Monday, March 23, 2015

Bibi’s Re-election Marks the End of Ashkenazi Zionism after 65 Years!
Now Israel will be dominated by Sephardic/Orthodox Jews! Amen!
As many of you know by now, I am not a fan of Bibi. The reasons are multiple and well spelled out in my past blogs. But I came to a belated realization that with Bibi’s reelection, we Ashkenazi will no longer feel the need to tie ourselves to Israel.  Ashkenazi [particularly Polish] founded Israel as an experiment in creating a state where we, Polish and other Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe and the former Austria-Hungary Empire would no longer be harnessed by fears of Cossack Horsemen trampling down our lives.
This Ashkenazi experiment which was hatched in Poland, where many Jews including members of my own family arose like a serendipitous phoenix from the ashes of WWII.  However, from the very creation of the State of Israel in 1948 we, Ashkenazi really were out of step with our new country’s surroundings where desert and Arabic permeated the surface and culture of the region. When Madagascar was offered to us as an alternative, we turned it down. Clearly, Saudi Arabia was not offered to us. The land that greeted our original pioneers was filled with swamps and malaria.
The one group of Jews who felt at home in the desert and spoke not only Hebrew but Arabic as well were the Sephardic Jews. They lived with their neighbors who were predominantly Muslims.

These Sephardic Jews who had dispersed from Spain during and after the Spanish Inquisition populated the Magreb—North Africa – and became prominent physicians [Rambam] and merchants in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and even Afghanistan. These were the true Jews who understood that they did not need a Holocaust in order to settle what was considered the Holy Land because they all grew up with the clear impression that one day they would all naturally make an exodus to Israel and settle there.
This Sephardic dream came true for them. Now they are becoming the majority in Israel in both population and in the national security service. They speak better Arabic than Bibi or any of his Ashkenazi predecessors. However, they have never been given the appropriate recognition for their native talents and incredible contributions to Israel in particular and in the world in general. Now, Bibi’s ravaging tantrums awoke the savage beast which had always been lying quietly in the doorsteps of Israel—the Sephardic Jews who are primarily Orthodox and have been willing to support Bibi at all cost.

Now, I say that we, Ashkenazi, can leave Israel knowing fully well that the social liberal experiment of saving Jewish lives had worked. It is time for the real Jews of that desert region to take over with their new Messiah, Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi has done what no other American Jew could have done--- separated Polish Born Zionism from Sephardic Orthodoxy. He could never realize what he had done because he is not that smart.
I and my fellow American Jews, most of whom are Ashkenazi can surrender Israel to the comforting hands of the native Christian and Muslim Israelis as well as the Sephardic Orthodox Jews. All I ask is for Israel to get rid of its agents of influence in America as well as its useless Mossad. If not, then as an American I find myself more than willing to roll them up and send them back to where they belong—a dream state of non-reality which was in the past primarily supported by the America and the Christian Fundamentalists.  That was then, now, everyone in America is disgusted with Bibi and his entourage of neocon chicken hawks.
So Shalom! 
Don’t ever come back to the USA and ask us to help you out.. again… and again…..
And as the Sephardim know all too well, we should say more appropriately---Salem Alechim!
“Peace be with you”… in Arabic!  


  1. I want to apologize for calling for the extermination of all Jews because of this election. I was just too upset and I apologize.

    But the fact remains that since the election of the terrorist Menachim Begin in the 1970s that Israel has had a hard right racist majority which will never tolerate a pluralistic or inclusive solution. The Israeli majority for fourty years now demands a Jewish state which is based on Jewish law and excludes anyone else.

    This is going to lead to nothing but an escalation of their problems as the Arab citizens there are out-breeding the Jews and as their numbers increase in the Kennesset the Jews will respond by taking away their citizenship just as we Germans took away the citizenship of Jews in Germany under the Nuremberg laws. The fist steps in that direction under new proposals in Israel are underway.

    There's going to nothing but more conflict there and maybe even another war.

    Oh and another thing....

    Netanyahoo's opposition's biggest agenda was for economic reform because the billionaires in Israel are soaking up all the country's wealth and working people's wages have shrunk and it's too expensive for working Jews to live in Israel anymore.

    What started as a socialist paradise for Jews and others in Israel under the Likud has been turned into the worst kind of Jewish finance oligarchy in which there are a few rich Jews who own everything and a huge majority of working Jews who have nothing.

    Yet even with this factor most working Jews voted for Netanyahoo because he wants to drive out all the Arabs and annex the West Bank....

    Which is what the majority of Jewish Israelis want today...

