Thursday, February 26, 2015

Qatar: In the Line of American Fire.
We have 10,000 US Troops Protecting this Oil-Rich Emirate! and we developed their Gas/Oil Fields. So why do we allow Qatar to fund/manage ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and many other Islamic Terrorist Groups? Are we playing games? Or are we wasting lives in a phony war on terror?

Hats off to an intrepid young journalist, Jay Solomon, the point man for Foreign Policy news at the conservative Wall Street Journal, who wrote a brilliant article along with Nour Malas, on Feb. 23, 2015 entitled: “Qatar’s Ties To Militants Strain Alliance” (posted earlier). The authors point to one simple conundrum: Americans created the little Emirate of Qatar when our behemoth oil companies—Exxon Mobil Corp. and Conoco Phillips—took the unusual risk of drilling for natural gas in that destitute entity called a ‘country’. We now base our military personnel and fly our jets to fight ISIS from Qatar.  Yet, Qatar (along with Saudi Arabia) is a main financier of ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and any other Sunni extremist groups.  Americans are paying Qatar to kill our men and women in a so-called “existential battle to eliminate extremist terrorist groups.”

Now, either I have attended one too many Mad Hatter Lunches or something is wrong with our Foreign Policy. Please read the following sentence from the WSJ article: “They said Qatar has the right to have diplomatic ties with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamist movements that they said have broad support in the Arab public”.

Why not pull out of Qatar and let them do what they do best: Buy insurance from terrorist groups who promise not to kill the young Qatari Emir—just like Saudi Arabia did [and regretted it]. But here is where my B.S. meter goes crazy….
“We are not bloc-mentality –belonging country. We create platforms for dialogue, said Qatar’s foreign minister Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiyah,”If this approach allows us to bring long-lasting peace and security in our region, we will not be affected by criticism.”

If you want our troops to protect you guys, then do as we say… or we will do what we want! But then is our military at the beck and call of the oil interests?
Whats the real story behind the mysterious beginning of the narrative called , “IsIs”, “Hamas”,  “Al Qaeda”, and all the Libyan Islamic Forces that former Sec State Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power [UN], and Susan Rice [NSC] created because of their incompetence in dismissing Col. Qaddafi. And now, Egypt is trying to eliminate those Islamic Terrorist in Libya while the Emir of Qatar is funding them and others.

So we create 9/11 with a little help from our friends; then we invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan…but we can’t take out the Emir of Qatar and his puny little government which we are protecting so that we can fly missions over Iraq/Syria in order to waste more useless bombs and extend a non-war for three more years. Yeah, that’s a great story.
But why don’t we just take out the Emir and his coterie?
Maybe the CIA or Military Intelligence can tell you the answer. But as far as I am concerned, we send our troops into a self-created harm’s way, then we blow them up with weapons that we left behind as in Iraq and we protect the bad guys who fund the most horrible killers whom we call ‘muslim extremists’. While we try to explain to the world the nuance of ISIS and how it represents a medieval caliphate. When in fact that caliphate was created by the USG, CIA, MI, and other willing participants.

You know that I am not a fan of the neocon warloving chicken hawks. But I have to quote the despicable Dennis Ross whom I found to be lacking in intellect and integrity:
“That Qataris need to know they can’t have it both ways”, said Dennis Ross, who was Mr. Obama’s top Mideast advisor in his first term. “But so far, they see that they can.”
When a bad man like Dennis Ross is criticizing a craven, desert rat like the Emir of Qatar, we know that something smells in the state of America. Let’s get rid of this problem ASAP! 

America: STOP funding terrorists and maybe we don’t have to spend billions on Homeland Security- use the money for roads, schools and space.  DEFUND QATAR, DEFUND HOMELAND SECURITY, a simple, elegant formula for success.



  1. As for American oil companies taking a "risk" by drilling there that's crap. I'm fed up with speculators and bankers telling me that what they do is risky. Speculation, trading, oil exploration, and all these things are far...FAR...from risky. The people in those sectors make more and more money even during recessions when everyone else is suffering. So please take off your venture capital/banker hat when talking about risk capital.

    Now as for US bases in Qatar, look, they are there more for the benefit of the American government than that of Qatar. You are speaking like the US is doing them a favor by being there.

