Monday, March 2, 2015

On Alex Jones now.  last minute commentary on Middle East etc.


  1. You are losing it. Focus on the criminal obama.

    1. Hey dumbass Patriarch:

      It's his blog and he gets to choose what the topic is okay.

      If he doesn't want to talk about Obama that's his choice.

      I don't wanna talk about that skinny-ass lying Mac Daddy anyway.

      Stow your lies about Obama that his mother was an alien from outer space and his father Frank Marshall Davis...

      And let's focus on all the damage to the world that the Jews like Nyetanyahoooo are doing to civilization.

      The biggest threat to the world are the Jews of Israel and their 200 nuclear weapons and their support for Columbian drug lords, for the death squads of Guatamala and Honduras and Nicaragua, their support of the Sierra Leonean rebels and Charles Taylor in Liberia.

      Let's focus on the focus of evil in the modern world....the nexus of evil as I call it....


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    3. You have serious spelling deficits. First impressions make the man.

      Use spellcheck & paste your drivel.

      & get a JOB!

    4. I don't need a job because I've out-smarted the Jews around me at making money. When it comes to making money honestly no Jew can compare to a German or a Norwegian...both of which I am.

    5. You are a desperate young man with a lot to learn.

  2. Derman= ? Dermer

    NETANYANU ? = Netanyahu

    You respect Baker, but you complain Jeb is bringing in the same people.
    Baker is part of the Bush crime Family.

    Halliburton? You are wacky.

    You sound like Neville Chakberlain...big mistake.

    You sound like a naive shill.

    1. Baker was very very capable minister. When i was kid in 1991 i thought, boy this one looks capable. Ruthless gentleman. Better that than military intervention.

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    3. Netanyahu is like Beetlejuice. If you say his name three times he shows up. Hence the mispronunciation. I think Dr. Pieczenik referencing Baker and then Clinton is just to show how hated BiBi is by the right and the left. I think his analysis on BiBi, Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia was spot on. I don't, however agree with him on Russia and Putin. I definitely think it was a false flag. The timing of the assassination is way too suspicious. Nemstov by all accounts was useless and powerless. Remember, Putin has well over 85% approval rating. Nemstov would have had no impact on the elections. Why would Putin make a martyr out of someone when he has most of the country behind him? Why would Putin fear a failed rabble-rouser with a tiny following? Assassinating someone like that is clearly not in Putin's interest. A discredited reactionary and foreign agent is more valuable to NATO as a martyr than as a failed demagogue. It just doesn't add up.

    4. Nevile Chamberlin was a far...FAR better leader for Britain than anyone else at the time except perhaps for Lord Halifax, who the Royals wanted to replace Chamberin.

      When the British were not able to attack Norway like they did neutral Iceland and Greece and the Germans took Norway instead Chamberlin was blamed, and that's how the ultrahawk Churchill became the war lord of England.

      If Chamberlin had stayed, or if Halifax had come in, there would have been a peace agreement with Germany.

      Germany would never have invaded France, Holland or Belgium.

      Then Germany would have invaded Russia and ousted the communists...which is what the English Royals wanted all along, as well as the Americans and the French right and the Italians.

      When you say the Dr.P is like Chamberlin you are paying him a great compliment.

    5. Beetlejuice was written and produced by Warren Skaaren, my neighbor here in Austin, Texas. He was the first Texas Film Comissioner and I met him in 1980 during the elections of that year, and when Reagan became President I worked with Warren on a set of pro-military film concepts to take advantage of the change in the public mood -- one of my ideas was to take the "Red Flag" TV movie that Bill Devane was in three years earlier and make it about the Navy's counterpart --- which was called "Top Gun."

      Well I never thought Warren would go with that idea or that he would not change the name, as the "Red Flag" movie used the actual name of the Air Force dogfighting program but Warren got away with it.

      Warren did in about 1986 from a rare bone cancer which strangely also killed a University of Texas football player who was the topic of Warren's first screenplay...

