Sunday, March 1, 2015

Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov Assassinated on February 27, 2015  before trying to Reveal Evidence of Russian Military Involvement in the Ukraine!
Now Putin has Mistakenly Created a Russian Martyr.

For some time now, Boris had been compiling a research pamphlet entitled, “Putin And War” [NYTimes, Feb28, 2015].  It was a direct indictment of Putin and his sycophants’ involvement in officially using the Russian military apparatus to propagate war in the Ukraine. Boris Nemstov, like most Putin opposition leaders, realized that his compulsive investigations into Putin’s ascendancy to the Kremlin accompanied by a string of corruptions, might lead to Boris’s eventual death. However, like many individuals who deem it necessary to uncover the deceits and machinations of pugnacious leaders such as Putin these people sometimes confuse their just cause with invincibility. Boris was no different.  He was a former deputy prime minister and understood all too well that his work to uncover Putin’s miscreant deeds in ripping off the Sochi Olympics to the tune of $25 Billion Dollars was dangerous.
Yet these “agitators” for justice and transparency imagine that they would live to see the day that their life’s efforts had been justified. Let me quote to you from the Andrew E. Kramer’s NY Times article:
“He [Boris] was afraid of being killed,” Ms. Albats [Editor of The NYTimes Magazine] said. “And he was trying to convince himself and me, they [Putin, FSB, etc.]wouldn’t touch him because he was a member of the Russian government, a vice premier, and they wouldn’t want to create a precedent. Because, he said, one time the power will change hands in Russia again, and those who served Putin wouldn’t want to create this precedent.”

Clearly, Boris Nemtsov was wrong! Putin and his cronies had no hesitation whatsoever. They did what most KGB operatives had been trained to do when they were perplexed and confused by surrounding events, shoot those ‘propaganda agitators’ dead. Therefore the surrounding political cacophony that the agitators created would be terminated [without prejudice]. As usual Putin, a Russian born in Leningrad and trained in East Germany by the Stasi, forgot that more than anything else, the Russian people adore their poets, writers, and freedom fighters and to make matters even worse, the Russians absolutely adore their martyrs.

One only has to recall the extensive list of Russian martyrs from the 19th through the 21st centuries to realize that in the long term, martyrs for political freedom always trump the extant corrupted leader. Remember that in the famous novel by Boris Pasternak, Dr Zhivago, the Soviet political commissar who happened to be Dr Zhivago’s step-brother was astounded to see how many Russians had paid their respects to the late physician/poet Zhivago who had died under the ruthless reign of Stalin. The step brother says in the book [and movie]: “Oh, how we Russians, do love our poets; even though we were never officially allowed to read them [Zhivago—read Pasternak].”

Once again, the political repression of the Soviet era ascends like a phoenix stoked by the burning embers of extensive political corruption in the Kremlin; accompanied by its twin, financial ruin of the Russian economy; resulting from completely incompetent governance. Whatever heuristic model we in the west may conjure up, the one that hovers over this familiar narrative is the psychological imperative of repetition compulsion. That is no matter how Putin may want to change his own personal behavior as a former low level KGB thug [which I first identified almost a decade ago in the American Intelligence Journal], he cannot and will not be capable of changing his behavior patterns.

He was an intelligence operative destined by profession and personality to remain a petty intelligence operative, resorting to the most primitive forms of persuasion  accorded to gangsters and fascists. Putin understands all too well the nature of assassinating an opponent. He will provide a nonsensical narrative along the lines that Boris had been killed by Chechens or a distraught lover who had needed an abortion; but all these ersatz narratives will fail in the cauldron of human compassion; political resistance and the most damaging phenomena of all—the ‘blowback’.
Now, Putin has unwittingly created the very persona that a competent assassin would have never created—a Russian Martyr.

Why do I say ‘competent assassin’?
In the profession of assassination [which is a profession as is kinetic warfare], the assassin will always allow for a scenario that can never; but never, be traced to him or her. In this case, the culprit was so blatant that it was almost comical to deny Putin’s involvement. Boris was shot in the head from a drive by car; as he was walking by the Kremlin with a lady friend in the middle of the night. Putin’s fingerprints could not have been more embedded into the tissue of the crime because of its propitious timing [just before the release of the pamphlet] and the obvious, if not blatant location where the assassination took place—right outside of the Kremlin walls.
Once a bullet passes through the flesh of a political opponent, it is wise for the extant leadership to say as little as possible. The more that they say, as Putin is wont to do, the more they accuse themselves of the crime. My prediction of a decade ago still stands:  Putin, “A KGB Agent Forever”, will end up as the product of his own psycho-political dynamics : self-destructing! Like all leaders who must use fear to control their constituents, then fear will be the very emotion that will turn one of his most loyal lieutenants against Putin.

