Friday, March 6, 2015

Mr Bruni sums it up, just in case you missed it.


  1. On his last day in office her husband gave a pardon to notorious financial Jewish wall street crook Marc Rich, who'd been hiding from American prosecutors in Switzerland living on his ill-gotten billions. Then Hillary immediately bought a multi-million dollar house in New York and surrounded herself with wall street, mostly Jewish, traders and bankers. Her daughter only dated these billionaire Jews and then married one. Hillary long ago disgarded any populist Arkansas identity and transformed herself into a New York wall street whore for Jewish swinders and speculators and traders there. She became a Senator from New York and fashioned herself into an Israeli-whore/ Arab hating hawk who promoted the war on terror and the Iraq war. Along with the Arab-hating Israeli agent and former 60s radical Lieberman and Peter King the three of them cow-tied to all the Arab-hating pro-Israel Jews in New York.

    She was a terrible Senator and an even worse Secretary of State. She would be the worst President ever, and that's saying a lot considering the asshole criminals we've had in the last two psychotics in that office.

    She needs to get cancer or something and die real fast.

    I pray to God she dies soon.

    1. I am willingly subjective toward Clintons, i love them no matter they do! They bombed serbs...

    2. You are the superchristian talking like that? Geez.

    3. King is a gentile, so your generalizations have zero leverage

  2. The megalomania of her and her husband are amazing. Why didn't they just retire to Arkansas like Jimmy Carter retired in Georgia? Wasn't Arkansas good enough for them LOL....

    I think they were always about living the billionaire Jew New York dream of tax havens and outsourcing labor and flying in private jets.

    The idea of another wall street tax avoiding outsourcing pro-immigration pro-Israel Arab-hating feminist pro-homosexual capital gains tax lowering WHORE in the white house....

    MAKES ME WANT TO TAKE UP ARMS AND SAY, "The tree of liberty is ready for a watering and I mean right now!"

    To arms!

  3. To arms my fellow Sons of Liberty!

    Enough of the ENTITLEMENT of the Hillarys and their billionaire "lifestyles of the rich and famous."

    Working people of America unite into a socialist party based on HIGH WAGES and PAID VACATIONS and SUBSIDIZED EDUCATION like Germany had in the 1930s.

    Death to the illegal Mexicans and their savage "drug cartels" and their rapists and criminals in our jails and prisons.

    I call on all Americans to form up into militias and hunt down the illegal Mexicans and Salvadorans and slay them. No more foreigners taking our jobs and driving down our wages.

    I call on all Americans to form militias and stalk and run down Lloyd Blankfine, Jamie Dimon, and other capital gains tax avoiding traders and speculators making billions at the expense of the rest of us.

    I hereby declare the formation of the American National Socialist Workers Party!

    America for Americans. High wages and full employment. Free education and smaller government. All outsources, homosexual and speculators will be put into FEMA CAMPS --- our own little Dachau only better.

    1. Blankfine, Dimon, Steve Cohen and other Jews will be given shovels and made to dig ditches along the side of the road.

      All property shall be confiscated from them.

      We will tell Netanyahoo he can call them all "home," and we will arrange for transfer.

    2. Let us not forget the infamous "The Clinton Chronicles"

    3. I knew we could cooperate on some issues comrade CIA.

    4. This is best video of Richard Wolff, he talks in this video how, because salaries were flat, our females had to start working more, and than we had to take credits because salaries were flat, all from 1970s. Richard Wolff is half German, half French. Richard said, that he hear those Wall Street guys talking all the time: "what do you think, how far we can push more?"

    5. On other hand all these liberal policies are aimed at German people of USA, so i as Croat should support them because our biggest enemies were Germans and Turks. German people easily follow orders and are late in Christianisation so this gay agenda we can say is aimed 100% at american Germans. On other hand Croats cannot survive without German police on our streets and total annexation by Germans because we were borderline guards for 600 years, meaning we were selected to smuggle, rob and hide, we need order. Hard questions and dilemmas ahead. Germans would cooperate with Ottoman Empire again to weaken us. Here in this video we can see German company opening coastal airline and bringing beautiful german female pilot to connect Croat islands (we entered EU in 2013 so now that is possible) so we see there are hope for Germans, they are good in propaganda also. Every normal male wants to subdue hot women in uniform, you screw her, government and order in same time.