    As for their ties to Hamas and Hezbollah - are you really suggesting that these two organizations are not valuable? Hamas represents Palestinian Arab opinion as the US/Israeli creature "the Palestinian Authority" never will. And despite what Hezbollah did in Lebanon in the 1980s they are the only force there who can defend that place from Israeli aggression.

    ISIS is another matter and if anyone in Qatar is supporting ISIS then we should keep them under watch and trace what they're doing so we can strike at ISIS. I wouldn't discourage anyone in Qatar from communicating with ISIS because that could be useful in targeting ISIS.

  2. Capitalist cannot remove or kill king (monarch), because capitalists emerged from feudalism so it is logical. Only communist can kill king or other capitalist, and citizens can kill king. Also every king is above any capitalists, and they all must listen to king. It was always like that in history. That is simple question of hierarchy. I never heard that anyone ever went against own system.

    1. Especially because American and English people never had revolution... American "revolution" was war for independence, not revolution. First revolution was French revolution, real revolution can only be waged by people who s existence is connected only to city (working class), and it must be done by class not caste (caste is stratum in society of people who live by work of others, soldiers, bureaocrats, teachers, politicians, aristocracy . In England plutocrats who become capitalists demanded their rights, yes, but they did not go against aristocracy (caste) and king, they went in to alliance with aristocracy against civic class of people (english language do not even have word for such class of people)... in on other hand in french revolution city class of people went together with plutocracy (capitalists) against aristocracy... it was structural revolution... american "revolution" was done be caste (german-english rich plutocrats) against english plutocrats, there were no city class of people involved, heck almost all cities were for king... usa and england do not have even today working class, citizens class of people... they have middle stratum, middle stratum was developed when capitalists needed engineers on rail roads and to build factories... that is why you have middle "class" suburbs in english and american cities where you have same looking houses in lines of 100, because middle "class" - stratum were just service stratum for capitalists, they never had any political power, but not in french, german and italian cities, also cities are round there because centre for city class of people is around main square... beginning of working class begun in Chicago but was abolished when capitalists decided after they shoot at them that working class is dangerous, so they developed middle "class", hight paid and without solidarity which, toady they are abolished in USA, those engenieers on railroads are no more needed, with banking, capitalists are slowly getting back to aristocracy, because it is not important any more what you do but who you are.

    2. city class countries have problems with newcomers because government do not have power to say to newcomers that today he is same like member of city class people, let s look at Obama and illegal import of mexicans, next morning they are americans, because capitalists said so... same with "multiculturalism" (which does not exist because there is no multiculturalism, there is only one culture which has been changed, to accommodate influences coming from other imported cultures, just another capitalist lie) in UK, but in Germany or France to become member of city class of people, no no... they have own political power and own culture which is not bought by capitalists and transformed in to consumer subculture, you just cannot make culture from coca cola, yes america is only functional civilisation of world, all others are barbarians now (french are holding somehow as civilisation still)... but gay culture cannot exist, because you would have to be able to have all those special characteristics transferred to next generation... why we say that bacterias have culture, because definition of culture is that all those things which goes to next generation unchanged are subjects of culture... american culture depends on trends and fashion because it is in service of capital... only authentic (non european) culture in USA is Rock and Roll, given by black females singing as slaves in fields, composed by Gershwin, and ok, Disney (also Jew)...

    3. citizen to be citizen

      1: for own material existance must depend NOT on

      A: capitalist connected to government
      B: government
      C: land (agriculture)
      D: income from some form of rent

      2. Citizens must have own revolution - they must kill someone (capitalists, or at least aristocracy together with capitalistst if aristocracy holds power) and keep class consciousness

  3. Now on an important matter....

    What happens if you take an old rat and surgically attach it to a young rat so that they share the same blood?


    The old rat stops aging.

    This and other astounding news from the world of anti-aging will be forthcoming from myself shortly.

    In the near future it will be possible for individuals to live to around 120 years...and sometime beyond that, say in the next fifty years it will be common for people who can afford such to live that long with delayed aging.

    The kids from the Iraq war who are on disability for the duration of their lives will be needing help for the next 100 years, at huge cost.

    One way to delay aging is to receive regular blood transfusions, a pint every two weeks at a minium, from a young person.

    I will mention other age-delaying technologies later...

    1. La Rouche is doing that... i told you, also some US scientiest said that when they disjoined one connection responisble for aging in genes of mice, and just turned it around (imagine two xx, brake it, turn second x upside down and join it again), aging was reversed.

