Monday, March 9, 2015

DCI John Brennan has Stepped Forward and Courageously Initiated a Complete Long-Needed Reorganization of the Staid CIA!
Congratulations to Brennan and David Cohen [Deputy Director] and Good Luck.

For over six decades the once venerable CIA, the off shoot of the OSS during WWII, has been divided into two artificial divisions—DDI [analysts] and DDO [covert operatives]. How this came about is not as relevant as the fact that DCI John Brennan realized a simple fact: that the agency was too ossified to be able to anticipate the immediate or distant future. Many of us who had been trained by the then forward looking CIA [as well as DARPA] at the Phd program in Political Science at M.I.T. already knew this long ago. The problem lay not in the high quality of the personnel recruited out of the OSS; nor those recruited out of their respective military services-- Don Gregg; Jim Lilly; Paul Redmond; Fritz Ermarth;  etc—it lay in the artificial structure of the agency itself.

I cannot discuss in detail the inner workings of either the DDO, nor the DDI;  but I can say that for the thirty five years that I worked with [not for] the CIA, I had noticed an erratic pattern of performance both in the analytic and covert operative divisions. As a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in four different Presidential Administrations, I would receive all types of reports about an adversary’s psychological profile; some were good, many were not accurate. Similarly, I would sit down with their analysts and discuss the strategic trends in a particular area and I was, for the most part, completely unimpressed. There were many cases where their analyses were completely incorrect, and I would have to go directly in the combat areas to make my own assessment.
I concluded after some time that I could not change the way the CIA worked so I went into the informal business of developing my own off-line intelligence back-up system. Usually, I would pick up some random individuals from the DDO, DIA, NSA, MI and congeal them into an effective team. Other times, I would request a CIA operative who might have known my adversary because that particular individual had a personal, somewhat debauched background in concert with my potential target. 
However, the recent appointment of Dan Cohen to become the Deputy Director of the CIA, an expert in economic and psychological warfare was a very impressive moment for me because it denoted the simple fact that DCI John Brennan was in the process of initiating a major change in both the culture and efficacy of the future CIA. My cursory understanding of Brennan’s reorganizational changes are described very well in the following article [Associated Press, March 6, 2015.]:
“He [Brennan] lamented that there is often no single person he can hold accountable for the spying mission in any given part of the world.”

That one point is so crucial that I really cannot emphasize it enough. More often than not, I would have to dismiss a CIA Station Chief for one or another reason, knowing full well that I was not being told the entire truth; or they were trying to play mind/bureaucratic games with me. 
John Brennan goes on to elaborate his rightful concerns:
“There are a lot of areas that I would like to have better insight in to, better information about, better access to.” Brennan said, “Safe havens denied areas. Whether because we don’t even have a diplomatic presence in a county, or because there are parts of countries that have been overrun and taken over by terrorist groups and others.”
As I had predicted after the 9/11 attack, most of USG’s intelligence focus was mis-directed and led to an erosion of both the analytic and operative sections of our entire intelligence community.
Now, the hard work of reorganization begins. I have had the privilege in the past of re-organizing several of the State Department’s offices—Regional Medical Office [RMO]; Initiate a Family Liason Office [FLO]; Hostage Survival Course; Senior FSO Seminars; Reorganize USIA; creating the Office of Public Diplomacy , etc. This was done in concert with many talented FSOs and other agency personnel.

Reorganization of such a large institution is replete with bureaucratic resistance to change; and the immutable force accompanied by turf wars. Yet with bulldog persistence and a surgeon’s skillful precision, many things can be accomplished once the desire for change has been publicly articulated.

In the words of Sam Cooke, “A Change is Gonna Come.”


  1. Wow... I would just repeat 6T for Ukraine is needed, half in euros, half in $, euro goes down, us buy euros :)

    1. and than US sell euro, when we win, and US earns :)

    2. For those who do not understand, main export of USA is american dollar, US sells dollar when it is expensive like now, and buys it when it is cheap, same US should do now with Euro.

    3. Also USA is only country on world without any debt (IMF and World Bank have address in USA). Imagine poor Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin went to all to war against USA while owning money back to USA... That was funny, but now let s imagine USA (as country without debt to anyone) going in to war:)

    4. Until the Korean war shook up the government espionage was in one bureau and such Covert Action as there was until Korea [such as in Greece/Turkey/Albania] was in another bureau altogether, the Office of Policy Coordination, which wasn't even in CIA but was in the State Dept of all places...

      Then when OPC grew during Korea State didn't want these bomb-planters around and CIA needed the mission so OPC was moved to CIA, but it was General Bedell Smith who put them both together eventually. OPC became the Directorate of Plans or Action, and it's head the DP for Directorate of Plans...

      During the 1950s there remained this division between espionage for secret intl gathering such as human intelligence and the recruitment of agents in target governments...which were run by the "cautious people" like Richard Helms...

      And they were a different breed than the Covert Action types like William Colby and Tracy Barns and Frank Wisner, who operated Covert Action, which because it was shared with the British until 1955 was all given straight to the Soviet Union through the British Cambridge spy ring of Burgess, McLean, Philby, et. al...