      It's extremely strange that Warren wrote that screenplay about the football player with bone cancer who had his leg amputated and President Nixon called him in the hospital., etc...

      And then Warren got exactly the same rare bone cancer....


      Austin is a weird and spooky place..

      Home of mass killers like Lyndon johnson and George W. Bush.

    6. Germany had to declare war to USSR in 1939 over question of Finland and Baltic countries, together with Sweden. Let s not forget that France and UK almost declared war to USSR when USSR attacked Finland in 1939. That was plan.

    7. As for Jim Baker of Houston he makes me laugh LOL

      Here is a guy who owns this really expensive law firm in Houston, and somehow he's supposed to know about diplomacy and straterigy like he's Bismark or Metternich of something...LOL

      The guy's just a shifty, money-mad Texas shyster!

      He used his positon to line his pockets and find clients for his law firm. He even admits it.

      What a fucking joke.

    8. When I think about that corrupt child molester "Prince" Bandar, and all the other Saudi perverts that Baker and his Houston crowd of criminals sucked up to....

      Well it makes me want to vomit.

      I hate Houston and their lawyers like Baker and their cock-sucking of Saudi perverts and weirdos.

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay Prince Bandar, who took a two hundred million dollar bribe from BAE in England over an airplane contract.

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay the criminal James Baker for his treason against America.

    9. CIA master agent Roland Carnaby was hunted down and shot dead in the streets of Houston by Houston Municipal Police at the behest of Saudi agents when he discovered that the Saudis were behind the September 11 attacks.

      This is war.

      This is revolution.

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay all members of the Saudi government in Houston, and their criminal lawyers like any attorney at the Baker and Botts law firm.

      This is war!

    10. When the Iraqis occupied Kuwait in 1991 Americans should have joined with him and occupied Saudi Arabia and NOT gone to bat for the Saudis and shed our American blood to save their pervert asses.

      At least Saddam lets women drive and go to school and he has sex with them instead of little boys like the Saudis do.

      Nor did the Iraqis purchase American girls as sex slaves like the Saudi perverts and weirdos who still practice slavery today.

      We should have worked with the Iraqis to clean out the Saudis and Kuwaitis and today Iraq would be strong and it would be a bullwark against Iran....

      But oh no.....

      Instead James Baker the treasonous asshole was bribed by the Saudis to save their fucking asses.

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay the traitor James Baker and his billionaire lifestyle of his ranch in Montana and his private jet and other depraved and decadant riches.

    11. James Baker said to Serbs in 1991, you have two weeks to finish job in Croatia... Of course, that was trap like for Saddam. America betrayed Shia people in Iraq, they started with mutiny in 1991 but there was no help. Baker personally gave green light to Saddam to attack Kuwait also... It was interesting how NATO was deployed to Macedonia to stop Serbs from going there in 1991., it was interesting how that was possible. Attack on Croatia was beginning of WW3. In battle for Vukovar, China and Soviet Union with Serbs tested new tactical radiological weapons on cities. If would be interesting to see USA under nuclear attack, because civilians do not have atomic shelters in USA like we did on every corner. In USA capitalists will never invest in that. That is expensive.

    12. Well that makes sense. Beetlejuice is a social commentary on bureaucracies, neocapitalism and the demise of American life.

  3. Shape up , dr. P.

    You are not objective.
    Read this analysis:

    & comment:

    "skeptiktank says:
    March 2, 2015 at 11:05 pm
    I have spent some time now thinking about why Boehner invited Netanyahu. He knew it was a breach of protocol, but did it anyway. He has never shown that kind of rebel spirit in the past. In fact, just the opposite, he’s been very straight arrow up to now. So what gives? I can only surmise that Bibi may have contacted him, and told him he had some info that he would be very interested in knowing. This is a big gamble for Boehner, and I don’t think he would have had the guts to climb out on this limb without assurance that Bibi had the goods. I think Obama knows this. I think Obama knows what Bibi is going to divulge, and is already into damage control mode."

