Sunday, March 1, 2015

now for something completely different, here is a ditty from heyhey56


  1. Dr Steve, Like this following article is saying this incident is about one thing! "NEMTSOV MURDER - DESTABILISATION OF RUSSIA BY THE WEST"
    And lets not forget what was said in 2012 by "Putin - Opposition is looking to turn someone into "involuntary martyr"

  2. I think it was Putin now, especially when he said that in 2012... He wants to show earlier who is boss, look i did what you wanted, now what? CIA blew big time in Russia, CIA supported liberal capitalism together with KGB in 1990s, you have to be idiot to support what your enemy is supporting. What kind of idiots. CIA even pushed that. Is there any Jew in CIA? ... obviously not...

    1. When you adopt such satanic totalitarian ideology like liberal capitalism, you, like every ideologue is unable to recognise that you are hurting your self and helping enemy. Same with communism, nazis... etc...

    2. Chia Cha, You asked "Is there any Jew in CIA? When are people going to wake up and realize that Israel is controlled by the Jesuits? which is revealed in this following article "The CIA - founded by The Knights of Malta and Harry Truman controlled by The Jesuit Superior General"
      Also read this article "The Jesuits Against Russia!!

    3. You would have american flag in Vladivostok had CIA said on CNN in 1990s: "oooooh, stop, KGB, look what are you doing to your people, stop this liberal capitalism now, why are again against your own people..." but first thing i saw on CNN was CNN proudly showing new huge commercial sign for Marlboro flashing on top of one huge building in central Moscow. They are more stupid that communist central committee, they must go to dust bin of history. After that failure now US must adopt russian liberal capitalism to get chinese investments and hope to get own american Putin one day, and maybe one day annex Hawaii from Mongol Oceanian confederation...

    4. these are my candidates for american dictator... those could pass... candidate would come super committee of 12, of course, new stalin, putin... it does not matter...

    5. heyhey1956, no one is controlling anyone, person cannot control own genetical brother... there are 3 independent countries on world, USA, Russia and China, there are also few US vassals of first line (which is very good for them) and those other who would have to be happy to become one day second in line... Just because Israel is only not funny country on world it does not mean Israel is not vassal of USA.

    6. Chia Cha, You said "heyhey1956, no one is controlling anyone, person cannot control own genetical brother" Are you for real? open your eyes here's 2 good places to start! "Pictures of Papal Infiltration"
      "The Vatican and The Jesuits"
      One thing about the Jesuits they're brilliant at DISSIMULATION!!!!!!!!

    7. There is one nice fact, 25 years ago Queen went to Pope dressed in black, this year she went dressed in regular colours while it is custom that only Catholic female monarch can come dressed in some colour other than black.

    8. Chia Cha, Remember old Lizzie and all her clan are members of The Order of the Garter and who controls that HUH? well maybe this site will explain that::::"NEW JERUSALEM OWNS THE ORDER OF THE GARTER"
      And lets not forget what this Y/T video reveals:::Tavistock Institute + Lt. Col. Michael Aquino = Global Mind Control"

    9. Nice links... Civilised countries builds up devils to destroy them, it is question of energy, you must localise that energy because it must go somewhere. devil will be received by those who have rulers which are sinful as needed punishment for those people who lacks solidarity to stop them. Lack of solidarity is sin, so they must as collective get punishment for their sin for not having solidarity in punishing collective sins. Latin America, Africa, those are good examples. To build up devil you need coordination if you want to transfer that evil energy away from you. Hitler, Stalin, those were good examples.

  3. Dr. P. On ALEX Jones up next

  4. Dr. p.,

    1. His name is Netanyahu NOT "NETANYANU"

    2. BIBI is not AMERICAN; he resided here with his family.
    He is not a citizen. HE WAS IN THE ISRAELI ARMY & was wounded.

    3. You have forgotten your families' lessons. Is your memory failing you?

    4. Your judgment is impaired. Even I (92 next week) can glean the muslim ruse than you are refuting.

    If anyone sounds arrogant it is you.


    1. Patriarch, I suggest you read this following article to find out who Netanyahu real masters are! "FreeMason Netanyahu: Israeli Army Ready For Anything!

