Tuesday, April 29, 2014

worth the 2 hours,  thanks Patriarch.


  1. Hey I wanna talk about this outrage meeted out to the LA Clippers owner Mr. Sterling.....

    Do we have thought crimes now in this country?

    Are we to have our licenses revoked and find ourselves persecuted because of thoughts we might have, opinions we might hold, no matter how silly or even offensive to others?

    This is all over a private conversation not meant for the public to hear. It's about as close and intimate a conversation as a person can have - between a sugar daddy and his mistress.

    If people are going to treat intimate conversations between lovers as public discussion than this country is FUCKED !!

    This man didn't even say anything racist anyway !!

    He says his girlfriend can fuck any negro she wants, do anything she wants with any negro, but he simply asks that she not be seen in public dating a negro because then Sterling's friends will complain to him about it !!

    That's all he said. He actually tells her his only problem is in showing herself fucking a negro in public because his friends will bother him about it ---- that's all !!

    He never says anything about any personal animosity towards negros --- whatsoever !!

    This whole matter has taken political correctness and the race card and race sensitivity to a level of distortion and absurdity that white people are now going to start to fucking rebel !!

    Race relations have gotten worse and worse in this country in the last twenty years - and it's because of this TYRANNY of thought crimes, and persecution of people because of who they prefer to be with or not, and the race card and race bating by Kanye West and Tarantino and Speilberg..........

    Most white people away from hollywood and the media and CNN are getting fed up with being told that they are haters and that their ancestors were scoundrels for their views, etc.....

    There's enough of a distain for black culture today from asians, hispanics, and Europians because of the barbarity of rap music, the 73% illigitimacy rate, the high rate of not finishing school, and now this.......

    I don't think the leaders of this race bating in the media and black community understand the way the average white person will react to this.

    This will set back race relations by another ten years, and the Trayvon Martin thing already set it back ten years.....

    This is way way setting things backward and it's all the fault of the media and hollywood and the leaders of the negro community.

  2. And in case you didn't catch that it bears repeating....

    According to the media it's only European Americans who are haters of negros......LOL.

    Anyone who know the latino community or the asian community know what the real truth is.

    When it comes to race in this miserible country the media deliberatley distorts everything for the effect of drama and ratings but they are fucking playing with fire here.

    It wasn't that long ago that LA was almost burned to the ground.

    These people in the media stoking the fires of racial conflict are dangerous in the extreme.

  3. And what is the NBA doing with a President named Silver anyway???

    In the history of basketball there's no Jewish players...none. No Jewish coaches, etc.......

    Why is a Jewish businessman the President of the NBA?

    This guy was so full of phony sanctimonious pioty and phony outrage toward Mr. Sterling it's disgusting. Instead of seeking to calm things down and reach a reasonable conclusion he went as far out of his way as he could imagine taking his cues from the media, but forgetting that the media and public opinion are poles apart on this topic.

  4. It does seem we are in a new era of McCarthyism doesn't it? Only now the witch hunters are coming from the PC left -With this case and that of the Mozilla CEO who had to resign because he donated to anti gay marriage causes.

  5. Does the punishment fit the "crime"?

    Giving money to a group that supports traditional marriage is not a crime. The president of the United States held the same views at that time. Yet, the Mozilla CEO was forced to resign.

    Having a half-black girlfriend is not a crime. The NBA owner was secretly taped for 100 hours, but nothing that he said during all that time amounted to any crime. Yet, the NBA Clippers owner was banned for life and forced to pay a $2.5 million fine.

    Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated is a crime. It sometimes results in the deaths of innocent people. Suppose a player or owner was convicted of a DWI crime? That person would be banned for life, right? $2.5 million fine? Nope! That person would be suspended for two games!
    Jason Kidd suspended two games
    Updated: October 4, 2013, 6:32 PM ET
    By Mike Mazzeo | Special to
    League precedent is a two-game suspension for pleading guilty to DWI-related charges, so the suspension was expected.
    NFL discipline possible for Jim Irsay
    Updated: March 24, 2014, 11:42 PM ET
    By Jeff Legwold |
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is subject to league discipline for his arrest last week on suspicion of intoxicated driving.
    In terms of league discipline, Goodell handed down a 30-day suspension to go with a $100,000 fine to Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand in 2010 following a guilty plea to driving while impaired.

    1. In 2001, Jason Kidd slapped his wife and got arrested for it. The NBA did nothing.
      March 17, 2001|From Staff and Wire Reports
      Phoenix Sun guard Jason Kidd, accused of slapping his wife, Joumana, during an argument, will not be disciplined by the NBA.

      By agreement, Kidd is to undergo anger counseling. If there's no further trouble, a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge is to be dropped. He also was fined $200.

    2. Didn't Kobe Bryant sodomize a hotel employee some time ago?

      I think all pro athletes are scum, but the NBA is the worst.

  6. The left couldn't care less that unions are dead, that the incomes of working people have never been lower, that the President murders American citizens......

    All these justice issues go ignored by the left because there's no organized pressure groups to defend their victims.

    The only issue the left cares about is feelings and attitudes about minority groups because those groups are organized into groups which scream at every opportunity to claim that someone doesn't like them.

  7. The Wal Mart shoppers must be fed their Iron Sheik...

    They like to hate on whitey the best.