      So there are very strong reasons why the divison between secret intl and analysis and CA came about, and this is logical.

    5. I'm still not clear though about what changes are being undertaken or how these might improve the shortcomings encountered by Dr.P.

      In my opinion the basic problem is that General Smith came from the military and he thought analysts and spies should not be paid or promoted any differently than soldiers...that's how we got this horrible low pay situation in a civilian agency where they're paid very low wages....

      What the military had which offset low wages was PAID HOUSING, PX, and RETIREMENT AFTER ONLY TWENTY YEARS...

      In the military people have their housing paid for and they put in their twenty and then skate on their pensions so they don't mind the low pay...

      But in CIA there's normal retirement and no paid housing the the low wages mean that........


      That's the reason for the low performance Dr.P encountered in my humble but experienced opinion.

    6. When I was offerred the test for the Career Training Program in the mid 1980s I would have left the farm with a GS 11 because I was from MIT...but that payed less than 38k a year and that was a joke.

      No way man I told them.

      And my case officers at the time as I was already an agent were embarrassed and they understood completely that I was spending twice that living on 150 Huntington Ave in Boston already and had $325 a month payments on my leased BMW 325i, etc...

      Not a lavish life by any means but it comported with my personality and it was that personality and my ability to work with people who were not poor which is what made me valuable to them.

      I was someone who knew about the same clothes and cars and housing and so forth as the people who I would be interacting with in intelligence.

      You can't just take some impoverished student eating fucking raman noodles who's never owned a pair of Bally shoes and expect him to be able to speak to billionaires and seduce their daughters and girlfriends...

      There's a SERIOUS CLASS PROBLEM with the backgrounds of the people at CIA willing to work in such PENURY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    7. In short...

      It was General Smith's misunderstanding of what a spy agency is which set in concrete this enduring problem.

      The British used gentlemen from the upper classes.

      But Smith wanted to use working class soldier types who were not able to move in the circles socially or to have the other qualities needed.

      Even in analytic work if someone is that smart he's gonna work as an economist or something at a bank or somewhere....not at the DI.

      They only attract losers...

    8. I mean think of the James Bond icon Fleming composed and you actually have an idea of what a spy should somewhat be.....

      A spy should be not so flamboyant as Bond, and he should fit into the scenery...

      But the scenery he has to fit into is a refined society of educated and wealthy people from wealthy families and the "raman noodle" eaters of starving grad students with bad haircuts...


    9. You are 100% correct in your assesment. Traits in culture and couth cannot be taught in seminars. Nor could the asset operate effectively in an environment where narcissistic manipulation is a tool honed through generations - he or she would be exposed immediately. Especially true if the poor schlep grew up on ramen. Operating at the level you're talking about requires a certain bloodline, or pedigree.

      The pre-company that y'all are referring to had its modern day origins in WWII, but you neglect to identify it's true origin which goes back well before the 40's. Being a descendant of a few of them, I can tell you (no matter what the name is) if it isn't being staffed with future generations of the original pedigree, it's going to go South.

      There isn't one single modern day analyst or policy writer who has a clue of what we're talking about. They are all middle of the road ramen eaters who've been brainwashed into believing the whores Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian are the elites. One needs only have a 10 inch cock to operate within the elite ranks today.

    10. No such word is couth (decorum, manners). Only UNCOUTH

    11. Well that's just not logical. Nothing can be un-something if that something doesn't exist.

      Once again Patriarch you are showing me what I always say about are an idiot.

    12. I love this blog, I always have a good laugh before bed,

  2. My family wasn't rich by any means like the families of the CIA barons of the 1950s -- who to a man had trust funds, and those who didn't like Howard Hunt struggled financially even though he AND his wife were GS - 17s ! His oldest son St.John became a street level drug dealer and ner-do-well.

    My father set me up with my first business when I was 10 or 11 re-loading ammunition while other kids had paper routes LOL. His plans for me were to progress to using larger and larger calibres of guns, and at the same time I launched into a career as a painter and sold through an art gallery in San Antonio, the "Sol Del Rio."

    I mean how many16 year old kids are there who are as comfortable at a rifle range shooting a Weatherby 30-378 as they are in a studio painting still lifes and nudes, and making a living at this?

    Yes I went to MIT and did a lot of work on strategic nuclear weapons communications systems, and every other kind of technical and scientific and anthropological acedemic work, but I was just as comfortable running call girl rings or any other kind of "underworld" activity.

    As long as it has a purpose it's all the same to me.

    1. If you wanna know what my father was like watch Don Draper in "Mad Men."

      Everytime I see Jon Ham in that role wearing those suits and ties and sun glasses...and the shape of his hands are identical to my fathers, and his height and build and dark short hair...

      And my father was also like him in that my father's family were dirt poor peasant-looking people and his father an alcoholic who slept in parks....

      But my father was exactly like Don Draper...exactly in every way including his history except my father actuall y fought in Korea.

    2. In every office my father worked in the other workers were un-couth bumpkins while my father glided in wearing his taylored suits and athletic build. While the others were trolls my father was the "stud."