    However most Jews outside of Israel don't want this and Jewish support of Israel outside is deteriorating, but not enough to make a difference as AIPAC and Dershowitz and Abe Foxman, etc. still hold most of the cards...

    1. Neo conservatives = Neo liberalism = The Destruction ...

      I do not get one thing only, is this destruction because something will be built (something is planned and there are some planners), or because something will cease to exist together will controllers (who do not exist any more)?

    2. I apologise for saying that we should kill rich, only expropriation is needed. When is was studying in Zagreb, one guy, son of former owner of whole building which was nationalised in 1949, was renting out one of his flats (some attic) which were some of which were not nationalised because his dad could protect him self from nationalisation if he would give some of his flats to his own close family members as gift. He was telling me that story of nationalisation BUT he also told me that he was working as judge in that system... Meaning obviously former class enemy was integrated in to society and that new advanced system better than others. Mostly such people were also better off again:). But problem what we are going to have today is that rich of today are more and more, money addicts who does not work real jobs (connected to nature and real colonisation), and do not behave socially, so such people are not going to able to integrate easily in to new progressive society. I think it was some of this buildings Also many of those building were nice Jewish buildings as they supported national emancipation of Croats. It was nice policy supported also by UK because UK said that they do not want Orient Express (rail road connection, Berlin - Baghdad)

    3. People just scroll past long posts. More than 2 ideas, readers lose focus and reduces blog effectiveness.

    4. Yes true! We all must become more, effective, capitalistic, and pack our thoughts like they are super products and like there are many of them. For instance like american food industry, you will sell coffee in 200 taste but even all are going to be GMO...

  2. As for Dr. P's thesis that "Ashkinazi good" and "Safardi bad" I think this is too simplistic and distorted and reflects the same kind of bias against a whole group which I as an admitted anti-semite possess....

    The truth is that among European Jewry were the leaders of Likud as well as the terror/Jewish supremicists which were folded into Likud....

    There were many, many bad guys among the Ashkanazi including all the original zionists who engineered Israel as a racist state which sought in 1948 to frighten away as many Arabs as they could and then steal their property...

    The idealized view of the idealistic Polish and Russian Jews living in kibbutz as communes and having free love and farming turnips and raising chickens....

    Well this was always a silly minority and the real leaders were out terrorizing the Arabs and murdering British soldiers and other such horrors..

    Me thinks Dr.P has swallowed too much of the age-old kool aid of original Israeli noblness which was always a false image but it's the one all American Jews were fed and they watched "Exodus" with Paul Newman and Sal Mineo and Eva Marie Saint and believed all this foolishness.

    Look the Jews that I know who actually went to Israel and lived there for more than a couple of months came back to America and said...

    "What the fucking hell was that! Geez...this is NOT the place I was lead to believe it was.. Those Jews over there are fucking crazy!"

    1. They lived as communes, meaning as workers self-management units. Now that system is going to be adopted in whole world. Today in Germany cooperations must have workers, elected by workers, as representatives at cooperation board members. That is why Mercedes looks like Mercedes. I think it is even 50% of board members. In this German article from 1984 we have about problems of Croatian and Slovene (Vojvodina maybe also) workers self-management,
      That system was not in whole Yugoslavia because those parts which were not part of Habsburg (non Austro-Hungarian parts of Yugoslavia) monarchy, like Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia... communist red fascist had power and kept such system down because they wanted unitary militaristic centralisation because culturally they were not western civilisation, even their Jews were of Ottoman eastern version. We can say that those non-western Jews also were not evolved as those from Catholic and Protestant parts of West. Dr. P. is right again. I admire Dr. P. because of his conservative approach which tends to say something something only when it is at least 96% true.

    2. Sorry this is link for article:

  3. Now here in America there is now the "K Street" thing which is a group of Jews who consider themselves less monsterous than the Likud and AIPAC and they favor that the Arabs never come back to their lands in Israel and that the Arabs should just stay in little compounds scattered around the West Bank and call that a "Palestinian state" or "Homeland" or a "Two State Solution."

    But this is no solution at all because the West Bank is now pepperred with Jewish settlements and there's no way to make any state there which isn't Jewish...

    And it does nothing to return the property taken from the Arabs would fled Jewish terror in 1948, and their status is the only thing that matters.

    You can't just give them some other piece of land somewhere and call that a solution.

    They have to get back the lands which were stolen.

    1. Or maybe it's "J Street" as in "J for Jews" but whatever.

  4. Anyway I really think it's time for all Jews to read the Talmud and see that's it's a horrible bunch of shit and then give up being Jews and let's live in peace and tolerance by giving up Judaism and Islam altogether.