    6. Here we have little of german national-socialist anti-american, pro-russian german propaganda (all newspapers in Croatia are also owned by Germany), where "Croatian" journalist made list of 15 corporations most dangerous for Croatia (of course all are anglo-american), ...on other hand we have other main newspaper which are also german but totally pro-american international-socialist... tuff choices ahead of us all...

    7. Dimon is Greek & has cancer. Blame his grandfather for his wealth.

  4. American liberal capitalism tried to introduce to us gender ideology of pedophile Alfred Kinsey who raped babies to conclude that they enjoyed it because they were moving. But we were saved by american jewish lady Judith Raisman who came by invitation of Catholic Church... So we had after that national referendum (you need 400 000 signatures from people on street) to amend constitution with law that marriage is only between male and female, it passed of course. Main protagonist of that pure pedophile agenda was of course german "croat", closet faggot, he does not have hair at all, Aleksandar Ċ tulhofer (german genes easily fall to gay agenda). Mrs. Resiamn was fighting against Playboy very much in USA. Goal of capitalists is sexualisation of kids even that is not possible because kids do not have sexual organs. Penis and vagina at kids is not sexual organs, it is organ which is in group of organs for digestion and expulsion not reproduction. They lie so much they need to be killed under peoples commission.

  5. Germans are the largest ethnic group in America - 53 million.

    Germans and their successful culture have spread through the world to bring civilization and happiness everywhere they are, among the lesser groups in which we inhabit.

    But we've faced constant jealousy and repression everywhere.

    My own ancestors in San Antonio, Texas went there after Texas Independence in 1836. When my German forefathers [with foreskins intact because they were gentiles] arrived in San Antonio they found nothing but Scotch Irish and English assholes from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. These English-speaking assholes were all slave owners who wanted to grab land and put others to labor making them wealth - but they didn't know how to build a house, a mill, a gun, or build anything or trade in anything or run a bank......

    While the "defenders of the Alamo" were tying to get their slaves to grow cotton MY ANCESTORS THE GERMANS OF SAN ANTONIO built flour mills, corn mills, textile mills, brewries, facilities for processing meats, banks, gymnasiums, firearms, boots and leather, wagons and wheels, construction materials including doors, roofing materials, glass for windows, salt peter and gun powder, apothocary and medical supplies and equipment....

    They built everything any society would material need, and also built stately homes, dammed rivers, classified wildlife and built the first public schools and music halls.

    But then came the First World War. The US Army declared marshall law in San Antonio and destroyed the music hall, the private clubs, outlawed the speaking of German, and confiscated property.

    This repression against Germans was repeated in many other places in America, and then after the war in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yougoslavia.

    Then after the war all these German communities were ethnically cleansed from all places in Europe except for the tiny remaining German state.

    But it is we who singularly opposed slavery, and built a modern society in all these places based on technology, labor and engineering, while everyone else just wanted to either speculate or form monoplies [JEWS] or steal land from others and form a feudal plantation [ENGLISH AND SCOTCH IRISH].

    1. Although we opposed slavery we didn't advocate violence to overthrow it. We were not revolutionaries who wanted to overturn the government in a crusade. When the Englishman corrupt railroad and corporate lawyer Abe Lincoln invaded the southern states we voted to join the Confederacy to oppose the warlike savagry of Lincoln and defend the right of self determination.

  6. When a German sees someone like Bill Clinton we don't know whether to vomit or reach for our guns.

    Clinton is an example of a money-worshipping, self-aggrandizing, insecure and venal Englishman.

    As many Germans and their relatives the Swedes and many of us as there have been in America we have never sought the Presidency.....never.

    We lack the deceit, the guile, the megalomania of the Scotch Irish and English are are 100% of those who've become American Presidents.

    Even the half-African negro mulatto Obama is half English.

    All American Presidents have come from the same minority of British assholes....except for John Kennedy the poor Irishman who they murdered.

  7. I remember seeing a website where c100 folk came to sticky ends who were in the Clinton orbit. If just one of these premature ends is true, surely it is game over for the Hilary POTUS project, or is this knowledge going to be used for blackmail, when she actually makes it?