Tuesday, April 22, 2014


  1. Thank you Dr.P

    The simple truth is that I was very happy as a child because I had parents who loved me and never hit me or humiliated me or even yelled at me for any reason......

    They were always around and my environment was completely safe and comfortable and there were no threats or insecurities of any kind.

    Growing up like that can make a person very optumistic and able to rebound from almost any kind of insult or injury that would cause others to collapse....

    If everyone was treated the way I was when I was small there would be a lot less problems in the world.

    The human mind is designed to provide a lot of happiness if it isn't injured when developing.

  2. George Galloway is trying to make a film that shows that Enron's Ken Lay is alive and well and living on George W. Bush's 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay. Lay was convicted in 2006, took a vacation in Colorado, conveniently died of a heart attack and was cremated within 24 hours. Or was he?

    Where's Kenny Boy
    Concept by George Galloway
    We're going to make a film about finding the elusive Ken Lay, former chairman of Enron.

    On July 5th, 2006, Ken Lay died of a massive heart attack. Or so they claim.

    He had just been found guilty on 10 charges of fraud and was facing more than 20 years in prison and the forfeiture of his remaining millions in assets. But, alas, while out on appeal and while vacationing in Aspen,‘Kenny Boy,’ as the Bush family called him, died in the middle of the night. Oh what a vacation it was, for, on October 17, 2006, since Lay had died prior to exhausting his appeals, his conviction was vacated. When vacation occurs, the law views it as though he had never been indicted, tried and convicted.

    Ken Lay was, in the eyes of the law, an innocent man.

    George Galloway visits Aspen, Colorado, the scene of Ken Lay’s permanent vacation to speak to coroners and locals about the convenient death and the perhaps even more convenient cremation. And Houston, Texas, the scene of Enron’s crimes and northern Paraguay, where then President George W. Bush bought a 100,000 acre ranch... in July 2006, the same month as Kenny Boy’s sudden death.

    Max Keiser hunts for Kenny Boy in the financial markets and discovers him alive and well. From JP Morgan’s rigging of the same electricity markets in California to fraudulent derivatives parked in offshore, off balance sheet vehicles, Kenny Boy lives on.

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    2. I wanted to poke the corpse with a number 2 pencil just to see if Kenny moved, you know Babinski reflex or something. Anyway, it seemed all too convenient (just like the Bin laden burial at sea) to have Kenny "die " in this fashion. However, the incarceration of that cup cake baking diva Martha Stewart, at around the same time, allowed me to once again open my windows at night and sleep peacefully, knowing she was no longer on the prowl. Phew! And what has this little history lesson taught me? Well, if I ever get in trouble with the law, I am going to start donating to every Republican campaign money can buy, especially, any new Bush nominee, because lets face, they know how to take care of their own…and I mean that, in a good way. Lol.

  3. Barry I can't recommend George Galloway enough!! Not only is he doing the documentary you mention he is also making one entitled "The killing of Tony Blair" focusing in how Tony has indeed made a "killing" financially since backing the illegal Iraqi war, there's plenty on YouTube for you and the readers to digest on George and I wholeheartedly reccomend you and others do just that! He's a fantastic politician in my eyes and deserves massive credit and research for those of you whom may not be familiar with his policies and charitable work in Palestine

  4. Galloway is singularly a normal and sane person in a world of evil-doers, hypocrits and malfactors.

    I don't know if Lay is living in Paraguay, but he could be living somewhere.

    It's hard to believe anyone with his access to medical care would have a coronary thrombosis. I'm sure he had his heart and arteries checked all the time, and if there were a blockage it would have been treated....

    He could be a lot of different places but Paraguay I think is a stretch.

  5. btw.....

    If you think this kind of disappearance doesn't happen guess again....

    I'm currently working on a case where an embezzler has been located years after he had his funeral !

    He bribed his MD and some others and took off with a little less than 100 million. He's living in a lavish house in an expensive neighborhood on another continent and if it weren't for that we wouldn't have found him.

    This kind of thing actually does happen.

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    2. I don't own a car business but when I had an escort service I had a fleet of cars for the girls to use so they wouldn't have to buy their own because although they made hundreds of dollars a day they blew it all on other things.....

      I still do investigations from time to time usually involving banking and tracing of stolen funds.

      As for "Valiant Thor" I was clowning around about that because I don't believe he ever visited Eisenhower or that the US government worked out any agreement with any aliens....

