Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everything you wanted to know about BMB (Boston Marathon Bombing)....its long, go to last paragraph and work backward if you do not have time.  Money was tight and the $70B Homeland Security Budget was being threatened by Sequestration.  Why do the people of Boston and Cambridge put up with this craP????


  1. "The American people have clearly been lied to by US intelligence, Congress, and the MSM in the case of the BMB, and it’s now up to the people to finally make them accountable for their cover-ups and potential crimes."

    I'm shocked and stunned.

  2. I think the FBI has arrested an asian citizen in Boston for walking downtown with a rice cooker in his backpack....a rice cooker!

    We now live in a country where the paranoia and exaggeration and fear now has us cowering in fear over the thought of a saucepan.

    Americans have always been the stupidist population of morons this planet has ever created, but now it's reached a point of hilarity and ubsurdity.

  3. Dr Steve, I believe people should read and educate themselves with this eye-opening article "Peace of Versailles: Negotiated by US Rothschild agent, Jesuit Mandell House, Studying The Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion with French Louis Rothschild"
    The Versailles Treaty, was constructed to create the next, global war, which was to sow the seed for the final global war. This seed was to be Israel. WWII secured the creation of that homeland, Israel, by means of the Illuminati´s and here and here postwar UN. Israel is to be the focus of WW III to lead to the one world government and state out the ashes!

  4. A retrospective & A WARNING:

    The Story Behind the Boston Bombing: