Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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  1. Let s not loose focus :)


    Blue summer, tears on my pillow
    it's all behind us now
    ripe cherries, her America,
    even today I hear her voice

    Blue summer, glittering eyes,
    she's looking at the palm of my hand
    white birds bring bad luck to me
    she's talking about the things I already know

    California, it was her dream
    California, Coca Cola and shiny things
    California, crazy nights for us
    California, just her and me

    Blue summer, shadows above stars
    tonight I'm staying alone
    bit of salt at the edge of her lips
    all disappeared in a day

    Blue summer, glittering eyes...

  2. Well I don't think that piece took into account the fact that we can't fight each other because of our nuclear weapons..ever hear of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    It's entertaining to speculate and bluster, but in the end war is not an option.

    What might be an option though is a Russian wife. I've been thinking about one from Russia or Ukraine for Moldova.

    At the diner where I eat there was a hot skinny girl from Moldova who was the hostess and she was so cute but for some reason she had a foul mouth. Every other world was "that shitty mother fucker" or the like...

    It was funny. I imagine she came over as a mail order bride and her erstwhile hubby might have spoken that way all the time and it rubbed off on well as his precious fluids [sorry for that last one] he could have been Col. Jack Ripper.

    1. I'm getting worse and worse all the time, and my mind is in a continual gutter. Should I improve?


    2. no improvements please... russian males are super thieves, while their females are just ultimate version... russians will be your poor brothers, that means we split everything you have on half plus i get that what i steal from you.

    3. americans will at least set some rules how to pillage, pillage is allowed to be done only by rich, while in russia everyone is doing it... so, that means american girls are much better (if you have nice good pre marriage contract)

    4. Why don't you get a duo like Steven Seagal did but from a less assertive country like say Thailand or Cambodia? Or become a Morman/Muslim and have 3or4. A few years ago there was a bloke down in Brighton who set up his own religion with himself as high Priest and he had 7 wives! Just a thought.

    5. my goal is to have harem, i am normal

    6. My grandfather in Waco, Texas used to hire Seventh Day Adventists to do construction for him. They called themselves the "Branch Davidians," and then years later they were led by a charismatic young horny guy named Vernon Howell who perferred to be called "David Koresh." He liked to help himself to sexual fun with any of the girls there who were cute, and if they were fourteen or so years old he could legally do this if the girl's parents consented...which they always did.

      Hey, who am I to criticize.

    7. Yes I think Col. Jack Ripper would have had a docile mail order bride from Moldova, and would have fucked her brains out morning, noon, and night....even if it left him "weak" and "missing his precious fluids."

      And that little girl would have become a foul-mouthed little bitch at the diner, where she worked after leaving him for the battered women's shelter and trying to find work as an actress or model or something....

    8. David Koresh took the self proclaimed title of that religious group of people. True Adventists wanted nothing to do with Koresh.

      They were too busy doing things like fighting prostate cancer and such with proton beams accelerators, and curing babies born with hypo plastic left heart syndrome.

      Koresh was to Christianity. What Raymond Burr (played a paralyzed man in a wheel chair in "iron side" tv series), was to pole vaulting.

  3. Even Dr. Stalin could not stop it, he would say, over there, there must be factory... Of course, in one year there would be no factory, only vodka distillery selling vodka on black market.

  4. Liked that vid a lot. I do believe winding up other Superpowers is stupid because although we always have 'MAD' preventing launch, it does not take into account, human error, panic or '99 red Balloons' A 17 year old in a Warship could kick the whole thing off and it would take very wise, cool heads to not respond in kind. I noticed that the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-5) that people who areeccentric, antiestablishment or oppose authority have a mental health problem called, 'oppositional defiant disorder' or (ODD) which can be treated with anti-psychotics. Well that's me fucked, I can hear the men with the white coats and Butterfly nets revving their engines.

    1. Than i am cretin. I passed imbecile level of ODD long time ago. For this year Eurosong, Finn will send young punk band of mongoloids as that Austrian guy who won last year while dressed as women wearing beard was not hard core enough. We do not have to be afraid that capitalists are going to put us on to margins of society, they will put us back in other form.

