Thursday, February 12, 2015

England’s Parliament is Investigating the Corrupt HSBC Secret Swiss Accounts.. Surprise!
For most of you, the notion that a bank with the significant initials like HSBC might be corrupt is not a new revelation. It is simply a reaffirmation of what all of us have suspected for a very long time. So what difference does this investigation make today vs. any day?
Here may lie the answer in this excerpt from Bloomberg Business, Feb.9, 2015, by Robert Hutton:
“The report that HSBC’s private-banking unit made significant profits handling secret accounts for drug cartels, arms dealers, tax evaders and fugitive diamond merchants outraged the British lawmakers, and forced Prime Minister David Cameron to defend his 2011 appointment of the bank’s former chairman, STEPHEN GREEN as a TRADE MINISTER”.

Please remember that our own distinguished ex-Attorney General Eric “False Flag” Holder thought that HSBC was “TOO LARGE TOO FAIL”… He was wrong as usual. However, the British have in their own disingenuous way suddenly discovered that a whale of a bank named HSBC denoting the following territories of business: H-Hong Kong; S-Shanghai; B-Beijing; C-China is really….. CORRUPT! 

This revelation is more ludicrous than one might realize, given the fact that the former Tory [Republican] Chancellor of the Exchequer [Secretary of the Treasury], Nigel Lawson pronounced the following revelation that only an Englishman and Mad Dogs could ever state: “I can’t believe that Stephen Green, who amongst other things is an ordained church of England Priest, could possibly have known what was going on.” 
I write this blog to illustrate once again how incredibly corrupt our large banks are, no matter where they are based—be it Citigroup; JP Morgan Chase; Bank Of America…. They all have serious defects in their structure which will lead eventually to self-destruction. These entities have rapacious appetite to fund their own purses with imaginary or illicit gains. That is the basic recipe for becoming antiquated in the 21st century when PayPay or other internet financial instruments [Bitcoins ] will eventually evolve into the new currency of worldwide transaction, absent buildings, useless tellers and managers, and charging the customer for placing his/her money in a particular bank. In my experience, no bank has had more problems on a retail level then the newly reconstructed Canadian entity entitled TD Bank, a testimony  to human frailty and incompetence.

Yet I point the accusatory finger at England, once again.  England has hidden in the groves of antiquity and irrelevancy for almost half a century when America became the major Superpower after WWII. However, be it Tony Blair or David Cameron, these inept Prime Ministers have always had their hands stretched out for pecuniary reasons toward America or the Far East.
In the case of Tony Blair, literally a war criminal, his collusion with our  President Bush Jr/Cheney to doctor all types of intelligence in order to create an unnecessary war in both Iraq and Afghanistan [both British creations] cost our country billions with millions going straight into Blair’s pockets. As for David Cameron, here we see another aspect of a spectrum of corruption couched in the shibboleth that HSBC was “too big to control”.
I know that between UBS, a Swiss Bank and HSBC, a certain individual female senior executive was shuttled from one bank to the other for the sole purpose of enticing American customers and other wealthy individuals with the false, but promising notion, that ‘one could avoid paying a country’s taxes’. No country in the world has been more cowardly toward morality and the sense of justice than the Confederation of Cantons, called per chance , “Switzerland”. No other country has declared the ersatz title of ‘neutrality’ during all the major European Wars in order to extract maximum profits from the victors and vanquished, all at the same time. It was in Zug, Switzerland that the greatest US commodity swindler Philbro/Mark Rich  [defended by Eric Holder and pardoned by Clinton] sought eventual refuge from US Federal Prosecution.
Once again, we are witnessed to a charade of British justice as we see what Prime Minister David Cameron will eventually do about his transparent appointment of an de facto corrupt Minster of Trade, Stephen Green, the Anglican Vicar of Embezzlement and Extortion. I am not going to hold my breath.  Everything the British have created in the Post WWI period in the Middle East has turned into a turgid conflagration of religion, extremism, ethnic diversity---all hidden within the initials of a C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.
That’s right! They the Brits hid their past miscreant exploitative behavior in terms of a word that would evoke a sense of nationalism and patriotism –the notion of a country –when in fact there was no country that could exist from it’s very inception.

Witness the creation by MI-6’s desert warrior, Ms Gertrude Bell, who by force, intimidation and sheer will power took Kurdish Tikrit; melded it with Sunni Baghdad; and then, folded the two together along with Shi’ite Basra into a central oil dispensary called: IRAQ!
So whether the entity is called Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Syria or whether one has HSBC--- we, the public understand all too well that money, corruption and chicanery will always be involved. Those generations who are to follow us are doomed to unravel the mess that we have created intentionally with all the rationalizations that absolve us from accountability, morality or guilt.

Long Live the Thorny Crown of Iniquity!
May it last…. Until its eventual demise!

And may “disingenuous behavior” keep serving us well into the future of oblivion and amnesia! 


  1. Excellent read with my morning black coffee. Keep on it Dr. P. You remain one of my favourite pen smiths and gifted humorist combined with a top notch talent for choosing images second to none.