    2. I think our Royal Family have been doing something like this for decades the Queen Mother made 104. The Duke of Edinburgh is 93 and stands bolt upright for hours he visited an old peoples home, and was older than the incumbents, he asked what zimmer frames were for. Likewise the Queen is 88 and still flies all over the World conducting her 'duties' it is not their age but their physical health which is amazing. Maybe they are Vampires or something!

    3. vampires, old legends always have some grain of truth.

    4. Hey Steve, could you repeat what you told Alex Jones today. It's right along the same lines as I believe, but I didn't know about Bibi going to school in America, and being duel citizen. Thanks!

  4. The "attacks" on September 11, 2001 ("MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION involving, but NOT limited to, THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, and MOSSAD (controlled from CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) started the "entire" fraudulent "WAR ON TERROR"!

    It is an absolute physical impossibility for the WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS to be brought-down by any commercial aircraft; and according to one (1) of the architects of the W.T.C. TWIN TOWERS, the W.T.C. TWIN TOWERS could easily withstand three (3) of the LARGEST COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT impacting the W.T.C. TWIN TOWERS! Another thing, steel does NOT MELT from jet fuel fires; therefore, the very large "steel core girders" would have remained intact during the entire jet fuel fire! SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Meet the Experts - 40 Extra Interviews from "ESO"" (ESPECIALLY AT 1:28:30 [This is comments by the late physicist and engineer Dr. Robert Bowman Ph.D. (former HEAD OF THE "STAR WARS" PROGRAM under Presidents Ford and Carter)!]) posted by ae911truth (AUTHENTIC) on September 26, 2013!

    During the beginning of the 20th Century (very early 1900's), BRITISH INTELLIGENCE help create the Saudi Arabian Government; and this said Saudi Arabian Government would become one of the worst and immoral governments on the "FACE OF THE EARTH"! It just so happens, most of the "so called" terrorist high jackers for the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 came from Saudi Arabia (controlled through BRITISH INTELLIGENCE for CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE))!

    Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries) was created, financed, trained, and armed by THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (includes THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA))! SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 1" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on December 30, 2008; "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 2" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on January 11, 2009; "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 3" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on January 12, 2009; "Hillary Clinton: 'We Created al-Qaeda'" [This is a copy of an interview of UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton!] posted by OccupyingTheMind on July 23, 2012; and "Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda" [This is a copy of an OFFICIAL HEARING while UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was under OATH!] posted by Truth Syria on December 27, 2011!

  5. There was a deal between CITY OF LONDON (England) and Saudi Arabia; and this deal was brokered through BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and BAE SYSTEMS (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "9/11: 10 Years Later" (ESPECIALLY AT 43:25 TO 52:33) posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on September 10, 2011)! As mentioned in the said YOU TUBE VIDEO, this arrangement between CITY OF LONDON (England) and Saudi Arabia has produced the largest "INTELLIGENCE SLUSH FUND" (100's of billions of dollars) for various covert activities in the "entire" history of the known WORLD; and from this said "INTELLIGENCE SLUSH FUND" came the financial support for the said intelligence mercenaries (Al Qaeda) brought to the UNITED STATES by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) to be only the patsies!

    The SECURITY FOR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER was from Stratesec (known C.I.A. FRONT CORPORATION); and the C.E.O. up to September 11, 2001 was Wirt D. Walker III (C.I.A. AGENT and cousin to the Bush brothers)! Furthermore, Marvin P. Bush (brother to illegitimate (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - 2004 - Full Length" [This is a copy to the documentary "BUSH FAMILY FORTUNES" produced by Investigative Journalist Greg Palast during 2003!] posted by TriCorneredHat on November 18, 2012) George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES MEMBER)) was the Supervisor for the installment of the "NEW SECURITY SYSTEM" at the WORLD TRADE CENTER up to 2000; and I believe Marvin P. Bush was still on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of Stratesec up to September 11, 2001 (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Marvin Bush, Stratesec, and 9/11: The Straight Facts" posted by WarCrime911 on December 14, 2011)!

