Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Increasing Resistance Against The Trump Phenomena will transmute The RNC into an Ineffectual/Useless Party!
We have been watching an unusual political phenomenon—the RNC trying to destroy its own progeny: Donald Trump. To me, as a physician, this increasing resistance to the anti-Trump RNC onslaught is analogous to the constant use of Erythromycin /Penicillin against a resistant strain of Streptococcus; making this infectious disease [sore throat] harder to treat and far more deadly.
Similarly, the relentless onslaught by the RNC backed by the SuperPacs funded by the Bushs; the Rickett family; Mit Romney; and Paul Singer will end in a catastrophic denouement; wherein, the already moribund RNC will devolve into a political entity, of little or no consequence. 

Yet, thanks to both the alternative media, as well as the intrepid Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News, the public rhetoric has transformed into a cacophony of questions, assertions and accusations of corruption, political nepotism,and metaphorical regicide.
The official RNC leadership is dead! Long live the Republic!
Yet that bold statement has to be qualified as time and patience temper the mood of the restless Republic. Trump’s questions regarding salient issues relevant to the welfare of the Republic must be answered.
Why are we funding antiquated NATO and other ersatz military alliances; wherein we, the American people, are paying the lion’s share of the cost when it is not to our own benefit?
Why must we vaccinate our children according to outdated, mercury contaminated vaccines produced by the rapaciously greedy Merck and Pfizer pharmaceutical giants?

How do we create more jobs without increasing our middle class tax burdens?
Who will run the USG? And why have they been chosen?
Most importantly, how do we rid our Republic of the rampant political corruption that has infested every one of our agencies, institutions and judicial systems?

The recent HBO special entitled, “Confirmation”, the story of the appointment of a completely unqualified Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court juxtaposed alongside Professor Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual harassment underscores how an entitled, silver-spooned, Yale-incubated lawyer/minister like Senator John Danforth [of Ralston Purina wealth] could literally anoint one of his own political lackeys like Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court; while at the same time, inserting another miscreant, John Ashcroft, to the position of Attorney General [under W.].
This disgust/mistrust of political nepotism is at the very core of the Trump Movement. Its intention is to eviscerate the remnants of incompetency, entitlement, corruption that has savaged our Republic over the past several decades. It is not an accident that a self-made Billionaire has spoken out on behalf of our citizens. Trump seeks no personal power he has enough money to buy whatever he needs or whatever influence he must. Trump has no desire to engage us in foreign wars for he understands that multilateral trade enforced by strong and demanding terms on behalf of American interests is far more powerful than the bullet or the gun.

Trump wants to encapsulate our country for a brief moment in time until we, the people, have a clear understanding as to what we have; what we need; and what we can afford. He speaks not of xenophobia or jingoism. Trump, like any clear thinker, is talking about a respite in the dynamics of geopolitical strategic movements so that the USA can better serve those who are here; as well as those who want to come here, legally.
Times are changing!
This is the healthiest part of our present discourse.
America was based on major Revolutions which eventually changed the different paradigms of our thinking to facilitate that very change for our children’s future.  
The British wit, George Bernard Shaw said:
“All professions are a conspiracy against the country.”
Keep fueling the Trump Movement and “Let’s Make America Great Again!”



  1. Is everything legal in Politics? Don't the laws apply, such as , fraud, theft, conspiracy and RICO predicts....I do not believe the story, it s all okay to undermine Votes cast, with bribery...there has to be laws being broken by Cruz and the RNC

  2. I am no big city political spin Doctor, but the GOP have gone about this all wrong, like most Politicians they think they are something special, because their voices are heard from one end of the country to the other, rather than just the end of the bar. If they had just ignored Trump it might have worked. However by underestimating Joe Public, they have given the voiceless millions something to give them a bloody nose with.They will now have to cheat the vote electronically, create a 'situation' or assassinate him, they have painted themselves into a corner that only Boris Kasporov could get them out of. Checkmate.

  3. Off topic but I've just listened to your easter talk Dr James Track's "Real Politik Show" most insightful touching a variety of issues including your take on the Brussels bombing and the aftermath...deserves to be posted on here especially the quality of your insights and I'm sure your readers would be grateful...

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  5. The other day I visited the medieval town of Sandwich in Kent and stumbled across the house of Thomas Paine, who in his spare time helped with the American and French Revolutions! The good news is you can rent his place for the weekend, quite small though.