Recall how quickly Stalin’s entourage turned against him, once they were no longer afraid of him.
I would like to end this paean to Putin’s incompetency with a German proverb:
“He who would rule [effectively] must hear and be deaf; see and be blind.” 


  1. Yes eastern satrap must act like eastern satrap, Putin is wise, he said, ok, Moscow and Petersburg can be for West, i will not put everyone from all those two cities in to concentration camps (yet), how Stalin did, i will just cut head of them if they try to go higher than me... Heck i have whole Russian country side of evil alcoholics and feudal serfs supporting me to go against from that evil of degenerative liberal capitalism coming from west and those two cities, i will protect you from that evil of 1990s (Yeltsin liberal capitalism was supported by both KGB and CIA in 1990s). Beside those two cities are not even majority in those two cities which are now full of our serfs as they imported many muslim serfs today.

    1. Pope said yesterday that money is invention of Satan, and that liberal capitalism is evil. So Putin is far away from done, he have his role and he knows he can use it. He is showing that emperor is emperor. If Soros would make revolution in Germany, that we could have revolution in Russia. But while liberal capitalism is in Germany, Putin will go stronger.

  2. Dr Steve, Gorbachev has come out and said "Murder of Opposition Leader Was a False Flag"
    And Paul Craig Roberts is basically saying the same thing "The CIA May Have Just Assassinated Boris Nemtsov In Moscow To Blame Putin"

  3. Hmmmm...

    Really interesting how Dr.P and others on this site who always jump to the conclusion that something is a "false flag" attack fail to allow for that in this case.

    Let me tell you something from the point of view of an assassin, which I am....

    Putin would never kill this guy in a drive-by shooting. He would just never do that.

    It's far more likely that the people who shot this bloke wanted for Putin to be blamed, and those "people" could have been a whole lotta different business interests in Russia today who hate how Putin's popularity insulates him from the regime change they would like to have so that they can go on making in Jew/Israeli money.

    Personally I think the likeliest group which did this is that Israeli/Russian mafia whose tried to get rid of Putin since he moved against them years ago, and now those of them which remain are making less rubles because of Putin's policies.

    Another thing is that everyone already knows that its the Russians who are behind the Russian ethnic separatists in Ukraine so this dead guy had no file or anything which would be of any value there.

    And the fact that skinny-ass and frail, "no calories or oils or meat in my diet" Clinton is seen with this Dude only makes me hate him more.

    I could care less who killed this grandstanding asshole, but I'm sure Putin didn't do it. That would be stupid in the extreme, which Putin is not, and it was unecessary, and if he did wanns do it HE WOULD HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER WAY....

    Putin kills people with poison in the borsht and fast acting cancers and covert stuff like that....


    Get real.

  4. Doc, what are your thoughts on Nuland in all of this?

  5. Interesting.. not sure what to make of it but I can't help feel its all rather convenient Putin getting the finger pointed at him! Seems a little amateurish the assassination but I'm certainly no expert! Nether the less a great post followed by hey hey's article offering another considered thing is for sure the west want Putin out so their in lies an answer somewhere I'd wager! Off topic but let's all wish President Mujica of Uruguay a long retirement is never heard of him till Dr p posted..a unique leader and an example to us all and apparently makes a great chicken soup!!!!!

  6. Talk about drinking the Kool-aid. Dr. Pieczenik jumps to the conclusion that "Putin did it."

    The New York Times to Dr. P's ear...

    That's a good little doggy (Times patting Dr. P's head).

  7. I agree with CIA operative.

    But, hey, let's at least see where an investigation goes, or if there is any meaningful investigation at all.

    That might be the biggest tell-tale sign who is responsible.

    No investigation = government responsibility.

    But how would, us, armchair sleuths know that a meaningful investigation took place.

    I'd like to know who really did it, not spout New York Times propaganda.

    At this point I don't.

  8. Not Mafia, the woman friend would have been killed, also.
    Not KGB or CIA -- more imaginative, such as a heart attack    gun or Polonium would have been used.
    Mossad, perhaps, to distract from Israel planned arrack on Iran
    Must have been the Ukrainians, since the Ukrainian woman friend was not killed.