    There were MOSSAD AGENTS (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) allowed at the WORLD TRADE CENTER before and up to September 11, 2001 (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Four MOSSAD Agents in World Trade Center Pre 9-11" Doing Construction" (Interview/Photo Evidence)" posted by UtubularBalls on October 24, 2011); and MOSSAD AGENTS were arrested by both N.Y.P.D. and New Jersey Police Department on September 11, 2001 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11" posted by Nephilim70 on February 26, 2008; "Jews Did 9/11 - Jewish MOSSAD Front "Urban Moving Systems" - Israeli Truck Bombs" posted by RenaissanceSeeker5 on October 8, 2013; "9/11: Truck/Vanload of Explosives (CBS-ABC-WABC-CNN-NBC)" posted by Nathan Flach on October 26, 2008; and "Israeli Mossad Agents Arrested on 9/11 - 9/11 Was an Inside and Out Job" posted by Russianvids on January 26, 2012)!

    1. Raymond,

      How old are you?

      Would you consider donating a pint of blood to me every two weeks for some small compensation?

    2. How can you say such thing CIA... Shame on you, you just can't wait for my revolution, don't you. We are going to have blood of rich capitalists for free and you act like that. Right now i am in port of Salonica (Greece) and checking tire pressure of our donated chinese medical vans (popular mobile organ transplatation vans). And in few hours i am going to US embassy in Athens to fill vehicle homologation before we come. Also mister Devlin called and said that we must first start with Ron Paul. So if you are interested?

    3. I don't care. I need young blood.

    4. Dr. P
      Please have like, up and down thumbs installed here for CIA. Maybe a third set with a like thumb for the first half of his longer diatribes/comments and a down thumb for the second half, then a fourth set for dislike first half, but like the second half.

  6. Dr. Pieczenik, you are so close, but can't quite bring yourself to admit it, if I'm reading you correctly: The United States government, along with the Brits, and Israelis, with logistical support from Turkey (transit privilege) and Jordan (training ground) and most important financial support from the Arab gulf states created ISIS at the same time they created the so-called "moderate" rebels attacking Syria.

    It's a monsterous, duplicitous, and hypocritical, geo-political game.

    We support ISIS (the Iraq government reported Chinook helicopters dropping supplies to ISIS and shot down two British planes dropping supplies to ISIS) as a way to attack Shiite governments such as Iran, now Iraq, Syria, and Hezbolla at the behest of Israel's Likud government and U. S. neocons which dominate both political parties.

    Obama engages in plausible deniability (leading from behind, but supplying all the Tomahawk missiles in Libya in example).

    It is Bush/neocon policy with a friendly face.

    It's called continuity in government.

    General Wesley Clark has given several interviews (watched his CNN & FOX interviews) where he states as much.

    He says "our friends" created ISIS to attack Hezbolla.

    But his is a limited hangout because we support whole-heartedly Saudi and Qatar's financing.

    It also helps justify bigger military budgets and our continued presence in the region despite the disasterous Iraq War (which I'm ashamed to admit I supported at the time based on bad information and politics).

    Neocon policies are failing everywhere.

    And ISIS is failing, too, because the Arab Street knows ISIS is the USA and Israel.

    Ever wondered why ISIS has never and I repeat never attacked any Israeli interests?

    You don't bite the hand that feeds you, that's why.

    1. Yes what later grew into ISIS was supported by many Sunnis in Arabia...

      BUT they didn't intend for it to become the monster it became.

      Pakistan supported what later became the Taliban in Pakistan but that was not their intention either.

      The US supported the Mudjahadeen in Afghanistan but didn't intend them to morph into the Talibs....

      This happens all the time in Covert Action when you don't know what you're doing and grab for a mirage of a solution.

      Today the Saudis and others are scared to death of ISIS and are fighting it anyway they know how.

    2. The problem with empowering unsavory groups in Covert Action is like someone looking for that great business opportunity but who gets burned time and time again by scammers because those great business opportunities JUST ARE NOT THERE.

      It's hard in life to realize that what you are placing your hopes in is just a mirage, but in CA you must do that when the only options available are that way...not real options at all and you have to conceed there's nothing you can do.

      CA people don't like to do that.