  3. But let me comment on Dr.P's assertion that CIA grew out of the wartime OSS. There's a lot of truth in that as the Barons of CIA in the 1950s were from the OSS -- Colby, Barnes, Dulles, Hunt, Fitzgerald, Wisner and many others. It was Wisner and Dulles and a few others who lobbied for CIA to be created and it would not have been created if they had not pushed for it. Otherwise it would never have come about. But although these former OSS guys founded it, it was very different from OSS and these guys were a minority of the officers even from the beginning. So it's not accurate that CIA is a morphed creature of OSS. Even at the beginning most CIA officers had not been in OSS. Most CIA officers at the beginning came from the FBI or the military. CIA was shaped at the beginning by General Bedell Smith, the former Chief of Staff to Eisenhower, and Smith is the one who really set things up organizationally during the Korean War. Then Dulles came along and ran it, but it was set in stone by Smith.

    1. Two examples of top officers from the FBI were William Harvey and Winston Scott.

    2. Richard Bissill was a professor of economics who taught a rouge class advocating Keynsian principles and my case officer Walt Rostow was in that class at Yale when he was sixteen years old...then Rostow joined OSS in an office making recommendations for strategic bombing. It's often claimed that this office "targeted" the bombers of the eighth air force but I don't believe it. I don't believe the Army would let OSS do their targeting for them...LOL... I think Rostow's office did damage assessment and then lobbied for this or that set of targets based on theories of what is most critical to the German war effort and infrastructure. Anyway when Rostow left OSS he knew all the people like Dulles and Casey and others who later ran CIA so he was an agent even while he was at MIT....all his acedemic work at MIT and elsewhere was all CIA propaganda and acedemic level psych warfare...He was a CIA asset the whole time everywhere he went...even when he was the NSC Advisor to Johnson and he didn't understand that. I don't think Mac Bundy knew it unless his brother knew and told him. Maybe his brother did because Mac Bundy later hated Rostow. But the "secret team" aspect to this as laid out by Fletcher Prouty is absolutely true. Absolutely true..and the guy I worked with David Strier was an Air Force officer who really was a CIA officer so that
      s the way they set it up....

      And at that time no one even knew CIA existed. They had all these officers working undercover in all these government positions but they were really working for CIA, and no one knew what CIA was..

      They first infiltrated the US government before they penetrated any other government.

    3. Poor anthrax scientist Frank Olson who was murdered by Lashbrooke and two others....he was an officer at Ft.Detrick in the army but he too was really a CIA officer.

    4. It was Bedell Smith who had the horsepower to get this make all the services as well as the State Dept. accept all these dual service people...working as a military officer and at the same time really working for CIA.

    5. I mean Allen Dulles would never....never...have been able to get the services to accept CIA officers in their ranks like that...that would be a joke from the beginning.

  4. BRENNAN will make it even more clandestine, unaccountable, lawless, & a black $$ ops.
    Things do not get better under this communist regime; they go from bad to worse.

    Brennan is a liar.

    Declassifying Hitler: an open secret:

  5. The first time I showed up in the CIA office at their State Street location in Boston to speak to someone from their Administrative or "personnel" department...

    I was wearing my normal Armani suit and Bally shoes. The only suits I had were Armani, and I only had three of them.

    He had NEVER...NEVER seen anyone from MIT dressed like that.

  6. The officer who was tortured to death in Beirut, William Buckley. Every year he bought three suits from Brooks Brothers.

  7. Getting back to my father...

    You see my father had the same background as Lee Harvy Oswald, and operated in the same general region and had the same case officer for a time.....the insane David Phillips.

    And Phillips didn't come from the military or OSS or anything..
    Phillips came from business and advertising and he was discovered by Howard Hunt in Chile and he was made a supergrade GS-17 right off the bat.

    But to Phillips guys like Oswald and my father were just expendable lower-class dupes to be thrown into the fire as needed.

    Phillips liked my father the way Roger Sterling of "Mad Men" liked and needed Don Draper. Sterling and Cooper needed Don Draper because he was a young talented stud who could charm people with his act...but he was sort of fake because he didn't really come from the repectability that they came from....but he had the goods they didn't.

    But Phillips and his crowd killed Oswald and they barely treated my father any better, and the person my father named me after, who was named Michael, was also CIA in south Texas and he turned up dead in January 1975......i think because he knew too much.

    So those guys would use us but we were dirt to them. At least my father and his group, but then I went to MIT so maybe that made me one of "them" I don't know....

    What I know is that Rostow expected me to do things he would never do...and I did those things because I was the stud he could never be. I was the real James Bond he could never ever be. So there you have it. It's a reciprocal jealousy I imagine.

    1. I remember in the early 1970s traveling with my father all over south every little town where my father knew the ranching families who owned the banks and insurance agencies....

      And the south Texas brush and the quayle we used to hunt [that Dick Cheney doesn't know how to do] and the endless fields of grain and rice and steers and cattle. We drove from town to town in Ford Gran Torinos. It was the greatest road trip of all in the frontier of reality..not of Hollywood.

