Monday, February 9, 2015

President Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of Belarus, Once a Thug Acting Solely on Behalf of Russia, has Turned into an Effective Conciliatory Statesman!
On February 11, the EU countries which are directly involved in the conflict with Russia over the Ukraine, along with the USA and NATO representatives, will meet in Minsk, the capital of Belarus under the diplomatic aegis of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko.
Now,  this Belarus President has a certain meaning in my personal life. About a decade ago,  I was on a train from Moscow to Poland. When we arrived at the Brest-Litovsk station in order to change our rail gauges, I was confronted with an array of Belarussian security guards pointing an assortment of weapons at me, including the infamous AK-47 rifles.  A melee of discussions, accusations and pushing ensued. Result: I was thrown off the train for presumably not having had a transit paper to go through Belarus. The reality, of course, was a little different. The fact that I spoke Russian to some of the guards, carried an American passport and was on my way to my ancestral homeland, Poland, coagulated into a clot-like impediment to proceed the remaining thousand yards into Poland.

When I returned back to Moscow, I reamed my KGB operatives, disguised as travel agents for having ‘inadvertently forgotten’ to give me a transit paper through Belarus. I did not go to the US Embassy in either Minsk or Moscow.  I found that the hotel services of the Marriott corporation were far more efficient and effective than the US Embassy Representatives [hint: get rid of our useless US Embassies]. In any case, I eventually returned to Poland soon after, using a direct flight from Chicago to Poland.
Yet I simmered for years, cursing under my breath both Lukashenko and Belarus. However, something happened to me and Aleksandr. Over time, I noticed that Aleksandr had started to act in a more reasonable, less totalitarian way toward his own lovely people [extremely helpful when I was thrown off the train]; as well as very statesman-like toward the Ukraine problem.

There were times that Lukashenko, by geopolitical proximity to Russia, had to support Putin in some of his more rash moments of action. In particular, Aleksandr initially sided with Putin when Putin decided to invade the Crimea under false pretexts. Then over a period of time, Aleksandr correctly perceived that unadulterated affiliation with Russia was both harmful to his country, Europe and Russia, itself.
In a very mature and statesmanship like initiative, he offered to broker the dispute between the US/NATO/EU interests vs Russia/Putin’s geopolitical spheres of influence. I don’t know what the outcome will be of this forthcoming meeting. I would hope that Merkel of Germany [East Germany] and Aleksandr [ Former Communist Official] can convince the ex-KGB agent, trained in East Germany that times have changed.  Spheres of influence, created by the nonsensical neocon and faux geopolitical strategists wherever they may be ensconced [usually in some type of govt funded think-tank] are completely irrelevant in a world of economic/psychological warfare; climate wars; and interdependency of fiscal/political interests; and most importantly, Cyber wars and cyber-attacks.

The world has changed. Putin has not come to that realization yet. Russia is a great country with large amounts of natural and human resources that need a new type of bright Russian youth to take over the Kremlin and redirect Mother Russia toward a greater destiny than old regrets and antiquated geopolitical mandates. Maybe in the new Russia, there is a young man who can arise and become the new Peter The Great and take Russia back into the world full of economic growth and progressive development. Or better yet, a young Russian woman of Prussian descent can arise to become the new Catherine the Great.
Anything is possible in this newly changing world where a wrestler can become a leader of a country and then eventually evolve into an effective world statesman, like  Belarusian President, Aleksandr Lukashenko.
Boshen Daragoy!  
Let Us Thank God!


  1. Lukashenko is a very colourful character! Hero or villain depending what you read! Seems very forthright and that's a good quality to possess! Itseems America doesn't like him but has he rightfully stated " instead of trying to make us Democratic try Saudi Arabia instead! But no Saudi Arabia are bastards but there Americas bastards!" His other quote/quip was to an openly gay German foreign minister whom was critical of his dictatorship " better to be a dictator than gay" likes to sit on the fence doesn't he? Also worth noting that allegedly Belarus issued visas to Saddam Hussein! Oh and he also warned gadaffi to " keep an eye on those Europeans"!!! Yes he knows his onions does Aleksandr!!!!!

    1. People are wrong when they say that only USA, Russia and China are independent. Lukashenko is also! He is alfa-male. New Tito.

