Sunday, April 27, 2014

President Vladimir Putin: Congratulations on being the First and Only 2014 JUNK BOND KING OF RUSSIA!!

Russia,  and the entire federation, is now rated as JUNK BOND!!!!
Time for celebration!
  Not since the boys at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the late 1980’s,  has anyone achieved the MIRACULOUS ECONOMIC WONDER of ALLOWING RUSSIA to be downgraded by STANDARD and POOR’S BOND RATING AGENCY—TO JUNK BOND STATUS!
  What does this really mean?
Apparently on  April 25, 2014,  Standard & Poor downgraded Russia’s currency—the ruble—TO BASICALLY A JUNK BOND STATUS:

To put this mumbo-jumbo in simpler financial terms:  Putin is in MAJOR ECONOMIC TROUBLE!!
Putin has a Sovereign Currency Reserve Fund of about 300 Billion Dollars.  That’s a lot of KLEPTOCRACY!!
Here is the problem that Putin really does not UNDERSTAND and apparently no one in the KREMLIN WANTS TO TELL HIM:
[1] Useless Crimean Annexation Cost $55 Billion.
[2] Flight Capital Exiting Russia up until today about $100 Billion.
[3] Negative Growth Rate dependent on oil and gas revenues.
[4] Aging population;  increasing minority to 25% of Russian population. 
[5] War funding for Ukraine –Another $50 Billion.
Current Net Cost for screwing around with America= $205 BILLION.  NET NET SOVEREIGN CURRENCY RESERVES=$19.5 Billion.
  At the rate of flight capital leaving Russia and depreciation of the Ruble at more than 15% per month leaves Russia COMPLETELY BANKRUPT BY  SEPTEMBER 1, 2014.   On exactly that date 75 years ago,  the Nazis invaded Poland but the war-weary Nazis could not defeat the formidable Soviet/Russian army.   But 75 years later,  Putin alone did what Stalin,  Khrushchev,  Gorbachev and even the drunk Boris Yeltsin could not do:  destroy Russia from within.  Unbelievable!

Many of you may remember the blog that was written months ago warning Putin and the Russians that they should not really mess with America.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Our POTUS,  Barack Obama,  SecState John Kerry,  DCI John Brennan,  Gen Martin Dempsey and Sec Treasury Jack Lew –all did a phenomenal job of doing the one thing that Putin really did not understand, and still does not want to hear: ECONOMIC WARFARE!!!!  Every time Putin brings a tank over the Ukrainian border- RUSSIA LOSES MORE MONEY.   So,  if a T-72 Soviet Tank scurries over into Kiev or any where there may be so-called ‘ethnic Russians’—the RUSSIAN PEOPLE WILL SUFFER –ECONOMICALLY . 
Please Putin, remember how the Bolshevik Revolution really started—The Economic Abuse of the Serfs and Russian Citizens.  It only took 17 brave Russian sailors to take over the Kremlin.
A friendly word of advice from a longtime friend of Russia:  STOP f%$@king with AMERICA!!!  Putin,  don’t forget we are the people who fought a Revolution for a lousy British Tax Act.  Manipulation of money, currencies, and assets are our second nature to every American Capitalist.
  Marx never got it.  He actually intended the pathetic Bolshevik Revolution for Germany and England, certainly not Russia.   So don’t make  Karl Marx’s mistake,  get your ECONOMY INTO SHAPE; and stop CREATING INTERNATIONAL CRISES !!!
Putin,  I understand that no one is perfect.
Please listen to the words from the Rock Group, “Dire Straits”:
“Money for nothing; chicks for free!”
Stay out of mischief… and….  do not BANKRUPT….. RUSSIA!!
Americans LOVE ROCK’N ROLL; as much as we like ECONOMIC WARFARE!!!!


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    1. I wonder if Dr. P loves the idea of "economic warfare" because he, in (supposedly) helping take down the Soviet Union, is aware of the Project Hammer/Black Eagle Gold Fund allegedly used to finance the collapse of the ruble in 1991.

      I remember wanting to email MITMichael and ask him if he had ever heard about these funds, but about a month ago, he discussed this and believed that this theory had "unassailable explanatory power."