  4. Looking at this Dr P I think you should consider yourself told off. Have not really got a Dog in this race as never really understood why people persecuted the Jews. However I think 'King Bibi' as he refers to himself maybe projecting a bit on to Iran, as didn't Israel get their bomb by deception from South Africa and hide shit from Weapons inspectors, also. Now I understand they have 400 plus Nukes, bit of overkill for the region methinks. The trouble with 'chosen ones' and 'master races' is they tend to have a certain arrogance or sense of superiority or as we say here 'a chip on their shoulder' which frankly can piss people off. Hitler wanted a Jew free World and Israel seem to want an Arab free World. I suspect Bibi's 'Tentacles of Terror' speech on Iran is his equivalent of the evil Jew waiting in an alley to steal your bloodline...both bloody silly really. I suspect unless Israel reigns in their aggression thing they will self-destruct as Hitler did, someone once said 'you have to be careful what you hate, or you might become it'. Attacking Iran via Saudi would be idiotic and a possible crucible for WW3. Dr P you should really have a regular, say half hour slot on Alex Jones, then if something pops up in the news, you can comment, and it seems often when a 'scheme' is revealed those pulling the strings loose interest a bit and are on to the next shenanigans.

    1. You are describing the drug addicted BARI "obama" allegedly born to a jewish teen illegitimately, Joanne NEWMAN of the Bronx, who grew up to be domestic terrorist aka Elizabeth Ann Duke, of the Weather Underground, & became a fugitive.

      In absentia, all her charges were MAGICALLY dropped WITHOUT CAUSE by a DC MAGISTRATE in June 2009 -5 mo. after BARI was coronated.
      DC magistrates have no authority to drop criminal charges.
      Coincidental? Doubtful.

      A child born to a Jewish woman is jewish by Judaic law.
      That makes BARI in simple terms, a self-hating JEW, along with john kerry (1/4) & Madeline Albright.

      More later...

    2. Netanyahoo is doing this purely for domestic politics.

      Israel cannot strike at Iran. That is a joke. And this talk about hitting Iran with Saudi Arabia is insane.

      The reality is this....

      If the Saudis attacked Iran the Iranians would flood through Iraq and Kuwait and occupy the faggot boy-fucking alchoholic Saudi royals before the sun comes up LOL

      The Saudis would take their boy concubines and flee for Switzerland to join their money there...

      The Iranians are the superpower of the region and everyone now know it.

      They are leading the fight in Iraq now against ISIS. It's the Iranians who are now in charge in Iraq.

      I wish the Iranians were actually as dedicated to destroying Israel that Netanyahooooooooo claims...

      but alas they are to pragmatic for that

    3. That any grown man could put on a suit and conduct himself like a mature human being, seeking to be taken seriously, even soberly and humorlessly, by others....


      Well that shows you what an absurd obscenity this asshole really is.


    4. I think the "Yah" comes from his people's sick "God" whose name is "Yahway" but neither he or most other Jews are stupid enough to believe in that fable any more...

      They just believe that anyone who isn't a Jew is a nigger.

    5. America should make peace deal and strategic deal with Iran, Iran is not danger to USA, but Israel should nuke Iran and destroy every capacity of Iran to destroy Israel... There is no need, not to destroy Iran capabilities with tactical nukes...

    6. None can trust muslim retards, that would be like having room full of monkeys ready to be your dentists. Every country should follow its own interests. We must destroy every capabilities of non western countries to resist, because only on west people can freely choose their religion, muslims can be free muslims on west, without religious manipulations.

    7. Netanyahu's grandfather changed the family name.
      It can be translated into English, but I'll defer to you for that brilliant one.