    2. Yes he is an Alpha Male, and he looks a lot like Hal Linden, the actor who played "Barney Miller," but Hal Linden wasn't his real name, which was Simas Rosenthalnik as he was a Lithuanian Jew.

    3. Yes Lukashenko looks more Jewish than those Jews from Minsk., just look data down there how many Jews Stalin killed, but he was gentleman, when Jews gave him plans for Hydrogen bomb, because USA did not care at all about them, Stalin stopped. This one was most famous.

  2. What you went through is what I'd expect from slavs. As a German I have nothing but distain for them, and what you experienced is par for the course with such "untermenchin."

    I therefore disagree completely with your statement that Russia or any one of these dreary places has any potential at all - particularly when it comes to their "human potential."

    The population of Russia has been plummeting for years and they continue to live like pigs. I admire their common sense for rejecting the homosexuality/perversion/decadence/nihlism of American popular culture and that of the West, but beyond that they're scum.

  3. Additionally I beg you to reconsider your sentimental attachment to Poland. If your grandparents, etc., once lived in Poland that doesn't make you a Pole. It just doesn't. The Poles were always anti-semitic, much more so than the Germans until the Nazis came along. Poland had a huge Jewish population but their was huge tension between them and their rather primitive Polish hosts. Anyway Poland and the Poles have little to brag about. Nothing exceptional ever came from there, and it's not as bad as Russia but it's still a dreary place full of dull and uninspiring people. Their economy hasn't been doing badly lately, but that's hardly anything they did to accomplish it.

    1. Can you cite even one thing invented in Poland or by Poles? I know I can't.

    2. The Poles were responsible for causing the Second World War just as the Serbs were responsible for the First.

      After the Treaty of Versailles when Poland was given huge amounts of Germany and other places the insanely chauvanistic Poles violently persecuted not only Germans but Hungarians and several others. The Polish government was certainly not a democracy but a military Junta of the type Argentina had in 1982 when their isane chauvanism caused the Falkland Islands war. In the same manner as the Falklands War the vile and evil extreme nationalist Junta of Poland in 1939 gave German efforts to negotiate an "up yours!" and therefore the Germans [perhaps rightly] invaded them and showed them a thing or two....and of course Stalin craveny wanted in on the "fun."

      Like the Serbs today who are largely human beings, I don't blame the Poles for what their insane ultra-nationalist leaders did in the past out of their inferiority complexes because they know they are inferior slavs that are untermenchen....

      And Serbian girls are very cute and I can't blame them at all for what the idiotic men in their race have do or continue to do. Youtube features some enticing pics and vids of Serbian girls.

    3. No one would have touched Germany if Germany had not attacked Poland. There were just too much money invested from UK in to Poland, (whole military industry, look all polish tanks back than, theyl were based on Vickers). Only worry of Chamberlian was be sure that german military would not make coup and remove Hitler from power when Hitler starts invading Czekoslovakia, so he was desperatly trying to sign public treaty asurance by which german military establishment would be sure that there would be no war if Hitler takes Skoda factories, because WW2 could not start without Skoda arsenal, Germany was too weak and German military knew that. So we see how job must always be done, you always build evil pagan nations on lower form of existance so they would be able to show their real savage face, because civilized nations can not go in war just like that. I am always saying, that all this political problems we have in world are because of differences between UK, France and USA (which is successor of UK, supported by France in revolution)... Everything else do not exist. There are no other entities, because savage pagan tribes can not exist as such, they can be only, objects of policies pumped and maniplated for cause of those who exist... Those two are only sucessors of Western Roman Empire because only in Galia and Britania, West continued in cities and those cities were not destroyed by barbarians like Spain and Italy were. Problem with Poles was that germans were bordering them, so only civilisational influence they could reach from France had to pass throu black hole.

    4. "Can you cite even one thing invented in Poland or by Poles? I know I can't."

      I don't want to write here any more, but this just so over-the-top batshit insane (the usual from MIT/CIA) that I must. For starters, there is this guy:

      And this guy:

      And this woman:

      And the guy who made condoms:

  4. If USA wants to loose war in Ukraine then America should not this my advice bellow... Ukraine now needs capabilities of this system. .
    But right now it would be best to get those capabilities on to this system even more, as those exist already and can destroy GRAD system and they can sustain hits from it. Especially becauzse Ukraine have even more of those systems than Russia have. , upgrade them.