    2. Patriarch, You said "I'm gullible" FOOL you're the one with severe case of INTRARECTALCRANIALITIS like I said to Chia Cha open your eyes and educate yourself here's some good places to start! "Pictures of Papal Infiltration"
      "The Vatican and The Jesuits"
      "Who Is Who, And To Whom They Sold Their Souls"
      One thing about the Jesuits they're brilliant at DISSIMULATION!!!!!!!!

    3. heyhey1956, Jesuits are only one who hates this liberal capitalism which is destroying west like cancer, sorry

  5. Chia Cha, How much research have you really done on the Jesuits? not a lot by the statements you make, OK who are the guardians of the Vatican Treasury? do some research and you'll find every major catastrophe since 1572 starting with the massacre of Saint Bartholomew's Day right up till today these dirty scumbag Jesuits have had their dirty little fingers in, go and read the Jesuit Extreme Oath and then tell me that they are an alright bunch fair dinkum I think you're suffering the same complaint as Patriarch, go to this site and educate yourself "The Jesuits - Los Jesuitas"
    And this one "One Evil: The Jesuits"

    1. But Jesuits are not supporting gay rights, destruction of families, lower quality of medical products, GMO, gender ideology, sexualisation of kids, drugs, free trade with China... Rich fat capitalists are doing that. Thx God on Jesuits if they are so strong.

    2. Chia Cha, I'm convinced you're a left footer! As for GMO who started Monsanto? Read this fool "The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation” 1901: The company is founded by John Francis Queeny, a member of the Knights of Malta, a thirty year pharmaceutical veteran married to Olga Mendez Monsanto, for which Monsanto Chemical Works is named. The company’s first product is chemical saccharin, sold to Coca-Cola as an artificial sweetener. Even then, the government knew saccharin was poisonous and sued to stop its manufacture but lost in court, thus opening the Monsanto Pandora’s Box to begin poisoning the world through the soft drink.
      I can't believe your stupidity you said "rich fat capitalists are doing that" who do you think they are? company like Goldman Sachs all controlled by the Vatican bankers the Rothschild family, as for sexualisation of kids, drugs watch this Y/T video "Child Protective Services Kids Found in Human Trafficking"
      Also read this site "The Diabolical History of The Society of Jesus"
      Also you said But Jesuits are not supporting gay rights read this "Jewish Professor Boasts of Jewish Pornography used as a Weapon Against Gentiles"

    3. David Duke is muslim, i do not listen to anti-western pagans, he is slave and bastard of islam. Other links above are anti-catholic bashing by US capitalists. Those links are food for US protestants as you have black panthers as food for black people. La Raza for brown, and so on, and so on. Capitalist is capitalist, no matter, catholic protestant, brown or black, goal is extra profit and to change culture so that they can sell shit to that culture for higher price. Extra profit is god to them. They are addicts who needs more money, TODAY.

    4. "Resident Evil: The Jesuit Threat to Humanity"

      When Martin Luther sparked the spiritual and social revolution in Europe we now know as the Reformation, he sent an arrow deep into the heart of the Vatican power base. As the Reformation spread and enlightenment became commonplace, the Dark Ages ended, didn't they? Apparently they did not. The Vatican, in its lust for power over all human life, soon spawned an advocate who was worthy of the devil himself. He went by the name of Ignatius Loyola. Loyola was a self-made man. He suffered many trials and defeats in his life, but persevered to become the head of what he named the "Society of Jesus" whose members later became better known under their assigned nickname: the Jesuits.

      Ignatius Loyola formed the Jesuits as a military order with the stated purpose of overthrowing the reformation started by Martin Luther and restoring the temporal (political) and religious domination of the Vatican in all walks of life. In other words, he wanted to bring back the Dark Ages. The domination of the Vatican and the Pope as Monarch over all Kings, Queens, secular leaders and the rest of humanity was (and still is) the avowed mission of the Society of Jesus.
      Also read this site "Jew World Order Exposed"
      Also watch this Y/T video "The Khazarian Conspiracy (Full Film) The Synangogue of Satan"

    5. Liberal capitalism will go down, sorry. It is already dead, this is just putting lipstick on corps. Of course whole USA can go down with liberal capitalism, but i do not believe US is so stupid.

    6. Pope is only regular institution which is talking against liberal capitalism

  6. Patriarch,

    Dr.P is correct in condemning Netanyahoo's antics in the United States.