    Really the problem is the evil that's in the core and written down in the texts of both Judaism and Islam.

    The good Jews and Muslims will overlook the evil in their texts and pretend it's not there but the bad ones will use the evil in their texts as an excuse to harm others...

    And that had to be stopped.

    So let's expose the evil in those texts to the world and rally world opinion to opposing those "religions."

    When that happens all this meyhem will finally be over....

    And then humanity can reach for a future of science and rationality and those things embodied in the West in the "enlightenment" which the Jews and Muslims haven't even reached that level....

    Let's get started on that today.

    1. The silly things religion makes people do... Catholics fondling their rosaries... Muslims kneeling on their rugs ten times a day... but the most ridiculous of all are the Orthodox Jews with those boxes on their heads, bouncing up and down like complete lunatics...

      As for Protestants, I made the mistake of going to an Ash Wednesday service, forgetting about the ashes on the forehead practice. It looked like the zombie apocalypse!

  5. And Hinduism is basically a justification for the cast system so that's no answer...

    Christianity is a reformed movement within Judaism and it has a lot of nice principles like charity and compassion but it's still based on the idea of sacrifice and original sin so that's not gonna fly.

    I don't know enough about Buddah or his teachings but I don't think he's any kind of God and a God is what's needed if a real religion is what you seek.

    So I don't know but it looks like maybe all religion will have to be disposed of to 'reach for the future,' or perhaps just a diestic sort of thing like the founding fathers adopted because there is obviously a creator at play in the universe and randomness doesn't exist anywhere and the spirit world is an absolute fact.

    So perhaps what's needed is a realistic religious thing based on spirituality as discovered by rationality and observation and personal discovery.

    Does that mean we should take peyote or ionaquah from Brazil and have a "trip" of discovery with mushrooms?

    Sometimes I think Dr.P has been taking mushrooms.

    The truth is that people who suffer from horrendous cluster headaches and want to kill themselves can be cured by taking mushrooms..

    And yet the MDs don't prescribe it even though they know it is an absolute cure...

    Any MD who sees a patient who presents with severe cluster headaches and the MD knowingly fails to inform them of the mushroom cure SHOULD HAVE THEIR HANDS CUT OFF !!

    1. Okay so I was exaggerating. Cutting off people's hands is what savage "religions" like Islam are about and I'm a spiritual being filled with enlightenment.

      So perhaps I should start my own religion and then save the world from these false ones which tyrannize the minds of men and girls and children.

      I should consider that.

    2. How are you in tennis? (look at my post down)...

  6. Starting a religion is a great way to make some money, as Hubbard found after reading that as an Orwell quote. I would say the more outlandish the better, some folk will literally swallow anything. I remember the first time finding out about Mormonism and Scientology I could not believe that anyone would buy into it. So anyway first you need a dusty book, ideally with dubious origins, a good story ideally adapted from an earlier successful one. A God or God's, a few hardcore followers then off you go! Our friend Buddah was not a God, but he was AWAKE! I always think of him as like the Master Po character in 'Kung-Fu' and I take my hat off to him for giving up all the Palaces, Luxury and Women to go wandering helping folk out...not sure I could have pulled that one off. In 10,000 years, future Anthropologists will wonder what the fuck, with all these religions...'move on already' they will say.

    1. Here we had one who was telling his own members that he was playing tennis with Jesus and Buddha, he also had his legs washed regularly by his members. Religion is best propaganda there was that cannot be removed. Egypt's pharaoh (he was also god) was best moving state propaganda. Also in Babylon god Marduk was also best state propaganda there is (he was god by whom all people are equal) - try go against such god.

    2. Here is picture of that gentleman, he was electrician but never worked anything. Only industriously was his vision how all members should give all property they have, especially their real estates, to him. Corrupt media attacked His Luminosity, because they hated competition.

  7. On another note a bloke here has just one a Court case against the BBC regarding 9/11. He would not pay his compulsory yearly license fee to the BBC. His defence was that they supported or had knowledge of terrorism as he referenced the famous news item where the reporter talks about the fallen WT7
    some 25 minutes before it happened, so he suggested foreknowledge and a script. The good news is...he won! They will not be putting that on MSM anytime soon.

    1. Ah, again those people who insist on such unimportant details... At this point what difference does it makes, you can look my post above and see that everything is fine.

  8. So where are you planning to relocate?

    Your opinion is from the outside looking in..
    Be careful what you wish for.

    Not ALL AMERICAN JEWS ARE DISGUSTED WITH BIBI...just those selectively posted by the author in the libelous NY SLIMES.

    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat have a short memory.

    I have the memory of an elephant.

