Thursday, March 26, 2015

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Presidential Contender: A Study in Narcissistic Solipsism.
I love me! You love me! They love me! We all love me!  Even Princeton and Harvard Love Me! Even Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz [Israeli operative] thinks “I Am Uber Smart”! 
Sooo…who does not love me? 
Answer: The Veterans and Taxpaying Citizens of America.
By now every American has heard the clarion call from the Senate Halls and Liberty University that Ted “The Cross” Cruz has decided that the American citizens are worthy of having this native-born Canadian [Calgary] become the President of the USA. How fortunate we are to have such a stellar candidate. 

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting with baited breath for this pronouncement. I can’t remember anyone who was so divine that he did not really have to be born in the U.S. proper to feel that he, and only he, should be the next leader of this amazing Superpower.
Oops! I have made a slight mistake. 
I was just informed that the miscreant Republican President Chester Arthur declared in a moment of a lapsed memory that he had been born in Vermont; but, he belatedly discovered that he really had been born in Canada---just like our divine Ted Cruz.  Heck, even John McCain was born in Panama Canal Zone. Let’s not be petty. Mexico and Canada are really part of the North American Hemisphere. It’s just a minor technicality. 

However, the full impact of Ted’s announcement did not hit me until he started to sing the praises of American virtue at Bob Jones Liberty University. So I quickly went to check out the fact that he must have signed up for military service as did the Democratic contender Jim Webb who volunteered to go to the Vietnam War and serve. I looked in every place on the internet and even some of the Army archives, YET I could not find Ted Cruz’s name anywhere. Maybe his voluntary military service to America had been misplaced [ it does happen from time to time].

I went to check if he had joined the Peace Corps like the great American War Hero, Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Yet there were no records that Ted Cruz tried to avoid Vietnam Military service as did the four Bush Sons---Marvin; Neil; George Jr; and Jeb. So if he did not try to avoid U.S. military service like the Bush sons, there was one other alternative that I had clearly missed. I looked up to find out whether Ted Cruz had become a Southern Baptist Missionary going into the dangerous Ebola ridden areas of Sierra Leone or Liberia. Or maybe he had gone with some of my Christian Missionary Association Pastors to the Malaysia or Indonesia?
Nothing! I found that he had not even volunteered for missionary work as a member of the 14 million devotees of the Southern Baptist Churches. I decided there was only one attribute to which I could assign his sense of divine destiny—his impeccable, radiating NARCISSISM! Now I felt that I may have come closer to understanding what Ted Cruz was really all about. He is a man who could not tell us enough about how much he loved himself and more importantly how much we Americans should love him. Then, I understood that Ted was just the logical extension of a thirty year pattern of Democratic [Bill Clinton and Obama] and Republican [Bush Jr] Sociopaths who had really never served our country but spent most of their childish lives [which extended into adulthood] learning how to tell people how wonderful they really were.

It is not easy to convince anyone especially oneself how wonderful one is if that one person had never really had a real job, created a functional business or served in our military. It becomes incumbent on one’s self to enter into a world of solipsism, repeating to oneself in a series of logical circles about self-love; based on nothing more than wishful thinking and self-delusions that one is completely wonderful and destined for greatness.
The beauty of a Ted Cruz candidacy is that it highlights that we have had nothing but paper tigers with daddy issues who have resided in the White House for the past thirty years. If you think that I am belittling the lack of impressive credentials that all three past presidents have had- simply look at their respective backgrounds. Two went to Yale—Clinton and Bush Jr. Two went to Harvard Graduate Schools—Bush Jr and Obama.
This crème de la crème came out with diplomas signifying much of nothing. They were all Ivy Leaguers who had never had to descend into the brutal struggles of everyday living. They never had to meet a payroll or a mortgage which they had bought with their hard-earned money. All three were spoiled children of a generation of absent fathers and maternal indulgences. None had ever created a job or a company with employees … they never really had to harden their callouses with manual work.

All three had one thing in common—they were bred and nurtured by our rarefied CIA organization that somehow attained the misbegotten notion that they were the keepers of the Republic. Wrong again! Two had no fathers [Clinton and Obama] and one never had a father at home [Bush Jr]. Absent fathers allowed for the psychologically sensitive CIA to move in and become the surrogate ‘daddy’ [cheap Freudian theory –but that’s how they work].
Now we have Ted Cruz who had a father. This father is really one piece of Cuban fanciful dreams. He claims that he was beaten by Batista’s ruthless thugs. Then as a result he joined the Castro Regime. Poor daddy Cruz now emphasizing that he had made a mistake to join Castro. More poignantly, he tells you that he also was beaten up by the Castro regime. In Cuban Spanish we call his father—Pobrecito! “Little poor one”!
Like Ted Cruz, the Daddy Cruz goes into desultory vocal rants about our American founding fathers and their genius. However, he forgets to tell us that unlike many of us grateful Cubans who came to this country and gladly served in the military, Daddy Cruz DID NOT!

