Thursday, February 12, 2015

goodbye Jon, from the Forward. We hardly knew ye!


  1. My tip of the week is collect and don't lose clever people.What do I mean? A hobby of mine is seeking out experts in their field, seeing what they have got to say and hoping some of it rubs off! Obviously we have Dr P with his experience, grasp of world affairs. MIT with his strong views and excursions into his life as a field operative. In fact all the folk on this forum are valuable for a different tilt on things. Outside I would recommend for Modern Philosophy Robert Anton Wilson, NLP Richard Bandler, Book Reviews Robert David Steele, Unarmed Combat Steve Morris, Hypnotherapy Dave Elman and Milton Erickson, self-help ideas James Allen, Paulo Coelho and Victor Frankl. As I remember others I will mention them because they have all helped me. My theory is if you follow enough of these bright folk, a light bulb might go on in your own head and improve your life. Any other suggestions would be welcome!

    1. Oh ok than i will repeat it here, if you want to detect problem, use Marx, like i said, in Der Capital, Satan talked directly to Marx and Satan showed him self there in full. So as problem detector it is right 100%. But as that book is fruit of Satan that means that solutions are even worse because you only get in to super capitalism, called SOCIALISM, or government capitalism, where government decide what is value depending on their theft. Solution is like in USA, competition among corporations, corporations becoming entities able to issue credit and money, to consumers to buy their products, owners of corporations able to remain only one to stay super rich (progressive taxation for all others), and they stay without workers self-management... on other hand we have people wanting managerial skill of corporations, their chain of production and their trading infrastructure, forming units of 1000 people where you have democracy, one worker one vote, becoming owned by corporations in 50%, then those workers clean them self by doing what ever they want for their share of money (building houses or flats for them self, (or buying them from same corporations), deciding to fire someone), but respecting environmental laws about zoning and CO2 decided by world consumer representative body in Washington (third wing of US congress), us army barrack in whole world, and that is it.

    2. Jon Steward was only thing some young person in Europe could show on house party on tv screen, which was political, american and left in same moment. Now it is end of that?