    You probably believe the Boston marathon bombing was the real deal too.

    1. Israel needs to become monarchy, than i can start respecting Israel like i do respect Saudi Arabia now. Saudi Arabia is only normal country on world. Period.

    2. Society in which females are subdued can survive, others cannot, Islam can be destroyed only if you tell to Muhammed and Abdullah how gay is ok. Not even subdued females could help them than. Our Judeo-Christian Bible is telling us nicely how Female must be submissive to male and that gay is not ok. Saudi Arabia right now is only progressive society but sadly founded on weak foundation of Islam. World is always relative and strange.

    3. >>You probably believe the Boston marathon bombing was the real deal too.<<

      You know he does, and Sandy Hook, too. He knows this without looking at a single piece of evidence. He said that the Sandy Hook parents didn't lobby for gun control, not knowing a darn thing about what he was talking about.

      By the way, Obama just released Israel's nuclear secrets today. Michael Savage and Mark Levin both went ballistic. (See The Right Scoop.)

      You are a great man, Patriarch. Perhaps we can discuss world events in another forum. I try not to post here anymore.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The problem (not in his opinion, obviously) for Patriarch and other supporters of Israel is that the nation-state of Israel can do no wrong.

    Whatever Israel does is justified because of -- fill in the blank --, therefore it is just and proper.

    But the "Israel right or wrong" position ignores injustice and humanity. But even more than that, it ignores the FACT that Israeli perceived interests and United States' interests are not the same.

    To ignore this is to put a foreign country's interest ahead of your own country's interest and that is not right in my opinion.

    It comes off as arrogance & hubris.

    It also comes off as unrealistic because no country is an island and the current aggressive policies of the Lukid Party have a distinct possibility of harming the long-term viability of the nation-state of Israel, again, in my opinion... only time will tell for sure.

  10. I wish it was simple as Dr. Pieczenik writes.

    It is not.

    And time is running out because the average citizen in Israel is being increasingly radicalized to support Likud Party policies of aggression towards Palestinians and regional countries.

    And, as an American, I am concerned because, despite, the many failures of neoconservative foreign policy (Have any been successful?), which give a blank check to the Likud Party's policies of aggression, Republicans and many Democrats continue to support these policies.

    Israel will continue on this course of policy as long as it is backed in the United States.

    How long will this go on?

    I fear it will go on until a complete catastrophe is the result.

    Then it will be too late.

    1. Complete catastrophe is an understatement. The ingredients are present to fulfill "Bible prophecy" - meaning nuclear Armageddon - with the Cold War reignited, if someone like a Ted Cruz were to occupy the White House as Israel continues on its maniacal path - and despicably the people of Israel have indicated this is what they want with Netanyahu's reelection.

      At least it can be said for we Americans, after the disastrous war-mongering policies of the Bush administration, that we signaled to the world "we're sorry" with the election of Obama. Not so with the Israelis... To the world's condemnation following the atrocities of last summer's Gaza assault, Israel responded with a big "FUCK YOU!"

  11. Patriarch,

    You are the worst example of a filthy Jew.

    You have the fucking nerve to insult the President of the United States, Barak Obama, when HE'S THE GUY WHO'S WRITING THE CHECKS TO KEEP YOU ALIVE !

    YES "Patriarch" you duel-citizenship traitor to America zionist Jew asshole.....

    Barak Obama signs the checks which keep Israel alive and without which your little shitstain country of Israel couldn't survive more than 30 days....

    It's just like a filthy Jew to insult the person WHO'S MONEY YOU'RE TAKING.

    Not all Jews are bad, but money-hungry Jews like you who take billions of dollars approved by an American President just so you can piss on him shows that you're one of the bad ones.

    It's Jews like you who hate all gentiles and piss on us who inspire good people to bomb synagouges and kill Jews wherever they can be found.

    When the last evil Jew like you is dead is the only time when peace will ever come to this issue.

    1. Disenfranchising, nationalisation, expropriation, confiscation, sequestration, seizure, ravishment, taking, subtracting, deducing, divestiture, divestment, assumption, taking, occupation, reversal, depriving...

    2. ... reduction, reducement, retrenchment, trimming, cutting, lessening, bringing down, to make minuscule, to make diminutive, to make : elflike, elfish, elvish, pixielike, puckish, impish, playful, mischievous, dainty, delicate, small, petite, slight, little, tiny...

    3. I knew you were a malevolent animal. Go back to the jungle & talk to the your own kind---SAVAGES.

    4. MIT/CIA wants me dead, too. You're in good company, Patriarch. I try not to argue with him--it's useless. I've basically left this forum because of him.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I mean the fucking nerve of Jews like you who live off OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY....