  7. The "entire" incident on September 11, 2001 at the WORLD TRADE CENTER was coordinated from WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING 7 (HEADQUARTERS FOR U.S. D.O.D. (controlled by THE C.I.A.), THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES), and U.S. SECRET SERVICE)! SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Barry Jennings Interviews (WABC-TV, 2001 / LTW, 2007)" [Barry Jennings (U.S. H.U.D. SUPERVISOR) went inside W.T.C. BUILDING 7 just before W.T.C. BUILDING 7 was brought down by a "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION;" and Barry Jennings claimed he (Barry) stumbled over "DEAD BODIES" (assassinated by THE C.I.A.) on the way out of W.T.C. BUILDING 7 on September 11, 2001!] posted by WTCClips on September 7, 2014; "Barry Jennings WTC 7 (Explosions) Interview - building 7" posted by seattlepatriot1776 on August 31, 2011; and "Barry Jennings - 9/11 Early Afternoon ABC7 Interview" posted by Investigate 9/11 - Selection of 9/11 Related Videos on July 10, 2008! Unfortunately, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) assassinated Barry Jennings (permanent disappearing)!

    According to Dr. Judy Wood Ph.D. (Physicist and Engineer), the UNITED STATES "STAR WARS" WEAPONS (currently controlled by THE C.I.A.) were "TESTED" at the WORLD TRADE CENTER on September 11, 2001 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Death Ray [Season 3, Episode 2] (FULL LENGTH)" [This particular episode of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura" has been eliminated from the INTERNET by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) "FORCING" TruTV to eliminate any and all episodes of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura" from the "ENTIRE" INTERNET; and during the shooting of this said episode, Dr. Fred Bell Ph.D. (Physicist that worked on "STAR WARS") was assassinated by THE C.I.A.!]; and "Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11" posted by GlobalBEM on August 21, 2013)! Dr. Judy Wood Ph.D. is wrong to go against the overwhelming evidence found at the scene (WORLD TRADE CENTER) of Thermite, nano-Thermite, and explosives for a "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION"! Because this was a "sophisticated" (USE OF "STAR WARS" WEAPONS, along with standard demolition) "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION," the "entire" "EVENT" was coordinated from WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING 7 ("HEADQUARTERS" for THE U.S. D.O.D. (controlled by THE C.I.A.), THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES), and U.S. SECRET SERVICE (also controlled by THE C.I.A.))!

    1. Today I thought for a moment I saw Tessa, with her characteristic pack pack with water bottle attached, striding near the University campus where I used to see her just before I would black out and later wake up after having been drugged or something by the aliens which made us have sex together.

      But when I got a closer look it was only an illusion. It wasn't really my Tessa, the girl from the Phillipines studying to be a nurse. How I long for our brief trists which I can only barely recall from flashes of memory or the intrusion of dreams.

      Her loins were filled not only with my own offerrings but with those of others whom the aliens matched her with in their cruel gallatic competition to find the most vital sperm in what their American government collaborators joking call, "BREED AND SEED."

      Since it's been so many months since we last copulated I'm sure my sperm didn't make the last round.

      My mind burns with jealously for the other, stronger men with sperm more vital than my own who continue to breed with her.

      I am crushed and am a desolation. I pinned my happiness on that program.

      Shit happens.

  8. ISIS logistics could be cut off immediately, as their supply routes are across long stretches of open desert which make for easy kill zones from the air. Don't you think we have enough satellites, drones, and reconnaissance planes to cover all potential supply routes?

    Qatar is financing ISIS with our approval, this gives plausible deniability to the U. S. government.

    Don't you think we could shut ISIS off the internet?

    Don't you think we could track the money to illegal arms smugglers and stop the weapons at the source?

    How do those weapons receive safe passage up to the Syrian and Iraq borders?

    Jordan is a training ground and conduit for ISIS bound weapons in Syria. Syria has no common border with Saudi or Qatar.

    I'm sorry but our foreign policy is a fraud and by its own metrics is failing. Assad is winning, Iraq is getting wise, Hezbolla is getting stronger, and Iran's influence is gaining because Iran and Syria are the only countries in the region that aren't stooges for Israeli/neocon/USA geo-political designs.

    Following neocon strategy is stupid, but as Forrest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does."

    These neocons at best are wrong and at worst are traitors that need to be hung from their necks until dead with full due process.

    We don't need a foreign policy designed by Zionists in this country and the Likud Party in Israel.

    1. The time for cutting off funding or arms if long over.

      They don't need any more arms than they already have, or money for that matter.

      They're self-contained and sitting back playing Califate in the areas they control, which are actually getting smaller.

    2. "The time for cutting off funding or arms if long over."

