Monday, April 14, 2014

Iran and Israel:  In The Words Of The Great Philosopher,  Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and the he is us!” 
In an insightful article by Abbas Milani [Iranian] and Israel Waismel-Manor [Israeli] entitled, ”Iran And Israel Trading Places” [NYTimes posted earlier] a political psychological paradox was cleverly discovered.  Essentially, both scholars argued that Iran is becoming what Israel had been, secular and pro-western,  while the Israel is turning toward theocracy and anti-western.
  Not at all!
  In psychiatric literature,  one could extract the concept of ‘identification with the  aggressor’.  In the more enlightened world of Walter Kelly,  the brilliant cartoon artist, Pogo, his principle swamp philosopher,  stated this human phenomena more satirically, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” 

Let us explore in how many ways, both Iran and Israel are alike and have been alike.

[1] “Both are home to the OLDEST CIVILIZATIONS…
[2] Founder David Ben Gurion created a NONRELIGIOUS ZIONIST STATE.  Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s Iran was modeled according to the dictates of SECULAR NATIONALISM. 
[3] 1979 Islamic Revolutions ‘eclipsed this secular brand of politics.’ 
[4] Secularism is ascending once again in Iran.  Whereas, the tides of secularism are receding in Israel.
[5] The Orthodox Jewish parties [i.e. Jewish Home]  right wing party,  hold 25% of the Knesset.  They have 6.5 children vs. 2.6 for the rest of the Jews. 
[6] In contrast, the birth rate in Iran is falling while the wave of secularism is rising threatening the Ayatollah Khamenei’s ruling party. 
[7] World Jewry support for Israel is markedly waning. “The high rate of interfaith marriage among Americans means the pro-Israel lobby will no longer be as large or united as it used to be.”
[8] “Seven million Iranians live in exile. Their economic, scientific, scholarly, and cultural achievements are well known in the United States thanks to people like eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.”
[9] Just as the Jewish diaspora helped to create political support for Israel,  now the  Iranian exiles will also promote pro-western, pro-liberal tenets to institute in Iran.
  In reality, the paradox of nation-state behavior mirrors that of every day human behavior with all of its contradictions, inconsistencies, and paradoxes.  Perhaps, the best consolation that we all can find in the ‘trading place’ irony is to follow Pogo’s other sagacious advice: 
“Don’t take life so seriously,  it ain’t NOHAW PERMANENT.”  Walter Kelly.


  1. The ultra-orthodox Jews who have lived in peace in Palestine for centuries still do not recognize the state of Israel. They refuse to use Israeli sheckels and have criticized Zionists ever since they began lobbying for a Jewish state. Now how Israelis and their supporters in the US brand Arabs "radical" and "uncompromising" for not recognizing Israel when Israel's most pious Jews refuse to illustrates the transparency of America's case for Israel.

    Since the first Israeli history scholars over a decade ago printed the declassified documents from 1948 Israelis and American Jews have come to realize the nakedly aggressive intent and methods of Ben Gurion and the other founders, all of which was contrary to what they had been told......

    Israel hasn't a leg to stand on, and among Jews only the most unreasonable are left supporting the Jewish state. Funny but the founders wanted a Palestine to be transformed into a state for Jews, but they didn't want the Jews who lived there to be believers much less be pious - they wanted them to be non-believing, socialist or Marxist Jews who would live in a place where they outnumbered everyone else and couldn't be excluded or potentially persecuted.

    The only Jews who are so unreasonable as to uphold such a view are not going to be socialists, but zealous believers who are militant rather than pious like the ultra-orthodox.

    In Iran the turn away from zealous belief is wholly predictable if you know Iranians.