    1. Also liberal capitalism if installed in Ukraine, whole camping would be funny. Ukraine would have same military capabilities as Jeltzin Russia had in Checenia with their liberal capitalism of 90es. They would sell uniforms and feed own pigs to feed them self on front. I adore to look at mistakes of liberal capitalism getting down, it just makes me smarter.

    2. Hruscov said few days ago that if USA think that USA won in cold war, than USA are wrong, because that was only round one, and this now is just round two :)) ... Just, this time USA have economic model of Jetzin from 1990es, called liberal capitalism going against russia. In liberal capitalism army must go down in numbers and in maintenance, in time of Jeltzin no soldier had buttoned buttons on uniform while he feeding pigs in baracks while watching machines rotting.

  5. In 2014 there were 124 exonerations of people wrongfully convicted for serious crimes such as murder or rape. 39 of those exonerations of innocent but convicted convicts were in Texas last year.

    Texas leads the state in exonerations and wrongful convictions.

  6. "take Russia back into the world full of economic growth and progressive development"

    Not going to happen,if the Rothschild Puppets and Golden Sacks invade Russia again. Russian population is growing. US has to import Serfs.

    BRICS are growing stronger. Will the Anglo-American Empire accept decline or start WW III ?

    1. USA are only real progressive country on world. They just do not know it yet. Every tribalism on world is problem, it just cannot exist, such coutnries as those of BRICSG (G is for Germany) will have to cease to exist and leave place for progressive one, just how Marx said. In my manifest owners of US corporations are going to be pillars of working self-managment units and will have 50% of ownership of every such unit founded by them in world, and corporations will be protected as sacred cows so that no 3rd world pagan capitalist socialist can touch them... Of course such concept will have to be defended by US army on field. Working people of world needs managerial and techincal skill of US corporations and US army and their support in going against their own BRICSG socialist super capitalist rich in their own countreis. Than real protection of nature than also can start. I think that revolution and killings are not even needed for that to happen. Imagine 1000 africans tomorrow in jungle deciding to form unit and aksing US coprporations to tell them what to do, how to do it, where to do it. And then if they will do what corporate HQ wants from them to do they will become blessed by US corporation who will be than so kind to than start owning 50% of them. Those africans than will decide their salaries and salary of their boss (from 50% of their revenue) by voting, one worker one vote. Of course on strategic level (carbon taxes, nature protection, zoning, used technology) they would have to do what coproprate HQ and protection agency in Washington wants. Such units will also build houses and flats for workers, by majority of votes. Workers self managment existed only in Croatia and Slovenia in cold war but it was pillaged by party red fascist captialist socialists in Serbia.

    2. This part of my city was built by such units for their workers. It was normal to have admiral of fleet living next door to school cleaning lady. Only difference was that admiral would get bigger flat with one room more in same building because he had bigger needs, he needed one room more to do his projects, same went for engineers. Also you would get bigger flat if you had bigger family. To build such society you need progressive society meaning you have to be free from tribal peasantry (Russians, Serbs, Germans, Turks, Chinese) and you must have working class in cities and be member of Western Judeo-Christianity. Germany could become one day again civilised nation if they forget on their nation. Germany was civilised under Frederick when they did not have state. Then they were biggest territorialy also. From Bismarck german music, and art went down. Soul was taken, back to woods, back to tribal barbarism.

    3. if something was wrong it was bacuse of caste, not class, problem was that bureocracy and party was not democratic, local government and state ulity companies were not democratic and had monopoly

      ... this story made me cry today, and in ukraine 50000 people were killed so far by russian socialist tribal monster kleptocrats (latest data coming from german BND)... russians are real pagan drunk savages... in their constitution land is God, pure paganism... and one russian means that is russia... how disgusting... give back Siberia to Mongols you scum than or prepare your teeth to be broken. Serbs on steroids.

    5. Fresh news from Germany ...

    6. The United States is a bankrupt empire of nihlistic unterminchen savage negroes like Kanye West, Barak Obama, and Jay-Z. Their partners in the nihlistic destruction of civilization are the banker Jews like Lloyd Blankfine and Jamie Dimon, along with their media baron Jews like Steven Speilberg and the faggots Barry Diller and David Geffen.