      I disagree.

      Any sizable military action depletes military stores in a hurry, armies need constant re-supply. It takes money to buy the arms.

      "self-contained"? What, ISIS manufactures its own weapons? That's a hoot.

      Supporting any sizable number of fighters takes substantial logistics. Ammo gets used up, weapons break down or are lost in battle, food needs to be constantly delivered in a desert where living off the land is impossible.

      I don't think Saudi is afraid of ISIS.

      If they were actually afraid, they would cut off their support. There is no evidence - hard facts - that Saudi has changed its support... I'm sorry rhetoric doesn't count, rhetoric is easy, talk is cheap.

      And Saudi diplomacy is like watching a liar's lips move.

      True, ISIS controls much less territory than the corporate media portrays on the nightly news and in print. It's a boogeyman used to justify the so-called "war on terror". Which is an all-encompassing meme by the elite to justify geo-political schemes, half-way around the world, and a police state mentality, here, at home.

      The "War on Terror" has replaced the Cold War as justification for policies of empire.

      The elite are pushing for global domination -- they won't get it. All empires have fallen. While the elite think this time will be different, it won't.

      But, in the mean time, this republic will suffer, if not face irreparable damage, due to an elite supported by both political parties, that wants to use the United States for their own selfish ends, the average man be damned. They just see us, little people, as cattle to be managed.

      The elite want to divide and rule, to 'atomize' the American People to the point where no effective opposition to their plans can be mounted because any righteous indignation towards the elite is dissipated and diverted by mutual animosities among the people, which prevents a united front against the corrupt elite.

    3. There is no conspiracy of elites to "dominate the world" or to "divide and rule" as you are claiming. This is all in your head.

      ISIS isn't an Army like the Afrika Corps or something which needs constant resupply because they're using ammunition and fuel. ISIS isn't involved in those kinds of intensive operations. ISIS is more like the Viet Cong, which if you recall required almost no resupply. ISIS is just sitting on ground, taking whatever food or shelter the want, taxing the locals for most of what they need....

      They grabbed hundreds of millions of dollars in property and cash from banks in various cities, and are able to barter oil they control for other needs....

      They don't require any money from Qatar or the Saudis.

      Additionally your claim that the Saudis are supporting ISIS is untrue. The Saudis are scared to death of ISIS just as the Jordanians and Egyptians are. All these governments are responding drastically.

    4. CIA operator, you are an odd duck. There is plenty of evidence -- hard facts -- supporting the hypothesis that the elite want 'global governance'.

      The whole global warming scam is about 'global governance', the IPCC states exactly that in their documents, the U. S. Military states they want 'full-spectrum dominance' in their policy statements. The Transpacific Partnership trade agreement removes sovereignty from individual nation-states and places it in transnational arbitration panels run and staffed by international corporations... There would be no appeal. The North American Union was a real proposal that would subvert individual sovereignty of the three nation-states involved, U. S., Canada, and Mexico.

      Of course, CIA operator doesn't present any facts or evidence to show Saudi is "scared to death of ISIS".

      Agreed, ISIS is not like the Afrika Corps, but you are wrong about the Viet-Cong. Ever heard about the Ho Chi Ming trail?

      To the extent that ISIS doesn't conduct military operations, is the extent that they don't need re-supply. Local supplies of food and water from local populace only works short-term and these desert communities don't have warehouses of food and water available.

      The Egyptians did respond to the ISIS video and supposedly Jordan responded to the video of their pilot, but in the case of Jordan, how do we know what their response was. Their government said so.

      Given that Jordan is a major transport hub and their average citizen doesn't like being a stooge for the U. S. and Israel, it is not surprising they would pose as hostile to ISIS.


      If you know anything about covert operations, you know plausible deniability is part and parcel of every operation.

    5. Dead set you're off with the pixies!!! you said "There is no conspiracy of elites to "dominate the world" or to "divide and rule" as you are claiming. This is all in your head" I suggest you thoroughly read this following article "Jesuits 1890 – Masters of Jewish Elite – Created Zionist Tool: Antisemitism. Jewish NWO Elite Infiltrating and Using Masonry to Destroy Christianity and the West"

    6. To say that no evidence can be seen because of plausible deniability doesn't exempt you from providing evidence. It's more likely that there is no evidence because what you're claiming isn't happening rather than it is but can't be proven...