    And Obama could cut off your aid at any moment or cut off ammunition when you're bombing Gaza....

    But no....

    Obama like every other American President runs interference for you in the UN, and never joins the rest of the world in criticizing you...and gives you billions and billions and never does anything about your settlements in the West Bank...

    And he hasn't even done anything about your spying on us continually as in the Israeli spying on the US-Iran negotiations just revealed....

    But oh no....

    There might be that one or two tiny little things that he doesn't entirely go along with 100% like you demand...

    And then you insult him.

    That's the WORST example of a "typical Jew" of the most horrible kind.

    1. Now now, agree or disagree, but respect your elders...

    2. Jews have a word for that kind of naked arrogance which is founded on a con-job and fooling the gentiles....


    3. You know what happens is that Jews set up shop in some region and they start plying their cons and teaching other Jews how to swindle the gentiles and that anyone who's not a Jew is a "nigger" or a "pig."

      I've had Jews who thought I was a Jew talk to me like this when I was undercover as a Jewish diamond seller during the Sierra Leone war....

      And then the gentiles finally realize what's been going on and then they get so enraged that they fly off into murderous carnage....

      But it doesn't change anything because living that way for those kinds of Jews is the only thing they's the only way they know how to live. So even after a genocide they just go somewhere else and continue the same thing.

      Like the gypsies only with more finesse.

    4. But the biggest mistake any gentile can make is in believing that the Jews themselves actually believe what they are saying is true...

      They know it's not true.

      It's all just a con made under "Yhutspah."

    5. It doesn't matter how many facts they are confronted with or how ridiculous their claims might be, they will never..never relent or admit to what they're doing because of....

      Yhutspah [the nerve to bring off the lie when you don't have anything behind it]

    6. Patriarch know very well that Obama is very pro-Israel like all American Presidents.

      He pretends that Obama is anti-Israel and pro-muslim because he has the Yhutspah to claim that America owes the zionists every last demand they might make...when he knows they don't.

      He knows in reality America owes him nothing.

      That's Yutspah

    7. It's true, the so-called "American exceptionalism" is nothing compared to "Talmudic exceptionalism," and is perhaps derivative thereof.

    8. Oh but let s not go over the top, there is no peace in Israel because that is not in US interest. Israel would be already in peace if Israel was not needed for US to act as wick. Israel would expulse all that scum already, Sinai desert would be real buffer zone, UK and France would took Suez canal, Israel would take half of Saudi desert, Jordan, Western Iraq also as buffer zone. (We all know what are borders of Israel, God said what they are, but buffer zone is needed also)

  13. Interesting link and a comment by Christian Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn "The Truth about the Conflict with Russia"

    1. Erdogan is thinking along the same lines...

    2. Muslim-orthodox propaganda. They think they are down because they are good, but they are down because they are evil. Evil cannot work. Satan cannot give you peace and prosperity...


  14. Imagine what it's like for a Jew whose been living somewhere for many years and getting away with his game and suddenly the wind changes....

    Suddenly he realizes that the gentiles are on to him and his Jew companions. Panic and fear instantly replaces the Yhutspah and arrogance and entitlement which were his smokescreen....

    And instantly he realizes that it's not only himself who is in danger.

    He is seized with panic when he realizes his wife and children will also fall to the rage which is coming....

    That's what it's like to be a Jew.

    That's why they are OBSESSED with possessing Israel.

  15. The Sandy Hook Script was based on an event in Dunblane, Scotland which led to the ban of handguns in the United Kingdom. Documentary:

    1. Thanks for the link. Will watch it later.

  16. Dr.P.
    your dreams appear to be comng to fruition:

    "Parallel to its endless patience for Tehran, the Obama administration has been treating Israel with bristling and ever-escalating hostility. This hostility has been manifested among other things through strategic leaks of highly classified information, implementing an arms embargo on weapons exports to Israel in time of war, ending a 40-year agreement to provide Israel with fuel in times of emergency, blaming Israel for the absence of peace, expressing tolerance and understanding for Palestinian terrorism, providing indirect support for Europe’s economic war against Israel, and providing indirect support for the BDS movement by constantly accusing Israel of ill intentions and dishonesty."

    NOT SO FAST...aka obama'a skivvies are about to be exposed.

    His days are numbered.

    You heard it here first.

    Another tyrant will not stand.

  17. The IRANIAN Islamic Caliphate is a 2nd attempt at 3rd Reich world CONTROL...the 4th Reich.


    Imagine the USA WITH aka Obama & HITLER AS ALLIES!