      However I have no doubt at all that the Roswell crash was real as were several other events because the evidence is undeniable and the supposed explanations are ridiculous.

      I don't believe that natural selection can explain evolution, and evolutionary scientists can only explain one type of evolutionary change and none of the other millions of types needed for complex tissues and organs to adapt, etc., and form new species.

      It's obvious to me that the human brain and language would have taken hundreds of millions of years of adaptation through natural selection to develop....yet human language and the half of the brain devoted to it only took a hundred thousand years to happen....

      All life on this planet is designed by something incomprehensibly complex, and human beings were obviously engineered by something.....I think the "aliens" are from other dimensions rather than from other planets. I think they're constantly tuning human brains and making changes to the species. All people alive today are derived from only the genes of two individuals who lived only 100,000 years ago, and that could not have happened naturally.

      What happened to austrailipithicus and all the other proto-humans and neandrathals which lived a million years ago or 300,000 years ago??????

      None of their genes are still around except for a few fragments from neandrathal.

      There will never be aliens announcing themselves to humanity because if they did it would undermine the purpose of human life here....which is to work out problems and find individual solutions without any cruches or fall backs. The aliens would have to say the Muhammad was a liar and Jesus wasn't a God and Moses was a terrorist so go figure......

      Look on Youtube and you will find a guy in England, works as a security guard, who was visited by two alien girls who had sex with him and left public hair behind.

      When it was tested the hairs were from the genes of what humans had 100,000 years ago with absolutely no mutations any humans have accumulated since then........

      This is a completely documented case.

      The stories of alien sexual or reproductive interactions with humans are well documented.

    3. Evolution by natural selection is impossible and evolutionary scientists have only one crude example they always point to as "evidence."

      This one type of natural selection involves a change to the environment in which a few individuals of a population can survive the change because they have the variation of a particular trait which is outside the normal range of others and that one trait allows them to survive while all the other individuals die.

      The best example is bacteria which are exposed to anti-biotics. Anti-biotics kill bacteria by interfering in a vital chemical process within the bacteria, but among a few of them their particular chemical process is different enough from the rest that it can still function despite the interference from the chemical comprising the anti-biotic.

      Because they survive while all the others die they go on to pass on their type of chemical process to others, who are uneffected by the anti-biotic and thus resistant.

      Similar examples of a single change in environment favoring a few individuals with unusual variations of one trait which allows them to survive the change are found in such examples as...

      1.a few dark moths who survive while the many light ones are eaten when their tree habitat become covered with ash from factories...

      2.light colored or albino mice who survive when their ground habitat becomes covered with white ash from a volcano....

      But these are examples which involve one simple environmental change and one simple trait which has always existed in a small number of the affected population....

      And that doesn't explain whatsoever how complex tissues and organs could have evolved through natural selection.

      Most tissues or organs have to be extremely complex before they offer any advantage to the individual. Anything less complex than a feather would not help an individual survive, anything less complex than the simplist liver couldn't assist in the fitness of anything.....

      Even the smallest of insects is so extremely complex in it's adaptations and chemical processes it's beyond comprehension.

      Every species is incredibly adapted.

    4. In the UFO field the best source is Stanton Friedman because he relies mostly on government documents, which are pretty undeniable.

      UFO debunkers have no rebuttal for the government's own documents.

      The late MD Roger Leir has removed several interesting items from patients which have unexplained properties.

      I don't believe the Col Corso story at all - his claims make no sense at all, and furthermore he lied in the 1950s about the CIA being full of Soviet agents and communists. Eisenhower threw him out of the White House because of his confabulations trying to discredit CIA Soviet assessments. Corso was also involved in many assassinations of innocent people in Italy after the war. He's a bad actor.

      The late Harvard professor John Mack was hit by a car just when his UFO work was getting noticed....and many others have died BY GOVERNMENT ASSASSINATION....

      No joke.

      Congressman Shiff died suddenly from melanoma which was given him from a government lab, and the field is full of such cases.

      David Jacobs from Temple University is one of the few still alive, and he thinks the aliens are a danger because he argues that humans are noble creatures who don't need any intervention...

      Jacobs is like Noam Chomsky in that he lives in an ivory tower and has no idea what most humans are like. Most humans are beasts.

      It's possible that Jacobs is right and that there might have to be an alien intervention, but not to save would be to save the planet from humans.