      As for the "full spectrum dominance" of the military that has nothing to do with dominating the planet by elites. That's merely military jargon and puffery for being able to defeat anyone anywhere....oh like in Iraq and Afghanistan like they were able to "dominate" those places...LOL

      When I did government work in the eightees the Pentagon used to put out the most outrageous exaggerations about the Russians, and claim through space the US was going to "dominate the high frontier!!!" That kind of exaggeration is their normal way of bullshitting.

      The other two things you site supporting global domination have not and could not dominate the world. Anyway neither is even being implimented but are just the grandeous plans of true believing do-gooders.

      There are elites in the world, and they are venal and indifferent and so on, but they are not organized and they don't get together and plot and plan evil acts.
      They do weild influence in all kinds of destructive ways but not to dominate the world...they just want to bend all the rules and shape people's beliefs so they won't be forced to share all the money they make. They don't want any government to come along and take from them or tell them what to do.

    7. ISIS is selling oil for revenue... that is how they fund them self, and we know that they are evil because they do not kill rich...

    8. I feel less threatened by Isis than this bullshit called "Homeland Security", which feels like "Homeland Treason".
      I feel like Anaconda is correct in his assessment and I feel like our Government is creepy. Snooping and peeking around out of fear and paranoia, and a bunch of mostly creepy old men in charge of it, and for no other reason than control. If we did shit like that we would all be arrested. I'm not very proud of our Government and their "lawlessness".

    9. Of course people in government are going to exaggerate everything. They'll be harshly criticized by a panicked populace and hyserical media if something goes wrong....

      Government isn't in a position to be objective and weigh the pros and cons of this or that action or program. It's there job to push or whatever reduces the risks that something will go wrong with their area of responsibility, and it's not their job to care about the consequences. It's only our job to put them back in their place and limit what they're doing.

  9. Finally, the corporate media is all aboard. Do you hear discussion or pointed questions about the finance and logistics of ISIS and what the U. S. government is doing to stop the money and weapons from ever getting to ISIS deep inside Iraqi & Syrian territory?

    No, it seems all we are fed is "terror" videos to prove how awful and depraved ISIS is and that we must have an open-ended war against ISIS when a concerted effort at interdiction of weapons, men, and money, could dry up ISIS in one Summer in that scorching desert heat.

    If we wanted to, but we don't.

    I hope there are some military men who have to balls to come out and state the obvious: The U. S. is playing a double game, both sides against the middle and it is unworthy of the American People.

    It just shows how corrupt the elite really are.

  10. I think the Song Writer Nik Kershaw summed it up well ' then to my favorite hobby searching for an enemy, here in your paper houses stretching for miles and miles old men in stripey trousers rule the World with plastic smiles.' I think I would be more surprised if the West did not keep creating phoney wars and ersatz terror groups. If you own a very expensive Hammer you want to use it on a nail.

  11. Winning Wars is about cutting supplies no fuel, no bullets etc no fighting. In War games with surviving German Generals in the 70's with the German Army in GB once The Royal Navy cuts of the channel the Army last 6 weeks without resupply, it has worked since Napoleons time. Drones could take out their columns of vehicles and they would run like little Ninja dressed Sheep. They are a Paper Tiger, Rommel or Monty could have sorted them all in three weeks, they are simply the 'rent-a-mob' of the moment.

    1. If ISIS were engaged they would run out of ammo but no one is engaging them much.

      I've said before if it were me I would let Special Forces from all services loose on them and let these units set their own agenda as to how to go about it. If they were just turned loose and used ISIS for fun and games it would be cool thing. But Obama doesn't care what ISIS might be doing and doesn't want any military activity. Obama is a skinny little wimp who wears a helmet when he rides a bicycle and spends his time with faggots and cross dressing lesbians and freaks. He's a cigarette smoking pussy ass moron.

    2. And his criminal attorney general Holder, just pulled the race card for his self inflicted woes. When are they going to learn?
      If I ever perjure myself and am held in contempt, remind me to blame it on my skin color: #dumbasses!

      Then gun grabber Holder encourages the youth to read Malcolm X.

      Let me borrow a line from a previous campaign (with a little twist): You Mr Holder, are no Malcolm X!