      And thinking back in remembrance it was perfect. It was the perfect place with the perfect people and a perfect life.....


    2. Everyone fights for what they love.

  8. Take for example that lying bumpkin Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle is a bumpkin...wears a cowboy hat and boots and drives around in a truck and has a horrible east Texas dialect and speaks like a rancher or something.... And he's an OBVIOUS liar to anyone with any street sense...I mean this guy says PHONEY written all over him. He's a vulgarian and a blowhard asshole from day one...


  9. I mean when I see someone like Cofer Black, the head of the Clandestine Service after 9-11....LOL

    I mean this guy is a real phony big mouth wannabe jock TALKER !!

    But that's ALL HE IS !!

    He's not even good case officer material !!

    He couldn't recruit a girl to be pimped by him !!!!!!!!!

    He's a wannabe and a jerk !!!


  10. Have I in the past been able to recruit girls to be pimped by me?

    Fuck yes!

    Anyone who can't or wouldn't doesn't belong in that business!!

    Can you imagine Cofer Black getting a girl to do that !!!

    He'd be about as effective as Karl Rove LOL

    1. That is fucking hilarious. Karl Rove..."The Pimpmeister" -Maybe if you dress him in a purple pimp suit with a matching hat with a feather in it, and give him a gold grill, a cane, a pocket watch, an a white Lincoln Continental from the 1970's and put a parrot on one shoulder Rofl!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. On second thought; Karl Rove is to pimping, what Arnold Schwarzenegger is to acting.

    4. Karl Rove would fit as agent in some Bavarian cattle slaughterhouse working as cutter while holding saw in white coat. No one would even know he actually works for Bulgarian military counter intelligence. He might be popular around those women who like devoted working champions having at least 250 lbs.

    5. Karl Rove made someone who could not organize a picnic, President...twice! That is quite some skill. Also apparently he determines what our 'reality' is, not bad going at all.

    6. Karl Rove is our human social non-animalistic dimension, he is our commonality, he is why we are not just animals, therefore he best of us all.

    7. Beside Mr. Rove is already in his third marriage, obviously girls are waiting in line... Sorry CIA/MIT, Mr. Rove is future of evolution.

  11. David Strier was a pig and used to brag to me about his conquests of women.

    But he did say one thing which was true.

    Once he said, "If you're in a group of people playing cards or whatever for the evening and at the end of the evening the one hot girl around doesn't choose you to be the one to go home with...

    Then you don't belong in this business!"

  12. Thanks CIA Operator. I am down here in South Texas on land with cattle, and it is paradise. Maybe not for everyone, but for my family it is. We are truly blessed. I walk with the dogs in the brush, find a quiet place, lay down in the grass against a hill and think about God.

    1. The coastal plain of south Texas has the best people in all of Texas. They don't speak with any Texas or southern dialect of any kind, nor do they wear huge belt buckles or outrageous cowboy attire.

      According to Hollywood it's "No Country for old men" but that's a lie.

      I'm so glad we took that area from Mexico and saved it.

    2. CIA,
      I just arbitrated with my housing manager as they didn't want to renew my lease and no option in Boston has opened up on craigslist as folks understandably prefer professional, younger, or utilities not included in rents I can afford; doable, but exceedingly difficult, especially with limited funds for commuter rail to look, snowmageddons, and a wicked bronchitis/cold that I just recovered from.

      I am now on a month to month lease and ultra vulnerable here still.

      I am researching Grandview, Mo as with triple the income limits for stable apartments required in most states, I have checked, I cannot get my own apartment.

      Grandview has the IHOP prayer place and many housing options have been created for spiritual tourists. The rooms are affordable and decent, but church doctrine a bit OTT, but I could attend any church. KC also has an endocrinologist that is accepting new patients on Medicare.

      I know someone in KC who can pick me up, but no room as they rent a tiny place.
      I would have to rent sight unseen in Grandview and landlords in conservative areas not keen on that. I think I can manage it though.

      Boston, Boise, Waco, Corpus Christi, (as I lived there for two years in high school) and Kalispell are also more affordable and I am looking at them as well.

      None of the aforementioned have expanded Medicaid, Boston wiser for health access. I am type one diabetic for fifty years now.

      In Dallas three years ago NO specialist would take a new patients on Medicare.

      If someone bought me a house in Boston, I would stay here, but no one can afford Boston property. On the North Shore, I am isolated and the culture here is brutal, but I am not homeless, and that is a miracle right now. Business owners have told me hundreds of victims like me.
      I am ultra high risk for homelessness. If someone bought me a house here, I still want out.

      I am leaning to KC. I could help a home school family, etc., and church has 24/7 prayer and worship. I used to be in that type church before I was awoken to the real world. Very safe area, many walkers. Limited transport there, but sense of community seeems much stronger, especially to a newbie like me.

      My MSW, a 62 year old man, very respected, has two good people who left toxic buildings who are now living in storage bins for two years. Housing brutal here. Strong tenant laws make quieting down drunken/toxic tenants difficult for management. Easier to not renew lease of the non drinker who documents.

      Any thoughts appreciated.