    Iranians are individualistic, hedonistic, aggressive rug peddlers for whom any religion, much less Islam, cannot possibly constrain their wildness. Such wildness can only be channelled into repressive sanctimonious practice for so long before it decays. When I was a student Iran had only 40 million people and now the population is over 80 million and climbing. Anyone who's had an Iranian girlfriend knows they're the horniest fuck-dolls on the planet, hornier than women from anywhere including the Phillipines [and that's a hard act to beat] so whatever veneer of Islam there is in Iran it's pretty much just a facade because they're the lustiest people anywhere - women and men, and that's that. You can forget about modesty and the like. Iranians are not like Arabs when it comes to their real beliefs and character.

    1. Majority of people worldwide are unaware of this document that was signed in 1917 "Behind the Balfour Declaration Britain's Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild!

    2. Conventional historians explain that the Prime Minister Lloyd George thought that Jews the world over were united into a single cabal which would influence the US to enter the war after the non-cabal Jews in Russia had just ended their war with Germany.......

      God only knows what Lloyd George was thinking when he made that fateful decision to permit the Balfour Declaration. It will the the ruin of us all someday.

      The one time Lloyd George made sense was when he visited Hitler in Burchisgarten at the Burghoff [which Hitler of course designed himself] in 1936 and George declared that Hitler had only peaceful intentions [which he did] and had achieved an economic miracle in Germany [which he had] and was the best thing which could have happened since the communists invaded central Europe with the help of Stalin [which was correct]....

      If Churchill and his ilk of German-haters had the intelligence of Lloyd George, or his integrity, there would never have been a war beyond the carving up of the Poles, which is what they probably deserved anyway given that they'd attacked the Czecks, Russians and Germans in the years just before not to mention gobbling up hundreds of thousands of Germans, Czechs, Hungarians and others in their mad quest to conquer all of eastern Europe and put it under a Polish iron boot like they'd done hundreds of years before.

      The Poles got what they deserved.

    3. btw there's huge public and media ignorance about this issue in Israel.

      The ultra-orthodox are not the ones pictured above, the ones which are zealous zionists who are breeding all the others out of existence.

      Those are simple the orthodox, including the hassids, who have lived wearing traditional eastern European dress, etc., and have moved to Israel in the last sixty years....

      The true ultra-orthodox are the ones which dress in the pre-nineteen century European garb of the orthodox, and have lived in Palestine for hundreds and hundreds of years.

      The true ultra-orthodox have been opposed to the zionists since zionism began, and stand on biblical statements that Israel isn't supposed to be a state according to their God, Yahway.

  2. Dr. Pieczenik,
    This was an interesting blog. I've never took notice in the past of enemy states trading places, but perhaps it's been right there for all if us to read and study all along in world history. Do you think rivals in our own country have, or might reflect similar switching of ideas? Example : republican / democratic parties. I know that comparison is very different from the story of Israel and Iran, but the psychology behind it can be applied as well, right?

  3. OT: LINKS

    Dahboo is all worked up that police are using Live Google Earth and can search everything in real time. Well, duh. Of course this is going on. Google is the NSA!

    LivingonplanetZ has some more Boston Marathon videos that are, of course, very good. To me, I really don't need to see any more. It's bizarre that the MSM continues its false Boston narrative when we can see for ourselves that it's all wrong. has an artcle on the Chinese takeover of U.S. energy, thanks to Harry Reid and many others. has a new video on the real Bundy Ranch story, and it has nothing to do with protecting a tortoise.

    WARNING! Police Admit Testing "Live Google Earth", Watching Us in Real Time!
    Published on Apr 15, 2014

    YouTube--LivingonplanetZ Channel
    Tuesday, April 15, 2014
    The Communist Chinese Takeover of All US Energy
    Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

  4. THERE IS A LESSON IN THE BUNDY RANCH.................


    YOU DECIDE.....

    I wish we lived in a world where the malfactors among us, the criminals who prey on the weak and so forth, could be overcome or countervailed by some noble and moral element of society, call them the police, the courts, the penal system...........

    But it just ain't so.

    The terrible truth is that the police, the courts, the judges, the prison guards, the wardens, and on and so forth.......