      But Jacobs has more information now than anyone else who is still alive. The ones who die suddenly in accidents and from sudden fast growing cancers are usually very serious and credible people who start doing research and then something happens to them.

      I do believe there is a private network which is dedicated to suppressing this issue. In fact there are private networks dedicated to surpressing several issues relating to CIA history and I found out about that personally the hard way one time...

      Look up the case of the UFO which gave two women and a child radiation sickness in Montgomery county Texas in 1980 or so.....

      The craft was surrounded by over twenty C-47 helicopters when it destroyed a road and burned these victims north of Houston.

      They tried suing the Dept of Defense but the case was thrown out of Federal Court in Austin because it had "national security" implications....

      That craft and a few others are US government craft. Admiral Inman here in Austin from time to time will say that as well.

      But the real aliens appear and disappear and drift through solid objects because the fabric of what we consider time and space and material objects here resides in the same "plane" as other dimensions.

      In fact I believe that all animal and human consciousness resides in another dimension all the time and merely attaches itself to the material, or energy, comprising the brain.

      This is the only way it can happen because consciousness has no material properties, and consciousness has been found to actually reside no where in the brain......

      Consciousness simply has no physical properties.

      It's actually very easy for the substance of consciousness to move through material objects, etc., and the "aliens" do this all the time, as do many adept humans.

    5. More and more MDs, particularly involved with rescesitation, are doing work on what happens to the mind and consciousness after death because now people are being revived many hours after their bodies have died......

      If you are not aware of this look it up but it's now possible with cooling equipment to keep the dead body available for recessitation many hours after death.

      In most of these cases the patient has stories to tell about where he was and what he observed, these cases are now becoming undeniable.

      In a few decades there will be a conventional acceptance of the simple fact that consciousness has nothing to do with the physical brain and it survives the death of the body completely.

      The scientists who claim that the mind only resides in the brain can only show that the physical brain effects behavior, and nothing more. But then I think we always knew that before MRIs anyway. If you damage part of the brain behavior will be effected but that's not the same thing as consciousness. It's always been obvious that the physical brain in involved, just not the thing which perceives....the brain makes the perceptions but doesn't itself experience the perceptions. Forming a perception and having the ability to experience it are two different things.

    6. If you want to know the meaning of life think about two different people. One person looks at a bird in a tree on a nice day is feels well-being, belonging, purpose and tranquility. The other person feels nothing, and instead is occupied with which brand of cannabis or MDMA he's going to seek later in the day....

      One person has a consciousness which is TUNED to function so that it is attracted to perceivable facts in the physical world, and finds meaning in those factual perceptions. The other has a consciousness which is unable to make these perceptions, or is not ATTUNED to the perception of facts, or "truth."

      Living as a human in this kind of place is a process of tuning the consciousness so that it has an affinity for that which really exists. That which really exists among other things recognizes that other consciousness is in essence the same and that individuation and exhileration derived thereby is out of tune and very destructive.

      There is a difference between well being, such as a recognition of meaning, and mere exhileration, which is a physical stimuli from primative parts of the brain.

    7. MDMA users describe "euphoria," and this is a profound emotional/physical sensation from the flood of seratonin. Heroin and Cocaine users experience exhileration and absence of stress from a flood of dopamin.....

      But euphoria associated with beating music while at a RAVE party like the girls I know like to do isn't any perception of reality. It's a short-cut over-riding mundane and necessary perception of "facts" or "truth" to arrive at a sensation not based on a perception of anything real. And psychadellics and hallucinagins similarly induce emotions based on the brain's short-circuting of it's perception mechanism.

      In some cases such as iowaska it may be that instead of short-circuting the perception mechanism that the chemical alters the gates in the brain such that the conscious mind interacts more readily with the unconsious mind, which is not destructive but the brain isn't designed to function that way unless it's sleeping or in some other state in which gates are opened......

    8. If you want to know what a "tuned" human mind looks like just find someone who is DRAWN to reality, someone who cannot resist finding what really is. And the "reality" I'm referring to isn't merely facination with the physical sciences, but someone who is in the mod to constantly be improving and creating things and constantly thinking about helping others to be happier, etc.....

      The nature of reality in a place like this is constantly creative, problem-solving, seeking tranquility when possible, etc.

      Scientists are not often aesthetic or creative people, and they rarely care about helping others. They are narcissictic.