    1. Does it really matter, Putin is responsible, he is boss of whole country.

  9. My hunch is it is not Putin as it would have been more subtle or the victim would have enough radioactive materials up his arse to light up a small City! Not the CIA as they are too busy. So maybe Gangsters or other Oligarchs trying to make Putin look bad, I do not think this would register on his Chessboard.
    On another note must just say I have just re-read 'Six Days of The Condor', am really quite jealous that a 24 year old Jim Grady could write it! It really stands the test of time. 'I just read books', 'I am not a field agent' or something like that. It is also quite amusing that the KGB created a 2000 man department because they saw the film and thought it was based on reality. I also liked the film, I seem to remember they did a nice line in white raincoats when they hit the building. Will try to get it on DVD. In a way it is like a prequel to 'Lethal Weapon' except they are shipping morphine blocks (to be different) rather than Heroin.

  10. Every American should see the new vid on Youtube and elsewhere of Los Angles city policeman shooting and killing a homeless man. That guy was schzisophrenic and spent 11 years in a mental hosptial. Then six black uniformed city police swarm him, hold him down an taz him...then when he keep fighting they just haul off and shoot him five times....

    When will Americans wake up and realize that their city policemen are nothing but a gang of thugs and killers?

    Police never shoot at rich kids who get drunk and violent anywhere at any time. But if someone is homeless or poor....

    Then they know they can get away with killing the Dude so they let loose with round after round after round....

    Municipal police are a disgrace to the human race. They cannot be trusted with firearms. They should be required to keep their firearms in their cars until needed. They'll always use the excuse that someone was trying to take their gun away.

    Anyway the vid shows the two police who killed this Dude. First one fires one shot, and then another standing shoots four more time....

    Both shooters should have their hands cut off so they can't do this again.

    I call on the citizens of California to hunt down the two murdering policemen in the vid and cut off their hands.

    1. I watched the Vid several times and could not quite believe it. In the UK the Police would have said 'come on old son time to move on' and helped him up, possibly escorted him to a Shelter. It looks like they wake the poor sod up and start beating on him, unsurprisingly he is bewildered and lashes out. Then they overkill, a blood lust takes over with the Tazering and gunfire. It is almost a complete reversal of our Hollywood single Hero Cop in a white vest who against the odds takes on the cream of the Worlds highly trained Terrorists and Mercs and Wins. Apart from the Officers themselves who should be fired then charged with Murder. They should look at their training, I know fuck all about Gun play but I would suggest they should have maintained some sort of Gap in a Tueller drill way, to give them time to recognize the context and if there really was a threat. This looked like they were using some kind of 'startle' response that they use in some self-defense systems, where action beats reaction. The problem is it takes no account of context, he seemed unarmed , outnumbered, confused and no threat, not a Bank Robber from 'Heat'. I thought it was quite amusing that their Police Chief said they were a special team 'trained to deal with homeless people', well that is one way of dealing with it I suppose. Lucky for them that the 'Rookie' who yelled 'he is going for my Gun' was Black, or the Skid Row would be burning tonight. Maybe they should rethink their training and remember what Wyatt Earp said, 'take your time in a hurry'.

    2. Police officers should be able to understand that not all people have clear mind, sometime such people will react honestly aggressive, but only to show displeasure, not to attack.

    3. LOL can you imagine if these police encountered any kind of real criminal?

      This is the way they handle harmless people.

    4. According to the news he was a convicted bank robber on parole with a warrant. He didn't check in with his parole officer as scheduled. And he reached for an officers gun. I think by LAPD standards, they exercised some restraint.
      The LAPD was sued by a guy who aced all their exams and wasn't hired by them. They said they didn't hire him because he scored too high on their exams, and felt that because he was of above average intelligence, "he would be bored with the job".
      You can't win for trying.

  11. On another note I see Warren Buffet worth now $76Billion eats like a 6 year old because he checked the Actuarial Tables and found they have the lowest death rate. So (fat) Coke and chocolate chip ice cream are his main thing. Maybe the preservatives in the fast food pickle him!