  5. Dr. P,
    When you are down & troubled, you've got a friend in Nanci PELOSI.
    In fact, you are kindred spirits:

    Join her twiiter account so you can feel better:

  6. It has my lifetime..the GESTAPO USA:

  7. Part I:
    The deal with usurper & identity thief BARI "obama":

    In early October 2012, Private Investigator Neil Sankey identified F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Duke” as likely the same person as the woman identified as Jo Ann Newman the actual – and living – mother of the man who fraudulently presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

    In May 2013, Washington D.C. Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley ( Blair house family) to assisted in the investigation of the corrupt federal government /judicial actions surrounding “Duke”.

    On July 26, 2013 Mr. Sibley filed ‘Third Verified Motion For Reconsideration Of Order Dismissing Indictment And Motion To Intervene Or To Appear As Amicus Curie” in United States v. Duke / Criminal Case 88-cr-00145 [DAR]. He also notified Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts of The United States District Court Of Washington D.C. , all the D.C. District Court Judges, and the D.C. United States Attorney of the improper dismissal of “Duke’s” Indictment.

    Elizabeth Anna Duke is wanted for her alleged involvement in a series of criminal activities during the late 1970's and early 1980's. She was allegedly a member of the radical group known as the May 19th Communist Organization which advocated communism and the violent overthrow of the United States Government. Duke was arrested in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in May of 1985 for her alleged participation in this group, but was released on bail of $300,000, over the strenuous objections of the United States Attorney. She subsequently failed to re-appear as ordered and a fugitive bench warrant was issued for her arrest on June 2, 1988 by DC District Court Judge Harold H. Greene.

    1. being member of communist organisation is good, we need more communist wanting violent revolution and overthrow of government... what is wrong with that?

    2. You lack any semblance of decency. Four flusher.

    3. No I just know a dumbass when I see one.

  8. Part II:

    On June 17, 2009, shortly after obama seized power, an Assistant United States Attorney made an oral motion to dismiss the Indictment and quash the arrest warrant for Duke, a fugitive, domestic terrorist, United-States-Capitol-bomber.

    It is ILLEGAL FOR A MAGISTRATE TO HEAR A MOTION OR RENDER A DECISION. Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson granted the government's Oral Motion and entered an Order Dismissing the Indictment Curiously, neither the Oral Motion nor the Order dismissing the Indictment gives any explanation for this extraordinary action.

    United States District Court, WASHINGTON DC:
    Case # 88-00145(DAR) dismissed: 6-19-2009
    Deborah Robinson magistrate.*

    1. no i think we should talk more about neocon agency "saving and loan" association, about what Dr. P. talked on air, this is hot air, give me money

  9. Part III:

    "Deborah A. Robinson, an Article I Magistrate Judge of this Court:
    1. Exceeded her jurisdiction by granting the government’s curiously- timed motion to dismiss the Indictment of the fugitive, domestic terrorist, United-States-Capitol-bombing Defendant, Elizabeth Duke;
    2. Entering an Order dismissing the indictment against Elizabeth Duke stating: “for the reasons set forth in the government’s motion and for good cause shown”, when clearly, there were no “reasons set forth” nor “good cause shown” to justify the granting of the government’s motion to dismiss the Indictment. The Transcript of the June 17, 2009, hearing reveals that the government failed to proffer any reason to dismiss an indictment against Defendant, Elizabeth Duke. A copy of that Transcript is attached as Exhibit “A”.
    3. Signed the June 17, 2009, Order as a “United States District Court Judge”, a position Deborah A. Robinson does not hold. A copy of her order is attached as Exhibit “B”.

    In addition to these reasons, I sought to file ex parte and under seal to you allegations involving Magistrate Judge Robinson which by refusing to give me that opportunity, I am now forced to reveal publicly.
    These allegations relate to the quid-pro-quo that caused Magistrate Judge Robinson to enter the improper and illegal order of dismissal of the Indictment of Elizabeth Duke. In return for her dismissal, she received extraordinary consideration in the matter of the federal prosecution of her son, Philip Robinson Winkfield, who was facing 40 years in federal prison for his drug dealing activities. A time-line of events illuminates the veracity of this allegation:"

    "I cannot find any authority that permits Magistrate Robinson to rule on the motion to dismiss, or in the alternative, summary judgment, when Judge Sullivan did not request or authorize Magistrate Sullivan to make such rulings...Magistrate Robinson's practice of law makes her GUILTY of a high misdemeanor.."

