Monday, February 9, 2015

Here is a good article on vaccination the "hot topic" of 2016

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  1. This is a balanced article.

    The problem is that the MDs are corralled into "standard practice" operations which in no way consider the harms and tout only the benefits.

    America's "standard practice" system always misleads the public about the risks and benefits of what they're doing. Vaccines in all their massive proliferation have been included in standard practice because it isn't intelligent enough to make distinctions between bad vaccines and good ones, or to inform the public of their risks. The profit motives of the manufacturers combine with the fears of clinicians of criticism to produce misleading claims that all vaccines which are invented must be highly beneficial.

    The simple truth is that vaccines are all highly risky, and they should only be used as a last resort of public health to combat certain diseases which have high risks of mortality or disability.

    The blanket and widespread adoption of vaccinations will have been shown to have had disasterous public health outcomes, every bit as much as the use of thalidamyd and other chemicals which have been adopted with little testing or evaluation. In the US vaccine manufacturers' lobbiests obtained their exemption from product liability accountability years ago on the patently absurd lie that the claims which would be made by those harmed by newly developed vaccines were going to be soooo large that they could never fold the costs of these claims into the price charged for their product --- a ridiculous lie on the face of it.

    Product laibility insurance and so forth is a cost any medical manufaturer normally adds to his prices, and if the costs are so high then the product must necessarily be too harmful for use.