    3. If I were living on such a tight margin I wouldn't leap into some strange environment in another state where I'd never lived and didn't know anyone. And once there what are your plans for making more money?

      It's not what I would do or recommend to anyone.

      If it were me I would continue looking on Craigslist for a better place, and then look for other ways to make money by means of self employment. With enough time some alternatives along those lines are bound to come up. Spring is right around the corner, and shortly the snow will be melted and the girls at the colleges there will be wearing their shorts outdoors. I remember Boston in the Spring and it's much better to get around and accomplish things then.

    4. Otherwise I strongly recommend Waco or Corpus if you can find an MD in either place. Waco is the cheapest place anywhere and it's a beautiful small city with no traffic and the weather is good. Corpus is also cheap to live in but it's not as where on the Texas coast is nice.

    5. Snow has melted off most of the sidewalk's the last couple of days. The guys wear no shirts while girls are in short shorts, lol.

      I will search local Boston diligently now. Safer for me to stay for sure.

      I do have an old friend in KC who is going to look at a room in a great location at a great price in KC for me tomorrow. The owner was nice on the phone and not afraid of my situation. The room is right on the bus line and the University is close by. My stuff is still stored in Dallas, not too far away, and KC people very friendly on all calls. Very respectful. I moved to Boston with one acquaintance. My Joslin, MSW said KC has great diabetology care and friendly people. Jobs likely better there, but will research it.

      Corpus likely like Mexico now. My Spanish is weak. Waco has my attention. Baylor there, but costly. I would need a car though.

      Thanks for replying.

    6. ... Church ... First of all you should save money to buy something, to save something you must get US social security and come to Croatia to start saving money. My two uncles working in america will come back, because here with (monthly US social security) you can rent average two room flat, and live like average. You can teach english (to those who wants to speak perfect english, it is 20$ per 45 min). Here are flats in Croatian city of Rijeka, where there is culture of working class. This one you can share with someone
      and those you can rent out alone,
      Just get that social security and start saving money...
      here is list of all. (Get serious. Find some proper mid west religious fanatic from USA, so you can start saving money together.) Run away from that slave farm where people work like horses. Capitalist parasites are just using your Christian working culture. Oh you can also here rent touristic apartments to americans, be contact and agency, you can earn much. You can help many people to get american tourists. For town of Opatija and for whole Istra peninsula.

    7. but in USA you can also do same, teach (hispanic especially) kids in private, you can prepare organic meals to some companies, but if that is not going to be at least 20$ per hour with savings than consider all options...

    8. I regret signing this thing yesterday. Complicated. They had/have me by the cajones. I have air miles and social security already, but law prohibits leaving country to live and receive it. If I took my air miles and went, lived modestly there, maybe even renting a room from a homeowner, could I land where you are and can you help me at first get settled in? I would be a great tourism galaxy and enjoy teaching very much.

    9. Corpus like Mexico?

      What I like about south Texas is that the hispanics there hate illegal Mexicans.

      It's a mistake to think that the latinos of south Texas want wetbacks or care about their demands.

      No one knows the scam of wetbacks more than the hispanic Americans of south Texas.

    10. I hear you. You would know better than I. I was a teenager when there. Makes sense.

      I am sad about the meeting yesterday. I am so far out of my cultural norms of behavior here. I don't think most Southerners could comprehend what I have suffered.

    11. Southern there is not problem at all, because you CAN have your social security here, you can go as tourist where every you want, (you should contact US embassy in Croatia and ask) without it i would not recommend to you to think that you can come and earn enough, but with social security you can plan. This flat looks fantastic, in my city, nice area, very good price.

    12. We do not have racial and religious minorities and we do not like to work, so capitalists must lower prices. I remember that someone was mugged on street 15 years ago, that happen among some crazy drug addicts , which makes our criminal record in last 15 years among 350000 people... Criminal here is mostly among family members... But only among those family members which are not related to you, like your spouse.

    13. Even US Nazis receive their US social security in Croatia.

    14. I appreciate your input greatly. The apartment link in your town makes my $540 a month studio look grim in comparison.

      I am only 52, ended up this SSI, see below, after a complex foot injury and surgery. I have heard if you declare non resident alien status on your passport there is a way to do this, that alternative radio guy Clint Richardson has a guy on who discusses this, but I am in a very stressed situation and hoping to for now just get a safe landing spot. Maybe then researching creative options there.

      Thanks again.

      What About SSI?

      The rules for receiving Social Security overseas do not apply to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Most recipients of SSI are not entitled to benefits outside the United States. SSI benefits will stop if a recipient is outside the United States for more than 30 days, and benefits won't start up again until the recipient is back in the country for at least 30 days. However, there are exceptions for dependent children of military personnel and students studying abroad.

    15. SouthernBelle,

      I forgot to mention this but the CARELINK medical services in San Antonio would probably cover you.

      It's for under-employed or low income residents of Bexar County.

    16. San Antonio is affordable and the most progressive city in Texas by far. The weather is always good and food and housing are cheap.

      But it's the only democratic city in Texas, and by that I mean that the citizens are organized and they have built accountable police and other services. The services of San Antonio are unlike any other place in Texas. There's more services for people in that city than just about anywhere.