      This hypothesis was put forth (and is supported with ample facts and documentation) by a man named EP Heidner, a former employee at the DIA, who wrote a two part report called "Collateral Damage" which gives the real reason why 9/11 had to happen: to cover up the financial crimes used to collapse the USSR. The fact that the first plane flew directly into Cantor Fitzgerald, the biggest US Securities dealer at the time, gives the theory additional credibility.

    2. International banking fraud is the only area in which I still participate in investigations.

      I think the evidence that the WTC attacks were conducted, among other reasons, to disrupt impending bond maturation issues is probably correct.

      The individuals who conceived of the attack were "killing two birds with one stone" because they needed the attack on those floors to distrupt the bond maturity problem they faced, and then also used the attack for their agenda in the Middle East.

      Almost all of the Hammer Fund and other resources were channeled through Israelis to their agents in the USSR, and it was the Israelis who wanted to see the Ba'ath party in Iraq eliminated.

    3. The Israelis are empire-builders. They read the accounts of how Moses went from village to village slaughtering everyone there because he said Yahway told him the land was his.....

      And they think they have license to do the same thing.

      It's that simple.

      The core problem is Judaism. Judaism is full of moral laws and codes about how a Jew should live to be pious, but Moses and Abraham took the land by slaughter. It's a really interesting religion because everything is written down in these amazing texts and narratives. But if you actually read them much less believe them you'll see that it's a very primitive religion based on tribalism and influenced by the Babylonians, etc.....

      Look to the really aggressive Jews in the history of Zionism and you'll see they take their ideas from how Moses and David and Abraham lived, and it doesn't matter if they are believing Jews or atheistic Marxists because they all are influenced by this mentality.

      And don't get me started on the problems with Islam because they are just as bad.

      The way out of the mess over there is for people to stop being influenced by those two religions.

      When I worked with Israelis their strategy with me was to convince me that muslims were a threat to America and to me personally when they actually knew it was the opposite and that it was THEY, THE JEWS, who were a threat to Americans.

      The 911 matter is exactly the same.

      Jews have convinced America that Islam is the threat to America when it is the Jews who are the only threat all along.

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  5. Dr. P you are in fact incorrect when you say that the American Revolution was fought over a "lousy tax".

    The American colonies were prosperous until 1764. This is when Britain passed the Currency Act of 1764, which outlawed colonial script and ordered all Americans to pay their taxes in gold or silver coin. The result was the same as would occur today if the average American was told that they could no longer make transactions in anything but gold or silver coin. Most of us would immediately be bankrupt. Look what befell the American colonies. As Franklin put it:

    "In one year, the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed."

    To Ben Franklin this return to a gold money system was the basic cause for the American Revolution.

    "The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies [their] money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction."

    So, to Franklin, this banning of America's debt free currency was the primary and underlying cause of the American Revolution.

    1. yup yup Mr. P got it wrong this time.

    2. I'm skeptical about the currency theory of the American revolution because it's not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence in the list of grievances.

      All the grievances the signers had with the Crown and Parliament were listed in the Declaration, and it's a very long list.

      But the tax issue, or "taxation without representation" wasn't the issue at all, and most of those taxes were repealed because of the effect they had.

      The reasons have to do with the way the Crown treated, or mistreated, the colonists. The colonists thought they always were protected by Magna Carta and common law, and that they possessed certain fundamental protections and liberties as a function of their status.

      But the innumerable insults to these protections by the Crown and Parliament illustrated that England considered the colonists as being of a lower status that the colonists had always assumed.

      Today in America citizens have less liberties and protections than the colonists had under the Crown and Parliament.

      Most of the core protections of the Constitution have been lost, and it's the Courts who are to blame.

      The biggest problem America now has isn't bad Presidents or Legislators but extremely poor judges.

      The collapse of the Judiciary will lead to a new American revolt I predict.

      It's the Judiciary which holds the country together and they've allowed it to collapse.

  6. Dr. P.

    We are never too old to LEARN.


  7. My, oh my,

    Dr. Pieczenik, Russia holds the high cards.