Ted Cruz is the penultimate sociopathic candidate. Do nothing, say anything loudly and over again. And above all else: distort the truth! Please lets discontinue our thirty year streak of worthless men. It must be incumbent on us as citizens of this great country to find a candidate who had served our country selflessly and has had the experience of running a company, state or something that has proven his/her mettle along the way. 

I am grateful for Ted Cruz and his willingness to demonstrate unabashedly grandiosity without having shown any really substance. From Ted we can learn exactly what we do not want or need for our great country.
Let me end with the witticism of the former Journalist/CIA operative, William F. Buckley:
“I would rather be governed by the first three hundred names in the Boston telephone book than by the Faculty of Harvard University.” 


  1. 1. I do not like his ears, they are evidence for bad genetic material, but also we see here additional influences like we have at Robert Zoellick, and Timothy Geithner on their ears.
    2. Satan wanted communist USA, as that could have been be his big work after 2007, but seems as that is not passing. And because he is Europe now, in USA, he will continue with this neoliberalism/ neoconservatism again, until total destruction again to try get communism again. With this Cuban super communist neoliberal neoconservative it will go easy.
    2. He showed his ears moving when he was talking about abolishing Obamacare for Americans (Cuban was thinking, mmm more dead Americans)... Better Obamacare than nothing.
    3. He is Taliban dangerous market fundamentalist or let's say: evil idiot who thinks that market is perfect as we all know that nothing is perfect. He thinks that markets are God.
    4. Total sociopath.

    1. Here we have something about Cesare Lombroso types of genetical criminals.

  2. Come on Steve, tell us what you really think. This is top notch. Great piece Steve.

    1. Steve's post is so true, as to be funny. However, Ted Cruz is given as the leader, who will lead to a result unexpected.

      Reminds me of the nepotism theme "There's no solution in Politics - Alan Watt Breaks Down Ron Paul"

  3. Great piece. Cruz comes off as the perfect Republican Christian hero. Its great shtick. To what end? Another buffoon put to the sword in the media to make the next Neo Con blood bather look good.

    1. Ted Cruz is the ideal leader of the North American Union.
      Likely to by elected because of his support for Israel, opposition to the IRS and against climate fraud.

    2. I think Jeb Bush will be elected, he is married to hispanic wife. With Ted Cruz elite can run from radiation which would come as result of WW3 only to south America, while with Jeb Bush, they could run more easily to, both, Australia and South America.

  4. Ted Cruz is an attention getting person, who will channel the wishes Shadow Government. But, to comply, how will he be compromised, threatened, blackmailed?

  5. Cruz lost me when he insisted on driving the Republicans to a government shutdown when it was obvious it wouldn't work.

    It was grandstanding with no hope of success.

    You need a strong ego to run for president, but we don't need a charlatan and an opportunist in the White House.

    1. "but we don't need a charlatan and an opportunist in the White House" -- Of the potential candidates, promising to reverse some Obama policies, Ted Cruz appears to be the most non-threatening. How will the Shadow Government train Ted Cruz, to do as requested, by the bankers?

    2. What I have seen is that Cruz is more than willing to "sell his soul" to the powers that be if that gets him the money to get elected.

      At this point, I'm interested in Scott Walker, not because I'm 100% in agreement with his union busting policies, I'm not, but because he is furthest from Washington D. C.

      "How will the Shadow Government train Ted Cruz, to do as requested, by the bankers?"

      Cruz's wife was a big shot at Goldman Sachs... You don't think Cruz knows about Wall Street and the bankers?

    3. Yeah I liked Scott Walker when he had that music career in the 1960s and sang, "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore..."

      What a voice!

  6. Ugh...the Cubas again..


    Here in Austin we have a Cuban-borne city police Chief and you can go on Youtube in see some of the insane things he says and does.

    Cubans are not Americans. They don't have American or even European culture. They are banana republic island Carribean crook just like the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, etcc.....

    Someone like Ted Cruz had his father, his grandfathers, all his uncles, etc., all steeped into THAT CULTURE and that's where he learned to be what he is.