    1. neocons stole money and destroyed country, not some poor underground commie women hunted by court, you are loosing focus, money is important

  10. Part IV:
    "I reach out to you towards the end of having you petition your county grand jury to investigate the legitimacy of the identity documents of Barack Hussein Obama. I have without success.

    I, and numerous others, over the last six years have repeatedly sought to have a judicial determination concerning the legitimacy of those identity documents. Repeatedly, every single court which has been petitioned has refused to allow such a determination instead ruling that a citizen does not have standing to challenge such documents, even if they are forgeries. Likewise, repeated petitioning to Members of Congress has resulted in no response. Finally, though expressly allowed by federal statute, Eric Holder & Company have blocked every attempt..

    Upon this background, I ask that you petition your local county Grand Jury to investigate and make a formal “presentment” concerning Barack Hussein Obama's Identity Documents. The goal is to have the Grand Jury issue subpoenas to each of the record custodians of Obama’s Identity Documents thus allowing once and for all the original documents to be produced, examined and the serious questions concerning those documents to be answered.

    How do you do that? Three steps:

    1. Identify the mailing address of your county grand jury with as much precision as possible. You may have to call the County Clerk’s office to get that address.

    2. Download & print in color A Request for an Investigation and Presentment Concerning Barack Hussein Obama's Identity Documents
    3. Download and customize the Cover letter for the Request, print that and then mail it and the “Request for Investigation” off USPS “Priority/Signature Required” to the Foreperson of your county Grand Jury."

  11. Come on Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., you are incorrect!

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is dangerous; however, Prime Minister Netanyahu is dangerous, because, as stated below, CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) controls Israel and MOSSAD (Israeli intelligence)!

    As stated in several other comments, CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) is near the TOP OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER! As stated below, the NEW WORLD ORDER want to "MASS-GENOCIDE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE (99% OF THE "ENTIRE" WORLD'S POPULATION)!

    What do you actually want Dr. Pieczenik? Do you want a NEW WORLD ORDER (NEW ROMAN EMPIRE)? As stated in several other comments, there can NOT BE A "NEW ROMAN EMPIRE;" and, as stated in other comments, the NEW ROMAN EMPIRE was to begin upon the destruction of the UNITED STATES (Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (BIBLE))! In addition, the said NEW ROMAN EMPIRE is the last and final SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON mentioned within Daniel Chapter 2 (STATUTE (BIBLE))! When is this supposed to take place? This was to take place during the YEAR OF DARKNESS (2006), and Iran was the "trigger"! Furthermore, this was the "PLAN" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "1. Gen. Wesley Clark, Democracy Now! interview, 2007" [DEMOCRACY NOW interviewed UNITED STATES General and former N.A.T.O. COMMANDER Wesley Clark!] posted by jerepah on June 27, 2013)! Therefore, the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are trying to "FORCE DESTINY;" and because of this, there is a very high probably of an "EXTINCTION EVENT"!

    As for Prime Minister Netanyahu, Prime Minister Netanyahu is partially correct! What Prime Minister Netanyahu is NOT TALKING ABOUT: CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) controls the Iranian Government (ILLEGAL "REGIME CHANGES" SINCE 1953 BY SAID INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY), Israeli Government (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock" posted by Vitaliy Shapovalov on December 6, 2013), and THE UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH (during May 2007, pursuant to N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20) through the WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (includes THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA), BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part by SKULL AND BONES), and MOSSAD (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE))! As stated in other comments, CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) reports to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus); and both CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) and JESUIT ORDER serve SATAN for the purpose of obtaining a NEW WORLD ORDER!