    I'm paying 50 cents more a gallon for gasoline.

    How much more do I have to pay for neocon recklessness, fostering a coup in Ukraine, causing a crisis.

    Regarding your thesis, Russia is a continental power, with natural resources commensurate of the largest country on Earth.

    The U. S. government is stretched to the financial brink.

    And you want economic war?

    You are mistaken.

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    1. Just tell your friends that Osama bin-Laden was never wanted by the FBI, or indicted by any American Grand Jury, for the 911 attack and watch the confused look on their faces.

      bin-Laden was indicted and wanted for the 1998 Africa Embassy bombings and nothing else.

      There is no evidence whatsoever that he was involved in any way with the 911 attack.

      Those are the facts, and all assumed truth in the media stem from the allegations made against him by the same administration which claimed [falsely] that Iraq had huge WMD programs and was supporting terrorists.

      Just a few simple facts brought to peoples' attention can shake their faith in what they've always been told.

  10. Who's fucking with whom Dr. P? Who installed a buck-toothed scientologist with neo-nazis at Russia's doorstep? Which nation employs shit-stirring as it's primary mode of foreign policy, wrecking other peoples' economies in a futile effort to loot its way to financial solvency? Meanwhile, which nation's leaders have completely lost the confidence of the people they purport to represent? I think you know the answer to these questions, so please stop insulting our intelligence.

    1. I don't hold being a Nazi against anyone, in fact far from it, but being a scientologist is way beyond the pale. Thanks for letting me know because otherwise I was ready to back those guys!

  11. I had to read carefully Dr. Pieczenik's piece this morning.

    Maybe, I missed the subtle cue that signaled Dr. P was being ironic or sardonic and was really talking about neocon Washington.

    Maybe, I'm still missing it.

    O. K., set aside who started it and the tactical issues.

    Dr. Pieczenik is being strategic.

    These last few years have seen a dramatic weakening of the U. S. Dollar world reserve currency system.

    India, Brazil, and China all trade with Russia and are working on an alternate, parallel exchange system to rival the Dollar.

    China is acquiring vast quantities of gold.

    Russia has large mineral deposits of gold.

    India has vast stores of finished gold.

    I didn't mention South Africa, as the last member of the BRICS, also with vast quantities of gold (but also able to be bought off, thanks to Mandela).

    There is sufficient capital outside the U. S. sphere of influence & control to by-pass U. S. economic leverage points.

    Economic warfare pushes Russia and China together into closer economic & geostrategic ties. China holds enormous amounts of U. S. debt.

    Who's winning the economic race, right now?

    Is economic warfare going to help the American economy?


    In reality, it is the U. S. government that has backed itself into a corner.

    Western Europe is not going to commit economic suicide for the follies of neocon Washington.

    Still, the Russian government would be wise to politically deescalate the situation.

    The neoconservatives are looking for a fight.

    And their ideological imperatives and their ego's need for dominating others is fuelling a psychological break with reality.

    They really do think they can put a square peg in a round hole.

    Libya -- wrecked.

    Syria -- still standing strong.

    Iraq -- destabilized (but maybe that was part of the plan).

    Afghanistan -- wobbly.

    All neoconservative failures -- remarkable anybody takes these people seriously.

    (Unless you take the position that neoconservative policy is to wreck nation-states and devastate economies, and there is evidence suggesting that could be the case.)

    Surely, a demonstration of how thoroughly neoconservative thinking has taken over both Republican & Democratic party elites.

    Demonstrating how rotten to the core our elite has become.

    This elite have supported multiple policies of aggression.

    Neoconservatism is showing itself to be addicted to a reckless drive for hegemony which beyond being immoral will lead to catastrophe.

    America needs a new foreign policy.

  12. What would happen to our elite if unmistakenly they are identified by the American People to have caused our economy to crash as a direct result of this confrontation?

    The American People will hold those responsible accountable.

    Yes, a lot of smart people believe that will not happen and this elite can continue along this path, pulling the wool over the eyes of the American People.

    But the facts are out in the public domain -- at ready access.

    Yes, there will be an accounting.