      In contrast the so-called progressive city of Austin has NO CARELINK or any other kind of medical subsidized housing like San Antonio has in huge facilities because their Mayors always choose to become HUD Secretaries....and all other manner of assistance.

      If I were you I would look at San Antonio.

    17. For decades San Antonio has had a zoo, several major art museums, and other cultural icons...

      Austin has no zoo, and no art museums supported by the city or it's city fathers of dope smokers.

    18. Funny thing you posted this as a forensic psychology guy friend told me the same a couple of days ago re: San Antonio. I will look at it online. Thanks.

    19. Well keep eyes open. And always ask.

    20. San Antonio really seems like great option. It looks like it have best of both world - European (Spanish -Mexican -Mediterranean in desert) and Protestant (like to work) mentality

    21. Guys,

      I have been invited to San Antonio by a young officer in training, a Saudi. He is in an ESL program. We connected via a room posted and are talking on the phone and I am pretty funny when I am mad and I, last week, was falsely accused by my housing director bully of abusing an older man, a drunk who is noisy at night, but I am always kind to tenants and staff here. Explaining townie to him with humor has been therapeutic. He leaves for another base in June. I have rented a room in Jackson and ordered a pair of steel magnolia silver earrings to celebrate my suffering is coming to a close here without me retaliating evil for evil. I was born in Jackson, but we moved to New Orleans when I was two yrs old. The man was respectful and I think go there and use it as a base to search for a long term option. Reprieve from here a must. Any thoughts on my plan? I haven't sent the deposit for Jackson yet.
      SIX hours from Dallas where my stuff is stored and four hours from New Orleans.

    22. Clarify,

      Use Jackson as a base, cheaper to live, yes ma'am's ALL day long instead of mean bullies and arrogant academics, and go to San Antonio to visit, maybe even go next week for a few days, then come back here and get moved to J, where the landlord has been very respectful by phone, then go back to SA and stay as a guest in the room for rent, if it seems safe when I visit. Working out details now. I could become the organic cooker, ESL helper personal assistant for a bit.

    23. I expect it will be nice just how you deserve.

  13. We are rapidly being defeated by COG:

  14. Question: How compromised is the CIA?

    Can it be reorganized into a competent and ethical department of the U. S. government under the constraint of the U. S.

    Or would that be an exercise in "moving the deck chairs on the Titanic"?

    I am worried about our republic.

    Curious, Dr. P. has vigorously criticized Brennan on numerous occasions, but turns around and applauds his stated intention of reorganizing the CIA. Can someone so compromised actually be the author of an honest reorganization?

    Is Dr. P. in the position of having to applaud Brennan's stated intention because... well, you work with what you have, not what you would like?

    Maybe so. I'd be interested in knowing how Dr. P. squares his earlier criticism of Brennan (actually, if my memory serves me, it was total condemnation of Brennan) and this "atta boy" commentary welcoming Brennan's pushy for a reorganization.

    Considering Brennan has been, in my opinion, a corrupt individual (partially informed by Dr. P.'s own prior commentary), can Brennan be trusted to actually restructure the CIA in any meaningful way?

    I have a hypothesis: Assuming Brennan is corrupt, for sake of argument, could this be a way for him to "wash away" that stain of corruption from his personal reputation?

    Or is this a sincere case of someone, who has been compromised, wanting to change his ways and do right by the organization he leads and the American People?

    If there is any department of the U. S. government that has been hijacked by the "shadow government", it is the CIA.

    Perhaps, Dr. P. is interested in efficiency and results, but to what end? Because it is not just the internal structure of the CIA that matters, but the overall direction and purpose of the CIA that matters most.

    I don't care how efficient an organization actually operates, if the goals conflict with the preservation of the American Republic, as a republic, as opposed to an empire.

    Efficiency in service to an empire of global domination, including the subjugation of the American People as unknowing vassals, to be used and manipulated in support of that empire, is not a result I get warm and fuzzy about.

    1. Well said Anaconda! I couldn't agree more whole heartedly!

  15. Patriarch, you have demonstrated a desire, by your comments, to know the truth. Search out the truth. I commend you for your efforts (as a 90 year old person, when it is so easy to sit back and say, "My time has passed, I'll leave it to others younger than me.").

    Patriarch, I know you are a loyal American, a patriot, who has fought for his country (in the South Pacific during WWII).

    I understand people have sympathies and care about foreign countries, which they deem to have some connection with (for whatever reason).

    This is true for many Americans, but seems especially true for Americans of Jewish decent. I understand that sentiment and respect it. But I have a question for you: When does that sentiment for a foreign country, however well meaning, become a detriment for their own country, because the policies advocated and advanced by the foreign country are in opposition to the interests of their own country?

    I ask that because the Likud leadership in Israel seems intent on destabilizing the Middle East to the perceived benefit of Israel (I say, "perceived" because I don't think it actually is in the benefit of Israel to destabilize the Middle East, but that's another story), when that destabilization is against the interest of their own country, the United States of America.