  12. Mr Pieczenik,

    Je vous lit depuis un certain temps, malgrĂ© votre anti-poutinisme pavlovien, une maladie qui aveugle dont le porteur le plus cĂ©lĂšbre est peut-ĂȘtre BrzeziƄski; mais lĂ  vous finissez par me faire rire... vous finissez par vous perdre vous-mĂȘme dans le labyrinthe de votre imagination... AprĂšs Mind Palace... State Of Emergency... The Russian Idiot?... Je crois bien que votre formation de psychiatre vous empĂȘche totalement d'apprĂ©cier l'Ă©chelle de valeurs de Mr Poutine, et son sens historique. Je suis sĂ©rieux.

    1. I you bed since a certain time, despite your anti-Putinism Pavlovian psychology, a disease which blind which the holder the most famous is perhaps BrzeziƄski; but here you finish by me to laugh ... you end up by you lose yourself in the maze of your imagination ... After Mind Palace ... State of Emergency ... The Russian Idiot? ... I think that your training of psychiatrist you entirely prevents to appreciate the scale of values of Mr Putin, and his sense of history. I am serious.
      From Babylon translate

  13. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., I believe you are wrong again concerning Russian President Putin! WHY? Because, Russian President Putin is NOT AS DUMB AS YOU ARE MAKING HIM (PUTIN) OUT TO BE! Basically, Russian President Putin DID NOT ASSASSINATE Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov! What is my premise?

    First of all, Russian President Putin is trying very hard to avoid W.W.III (THERMONUCLEAR WAR); and CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE), through everything within the WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, is trying to establish a "TRIGGER MECHANISM" for the purpose of "FORCING" both Russia and China to NUKE THE WEST (NEW WORLD ORDER "POPULATION REDUCTION" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS)))! In order to "EXTERMINATE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE (ABOUT 99% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION), there needs to be a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!

    Russian President Putin was very intelligent concerning Syria! The WEST (headed by THE UNITED STATES and N.A.T.O.) was going to invade Syria to takeout Syrian President Assad over a FALSE FLAG OPERATION (chemical gas attack) done by Syrian rebel forces (mostly intelligence mercenaries, such as, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and ISIL) under instructions by the WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (including THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES))! Because of Russian President Putin's move to counter the said FALSE FLAG OPERATION, UNITED STATES Secretary of State John Kerry (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) was "forced" to allow for the "peaceful" removal of all of Syrian President Assad's chemical weapons! Furthermore, because of all of this, THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY and CITY OF LONDON, England looked very "BAD" [IDIOTS]!

    Russian President Putin is fully aware of the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" and THEIR "PLANS" for DEPOPULATION!

    Since CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) want W.W. III (THERMONUCLEAR WAR), and THEY (N.W.O. "ELITE") want Russian President Putin gone, Russian President Putin did NOT ASSASSINATE Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov! It was WESTERN INTELLIGENCE inside Russia!

  14. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Charlotte Iserbyt: Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open 1/4" to 4/4 [Charlotte Iserbyt is current [LIVING] TOP EXPERT on SKULL AND BONES!] posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on November 4, 2011! SKULL AND BONES helped finance the Bolshevik Revolution and Vladimir Lenin; and SKULL AND BONES was affiliated with Joseph Stalin!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution - Professor Antony Sutton" [The late Anthony Sutton was also the TOP EXPERT on SKULL AND BONES!] posted by Goodfightlads on March 20, 2011!

    If the CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) got rid of the Russian Czar and financed the Bolshevik Revolution, CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) also played a part in setting-up THE K.G.B. (Russian intelligence)! This said "BACK DOOR" remained until Russian President Putin had a problem with THE WEST and THE NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE"!

    I told Alex Jones a couple of years ago that George Soros techniques were being utilized within Russia! This was to sit-up the said "BACK DOOR," therefore, limiting the "planned" nuclear holocaust! In fact, George Soros (NAZI) and various criminal cronies (including various N.G.O's) the "illegal regime change" within Ukraine; and this was to punish Russian President Putin for the Syrian "counter maneuver" (removal of all of Assad's chemical weapons)!

    Of course, I could be partially incorrect. Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov could have been working for WESTERN INTELLIGENCE (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE); and Russian President Putin was "forced" to assassinate Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov, because THE WEST was trying to remove Russian President Putin (opposition to the initiation of W.W. III (THERMONUCLEAR WAR)) through Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov!

    1. Yo Ray, Glad you're okay Bro! When I first saw the story I thought for a second, God I hope that wasn't Raymond H. Carlson they just took out.

      Stay frosty Ray!

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