    It's simply not true that you can take someone from another culture opposite to America and transplant them here and just because they're a child that they will magically be infused with American civic standards.

    A young man like Ted Cruz grew up in a family of machismo bullshit where his grandfather and uncles and father were the source of his values no matter where he was reared....whether in Cuba or in Canada or America.

    He's just another opportunist. These Cubans are all assholes and they know they're not in their own country so become extremely aggressive.

    I like to remember in the 1980s that executive at the film company CORALCO. I think his name was Menendez. Anyway he was obsessed with becoming a success in America and never losing and he was a bully and a sadist....

    One day in Beverly Hills or wherever his two kids got fed up with him and blew him away with shotguns.

    Typical Cuban asshole.

    Remember CIA used a lot of these remorseless killer psychopaths from Cuba in everything that required pure evil, and some of these morons showed up as the Watergate burglers LOL...

    Cubans go home. The Castros defeated you at every turn and because of that you want to take your inept rage and incompetence and malice elsewhere!

    I mean these guys are soooo fucked.

    They torture and kill in every country in Asia and Latin America and everywhere to "fight communism" all because they CAN'T FIGHT IT AND WIN IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!


  7. Substitute "Cruz "for aka "Obama".
    Cruz is ineligible, just like aka Obama.

    He will never win, but his platform must,

    Your condescension is not equivalent.
    We have a criminal imposter, who just seized the last bastion of liberty, the internet, who is creating false flag Psyops events with the help of the pernicious prevaricator John Brennan all over the planret, & Cruz is your target?

    He is a footnote in history.

    Best spending your time exposing aka obama'a RECIDIVIST mens rea psychopathy..,

    He is bringing our country to its knees with a wink & a nod.

    Most are too distractred to notice.

    1. I know it looks like she has ruled herself out with her deletion of her email account, but I still think you are in for President Clinton 2. Why? I think she would be a good one for the puppet masters as any normal criticism will be ruled sexist. While more practically the candidate with the most money usually wins and I imagine their cash machine is well oiled. She has been getting a fair bit of play over here as Prez in waiting, interviews etc. Our up coming election has Cameron ahead in most polls and on paper he should get it. However I think his rival 'Ed' will take it because I heard him say the other day he will not be holding a referendum for membership of the EU or even think of coming out, I think the power brokers will like that so Ed for PM.

  8. Why is Senator Ted Cruz running for President, if Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada? Is this a VIOLATION of ARTICLE II, Section 5, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION? According to Senator Ted Cruz, one of his (Ted Cruz) parents (MOTHER) was a UNITED STATES CITIZEN; therefore, Senator Ted Cruz has "dual citizenship" at birth. However, this does NOT make Senator Ted Cruz a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN," as required by said ARTICLE II, Section 5, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! Actually, this is a "minor issue"!

    Senator Ted Cruz is an "idiot" as to FOREIGN AFFAIRS! Senator Ted Cruz wants to "kiss the ass" of the Israeli PRIME MINISTER, when the Israeli Government and MOSSAD are controlled from CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE and "HEADQUARTERS" for the ZIONIST MOVEMENT (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock" [this is the fulfillment of Revelation Chapter 2 and verse 9 (BIBLE)!] posted Vitaliy Shapovalov on December 6, 2013)); and in the interim, Senator Ted Crus "claims" to be a "BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN"! THE PROBLEM: NO ONE CAN ACTUALLY SERVE BOTH GOD AND THE DEVIL (SATAN) AT THE SAME TIME! Therefore, Senator Ted Cruz is ignorant and "brain washed" or Senator Ted Cruz is a "SHILL" for the ZIONIST MOVEMENT and a "CLOSET" DEVIL WORSHIPER! Second, Senator Ted Cruz is stating the same thing illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) was stating during the FALL of 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS); and this is: "Iran is going to have nuclear weapons!" Therefore, WE (UNITED STATES) have to "INVADE" IRAN; and THIS WAS THE "PLAN" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "General Wesley Clark speaks to Democracy Now! (March 2, 2007)" [This is a copy of the interview conducted by DEMOCRACY NOW of former N.A.T.O. COMMANDER and UNITED STATES GENERAL Wesley Clark!] posted by Dustin Edward on September 19, 2014), just after the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 ("MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION)!

  9. I can't wait to hear what Steve has to say about Marco Rubio! I believe he is set to announce his candidacy on April 13th in Miami.

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