    ......which constitute law enforcement in this country are just as venal, just as corrupt, even more cruel, more hedonistic, dominating, egotistical, vulgar, rude and ill-natured as the criminals.

    The problem is this.....

    What kind of person wants to become a prison guard....a policeman.....a judge, etc???

    The simple truth is that the worst among us, the cruel, the violent, the malicious, the egotistical, the insecure, the sanctimonious, etc., are the ones which go way out of their way to find these jobs and careers so they can go to female jails and rape the inmates, masterbate themselves under their judges' robes and bark out orders and commands to all in their court rooms and make everyone there bow and scape to them while they "pass judgement" on others.......pull over ordinary citizens while driving and get a thrill out of knowing that they are frightened and scared of you because of all the scary lights on your car and your black uniform and gun you swagger around with......

    I don't give a shit whether Bundy was legally correct or not. The judges and militarized police arrayed against him were all evil individuals playing a system so that they could have their sadistic fun with an ordinary person.

    Someday soon other Americans will take their country back from the government - and it will be the "heros" and "first responders" who will be the first to be taken down.

    Just watch it happen.

    Bundy was only the beginning.

    1. Go find any law enforcement agent, whether judge, guard, or police, over the age of 44 and you will see the most disgusting, fattest, slob of a pathetic decadant, disgusting fat pig.........

      Then go to a prison and see how much better the inmates look and make up your own mind as to which side of the law the ones are on who have some personal pride in themselves.....

      Anyone involved in law enforcement becomes a fat overgrown disgusting pig BECAUSE THEY THINK THEIR SOCIAL IMPORTANCE COMES FROM THEIR POWER AND THEREFORE THEY DON'T CARE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE....

      Everyone has to bow and scrap to them no matter what they look like or what kind of impression they leave.

    2. Go to any restaurant for lunch where cops and judges and lawyers hang out and see how physically repulsive they are......

      It's disgusting.

    3. I've never seen a police detective, one over the age of 44, who was not morbidly obese.

    4. Well said MIT. This government has the Constitution ASS BACKWARDS ! THEY'D USE IT FOR TOILET PAPER IF THEY ARE ALLOWED. " IT'S WE THE PEOPLE "... Here is a link to an article that supports your claim about Police Aggression. It is entitled: "More Americans Killed By Police Than By Terrorists: With Crime Down, Why Is Police Aggression Up?
      These police are paid for by our tax dollars and should be public servants, not bullies. Same with politicians, like Harry Reid. How they can justify snipers pointing guns at ranchers watching over a ranch & grazing cows is beyond me, but this shit should not be happening. I have a hunch these policies go above Harry Reid, right up the chain of command to Biden and Obama as well. Harry is probably just the fall guy for his aforementioned puppet masters. Notice neither V.P. Biden is nowhere to be heard from, neither is Prez. Obama. My question is why not? Why are they not explaining to the American people, how this notion of aiming sniper rifles will not be tolerated? Why? Because I believe they approve of these policies, thats why. Otherwise they would speak up against it ever happening again to an American citizen. Their silence on the issue speaks volumes doesn't it? I think it does.

  5. Alex Jones is right about one thing.

    The traditional media of cable news, the networks, newspapers and the like are done. They're finished.

    Most people totally see through their garbage. The average Fox News watcher is like 75 years old and in a few years Fox News won't have an audience anymore because they'll all have died.

    90% of the public can see how deceptive and distorted the media is about the "heros" and the "first responders" and "our brave warriors......"

    Only 10% of the people watch and believe anything in the regular media, and the other 90% are those getting information from all the alternate sources which now have overtaken everything.

    In a few years all the Fox News watchers will be dead and then Drudge and Jones and RT and Al Jazera and so forth will set the agenda.....

    And it won't be the constant drivil that everything is okay and the government is out to help you and shut up and take all your vaccines because the drug makers are just trying to help you and the military and FBI and CIA are keeping you safe.............

    America is waking up.

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