Saturday, April 23, 2016

Here is the video, outrages that this happens in America,


  1. I wonder if those guys are involved with THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY??? Dr. Pieczenik do some investigation into the actual identities of those individuals that started the said Altercation at the said meeting! If they (said two (2) individuals) are part of the intelligence community, handle the situation "appropriately;" and I know you know how to handle such matters Dr. Pieczenik, because you are "NO IDIOT" and well experienced in dealing with such matters!

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  2. As to your comment Dr. Pieczenik, what do you expect from a "degenerate" and "immoral" UNITED STATES??? This is the unfortunate factor! WE (UNITED STATES POPULATION) have become terribly immoral and, for some, absolutely "EVIL," such as, THE BUSH FAMILY and THE CLINTONS! Therefore, should the UNITED STATES be destroyed in "one hour by 'FIRE' (NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST)" (Revelation Chapters 17 and 18)???? At that point, it must go to this: WHAT DOES THE "GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE" ACTUALLY WANT AT THIS TIME????? Because, only GOD has the authority and power to destroy HIS creation, if HE wants to!

    Does GOD exist? According to the Apostle Paul: "Man is without excuse, because 'CREATION' substantiates the existence of GOD" (paraphrased)! Therefore, there is absolute "scientific" and "hard" evidence showing sufficient proof of GOD'S existence, because "EVERYTHING" is by "DESIGN"! Where there is NO PROOF by intentional planning is Christ's existence--for the "JUST" shall live by "FAITH" (mentioned by the TRUE PROPHETS three (3) times within THE OLD TESTAMENT)!

    Does SATAN or THE DEVIL exist? That one is actually easy! The actions of THE BUSH FAMILY and THE CLINTONS show sufficient "EVIDENCE" of THE DEVIL'S existence! They are "sooooooo" NAUGHTY!

  3. As stated in prior comments, GOD made changes during 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS); and there is sufficient evidence that changes actually did occur. What evidence??? To start with, the "intentionally planned" and "executed" nuclear incident at the Fukushima nuclear power station during 2011 is completely outside any BIBLICAL PROPHECIES; therefore, GOD, as to HIS planning, did NOT want to destroy the Pacific Ocean during the destruction mentioned within Revelation (BIBLE). Only the Atlantic Ocean (1/3 the waters destroyed) would be destroyed upon the destruction of the UNITED STATES (Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 as to Daniel Chapter 7 and verse 4 (ABSTRACT)). As a result of the said Fukushima incident, WE (WORLD'S POPULATION) are actually outside BIBLICAL PROPHECY at this time. Therefore, WHAT DOES GOD WANT AT THIS TIME??? Can GOD still destroy THE EARTH??? YES! GOD has complete and total authority over HIS DOMAIN (ENTIRE UNIVERSE (HIS ACTUAL BODY))! However, upon such destruction, if such destruction will completely END any high functioning life form, GOD will NOT decide to destroy until a transformation can be obtained. Because, it is against HIS LAW to completely destroy any high functioning life form. In other words, when someone dies, they merely "transition" to immortality; and at that point, GOD decides where they go in accordance with THE LAW that is in effect at that time! According to the OLD LAW, it was either HEAVEN or HELL! However, GOD made changes during 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS)! First, there was changes to HIS LAW; and after that, there were changes to what ever else HE wanted to change! And, I do NOT know nor does anyone else know all of the exact changes made by GOD, after HE changed HIS LAW (July 2006, with the assistance of "THE KEY")!

  4. So much for the land of the free, all that was missing was their Brown shirts. If they were not Law officials and one's wife was not present, it would be tempting to give such bully boys new orifices. Also the other folk present should have made more of a fuss at such a public meeting. Interesting how these folk fear being filmed.

  5. When a State let its servants and heroes being persecuted/intimidated by private interests...

    See here for the Doc's 5mn speach :
    Found there :

  6. Please can anybody tell me who is "Danny" at 2'55 please? :-D