Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Importance of Being Earnest: Trump!
A recent AP article in the Gainesville Sun [4/23/16] by Jill Calvin and Julia Pace entitled “A presidential Trump 2.0? Not so fast”… highlights the possible problems that Paul Manafort, Trump’s new talented advisor, will have in trying to change Trump into something that he is not: demure, polite, and politically correct. In my experience, working with different political personalities, it is close to impossible to change someone’s basic psychodynamic or personality, especially in a presidential race.

Trump is acting the way he is supposed to act, Trump-like, as a self-assured, accomplished billionaire businessman and an aggressive truth-teller. Nothing will change that basic core of Trump’s character. In fact, those traits have converted Trump into a movement characterized as anti-establishment; anti-corporate cronyism; and anti-big government yet very pro-American. The legalistic, nonsensical constraints that the moribund RNC has placed on Trump’s eventual popular victory will do nothing to tamper the populist enthusiasm that propels him to become the legitimate candidate of the Republican Party in 2016.
Memo to Mr. Manafort: the real problem lies not within Trump’s personality; it lies within a party that has lost all legitimacy and relevancy to the 21st century concerns of the American populace.
Many a POTUS with whom I had the opportunity to work for did not have the egregious, unctuous, compliant personality associated with being presidential. Nixon, a brilliant strategist, was uncomfortable dealing with ordinary people, trying to solicit voters for their support. Ford was an amazing athlete; yet, when pictures of his falling down stairs made him appear like a ‘klutz’.. he was finished. Reagan was an exceptional orator and had initiated far more progressive plans than anyone had ever realized during his second term. Bush Sr., the pragmatist, was also uncomfortable dealing with the ordinary voters. Yet unlike his more unctuous two sons [W. , Jeb], he ran a very effective sedate campaign; as well as, running a very tight presidency without having to pander to the whims of the RNC.
The history of politics and personality is long and inconsistent. No specific character trait will determine the outcome of a successful Presidency. I say that Trump should be left alone. Let him be whoever he wants to be. That has proven a very successful formula in both his international businesses and his diversified coterie of friends in all walks of life. I might suggest that he appoint a man or woman with extensive military experience as V.P.
The reason is simple. 

We need to have a leader who understands strategic world problems and has a history of tactical implementation. A former General is the best assurance that the American people will not have to engage in unnecessary wars. The military discipline will bring into the administration a process of command and control that mandates the requirements for governmental accountability.
For over thirty years, we, Americans, have occupied a phantom ship, like the Flying Dutchman, the legendary ship that never makes it to port; and, it is doomed to sail in the oceans of uncertainty… forever.
Trump is the answer to that dilemma.
It is important for the American public to sense his importance of being earnest. Keep the RNC out of the Trump Movement.
There is an old saying that goes something like this:
“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” 


  1. Some people think Donald Trump is a NAZI! Was not Oskar Schindler a NAZI; and then, got a conscience, and saved several hundred JEWS from certain DEATH! I believe Donald Trump knows what is actually going on and THE NEW WORLD ORDER! I do not believe Donald Trump is a NAZI, because of the lack of evidence at this time!

    Do I like Donald Trump? Not really. Donald Trump paid-off THE CLINTONS to make backroom deals with foreign criminals, such as, Chinese and South Asian criminals; and Donald Trump excuses these questionable business deals by saying: "I am a businessman."

    If Donald Trump does not get THE WHITE HOUSE, WE ("ENTIRE" UNITED STATES POPULATION) ARE ALL "DEAD"! WE have a chance of surviving four (4) more years, if Donald Trump gets THE WHITE HOUSE! However, if Hillary Rodham Clinton gets THE WHITE HOUSE, there is absolutely "NO WAY" WE (UNITED STATES POPULATION) will survive four (4) years! In fact, Hillary Rodham Clinton will "TAKE US OUT" (UNITED STATES) within the first year!

    1. [minor punctuation correction]

      Some people think Donald Trump is a NAZI! Was not Oskar Schindler a NAZI; and then, got a conscience, and saved several hundred JEWS from certain DEATH???? I believe Donald Trump knows what is actually going on and THE NEW WORLD ORDER! I do not believe Donald Trump is a NAZI, because of the lack of evidence at this time! .......

      WE (UNITED STATES POPULATION) will not know for sure until Donald Trump actually gets THE WHITE HOUSE!

      As stated in prior comments, Dr. Pieczenik the "SOLUTION" is "STATE SECURITY;" and this is if Donald Trump does not work out! Therefore, FORTIFY and organize at the LOCAL LEVEL!

    2. ////Donald Trump paid-off THE CLINTONS to make backroom deals with foreign criminals, such as, Chinese and South Asian criminals////

      What does Roger Stone say about this?