      Yesterday on the "Grammy Awards" dominated by thugs and savages the American film actor Shia LeBouf read a love poem given to him BY HIS HUSBAND as this pervert American FREAK Shia



    7. "USA are only real progressive country on world."

      Progressively soft kills and destroys the Serfs USA controls. Drones and collapses economies of those rejecting USA control.

      BRICSG -- Karen Hudes identified Germany, as being the key to WW III -- If Germany abandons the Anglo-American Empire -- WW III



    Today at 1:27PM CST Alex Jones gave the world a history lesson according to Alex Jones.

    Alex stated that "the Nazis used small nuclear weapons on the eastern front in World War Two, and that's standard history...."

    Then he went on to say...

    "The United States used nuclear weapons in Korea. General McArthur was relieved of command when he tried to use bigger ones...."


    Is this guy wacked or what????

    Jones' statements about history are of course no more inaccurate then his statements about the Bilderberg Group, the Rothchilds, the Federal Reserve, or anything else for that matter.

    This time though I think he's totally lost it.

    I think half his listeners just tuned out.

    1. I believe I know where Jones got this nonesense. There's a weirdo named Douglas Dietrich to claims that the German nuclear weapons program was completed in 1943 and that they used three nuclear bombs against the USSR, but he has no evidence for this and all the real evidence is contrary to this.

      This nut Dietrick is a fraud.

    2. Maybe he is quoting Brian Williams lol

    3. Seems like, Alex Jones research team sabotages him, occasionally. Do you have a link. uTube link can be copied to start at the elapsed viewed time.
      Right click "Copy video URL at current time"

    4. I have been death threatened by a noisy drunken neighbor, common hallway here. I finally called the police. They had to come back as he started up again screaming at 3am last Saturday outside my door.

      I got an eviction notice served today. No joke.

      The housing lawyer for the vulnerable is enmeshed with upper management here and I am scared. I was told they can evict for no reason in a tenant at will status. I have always paid rent on time, never been written up. 

      I need help. I have a perfect leasing and credit history and want to protect that as I would be blacklisted in future housing applications.

      The director is a connected serial bully. She enjoys predatory behavior on vulnerable people. She delivered a "new" body fluid stained mattress and I have been abused here since rejecting it. A man she bullied, staff told me over a year ago she had me targeted for homelessness since rejecting that body fluid stained mattress. $1200 item. Wonder where the money went. They get grants I think. I pay $540 for a tiny studio, but another one here is $975.

      Can anyone help me find a pro bono attorney up here? Or any ideas. Dr. Pray, I apologize for using this forum, but I am ultra isolated after actinomycosis and three ENTRY surgeries here. My parents are deceased and I have been strong and need a reprieve from the housing abuses. Do you know anyone here in Boston that might rent a room to me for $650? I am not a bum. Thanks.

    5. Dr. P not Dr. Pray

      Auto type on new phone changes things independently.

    6. Dear Belle, do not worry, i will destroy this slavery model of liberal capitalism you have to endure. Now when it is becoming obvious who is daddy in Europe (watch Merkel), USA will have to play by our communist progressive rules... 650$ is too much, that is real capital you have to burn for some inbred feudal owner... you will get free flat but not built like it was built for slaves on south which looks like exactly same like in Vladivostok. see how scum had to give you obamacare, soon they will have to give much more if they would want to touch us in europe... general Rommel could throw US army from France in one week, but it was not done... Russia kept Ukraine weak by installing liberal capitalism (Yeltsin model there) to destroy UA army, but if USA is going to keep that model, USA will loose war badly so it will again have to give you flat for free back home (but not one like in Vladivostok because of me).