    Remember, when the U. S. was at war with Germany, twice, a huge percentage of Americans were of German ethnic origin (roughly around 30%), yet, overwhelmingly, these Americans of German origin fought for their country as patriots against the nation-state of Germany.

    Obviously, we are not at war with Israel, nor ever likely to be at war with Israel, but it is becoming clearer over time, to me, that the "perceived" interest of Israel, by the Likud leadership, is at odds with American interests of stability in the Middle East.

    At this point, apparently, the above opinion, is subject to debate, but should it be expressed clearly by the American People in a clear democratic majority, that the actions of the nation-state of Israel run against U. S. national interest, will Jewish Americans loyally support America as patriots or will they support a foreign country's policies?

    Jewish Americans should not be put in a position where they have to choose, but if they are, what will their choice be?

    Patriarch, my sense is that if you clearly saw that Israeli policies were against U. S. interests, you would support America as a loyal American, provided that interests were noble and justified, not corrupt and abusive.

    I hope I am right about you and frankly the vast majority of Jewish Americans.

    I guess a salient question would then be, would there ever be a situation where Jewish Americans would acknowledge Israeli foreign policy is against U. S. interest?

    Let's not get to that point, but the neocon line of policy has been a disaster for the U. S., yet because of Jewish political power in America, neocons, not only get a polite hearing for their policy positions, their policies are still animating U. S. foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond.

    This is potentially a existential threat to the U. S. and the world because, in my opinion, neocon policy is driving the U.S. and the world towards World War III.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    1. You are not wrong, but it just does not matter. Any american, and yes, even jewish americans can be against some kind of policy of united states, why not, that question matter only if they would start working against constitutional order of USA. In case of war against Israel than they can be against that war even if they are mobilised in to army and have to shoot on Israeli soldiers. If they are doing what is allowed than there should not be any problem. That question is not important also, because Israel will do what Israel wants. No Israel will support solution by which there is one united enemy of Israel standing on borders of Israel. It is policy of divide, divide your enemy and play balance of power, if needed by instability. If Israel nuke Iran, than USA must say to Iran that USA will not tolerate behaviour of Iran by which Iran will blame USA for that, or tolerate behaviour by which Iran will not look USA as friend. That is problem of Israel and Iran. There are no more excuses for Iran to not be friend with USA.

    2. Anaconda,

      Brennan believes he is indispensible.
      He has an unaccountable budget.
      Watch the YouTube video in my comment above.

      This "remodeling" is a deflection from all their criminal lawless activity.

      Brennan Is a con man, first class. There will be retribution.

      Brennan has been tutored in elocution. He is a street smart kid with a street dialect - leaves off his endings of words.
      He lives by his in luxury.

      Listen carefully to his orchestrated speech to the CFR TODAY & you will pick up on his real diction.

      Watch his reaction & his Lies when he answers the question comparing the 2 charlatans: CLINTON & Obama, his meal ticket.


    3. Anaconda,
      Re: israel
      Part 1:

      I am a Harry Truman democrat. I was 92 yesterday. Very few of us are still around. My first date with my wife was "Gentlemen's Agreement" in the fall of 1947. The theme was anti -SEMITISM in the USA AFTER THE WAR. It won the best picture academy award. What does that tell you about repeating history?

      I have a bad cold, so my daily duplicate bridge schedule is on hiatus.

      Yes, I am a war vet. I joined the reserves so I would not be drafted in the fall of my sophomore year on the assurance the War Dept. would not disrupt my college studies. At the beginning of my 2nd semester, they called me up.

      I was a radio transmitter operator on IWO jima.
      My brother rescued a Torah from a war- torn-Europe-destroyed synagogue & brought it home to ours.

      I have Seen it all. Done it all, most important, HEARD IT ALL.

      There is nothing knew under the sun, especially stateside CORRUPTION, greedy politicians, & those who truly believe they above the law. Justice is a theory not an act.

      I have lived long enough to witness the Democratic party morph into a Communist Party, USA. You know, the one Joe McCarthy warned us about?

      YES, I DO BELIEVE THIS IMPOSTER Obama was spawned from a 60's RED Weather Underground flower child & born illegitimate.
      Yes, believe he is a commie, mentored by Dr. Fred NEWMAN, who mentored Sotomeyor, & Sharpton, & believed to be his blood uncle.

    4. Part II:

      Just as my psyche life influences are pro-Zionism (not the prejudiced label thrown around in the web) OBAMA's are pro-Communism.

      Those who scorn the Jewish-label "Zionist", & jump to "neocon", are doing nothing more than publicly invalidating unaccountable appointees & those who indirectly derive their livelihood from international diplomacy. They will continue to be demonized & scapegoated, but it will not matter.

      JEWS in the USA, ESPECIALLY the elder "patriarch" philanthropists do not care about the demonization of the CFR JINOS ( jews in name only); It is their heritage & their obligation to watch out for their Brethren (tzedakah-charity).

      When Truman recognized Israel, George Marshall & his "wise men" wanted no part of it. (Dean Acheson, Robert Lovett, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, James V. Forrestal, & Dean Rusk.)