    1. Great article, only what is missing is to mentioned that best passenger air connection had to be that one between Bern and Madrid from 1940 until 1945, now that was line God was traveling. My personal historical view :)

    2. There is article here which mentions that one Serbian politcian came with 20M $ in to HSBC bank in alps, and people were little... , so they told him that that he should have done it somehow not so easy... Like to bring it more slowly or in parts. Than he said ok, than so next time... And they said ok...

  2. Excellent article! Not withstanding the "bigwigs" who have made large donations to both the labour and Tory parties whom banked with HSBC and allegedly benefited from not paying tax! But try being a day late with your tax return! £100 fine! One of the Tory financiers Lord fink was sounded out by the opposition party for tax avoidance where he retaliated by issuing legal threats if the allegations were not withdrawn! They weren't and it seems Lord Fink didn't think at all! However he shall worm his way out that I have no doubt! Interesting that Mr Green was an ordained minister because Justin Welby the top archbishop was a leading executive in the oil industry or something rather similar in stature! But I again digress instead of pointing out merry old England hasn't really moved on from the days of the sheriff of Nottingham and Robin hood! Only that maybe our green clad hero has swapped sides and now calls himself "Robbing Good"

  3. As far as I know there really isn't any such thing as bank secrecy anymore. It's not in Switzerland or their branches in the Carribean. The long hand of the US and FINCIN reaches now into every nook and cranny of every bank in the world.

    Is this a "good thing?"

    I don't know.

    I'd rather live in a world where there is bank privacy, secrecy, and there isn't a global watchdog policing all transactions like a Alex Jones New World Order distopian nightmare.

    Yeah HSBC may be "corrupt" but so what? They are a bank afterall and not monastery. Bankers are businessmen and not monks so let's not be too harsh with our accusations.

    Tolerance for crime is the price we pay for a private world away from the tyranny of the state and it's malfactors.

    1. but today my government is saying for this case that tax evasion is crime so if some bank is hiding crime it is criminal

  4. The real harm here isn't that some bank was accepting money from drug dealers or helping people shirk the tax man.

    The real crime is that 85 people in the world now have more wealth than half of the population on this planet.

    The real harm is that while a fraction of 1% has increased their wealth astronomically everyone else has declined...and declined miserably.

    The real harm is that in a stagnant economy which is a zero sum game like a poker table or something that the ultra rich HAVE GOTTEN RICHER BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS GOTTEN POORER.

    Now talk about that Dr.P and how this came about and what can be done to reverse it and I will give you a flower!

  5. So this is what we're going to do....

    1.all tax rates go back to where they were in 1968 - no capital gains bullshit

    2.all banking and securities regulations go back to where they were in 1968 - no more banks speculating

    3.all bank surveillance laws and anti-money laundering laws and 'know your customer' are repealed. Bankers can only loan money to clients to make money, and they can loan to whoever they want like it used to be. They can choose what to accept as security without oversight like it used to be.

    4.The minium wage goes back to what it was in 1968 which corrected for inflation is like $15 an hour.

    5.All free trade agreements are repealed, and tarrifs are imposed on all foreign manufacturerd products made in countries with "non-comparable wages."

    6.A 1% Tobin tax will be instituted in all countries. Any country which fails to adopt the Tobin tax will have it's clearances through the Federal Reserve terminated.

    That will bring the middle classes up to an average income of over $100,000 a year as opposed to the $53,000 they've had since 2008 when it was $56,000.....

    And then it will rise from there.

    1. nope it will not be done, "communist" china do not have policy of exporting revolutions, there is not fear by capitalists from global communist revolution, so there is no need to do that, sorry

    2. I like that you actually propose some "solutions" Mit, takes the conversation to a higher level. I believe that the disparity of wealth and shrinking middle class has a deleterious effect that is detrimental to the entire economy.

    3. learn from history... no it is not, capitalists invested in to destruction of global communism, so now, they enjoy, for what they worked so hard, they payed for commodity to have disparity without fear of any revolution... that is their, they have that, it is success, and they payed for that, as it is always good to get more for less, you both do not get it... beside any kind of any consciousness about class affiliation is bad, especially when our dear capitalists are investing so much in to subcultures so much from which you can choose so much, you can be ron paul youth member, you can smoke weed, you can be gay, you can pierce your genitals, you can make tattoo and be rebellious against parents, you can go to prison, you can cheat wife, you can be fabulous, you can learn Spanish on line for free, you can become buddhist or muslim... there are so much any person can be member of and be happy... or if we feel we are above all that we can talk about Jesuits, Jews, Illuminati ... Or we can listen Alex Jones, and listen how those how rich are preparing communist revolution so we better do not work on one because they are just preparing one to get us. Hm hm, so how is that they are only afraid of communism? For now we just wait to see in full that liberal capitalism is work of Satan, we needs to be sure, and it must show face, just like you needed that with Hitler. Let s wait and enjoy.

    4. You destroy revolution by destroying working (middle class), no factories no revolution, it is so simple... now i am starting to read Marx, whole collection, and than i will read everything about Croat and Slovenian workers self management and see mistakes. There are only two books person must read to be able to decode world, Bible and Marx.