    7. Right now and for ever, capitalism is dead, only nuclear WW3 could give him 20 years more, and it is obvious, USA keeps today 10M artificial jobs, to not get mutiny, dollar is also artificially strong. So capitalists said hey let s go back to feudalism just where we came from, but in 2 years they already said, no no, let s go back to slavery. And here we are. Lets not forget that black people on plantations were much better off, owner had to build them Vladivostok barracks so that their bought commodity would survive winter and rain, and he had to provide food for them. Well those liberal wants to abolish even that. They do not want us to go like Irish from plantation to plantation and ask for job while black laugh at us because we not in barracks and hungry. They want everyone out on open, this is economical slavery where everyone is on open. Slavery before was abolished because slavery was too expensive for factories and you had to have mobility. Now when there are no factories any more, you can go back to slavery plus you do not have to build barracks and you do not have to provide food for new slaves. This is liberal slavery. No progress in any form of technology ever solved any societal problem. Hunger, war, inequality, theft, crime...

    8. In England rich women would have discussions while having tea served by maids, should workers have free Sunday or not. Because they cannot go to Church than on Sunday. Let s not forget how English capitalists socialised whole land of English farmers so that they would have to send their little kids to work in to mines and factories mmmmm. Little kids very used also to clean chimneys because they could get in. Ah good old days. We need one Napoleon. Peasants were protected.

    9. SouthernBelle,

      Go on Craigslist and find a roomshare.

      Forget about your rental history.

      In the last four years I've broken three leases with management companies. In the first the apartment was flooded because there was no drainage and we had a hard rain. In the second the place had rats, something I'd never seen before in Texas. And the third the management refused to move me to another apartment when my place was squatted in by drug addicts.....

      In all cases though I had grounds to break the leases the management companies are reporting them as monies owed...

      All management companies are unethical so it's best to rent directly from owners, or just share a place leased by someone else.

      You can find a roomshare if you look.

    10. Sounds like report from hell, or typical life of person who rents... I adore dilemmas of US capitalists, should we become normal again like we were in 1970s or we will escape to china and serve our new socialistic capitalist masters... Oh but, look, they can t go back to 1970s anymore... Paul Craig Roberts said he failed to put this socialist scum up.

    11. Craig's list Boston roomshares are very competitive and costly on my income. I have been roomsharing here for years except a brief leave to Texas and actinomycosis set in and no oral surgeon would accept my insurance.

      I have my own apartment here and NO ROOMMATES. I prefer living alone as I have suffered immensely in roomshares here over the years. Now, it is costlier than ever and the owners prefer young professionals and I can't blame them. I get it.

      I have looked at three Craig's list roomshares recently as it is pulling hair teeth to get someone to show me one because I am not working. I am just free to return to work after three surgeries for the actinomycosis after months of antibiotics. I have been serially abused for a year since this bully took over here. I am numb with sleep deprivation most days due to noise at night. Travelling into town to view rooms costs alot.

      Earplugs don't drown out drunk townie's. I put Swedish Earbags over the best earplugs and sewed quilted material inside them for added soundproofing. These folks can't be drowned out when drunk.

      ALL three rooms I viewed were illegally tenant stacking, no locks on bedroom doors, no picking your roommates, no lease, no fluent in English speaking landlord, etc. This is a blue blood eugenics area and a sanctuary city.

      I looked out further, grim towns and not much cheaper, isolated with no car. My mom and are deceased. I need them now.

      I can pay max $625 or $650 and that is if I don't have commuter rail fare. $575 otherwise if only using mbta.

      Returning to work won't change my ability to pay more in rent due to increase in health care co-pays immediately upon returning to work.

      A notice to quit different than court order I believe. Researching today.

      I am chronically ill and alone in this economy and brutal culture. I will make it through. I was stunned they did that to me after being death threatened unprovoked by the drunk at 2am, with witnesses. I need a hug. Sorry, but I do.

      Snowplows and screaming drunken townie's three am last night.

      I am searching other cheaper states now with some medical access.

    12. I can document the craps here upon next interview and you are correct to relax there. Thanks for validating that for me as I was thinking that last night after I posted.

    13. Are you actually in Charlsetown?

      That area has some of the most colorful criminals in America. I was thinking of making a trip up there to meet and greet with some bankrobbers, theives and others with an eye to bringing some here to Texas to show our local moron criminals here like the much vaunted "Aryan Brotherhood of Texas" or the infamous "Banditos" how things are done lol.....

      At least in Charlestown and there abouts like Dorchester there are criminals who have IQs above 70.

