Friday, February 27, 2015

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy


  1. Dr. Pieczenik, a worthy note.

    I watched Star Trek, starting in the early 70's, when it was in syndication, everyday at 4:00 pm. Now, I didn't see it everyday, but often enough, at home or over at a friend's house.

    Spock was a character.

    Amazing how prescient Gene Rodenberry was with his vision.

    The technology (I have a cellphone in my pocket the size, shape, and function, of a communicator.) was superb. Star Trek also had the three ingredients to excellent drama: pathos, ethos, and logos.

    Spock brought the logos and then some.

    Think of it... 49 years ago, Strar Trek premeired, September, 1966.

    Holds up pretty well. So does Spock, "Live long and proper."

    Certainly made an impression on me.

    Star Trek Unaired Version 2nd Pilot Intro from 16mm film

    Spock and his three-dimensional chess board.

    "Where no man has gone before."

    "Your move, captain."..."I'll have you check-mated your next move."

    RIP Leonard Nimoy, thanks for bringing Spock to life.

  2. I watched Star Trek when it actually on NBC and when it went into syndication I was too old for it. I thought it was a corny show for kids. I remember that when it was airing that the six day war broke out in the Middle East and there seemed to be wall-to-wall coverage of the UN....

    Nimoy grew up in Boston and went to the public preparatory school, "Boston Latin." He thought of himself as a very serious actor but I don't think he was a very good actor. I've seen him in several roles and he wasn't that good. He was actually sort of conceited and elitist and I think he was lucky to have gotten the Spock role at all. If it were not for Spock he would be unknown and probably penniless.

    Another thing I didn't like about him was his harping on Jewish themes and constantly droning on about the holocaust and how Jews are more interesting and valuable than the non-Jews among whom they live, and how Jews are always persecuted....
    This is offensive and untrue and it did him no good service to always be pushing Jewish culture and myths. Today Liev Schreiber has taken on this mission although he's barely half Jewish so it goes to show you when they want to pursue that racket they'll bend the truth a lot -- but then the whole thing they're pushing about the Jews isn't true so there you have it.

    Goodbye Leonard Nimoy - mediocre but lucky actor.

    1. Retarded bosnian muslims liked him very much. I never did. In 80's as kid i could not watch him because he was sign that they are giving me that old version from 70's... bah. And they all looked too thin and too elegant, like some soviet volleyball players, horrible. Imagine living in 1980 in socialistic country as kid while thinking, hey, this looks naive and awful. Today, while we are in liberal capitalism, now that version from late 60s looks modern, advanced, realistic, and good. Maybe one day in 60 years Chinese cinematography could once again get such modern look like it was that best version from late 1980... From 1991 everything went to hell. West will never come back. In 1990s under Clinton, it was obvious that less money was invested in to third (deep space night), because capitalists went for more profit in to stocks, but after that full Sovietisation of USA begin, without any boundaries, oligarchical capitalist central committee under Bush gave full order that even less money must be invested in to humans, and more in to temples of stocks for even more profit on expense of real sector and that female must be captain and product to look even more cheap, SATAN showed that communism is just product of capitalism, and that only fear from communism holds him in check.

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    4. I mean does people do get it that those start treks from 1987 looks so much better and so more modern than those from 1969 (18 years), and those from 1987 looks so much better and more modern and more expensive than that from 2005 (18 years)... ok someone would say that to him 1987 does not look more modern or something special to that from 2005, ok, but how is than that so huge difference between those from 1969 to those of 1987... and not so huge of those from 1987 to that from 2005... is it time to rise monument of Bush senior in front of central committee in Peking to finally get over it... USA thought that it can demolish too much with liberal capitalism after cold war to build up later on... look that satanic white fat pigs cutting red tape (regulation) in 2004., abolishing US contronling class of people... and getting us in 2007 crisis.

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    7. At least she was not so stupid to give money to Bono Vox foundation. This way at least that power plant in Africa had more job in producing electricity for internet connection to wire money so trickle down economy worked more directly than via Bono Vox.

  3. btw he looked a lot like Leonard Cohen.

  4. Leonard Nimoy sings I Walk The Line...

    Proud Mary...

    Gentle On My Mind...

    Both Sides Now... -and many more on the playlist these come from...

    1. You just made my point.

      The guy thought he had talents he in no way had.

      He was a nut.

  5. I think it is funny that the TV Executives tried to kill Star Trek via scheduling and it was saved by fans. Also that Gene Rodenberry as an LA Cop used to approach TV Producers in restaurants with his new scripts and they were relieved he was not there just to give them some kind of ticket.I think Spock represents our logical side constantly in battle with our emotional side Kirk/McCoy, all provoked by a sex starved Gorilla...The Klingons! Good luck to Mr Nimoy on his next great adventure, he will be remembered by billions.

    1. In the same way the Spigoli in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH was the only role for which Sean Penn was suited, the Spoke franchise was perfect for Nimoy....but that was it.