      Just as Brzezinski has followed over the years to foment aggression in the Mideast, those "wise men" formulated the Israel-Arab foreign policy to date.

      JEWS throughout history have always been the scapegoat. You have to be carefully taught to hate. Presently, they are the lead defendants in every terror conspiracy, from 9-11 to the Boston Marathon to ISIS.

      If Israel was so powerful, they would be financially independent, & would have secured Jonathan Pollard's release from Caspar Weinberger's, Ed Meese's, & Bobby Rae Inman's malfeasant tentacles, 30 years ago.

      In addition, Israel has many internal enemies- primarily, themselves. It is a fight for power, not philosophy, much like what has happened here. Their common denominator is "state security". Ours is lobbyists.

      If you visited, you would change your perspective - that all the international resentment is manufactured to maintain belligerency, creating small wars continuously all over the world...a worldwide Psyops in order to circulate the petrodollar.

      Israel is not the problem, per se. If the US brass who never enlisted, felt it was in its interest, it would cut off aid. The problem is an age old one..scapegoating & boogeymen.

    5. Part III:

      Our "leaders" have now veered to manufactured Islamic "terror" for that endeavor.

      Israel will continue its policy position, regardless of whom is PM. They saw what happened when Sharon gave up Gaza. It only energized the Arab state & its proxies. Now I understand, they have rockets so fast, a 15 sec warning will not be announced. The orders are: Stay in your shelter 24/7.

      Would you rather have them become our 51st state?
      That would solve much of the antipathy, & the aid would be replaced with "subsidies".

      Presently I am working on recommendations for a hopeful Article V, Convention of the States. Among many, I have 2 priorities for Amendments: Term limits to mitigate corruption of the "lifers" on Capitol Hill; and mandatory arms insurance to complement gun licensing. If auto insurance is mandatory, so should gun insurance.

      The Executive Branch & the Cabinet appointees are unaccountable to the People who pay for their networking. & future enrichment. Obama has an unlimited expense account. He has spent approximately $1billion on personal excess & frivolity. The Legislative Branch belongs to the Lobbyists; and the immune unelected Judiciary has decided to impose its personal favoritism CREATING & WRITING LAW in lieu of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.
      Presently, 35 states have made application. 34 are needed for 2/3.

      Now, it is in McConnell & Boehner's lap. If they ignore or decline, those state legislatures will respond accordingly.

      I never thought I would live to see the Red Sox win a World Series, let alone 3...the Article V convening would far outweigh any event I have witnessed in my lifetime, even the ravages of war.

      Stay tuned.

    6. So you should be for workers-self management or at least for progressive taxation?

    7. This guy is solution! Robert David Steele

    8. Patriarch, thank you for your thoughtful response.

    9. "Gentlemen's Agreement": a classic AND TIMELESS.

  16. Let me clarify, neocon foreign policy, in my opinion, does not speak for all Jewish Americans, as a whole, and likely, it is not even a majority, but neocon policy does appear to be intellectually driven, by many Jewish Americans, and, also, many non-Jewish Americans, John McCain, as example, there are others, of course.

    But, these neocon policies are backed by a very politically engaged and active segment of the Jewish community in America, even if it is not a majority.

    In the Middle East, these neocon policies seem to be for the "perceived" benefit of Israel, while at the same time damaging the U. S. interest.

    Iraq? Now, Iraq now tilts to Iran and has become unstable.

    Syria? A secular government which promotes the safey and participation of its minorities and promotes stability within its borders, if not particularly friendly to Israel.

    Libya? A stable country, however unpopular its leader, turned into chaos.

    Ukraine? (outside Middle East, but neocon driven), bankruptcy of the country, and pitting the U. S. versus Russia via proxy where there is no vital national security interest of the U. S. at stake.

    I don't see a single neocon policy that has been successful in creating stability and peace -- neocon policies have uniformly been policies of war with the only non-aggressive position of complete capitulation for the other side. In other words, surrender or face war and destruction.

    Most countries don't accept surrender or capitulation and capitulation in order to spare war is not a peace policy, it is part of a bellicose policy short of war.

    I shake my head that the Republican Party leadership is so beholden to neocon policy, especially after the Iraq debacle, which cost it legislative majorities in both houses of Congress and the 20008 presidential election.

    Those that claim the Iraq debacle didn't cost the Republican Party both houses of Congress and the Presidency are willfully blind to the political reality.

    But now it is even worse because apparently both political party's leadership seems beholden to neocon policy.

    A policy position which seems to benefit a foreign country more than America, itself, should not have such sway in the U. S.

    1. Like Hitler said, there are a few good Jews and when you find one by all means save them. But the majority of them are a danger to the world.

      In terms of the Jews in occupied Palestine. There are a few very good ones who have documented the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Jews there against the native Arabs, and have done other humanitarian things. Dr.s Chomsky and Finkelman are Jews like that here, but they are outnumbered by the evil Jews of AIPAC and Allen Dershowitz and his type....

      So there you have it.

      Most Jews in Israel are chauvanistic racist Jewish supremicists who treat all gentiles like scum. So why should the gentiles put up with this?

      History shows they don't, so there you have it.