    3. Learn from history !, check this out! SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Sen. Ted Cruz at Loretta Lynch Nomination Hearing" [UNITED STATES SENATOR Ted Cruz does a comparison between the various criminal actions of Eric Holder and the current [criminal ?] standing of Loretta Lynch!] posted by SenTedCruz (AUTHENTIC) on February 26, 2015!

    4. Great video Raymond, I tend to be a "constitutionalist", and really like what Ted Cruz had to say in that video namely; "Uphold the law". How simple is that?

      All these politicians looking to intervene and supercede the will of the Founders of our great nation, should be kicked out of our Country. Send them all to North Korea, I am sure they will like it there much better.

  12. The ISIS car in front is a Toyota.

    1. Don't forget General Patton Bill!!!!!!! "No poor bastard ever won a war dying for his country! He won a war by making the other poor bastard die for his!!!." Interesting post once again and the wall street journal echoes more or less what the BBC documentary " bitter lake" said only about Saudi Arabia! But them and Qatar are two cheeks of the same arse! Put jihadi john in with George c Scott nevermind George Patton!

    2. Yes Bill, Isis has a new Toyota commercial..while cutting off a head they all sing "you asked for it you got it Toyota!" Then they all jump in the air and click their heels like in the previous Toyota commercials, but instead of doing it when the odometer reaches 300,000 miles they do it after the 300,000th head is cut off.

      I wish someone with some balls would just Nuke those arrogant fuckers.

    3. Sublimation: going from a solid phase to a gas phase, without the liquid phase inbetween, would do them, and the world some good.

    4. There was a day and age when we used to have a president intervene when such atrocities were rampant. But not our pansy ass president. He's too busy working on his golf game. Fuck him too.

  13. Dr Steve, People should read this article "The Benghazi Brief – A Power Point Presentation"
    And also watch this Y/T video "Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS"

  14. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., what do you thing about this? SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Only Way To Stop Medical And Food Tyranny Revealed" [Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Bill DeMoss about why people are revolting against the medical establishment and reveals he will be speaking at CalJam2015!] posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on February 26, 2015!

    Dr. Pieczenik, you need to get back on THE ALEX JONES SHOW to discuss the VACCINE ISSUES, F.C.C. and THE INTERNET, and the current UKRAINE SITUATION!

    1. [minor correction] Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., what do you [correction] think about this? SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Only Way To Stop Medical And Food Tyranny Revealed" [Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Bill DeMoss about why people are revolting against the medical establishment and reveals he will be speaking at CalJam2015!] posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on February 26, 2015!

      Dr. Pieczenik, you need to get back on THE ALEX JONES SHOW to discuss the VACCINE ISSUES, F.C.C. and THE INTERNET, and the current UKRAINE SITUATION!

  15. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Oregon Senator Mandating Vaccines Gets A Dose of Her Own Hypocrisy" posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on February 27, 2015!

  16. To EVERYONE HERE, as a response to comments concerning ISIS, Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries), ISIS (intelligence mercenaries), and ISIL (intelligence mercenaries) were created, financed, trained, and armed by THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY; and THIS INCLUDES, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, AND MOSSAD (controlled from CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRS))!

    1. [minor correction] ..... CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH [correction] EMPIRE))!

  17. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Julian Assange & Edward Snowden - The Moment of Truth" (at 38:42 to END) [This is a copy of a forum in New Zealand, and this was originally recorded on September 15, 2014!] posted by NoThiefs Allowed on October 31, 2014!

  18. Now there is something else that has been bothering me about ISIS it is this. The decapitation videos (if real) and the includes the 7foot 4 ninjas by the seaside with their Egyption prisoners. How come everyone is OK and has the stomach for sawing off mens heads with 6 inch knives? Shooting, Bombs even hand to hand I get, but how do they cope psychologically with a struggling man, the blood and gore. Unless on drugs how did they prepare for the horror. Or did they all work for Psychos-r-us or an abbatoir as preparation. When training men here for WW1 and WW2 they found it difficult to turn men into killers, hence the repetitive drills for Bayonet practice on straw bales, so that it became a kind of reflex. Again there is something here that is not quite right.

    1. As in the military they are using volunteers.

      You could never get an ordinary person to do this but there are psychopaths who would love it.

      Chris Kyle was one of those.

    2. "It breaks my heart when I think about all those guys I couldn't save because I didn't shoot someone soon enough...

      I'm all torn up about that."

      Christopher Kyle