    2. Here this site, but only for american citizens with ODD, makes you cure without drugs! ... Just cure it by switching it for depression instead. Look at those article titles, , you cannot make those up. Name of site should be: And who says that capitalism is not inclusive, for editor of that site you just have to get the most depressive guy you can find inside hospital.

  5. Also I came across an article on a General McChrystal in Wired Magazine you all might like, interestingly one of his advisers told him that he would earn far more money running for office or military contracting then consulting for big biz. I myself have just bought Scrivener as a result of something I read here about rejection. So I have dug up a children's book of mine that was rejected by 3 agents and have also started work on a new dystopian future lite story, working title 'The Cabal' at least it will get stuff of my hard drive and onto Amazon!

  6. CIA operator, you are as you think.

    1. Yeah but I have zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Hitler and I have that in common too. We also like to draw and paint a lot.

  7. An interesting video. Asking, was it so bad? Now, American Empire stands for a 'financial' economy that benefits the oligarchs.

    Our American Republic, if there is any chance at staying a republic, needs to build things again -- yes, we still build things -- but the great emphasis is on outsourcing & offshoring, and the 'financialization' of the economy.

    America can build, again, but it needs a breakthrough against this elite, seemingly, determined to turn the U. S. into a paper economy.




    In a pinch, a "paper" economy is going to lose to the scissors: Those that build things, employ people, and have currency flow at all levels of society for all manner and quality of goods & services.

    Grass roots business, small, medium sized local businesses, where you know "Bill", the owner.

    Corporatism is a kind of collective, it is the other side of the coin from collectivism in government. That is why corporatism and state-ism go hand in hand, They both rely on collectivism to achieve their purposes.

    Yes, corporatism yields profit, a good, but be wary of "group-think" and "end justifies the means" ruthlessness.

    Controlling large collectives requires ruthlessness. An attitude that the little people are cattle to be managed or manipulated.

    A corporation is not a "person" or individual, it is a collective, given benefits & privileges by legislative action. A corporation's legal fiction, of "personhood" bestowed by the U. S. Supreme Court, in terms of the U. S. Constitution's enumeration of individuals rights, is a false reading of that document.

    At the time of the Revolutionary War and well beyond, corporations were viewed with suspicion as economic entities given unfair competitive advantages over individual & partnership businesses. Corporations only existed by grant of charter from the various state legislatures for limited duration, project, or activities, such were the people and their legislators wary of the advantages the collective of corporatism would have vis-a-vis individuals.

    Out of control corporatism is no better that out of control statism.

    Both are collectives that lend themselves to the use & abuse of the Common Man by an elite with little genuine concern for the Common Man's welfare.

    1. This is why I despise libertarians. They want for corporations and industry to have freedom as well as individuals.

      I declare that all individuals must be free of government authority.

      However companies, or even individuals doing commerce, must be harshly regulated by a strong government.

      Commerce is a knife's edge of benefit and fraud. All companies of any kind, and even entrepreneurs must be regulated to prevent them from cheating the public and doing the harms that always happen in business and where money is concerned.

      Libertarians like Stephan Moliyneaux and others refuse to accept this and therefore must be hunted down and slain to prevent them from creating the distopian hell predicted in "Hunger Games."

      The world is now headed toward a plutocracy of ultra rich financiers, many Jewish, in which all others are slaves. It's not an organized conspiracy like Alex Jones falsely claims, making it easier to discredit the warnings of those like myself telling the truth. It is an unorganized action like a bunch of cats running toward the same bowl of milk...that's what it organization or conspiracy necessary.

      But the false babblings of libertarians and Ayn Rand psychos is promoting this by idealizing anarchy.

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay Stephan Molyneaux and anyone known to preach the insance anarchy of "objectivism" or other Randian distopic evils.

  8. CIA Operator, I thought Hitler had the good doctor who administered methamphetamine and other concoctions to him?

    1. It's hard to verify those claims. The "Dr. Morrell" story may or may not be true.

      However it's clear that Hitler was a physical wreck after 1943, and it's possible that Morrell or others may have poisoned him.

      Morrell was accused of such because of Hitler's sudden infirmity and he was discharged.