  12. The "MAIN AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) reports to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991) is the significant "MASS-GENOCIDE" of the "ENTIRE" WORLD'S POPULATION BY WELL OVER 90% (UP TO 99% (ABOUT 7 BILLION PEOPLE "EXTERMINATED") OR MOST LIKELY 100% (complete collapse of the EARTH'S ECOSYSTEM)) (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (at 00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5], Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1], Police State [Season 2, Episode 4], Great Lakes [Season 2, Episode 6], BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7], and Ozarks [Season 3, Episode 4] (SIX EPISODES "FORMALLY" ON THE INTERNET))! Unfortunately, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) is "FORCING" TruTV to eliminate any and all episodes of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura" FROM THE "ENTIRE" INTERNET!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Charlotte Iserbyt: Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open 1/4" to 4/4 [Charlotte Iserbyt is the current [LIVING] TOP EXPERT on SKULL AND BONES!] posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on November 4, 2011! SKULL AND BONES actually helped finance Adolf Hitler (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Bush Family, Wall St., Eugenics, Darwinism, and Fascism (full lecture)" posted by LaRouchesupport (AUTHENTIC) on May 23, 2012)!

  13. As far your comments Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. concerning putting various C.I.A. FRONT CORPORATIONS back into Iran, such as Halliburton (KNOWN C.I.A. FRONT CORPORATION), this is for additional control of Iran's general population! Because, the current Iranian Government was put into place by the WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (includes THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part by SKULL AND BONES)); and, therefore, said WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY controls the said Iranian Government for primarily "saber rattling" and substantiating various intelligence propaganda!

    As stated in other comments, there has not been a legitimate Government in Iran since 1953; and the legally elected Government in Iran during 1953 was taken-out by an illegal "regime change" by primarily THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part SKULL AND BONES)!

    By the way, Halliburton (KNOWN C.I.A. FRONT CORPORATION) was responsible for the BP OIL SPILL (2010); and BP OIL is also the other responsible party! BP OIL is controlled out of CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)! SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7] (FULL LENGTH)" (especially at 2:32 and at about 30:35 to END) [Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura interviewed Alfred Lambremont Webre (prominent international lawyer)!]! In fact, BP OIL actually admitted to "intentionally" putting all that oil (about 200+ million gallons) and very "deadly" COREXIT DISPERSANT (9527 and 9500) into the GULF OF MEXICO (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Markey on BP Oil Spill Settlement: They Lied to America" [All BP OIL has to do is pay about 4 billion dollars in fines, and no one goes to prison!] posted by Senator Markey (AUTHENTIC) on November 15, 2012)!

    Because of the said BP OIL SPILL (2010), the Atlantic Ocean's ECOSYSTEM is severely damaged! If there is a N.W.O. "PLANNED" NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, the Atlantic Ocean will be completely "FINISHED"! At that point, because of the "intentionally planned" Fukushima Nuclear Incident (2011), both the Pacific Ocean's and Atlantic Ocean's ECOSYSTEMS will be "FINISHED;" and this represents about 70% of the EARTH'S OXYGEN ENGINE!

  14. Dr. P., here is the cure of the Russophobia that afflicts you...

    1. Russians are imperial scum and Mongol bastards, they do not have policy of peoples self-determination established by Wilson. They are pure predator nation.

  15. Netanyahoo is the kind of Jew that makes all non-Jews hate Jews with a passion.

    He's arrogant, coniving, corrupt, only cares about and more money. He hates everything and everyone who is not Jewish. He thinks he can tell other countries what to do and lobbies their representatives against the policies of their own executive branch.

    He foments discord and division in others countries.

    He's a vile, foul and sick stain on the planet.

    I call on all Jews who want to save themselves from another holocaust to hunt down and cut out the toungue of Netanyahoo to save all Jews from the backlash that comes when hateful arrogant Jews like him claim to represent all Jews.

