a legitimate marriage license in Illinois??? Finally, my "supposed" brother admitted to being given 42 months Parole after his ("supposed" brother) release from prison over said five (5) year term! But, this still does not make any sense, unless my actual brother is actually dead (possibly "stabbed to death" in prison); and this is all a "C.I.A. FABRICATION" to get me involved with THE F.B.I. (currently controlled by THE C.I.A.) to override Santa Ana Police and other local Favorable Government currently "covering my ass" (do not agree with my records being illegally modified or erased)! He ("supposed" brother) could be on the run from Parole. However, how did he ("supposed" brother) get the legitimate marriage license in Illinois to marry his ("supposed" brother) current wife on December 3, 2010! By the way, Dr. Pieczenik, my "supposed" brother moved from North Carolina, through Tennessee to Champaign bus station; and her (my "supposed" brother's wife's) son picked him (my "supposed' brother) up. At that point, my "supposed" brother was taken to Illinois; and this all happened immediately upon my "supposed" brother's release from prison in North Carolina.

  5. Here's what I would do...

    Hack into the state's penal computer files and change the dates to the ones you like..


    1. LOLOLOL...just before the EMP's go off okay?

  6. Bernie Kerick now that he's out of Federal prison has written a book about how stupid the Federal prison system is and how most of the people in there shouldn't be in there and didn't do anything wrong.

    He says he met someone there serving a sentence for selling a shark tooth over the internet.

    I know a lot of people who have served long sentences and I love them all.

    I plan to start some new companies and just hire people released from prison. They deserve a break from their hells of being persecuted.

    In my current businesses I give anyone who served in prison recently an advantage. Other things being equal I will hire the convict.

  7. Doctor P - its a good call and I think you nailed it with 'the source' identified. Dont rule out the Dragon's however. There is still much gold unaccounted for and pixel credits dont seem to feed the dragon quite like it used to.

    Now, as far a comrade Putin is concerned; he is built of titanium coated in teflon unlike the pussies you and your bro's took down a lifetime ago.

    I think Putin could run for US president right now and beat them all! He will not be deterred by a little economic malfesance, and I think Russians for the most part stand behind him because he posseses what every other world player lacks - BALLS!