    One way or another and either the American People will pay big time for the follies of Washington or Washington will pay for their arrogance and distain for truth.

    The world has already seen just how reckless & dangerous this elite can be -- but also that they are incompetent & dysfunctional.

    A scenario where U. S. leverage could savagely reverse and all this crowing could turn into eating crow.

  13. What Russian bonds?

    Russia has no debt as far as I know, and possesses huge physical assets in metals and oil/gas in reserve.

    Russia is solvent.

    It's the US which is insolvent, and will never be able to repay it's debts.

    'Nuff said.


    Ever read any Alexander Dugin? Foundation of Geopolitics... btw - Putin parked his tanks .. nothing more... its the USA that can't take a country by a mere vote - not Russia... its USA that has to roar through countries with huge tank columns, while the guerrilla merely digs a hole in the ground in the mountains.

  15. I'm sure China and other nations love Russian bonds... They actually have something to trade other than printing press ink... The USA is no longer the center of trade, and the petrodollar is being buried alive by world leaders aquietly speaking their last words in black clothes....bilateral trade increases world wide, while US multilateral trade slowly goes extinct. Like electricity, global trade takes the path of less resistance, just as much as the IMF can't be solvent or credible without China et al. The only thing that America can guarantee, in my opinion, is Mutually Assured Economic Destruction.... Most geopolitical analysts I follow ignore gold and commodity baskets, let alone SDR valuations based on floating various international currency values. On that note, I fail to see what the Federal Reserve has in its corner other than the printing press, while robbing everyone of their savings, through systems of interest rate apartheid and banking middleman.

    I respect your opinions Steve P. My interests, like yours, are in the West. But I don't see how hiding behind propoganda, false government statistics, and fake stock valuations will help anyone. Your government in America is as fake as Obama's communist roots and biparty system.

    The west only has technology going for them. But they don't operate like Canadians, that take a tripple armoured pop can out on the road to receive pot shots, with accompanying air support in the far distance. instead you roll in columns of tanks, and bankrupt your own country from one country to the next, while your offshore corporations get rich. Unfortunately technology can't resolve this conflict of interest... maybe you guys should just hire Canadian generals, and make sure they can't be lobbied by corporations... maybe its time we start telling you guys about foreign policy...

  16. Good reads:

    The Death of Money - James Rickards. 2014
    The Big Reset - Willem Middlekoop - 2014
    The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitlism - Paul Craig Rorberts 2013

    Note that all Western geopolitical analysts i've seen have a blind spot in terms of gold standards and IMF restructuring. its like Keynesianism and the Federal Reserve paid them to be stupid.

  17. Hollywood producer exposes editing of green screen on BOYLSTON Street

    False flag: Carlos Arrendo in his film!


    The real fear is PUTIN CAN. & will if pushed, expose aka OBAMA'S TRUE identity.

    This is what it is all about.

    1. Patriarch, yes, Boston & Sandyhook were Obama's twin towers.

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  18. I used to walk down Boylston street every day, mostly in the winter in the cold and snow. But nobody ever blew up their saucepans or rice cookers then....

  19. Some facts about Russia
    1. Dept Rate: 10% GdP of which 80% debt is national
    2. The worlds 3rd highest forex rate 500 bln. Dollar
    To me this sounds like a god damn solvent country... the acutal S&P rating of Russia is a god damn farce, and these damn USSD-Rothschild controlled rating agencies are used as a weapon all over the world... they want to bankrupt Russia, so the russian people may want to get rid of Putin, who is a mighty pain in the ass of the satanist globalist elite ... and plz don't try to sell us, that what is going on in Ukraine is the fault of Russia...

    What I want to predict is, that if you, Mr. P., try to fool US by feeding "we the people" this message, then your credability will vanish in a blink of an eye... no one believes this fairy tale anymore, since Soros and the USSD spent 5 bln. Dollar for matters of "regime change" in the Ukraine. Please just dont even try to think, that "we the people" are that damn stupid. the times in when CIA-misinformation-campaingnings were effective, have come to an end!

  20. WOW THIS pieczinik really loves russia! AREN'T you a pole???