    14. SB,

      Check out the listing in Watertown the two professional women seeking a 3rd....633 per month.

      pretty cool :)

    15. I will tomorrow, BUT I AM A 12 HAND SURGERY, sesamoiditis sufferer certified pharm tech, BSW who is not working. Lol. I was a kept woman until the ghetto thug rap crap moved into my home and I finally walked. These women want someone more stable. I understand. I will get yuppie perky and positive and give it a go though. Thanks for the recommendation. I like Watertown ok too. Easy access to Cambridge.

      I am grateful to be hosted for two nights at a pastor's home. She housed as often as she could another good woman who was targeted for eviction at my building by the bully director. I was kept up by two townie's until I called the cops at 3am. MIT, they were loudly plotting physical bodily harm to a female tenant, drunk as skunks, make up on, not the hockey player type gals so common up here....Ugh.

      I am so grateful to be out of the toxic apartment tonight and tomorrow night. They have four great children. Fun, fun.

    16. I wish I could spend a few days back in Boston where I lived on 150 Huntington Ave. and walk through the Pru every day to Boylston Street and Commonwealth Ave. and Newbury Street. In the 1980s these were the fun places and sometimes I'd head south to where the Citgo sign is and the ball park close to Boston University where I had an Indian restaurant I liked for lamb dishes. And dreary Cambridge I had one indian place there called India Pavillion and another on Mass. Ave. though I can't think of the name. So there was the one indian place in Kenmore, one indian place downstairs about a block from the Mass. Ave. bridge in Boston...and then two indian places in Cambridge one of which was "India Pavillion."

      And on Boylston Street was a bookstore I liked and a Pizzaria Uno and other places. I'd walk north on Newbury to a bar next to the Ritz Carlton I think it was called "24 Newbury" and that's when I was still young enough to drink.....

      But I miss all those places greatly and will see them soon I hope again.

      But if you want to see how dreary Boston can be see the 1981 film "The Verdict" with Paul Newman and you can see how miserable it can be.

      At 3am sometimes I would be so dispondent I'd walk all the way from 150 Huntington north through the combat zone to the Chinese area where they still served food 24 hours and eat some Chinese food there at 3am because I was so worried about my life and what the fuck am I doing working with these maniacs??????????????

      Sometimes I'd get so depressed with what I was doing at MIT that it was horrible.

      I did my best to socialize only with normal people and I never spent any social time with the creeps in the national security world at MIT or government.

      I kept my sanity by hanging with normal people and watching Miami Vice and Moonlighting with my puerto rican live in girlfriend who later tried to poison me....

    17. I don't know what Dr.P thought of the national security people at MIT but their world was not human. I mean I liked Dr. Rathjens and Dr.Ruina and Dr.Stephen Miller and Stephen Meyer and Charles Glaser....and Dr.Sapolski was okay.

      But despite all their good intentions there was still something very dark about the whole subject matter and it gave me the creeps to spend all such time thinking about war and torture and violence, etc...and it was de-humanizing and caused me to become very depressed. Other people were not effected that way but that's because they were NOT FACING REALITY and never knew any violence in their personal lives AS I HAD.....and to them it was all an acedemic exercise with no meaning and they didn't know shit about what they were doing.....

      It was a very dark world if you had the intelligence to actually confront it.

    18. One person I did not get along with was William Kaufmann, and I don't know why. He was a terrible teacher and conveyed very little useful information. I think he was a very insecure man who was just sort of a little troll of a man and despite his intelligent approach to defense matters he was just too insecure and lacked manly qualities.

      I don't think it's a good idea to have these un-manly and insecure egghead types around too much.

    19. He did however have very nice handwriting.

    20. Another egghead troll was the creep who brought me into all this who was Dr.Walt Whitman Rostow, who had been exiled to the University of Texas where I me him, and he had a big house west of town but he never let me go there and instead we met at the home of an anthropologist who used to live in the middle east and his house was in Tarrytown in west Austin and that's where we would meet. It was a house that looked more like it belonged in Connecticut than in Texas as it was a two story house with wood siding unlike the stone sided one story "ranch" houses common here. And so Rostow the New Yorker and the anthropologist guy who was sort of like Timothy Leary and I used to call him that because he reminded me of Timothy Leary in every respect and even dressed like him with his "cool" hip 1960s unusual for an anthropologist but this guy was an adventurer in every respect. But Rostow was a nerd and a troll though he used to play tennis every day and so this totally un-athletic person with skinny legs and arms would play tennis and that's supposed to make him less of a troll????? He was full of self-delusion.