    9. MIT - some darn good thinkin and scriblin

  6. Everything you ever wanted to know about Dirty Harry.

    Part 1:

    1. Patriarch, Dirty Harry as you call him is just part of the same mob that features very strongly in this revealing article::::'Empty NWO Victory Monument: Rebuilding Rockerfeller´s Sacrificial Temple in New York, the “One World Trade Center”
      Website URL

    2. The big story everywhere today was that Cliven Bundy is an old guy who still uses "Negro." Front page news!

      Harry Reid, a "public servant" making a fortune illegally? Crickets.

  7. Obama identity impersonation. & fraud FRONT & CENTER:

    Explosions at 1600 pa ave are imminent.

  8. Excellent MIT Michael. Very well stated. So simple a child could follow easily. So simple most adults will laugh and giggle like a child with glazed over eyes. How can the adult be so blind as to not see truth if I might ask? Is there any hope of breaking through to those who can't see the truth at this time? And even those who see, many of those are fair weather friends and will burn their neighbor at the stake if the darkness threatens to take away their cable TV? War is the next step in our reality, brought to us by the Bilderbergers, probably with Russia, and I would think will go nuclear right off the bat. As soon as the war kicks off martial law will be declared and all of the racist gun owners of America are going to be rounded up in a night of the long knives, which will start the Civil War. The drones will fly and take out those in the data base today identified as domestic terrorists. We are right on the precipice...

    Have a good one.

  9. Most people on planets like this one are here because they are way out of tune to any sort of reality and it's going to take an enormous amount of time or travel for them to reach anything valuable.

    Most people even in a civilized place like America have a lot of animosity, indifference, and destructiveness in their core. Go to a gym and see all the people sporting various tattoos....rarely if ever are they symbolic of anything benign...almost always something sinister, malevolant, they wanted to brand themselves with because those sentiments are what truely attract them. Most people are drawn to destructiveness, aggression, malice, etc. merely for the sake of it.....

    Most people are seriously, seriously malicious, and the "experts" who claim that only one or two percent of people are "psychopaths" are totally idiotic....

    What percentage of the Roman Legions were "psychopaths" when they sacked villages and cities killing everyone there?

    What percentage of Alexander's army were "psychopaths" when they destroyed Tyre?

    What percentage of the Red Army were "psychopaths" when they marched through eastern Europe and every girl they could find was raped? The same for the Japanese, and they liked to cut off people's heads and have contests which were reported in the Japanese papers!

    Come on "psychologists" and get real.

    1. What about all the US military commanders who have been sexually assaulting and raping girls under their command for the last forty years? Are those commanders only one percent of the population? I don't think so......

      I really is shocking how silly psychologist are when making claims of "knowledge" about human beings.

  10. As for nuclear war with Russia I am not concerned. American politicians feel an obligation to speak and act when others do things which smack of aggression. And of course Americans are so deluded that they actually believe that American invasions of others are not aggressive but humanitarian. There is a self-deluded moralism among Americans, and therefore any American President must act under these circumstances....

    But believe me the knowledgable people in State and CIA and elsewhere know very well that this is a core emotional interest to the Russians, and they have a case to make here which they will never discard, and that America has nothing to gain really by pushing this matter too much.....

    No American President or Secretaries of Defense or State, etc. are going to allow a global thermonuclear was to happen over such symbolic though meaningless issues for the US and it's allies. Ukraine is not an American ally, but all of western Europe and most of Eastern Europe are, and they will not let us destroy them by a nuclear war over Ukraine or anything else....

    The NATO allies are the ones which get nuked first, and they've always let us know that they aren't going to let America do anything really stupid to start a nuclear war.

  11. And as for "philosophers"......

    Studying philosophy will give you a headache.

    Philosophy is useful, but like all the diciplines it's in a dark age.

    Existentialism appears to be the convention, but it's nothing more than a rejection of theism....and nothing else.

    Why does existence need to preceed essence? Why?
    It's not a conclusion. It's an assumption they regard as self-evident, but is it? How can anyone claim that existence and meaning are two different things? Why is there the assumption that anything can exist at all without a belonging, a purpose, a meaning. It's an easy assumption to make because in the material world meaning isn't easily seen, and here it's rather assumed that just because something is there doesn't mean that it's there for any particular reason.....

    But then that's an assumption of the material world once again, and that's a very restricted view.