Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I will be posting later,   here is some background.


  1. ...and I'll do my part and pretend there will be PEACE as a result of all this twisted logic. What the hell may as well release Charlie Manson too.

  2. This link is for Barry…contained within the transcripts in this State Attorney's report (State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton, 9th Judicial Circuit) is the FBI's account referencing the VIDEO and AUDIO recording(s) of the Ibragim Todashev shooting as part of the Boston Marathon event. It also includes a troopers account of the event who showed up on scene DURING the shooting.

    1. Amazing you've put up this link about Ibragim Todashev shooting as part of the Boston Marathon event. which many people firmly believe was basically another false flag which America has become well known for over many decades now, and over the last few days this interview has appeared on Y/T "James Perloff: False Flag Events Behind the Six Major Wars Url

    2. What the hell is Kerry thinking? Why should we have to trade out Palestinians for our criminals? Why do we have to pay for this shit?

      This goes to show you that American politicians will never stop bending over to take it up the ass from Israelis.

      We don't owe them a fucking thing, and this process will never yield any agreement anyway.

      These endless games at negotiation and pacifying zionists is disgraceful.

    3. You are a unbalanced individual who feigns omniscience.

  3. The event is described in detail in the pdf file entitled "State Attorney Ashton Letter" on the aforementioned webpage but worth repeating here;

  4. Not sure where you're going with this Dr. P. - but consider this first...
    "This editor, as someone who participated closely in the damage assessment report on Pollard's treason on behalf of the U.S. Navy and NSA, can confidently declare that those who soft-pedal Pollard's harm to the United States simply have no idea what they're going on about...

    As the person in charge of computer and communications center security for the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Command (NAVTELCOM), I was asked to ensure that an inventory was conducted of all communications security (COMSEC) material at the Naval Communications Center at Suitland. Fortunately, the security manager at the communications facility had already identified Pollard as a security risk and he was never permitted access to cryptographic keying material or other COMSEC information. However, the security manager had reported Pollard to his superiors as a risk. Pollard never lost his security clearance because he claimed that his co-workers were "anti-Semitic." NISC's command staff decided it was not worth pulling Pollard's security access if he posed a danger of going public with "anti-Semitism" allegations. Political, government, and military careers in Washington have been ruined by those who have glibly used the "anti-Semitism" canard as a weapon
    of defamation.

    The fact that Pollard's espionage for Israel involved others inside the Reagan administration was reported by Bob Woodward in a February 19, 1988 article in The Washington Post. Woodward reported that FBI and other investigators involved in the Pollard case were focusing in on someone Woodward, using his expected "Deep Throat" jargon, referred to as "Mr. X."

    "Mr. X" was described by Woodward as a high-level Israeli mole inside the U.S. military-intelligence establishment who tasked Pollard with acquiring specific classified documents for transmittal to Israel. Pollard followed through in his tasking, providing SECRET, TOP SECRET, and SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION (SCI) documents, many of which were marked WNINTEL (Warning Notice -- Intelligence Sources or Methods Involved) to the Israelis. Some of the U.S. sources were carefully-developed CIA assets inside the defense, intelligence, interior, telecommunications, and science/research ministries of a number of Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, South Yemen, Yemen, and Algeria.

    After the Mossad determined from Pollard's haul the identities of these U.S. assets they approached the assets with blackmail threats: either they cooperate with Mossad and stop spying for America or their CIA connections would be turned over to their own governments. Face with such a "Catch-22" dilemma, many were forced to spy for Israel. Some planted Israeli-developed bogus intelligence with their CIA handlers, thus ensuring that the United States was blindsided in its intelligence coverage of the Middle East. The failure of the U.S. to foresee the plot to bomb PanAm 103 in 1988 was believed by U.S. intelligence analysts to have been directly caused by Pollard's treason and the compromise of U.S. assets in Syria, Iran, Cyprus, and Lebanon...."

    1. Am I mistaken or did I hear Bud McFarlane was somehow involved with Pollard's activities? I believe I read somewhere that NSA had traced certain activities to McFarlane and when confronted with the evidence, he attempted suicide. I asked Gen. William Odom about this one time while he was at The Hudson Institute, and he was quite reticent to discuss Pollard. ..and a possible tie-in with McFarlane. On a different note, Gen. Odom was more than willing to confirm that "there was no doubt" that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate. Gen. Michael Hayden, on the other hand, was all too willing to play dumb for Israel....

    2. Col Aviam Sella was his first contact, & Rafi Eitan was his handler.
      The hearsay is convoluted because it was Aldrich Ames who was spying for Russia years before, during & after pollard's arrest, so the reports & stories written blended all the damage as pollard's.

      After Ames arrest & conviction, the record was never retracted.

      Pollard is not a traitor, & was never charges as such.

      He relinquished his right to a trial , yet received a life sentence, with a recommendation against parole .
      Even idiot CHRIS MATTHEWS remarked off camera, "Who plea bargains for a life sentence?"

      Wayne Madsen is wrong quite often: he is WRONG ABOUT OBAMAS IDENTITY FRAUD FOR EXAMPLE.

  5. The best way to end these endless pleas by the Israelis to release this guy is to just kill him in prison and say it was a heart attack or something.

    You can't barter over the life of a dead man.