Thursday, April 10, 2014

France:  A Country without Remorse or Self-Reflection/Examination!
France Refuses to Recognize its Integral Role in the 1994 Genocidal Killing of 800,000 Tutsi by French-Trained Hutu Militia!

During a 100 day period from April 7, 1994 to mid-July about 800,000 Tutsi were slaughtered by machetes and machine guns.   The murder was committed by the predominant Hutu power,  supported and trained by the French Government [Mitterand].   This Genocide was preventable!  The USA,  especially the Administration of President Bill Clinton;  as well as-- our allies in France,  Belgium, the UN, and the Catholic Church could have intervened but they did not! 
But,  like most impending Genocides,  the good stood by and let the malevolent participants act upon their intended nefarious course of slaughtering innocent  men, women and children.

  It’s an old story since the beginning of man for which different religions and a myriad of philosophies of good and evil rise and fall without any concern for the living or the dead.  Genocide has and will always remain an ethereal concept in which the innocent attain the opportunity to express indignation, if not horror.  However, France, the country of Voltaire,  Moliere and moral sanctity has for the past twenty or so years refused to own up its culpability despite protests from Bernard Koucher,  co-founder of Doctors Without Borders and Rwanda’s President,  Paul Kagame, former commander of the Rwandan Patriotic Front.
Even President Bill Clinton has expressed public remorse for his administrations negligence in REFUSING TO PREVENT THE GENOCIDE [my emphasis]. 
In Clinton’s own words:
“If we’d gone in sooner,  I believe we could have saved at least a third of the lives that were lost.”
  This statement contrasts with his then UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright who asserted the following proposition: ”Let’s get out of Rwanda. Leave it to ITS FATE!” [ my emphasis].  Only a young,  brave Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs dared to differ with the Clinton administration---our present National Security Advisor,  Ambassador Susan Rice.

Even the Belgium government,  not often cited for introspective reflections of previous atrocities committed by King Leopold in the Congo,  discussed their culpability in their parliament and apologized for their involvement in Rwanda.   The duplicitous Vatican admitted that a ‘genocide had occurred but without their permission’.   However,  the International Criminal Tribunal [ICT] For Rwanda convicted Catholic Bishop Misago for ‘corruption and complicity in the Genocide’.  Father Seromba was sentenced by the ICT for his role in the massacre of 2000 Tutsis.  This holy father lured the faithful to church where the Tutsis believed they would find refuge and he personally ORDERED BULLDOZERS TO CRUSH THE TUTSIS WITHIN THE CHURCH.  [my emphasis]. 

So what is the problem with Socialist France today?  The French leaders cannot and will not admit to the following indisputable facts:
1] France trained, equipped, and armed the Hutu military which they knew would slaughter the minority Tutsis.
2] As hundreds of thousands of Tutsis were being slaughtered under a combined French/ Hutu militia force,  the French went into Rwanda under the UN auspices and provided no succor whatsoever.   In fact,  then French  President Mitterand’s son was said to have secured embarrassing files for his father’s complicit actions during that ignominious period. 
3] Most of the French Hutu collaborators found sanctuary in France.  They all avoided criminal prosecution.

France present day response as of today  has been as follows:
“It is unacceptable to LAY BLAME ON FRANCE” said Alain Juppe France’s Foreign Minister at that time. “I call on the president of the Republic and the French government to DEFEND WITHOUT AMBIGUITY THE HONOR OF FRANCE… “ [my emphasis].  

My personal and professional experience with France has been one of bewilderment at a country that has refuse to recognize its indelible history of  SUPPRESSION, TORTURE, COLLABORATION, IMPERIALISM AND HYPOCRISY!   Witness the deportation of 75,000 Jews to the Nazi concentration camps without one order from the German High Command during WWII.   Remember: No country was more brutal than the French colonists in Indochina when they tried to suppress the indigenous populations of Vietnam,  Laos,  Cambodia. 
From my time in helping to create the peace treaty between Cambodia and Vietnam,  I discovered how the French sociologists encouraged the then French Lycee professor,  Pol Pot,  to slaughter 1.2 million of his own people,  in order to create “Zero Civilization”,  eliminating all traces of western civilization.
I could go and on but I will end this blog with the most fitting words about the French elite:
“It’s unfortunate that France belongs to the French.” Gen./President Charles DeGaulle. 



  1. Who was behind the Rawanda Patriotic Front?

    The US didn't intervene directly in Rawanda but the RPF pushed through the country like a knife through butter once they got going.....

    Someone was behind them.

  2. Africans are brutal, remorseless killers, and it's the same way everywhere they are found.

    Look at that poor truck driver who was beaten and is a coma after he left his truck to help a child who ran out in front of his truck....

    Look at what Trayvon Martin did to Mr. Zimmerman before he defended himself with a gun....

    Look at what black pimps do to runaway girls in every city of this country.....

    Negro men are more often than not mere animals, beasts, but there are notable exceptions such as Billy Strayhorne and Johnny Mathis. I can't imagine Johnny Mathis as a brutal pimp.

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  3. If you wanna see how ridiculous the French are look at what they did during the Second World War. Before the war the left, the Popular Front, controlled the government. The right was so frustrated by the Left's success that they welcomed the Nazis when they defeated the French Army in 1940. What Americans call "collaborationists" in France such as World War I hero Marshall Petan weren't opportunists at all. They were loyal French who welcomed the Nazis because they saw them as brothers against the threat of communists and the Left. Once the Vichy government was formed they were solidly aligned with Germany and the Axis and the British and Free French fought against the French Army and navy wherever the were, principally in North Africa and Syria. The French experience in the war was as a civil war in which French fought against French for ideological reasons much as what happened with the Spanish in the 1930s.

    Contrary to myth once the allies landed in Normandy they were not greeted with relief by the French. The allies caused so much destruction and threatened to bring back the Left. Most French spat on Americans and British as they moved through the country.

    Most American servicemen were relieved when they left France, and actually found the German population more welcoming than the French.

    Despite orders to the contrary US servicemen formed friendships with Germans readily as opposed to their unpleasant experiences with the French and Belgians.

  4. During the war 40,000 French were executed by guillutine for opposing the Vichy government.

    As in Spain in the 1930s the French resistance was entirely controlled by pro-Stalinist communists.

    When OSS operators landed in France to assist the Resistance they were shocked to find that their "comrades" were opposed to the US and stood solidly with Stalin.

  5. After the war most of the Vichy rightest soldiers ended up in......



    Much criticism was made of the French in Indochina in the war against the Viet Minh due to the "fascist" character of the officers and soldiers of the French forces there, particularly the many who fought with the Germans in the Waffen SS and who then served with French forces in Indochina.

  6. then after they were kicked out of Vietnam the French had their hands full in Algeria, and by that time they were really perturbed at having their assess handed to them by colonized peoples who to a man hated their guts.....

    When DeGaulle finally made the decision to throw in the towel in Algeria God knows how many people in the military and elsewhere wanted him dead.

    DeGaulle survived I don't know how many assassination attempts, and of course all this came at the same time that the American military was planning to kill President Kennedy.

    The Kennedy and DeGaulle assassination attempts happened at the same time and for similar reasons.

    That's why in France the French all accept that Kennedy was killed by his own government, whereas over here few educated people, and no one in government, believes such a thing is possible.....

  7. The French also accept that 911 was an inside job.