Friday, April 22, 2016

My Alex Jones interview from Thursday, it was quite a day.


  1. i don't know if you talked to a jones about this, dr pieczenik, but the video of the spoiled rotten, advantaged, privileged little monster, cheslea clinton, being stupid enough to be quoted saying in essence "now is a good opportunity to take the guns, with scalia out of the way." if there were any better proof that justice scalia was assassinated, i don't know what is. this little monster, the daughter of the partners in crime, "billary", has no feeling what so ever for the american people, and holds good US citizens in contempt, as her parents do.

    1. not to mention a complete ignorance or disdain for the US constitution, and bill of rights amendments. in other words, this idiot c clinton has no idea of what the USA is based on, and doesn't care, as long as she's one of the privileged few. she is as despicable as her criminal parents are, "billary."

  2. Guilty as charged