    Netanyahoo has no business coming to America and demanding that our government do what his political party wants done in Iran, Iraq, Egypt or anywhere.

    If his government wants to let us know what they would prefer let him request a meeting with our Secretary of State or the President...


    He and the other stinking jews of Israel who've slaughtered the natives of Palestine over and over again in history to come back there and conquer it ARE NOT AMERICANS and we are NOT HIS FUCKING JEW FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!

    I resent him as a jew stating that my country and his are family.

    I don't have any jew family.

    I mean that guy really brings out the anti-semite and me and if other jew dont' shut him the fuck up there's going to be more synagoges and jews murdered here and there....

    Which is EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS so he can tell them all to....

    "Come home to Israel !"

    I call on all jews who want to save themselves from another holocaust to HUNT DOWN NETANYAHOO AND CUT OUT HIS TOUNGE so he won't be able to incite anti-semitism against the rest of them!

  7. Netanyahoo is a walking poster child for why so many people hate jews.

    Other jews need to shut him the fuck up.

  8. Patriarch, Bibi has been contradicted by leaked Mossad communications. Bibi lied about Iran's nuclear program.

    Mossad: No nuclear weapon activity by Iran.

    I'm sorry, but Bibi's lying could lead to regional, if not world war.

    That is unacceptable.

    It is dangerous.

    It is dangerous for both the United States of America and the state of Israel.

    Patriarch, Bibi is driving American public opinion against Israel.

    I don't believe that is in Israel's best interest.

    In my opinion, it is in the U. S. vital national security interest that Israel have safe, secure & defined borders.

    In my opinion, it is in the U. S. vital national security interest that Israel have a qualitative & quantitative military advantage in relation to it's geographical neighbors.

    But it is against the U. S. vital national security interest to support Israeli policies that destabilize the region or lead to regional war.

    It is not in the U. S. national interest to see Palestinians continually abused by the Israeli government.

    More and more American public opinion is swinging away from support of Israel, is that in the state of Israel's best interest?

    Bibi has turned American public opinion against Israel more than any Israeli prime minister in history.

    Fortunately, there are many supporters of Israel who understand this political dynamic and see the need for Bibi's retirement to private life.

    Hopefully, the citizens of Israel will see fit to turn Bibi out at the polls. This Likud Party is damaging the strategic safety of Israel.

  9. Put it this way: I'm a supporter of Israel who isn't happy with the current policies of the Israeli government.

    Neo-conservatives, here, in America are dangerous to the United States. Neo-conservative policies are bellicose, aggressive, and destabilizing.

    Neo-conservative policies have damaged the United States.

    The United States vital national security interests and Israel's are not the same.

    But I would also argue that the Likud Party government policies have damaged Israel's standing in the world community of nation-states.

    Israel is not an island. It is a mistake to think Israel should stand athwort. Arrogance has been more than one nation-state's downfall. Israel, in its current policy direction, is driving down the blind ally of hubris.

    I recognize 4.5 million innocent Jewish citizens of Israel and wish no ill towards those individuals.

    Perhaps, the leadership of Israel and her American supporters need to consider a more humble foreign policy, while still protecting the innocent people of Israel.

    A foreign policy that does not alienate supporters like myself.

    How bellicose does Israel have to get before I cease being a supporter? Don't make me answer that question because by the time I answer it, along with millions of other Americans, it will be too late to change our minds.

    Don't force me to reconsider my support because of Israeli bad behavior.

    1. Israel must have constant policies of balance of power to survive, Iran with pipes in Syria, Lebanon and in Hamas is too strong, beside i do not see reason why not to nuke Iran... Is there some reason why not?

  10. To clarify, the Bush & Obama administrations have carried out neo-conservative policies, there is very much a continuity of policy between Bush and Obama.

    Although, negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran is not one of them.

    That is a striking difference. There are many Jewish-Americans who support a verifiable nuclear deal with Iran. Don't think Obama is working this possible deal in a political vacuum without significant support in various quarters of the Jewish community.

    Frankly, there are many Jewish supporters of Israel who want a calmer & rational policy than is now provided by the Lukid Party leadership.

    1. America should have peace deal with Iran, Israel not, Israel should nuke Iran