    5. Marx was a very interesting guy, I used to work next to his old house in Dean St in London. He was pretty poor for most of his adult life sometimes he could not go out because he had pawned his clothes! Ironically his main benefactor Engels got his money from sweatshop labour, so he was by default exploiting the proletariat. As I recall his 'Manifesto' was financed by a shady group of some kind, but he was an intellectual giant, although I do not think he took account of the human factor, where absolute power corrupts where you have no intention of sharing it or giving it up. I spoke once with one of the foremost Marxists Scholars in the World (David Mclellan) and he said that he was not a Marxist himself...bit of a clue really.

    6. Marx was under direct influence of Satan, in Der Capital, Satan personally explained him self in total. Every word in that book is 100% truth. But any solution someone would get from will be even worse, why because it comes from Satan. Why, because you just get state capitalism. But now with power of internet you could get something not so obligatory and with terror.

  6. Many Croat volunteers are now fighting for Ukraine in UA Azov battalion... And Russia on that said that all people should work on peace and that it is not nice to send warriors there when we all must build Minsk peace deal. It is not surprise that Slovenia today is biggest Slavic allay of Russia as they are farthest away from Russia and they always were almost Germans, ultra nationalist Zhirinovski said for Russia, what is Russia, Russia in nothing, it means nothing, we must call our self Slovenia that is who are we and how it must go. Russia sees Croatia very nice and with much respect. Could be that they always liked warm sea coasts especially if they are slavic speaking and if that coast have 3644 miles (with Islands) which is 16% of Mediterranean sea. Let s go America invest more money and give us corporate workers self-management. Even Germany is than blocked from warm sea. There is always possibility for Merkel-Molotov pact. Of course biggest and most important allay of USA in Europe is Czech republic, who controls Czechoslovakia controls mainland Europe. When they fell to Hitler everything fell.

  7. All we have to do is go back to where we were in 1968.

    EVERY SINGLE LAW AND REFORM that's been enacted since that time has been disasterous.

    These people who think up these reforms and changes are full of shit. Who cooks these things up? Who dreamed up NAFTA? Where did it begin and how did it come about? Who had the idea to deregulate the banks and dissolve Glass-Stegal? How the hell did that come about? Who among the police is claiming that black uniforms are better than blue ones? Why are they falsely claiming that criminals today are better armed when they're not? Who had the idea that manditory liability insurance for drivers was necessary when it's always been possible to purchase uninsured drivers coverage?

    I mean in each and every reform that's happened there's been some groups or activists or organizations who have dreamed up these huge plans....not small changes but huge plans....and in each and every case they've had a huge impact on driving down wages, making the economy unstable, increasing the costs of living for working people, increasing inflation through bubbles, increasing police violence and filling the prisons with people there for nonviolent crimes.....

    Here in Texas why did the legislature throw out 400 years of homicide statutes and replace all killings under any circumstance with "Capital Murder?" Who had that huge idea that's sent people to prison for life without parole in cases where they used to spend five years because of the circumstances....

    Are people just stupid?

  8. This is such an enormous topic, a focus for elite corruption and the perpetuation of pointless draining wars. I have had many an argument in a bank when setting up accounts for children (they were worried about money laundering! Ha!) Putting in and withdrawing cash, 'Where did you get that? 'What are you going to do with it?' When I have mentioned various banking indiscretions such as financing both sides in major wars, arms financing, drug money laundering, terrorist financing (Bank of England knowingly laundered IRA funds), fixing of interest rates, insider trading, Libor etc,etc it all goes a bit quiet. My problem with this is I was brought up in a family where if my mum was late paying the milkman she would worry about it, so she would lurk by the window in case she missed a payment. The great majority of that generation had this great in-built morality while all the while these robbing Bastards have been running the show, and still are, they dictate to Governments, it is all wrong. If a few of these Bozos were arrested in broad daylight Tazered in the butt hole and cuffed for all their brethren to see something might change. At the moment here if they fuck up they get a Golden handshake and a Knighthood. I remember Max Keiser said when he worked at Citibank in London stretch limos used to arrive in the underground car park stuffed with Cartel money to be laundered. Look at the tentacles of that bank BCCI it connected to many of the 'great and the good' and every dodgy operation in the World. It is funny that Dr P should mention ex-Chancellor Nigel Lawson, I had to restrain my wife once from attacking him at Gatwick Airport because of what he had done to our economy, I pointed out it is probably not a good idea to beat up Senior members of the Cabinet because they have no bodyguards. As for Priests probably best not included in either your financial or baby sitting duties as it never ends well.

    1. Excellent post bill! I personally would advocate being poor! No complicated accounts try to keep direct debits to an absolute minimum never reply by phone to anyone to avoid extortionate 0845 numbers do it by letter or don't do it at all! If they want it they'll sharp come for it in my experience! And even when they knock on the door let them knock! The paint lasts longer than the skin on the knuckles! I'll be very blunt here... they can't take what we haven't fucking got and last time I looked there wasn't any pockets in a shroud either!! I'm living in hope that the game may well be almost up on the "elites" with the "anonymous" group ready to uncover great misdeeds today!!