    3. My hope for Trump is that of all Americans who have seen the bankruptcy and abject failure of policy in the last forty years.

      Because Trump holds none of the erroneous assumptions held by all other politicians he has a chance to reverse the disasterous changes of the past decades.

      The assumptions held by politicians about security policy, trade, taxes and law enforcment are all fallacies.

      There is NO empirical evidence for ANY of these widely held assumptions.

      In particular...

      1.Free evidence of success
      2.Tax evidence of success
      3.alliance value
      4.interventions..all failures evidence of success
      6.harsh evidence of success
      7.surveillance evidence of success

      All these changes of the last decades have resulted in a lowering and lowering of standards of living, of happiness and security. And yet they form the doctrines both parties hold sacred based on faith and stupidity.

      Why not re-consider America's role in NATO? If we dissolved would the world fall apart? Would the Russians invade Germany and Poland?

      I don't think so.

      And the same applies to each and every issue Trump has challenged.

    4. Add Trump's personal assets of 8 billion dollars into the mix and I'd say we finally have a candidate with real skin in the game.

    5. CIA aok.

      Yes, amazing! Your list is spot on.

  2. i want to apologize dr peiczenik, i got into a war with some trolls or paid schills on your google+ front page for this posting. all of these people use false ID's being the cowards that they are, and arn't afraid to say some pretty nasty things to you. they don't say anything meaningful about the subject matter of the post, they just want to make it look like there is real opposition to the subject matter of the post, in this case opposition to trump. i heard somewhere that h clinton was going to hire internet schills with a budgeted amount of one million dollars, and these schills i was arguing with were opposed to trump but wouldn't say who they were supporting, which means they are being paid by someone.

  3. Hello Dr. Steve! You're one of my heroes. This insightful piece reaffirms why. I've tried to comment before, but my comment never showed up. I hope this one does.

    Thank you,


  4. "Bush Sr., the pragmatist, was also uncomfortable dealing with the ordinary voters. Yet unlike his more unctuous two sons [W. , Jeb], he ran a very effective sedate campaign; as well as, running a very tight presidency..."

    Don't give him so much reverence.
    He ran everything in communicado except for a few conspirators.

    No One was allowed near him.

    The man is a megalomaniacal psychopathic coward who reared a houseful of silver spooners.

    The only First Lady who failed to appear at Nancy's funeral was Babs the recent Texas debate, after low energy Jeb! bowed out, he gave the sign on camera to slit Trump's throat.

    The TRAITOR/murderer/contract assassin should be executed.


    And by the way, the secret service are prohibited from looking at Hillary face to face, in her eyes. Her demands....

    1. I agree that Dr.P gives way too much credit to all of these Presidents. Nixon was no strategist of any kind. He messed up Cambodia and Loas and Vietnam and Chile and on and on.... He was a fucking disaster just as Ford and the Bushes.

      In my opinion Carter was okay among this bunch.

      The older Bush should never have conducted the first Gulf war. That should have been negotiated out. Saddam should have been left alone. With a strong Saddam and Iraq then Iran and Saudi Arabia would have been contained, and the example of Iraq as a secular state would have dampened Islamists. Remember that Islamists began their modern era with the success of the Iranian revolution. We should have enabled Saddam to have win that war and crush the revolution at the beginning...

      But that didn't happen because of the idiots in charge at the time... Eagleberger and others.

    2. The older Bush should never have attacked Panama either. That guy was all about killing. I think he had a hand in Kennedy's killing as well. He is a murderous scoundrel and his grand daughters are whores.

    3. Bush Senior is the only man who cannot remember where he was when JFK was murdered.I was looking at an item on POTUS's IQ's and to my surprise Bush Snr was 127 and Junior was 124 (one of the lowest in the list) Although Junior would have been a good stand up comedian.

  5. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (April 27, 2016 at about 1:30 p.m.) I was removed from the place I was camping (R B Metal); and it was the owner's husband that actually removed me! The owner's husband is not really connected to R B Metal; the owner's husband is actually connected to the tile business located in the back of the building! Therefore, what was the reason???? Lori was the owner! Therefore, why did not she tell me to permanently leave the premises??? They (Lori and her husband) are being manipulated by THE C.I.A. and corrupt law enforcement, such as, the mentioned "WEED AND SEED" (primarily very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT)!

  6. Mene Mene teckl upharsis.....the Republican party has been weighed and found wanting. They took the sacred articles of God into there house while filling them with abaminations and living sumptuously and throwing delicious parties. and they praised the gods of gold, silver, wood, stone,brass. And now the medes and the Persians are at the gate

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  8. As anticipated... ...this story pops up:

  9. Thank you, Dr Pieczenik-- a concise, insightful observation. Question is how to play these strengths while minimizing the weakness-- and whose advice would he accept?-- Roger stone, for one

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