    He must have his toungue cut out just like the savage and barbaric moyle cut off the end of their child's penises.

    What a barbaric and primitive people they are.

      they will take it under advisement, & shred it.

    2. Okay then die in another holocaust for all I care.

      I was just trying to help you guys out but if you wanna continue the same way then have at it.....

    3. You have painted yourself into a corner, Dorian.

  16. The lost in space Mueller who us clueless when examined before CON-GRESS strikes again.

    Boston marathon phony live trial updates here:

  17. Russ Baker's WhoWhatWhy,com is covering the Boston Marathon trial. It's a completely ridiculous circus. The trial should have been moved from Boston, but wasn't. The media has no interest in the trial and assumes guilt. The defense is now only concerned about blaming the dead brother so this defendant won't hang. No one is interested in what happened that day in Boston. The presence of DHS and Craft International, the drill warnings, the crisis actors--nobody cares to find out.

    Lone nut brothers who frequently met with the FBI and have no known motive and who have never made bombs before--case closed?

    The article isn't much, but check out the comments from this guy named Patriarch.

    As Tsarnaev Trial Starts, a Journey into the “Known Unknowns” Begins
    March 4, 2015 by Russ Baker

    1. It's because there were not crisis actors. It was a real event dumbass.

    2. Hey, CIA, can you comment on this? Did you know Graham Fuller?

      "The boys' uncle, Rusian Tsami, had been married to Samantha, the daughter of Graham Fuller, a high level CIA agent."

      PART I
      Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings
      by F. William Engdahl
      Are there too many coincidences in the Boston Bombings official narrative to call them coincidences? Behind each one lurks the shadow of Graham Fuller—a top CIA strategist who famously advocated co-opting Islamic extremists to further advance the US agenda in Central Asia—and his cozy ties with the accused brothers’ uncle. William Engdahl delves into the ramifications of the Fuller-Tsarni connection, the most compelling of the Boston smoking guns, and the threatening can of worms it has opened up.


    4. Barry,
      See video below:

      3-6-15 Maret (Tsarnaev aunt in Canada) after day 2-Trial

      "That is what happened to Dzhokhar. That team of defense was forced on Dzhokhar. Dzhokhar, I know that from my brother Anzor, apparently was REFUSING those lawyers back in May-June of 2013, he told them to go away, that he did not want them (obviously, he did that since he detected that they were not there for his benefit). When the parents raised the issue before Judy Clarke and William Fick for the first time in June 2013, in Makhachkala, during their first visit, that they (the parents) would want to get a private lawyer to defend Dzhokhar, because they knew that public lawyers are government paid lawyers. Fick's (mostly, it was him pressuring this issue through) and Judy's response to that intention of the parents was "there is no way" (no fucking way, emphasis added by me, since I was there and witnessed all that) you can do that and you will be allowed to do that. Fick said if one of the attorneys go, then the whole team goes. So, Judy Clarke and William Fick also were pushed down Dzhokhar's throat by the government. And, this team got Zubeidat somehow under their influence and that is how they worked out their defense strategy, according to which, they are painting Tamerlan as "self -radicalized" mastermind of the crimes and Dzhokhar is a follower. And there, you should see why Dzhokhar would be seeming indifferent during the court proceeding to those, who report from the court house. It was mentioned the other day that Dzhokhar felt nauseous on Wednesday, would that be side effect, he was having as a result of drugs he was pumped in before that day's court hearing? Because I cannot image Dzhokhar feeling ok and sitting quietly, while Judy Clarke was giving that murderous speech, knowing that that kid is totally innocent."

    5. The Tsarnaev brothers also attended seminars at Jamestown Foundation in Georgia. Essentially a CIA training institute.

  18. What is the statistical probably of the above being coinkidink? C'mon you MIT boys, tell us. I don't know how to do that kind of thing. My brownies are dang good though.