    21. In 1982 in Febuary at the University there was a Peace Conference and who was there in the panel discussion??????

      McGeorge Bundy, Strobe Talbott, Richard Betts, Dimitri Sims, and a couple of others...

      So Walt took me over to his wife and he asked his wife to introduce me to MacGeorge Bundy, which she did. And she did this although she didn't know me at all. She just did this because he asked her to and I didn't know why he didn't introduce me to this guy himsef.

      Later I learned that Bundy hated Rostow and wouldn't speak to him. However he still wanted him to meet me even though he couldn't make the introduction himself.

    22. But one year I lived on the third floor of a triple decker in Brooklyn close to Boston Univeristy because my puerto rican girlfriend had her place there and that was a huge mistake...

      But we let this 19 year old hottie chick from Miami Beach live in a spare room, and she was lots of fun and she and my girlfriend would smoke weed continually.

      Anyway once I fell asleep on the couch and I left this study on ballistic missile defense on the coffee table, and the study was by Ashton Carter...

      So the hottie from Miami Beach sees this study and it has these official looking seals on it and she gets so serious over it and thinks she's seeing something top secret from the Pentagon or something...she didn't know what to think but from that point on she treated me like I was Robert Oppenheimer or somebody...

      And of course today Ashton Carter is the SecDef. Good for him.

    23. So the girl from Miami Beach had a very active sex life, and this was an annoyance at times. But one of her friends was Stephen Englund of all people, and I could never understand what a Napolionic scholar and best friend to Grace Kelly of Monaco was doing hanging with this little beach bunny from Miami Beach high school....

      And it wasn't for sex because Stephen Englund was homosexual....

      I could never figure that out. One time she called me from New York from the apartment of this photographer Scavullo to tell me she was in his apartment and having sex on his bed, and she thought it was a kick to be screwing on Scavullo's bed....

      Yes those were the dayz....

    24. I am wiped out. Snow piles amazing here. Just dropped my phone MIT with a one thumbed post re: my favorite Boston spots. I lost it on the drop. Will call Watertown tomorrow am. Quiet here, just in. I am a block from the beach in Lynn. Great family. Their two year old foster boy requested a hug as I departed and I am grateful to be here one more night. MIT, I would love to see you with this bully landlady. Lol...that could be some fun...

  8. Food for thought...thanks for replying. I was kept awake by snowplows and the men talking as they worked to move snowmageddon snow and two drunken townie women. I finally called the police at 3am. I could hear them full out from my bed, talking how they could hurt a woman that had supposedly wronged them.

    I need to protect my perfect leasing history and find a safe place to be. I like my apartment here. I am sad, but strong. I do need help here though.

    1. I remember as kid before 1991, it was impossible to hear that someone robbed bank, never happened in town of 300,000 people, in one small town of 10, 000 there were 10 clubs of former alcoholics... today none... only commercials for beer on tv... liberal capitalism is hell on earth, Reagan s grave should be dug out and pin should be shoved in to his chest than we should bring muslim priest to make him muslim, then we should put him in to acid and make shake together with dead body of Lenin, then we should feed pigs. Collect their shit and insert it to Ron Paul and Boehner, rectally, with help of some lesbian Presbyterian priest.

    2. I agree but that is human nature.

      Most people are comfort-seeking, stress-avoiding, habit-forming robots who are highly suggestable and prone to error......

      In order for civilization to work the elites must enforce moral codes on cultural product such as entertainment content in films and music. Elites must comport to examples of humility and generosity as well as creativity.

      In northern European cultures like Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany this is taken for granted because of the relative moral superiority of their races, but in all other human races such as the slavs and others of the Balkens most people are venal and must be led by moral examples from a stern leadership.

    3. CIA you are again right 100%. But it is wrong to say it was only race, Swedes were biggest thieves of Europe (and biggest interventionists in Europe), but their king (after Sweden was beaten by Russia) and peace and neutrality was promoted, he started to cut hands for stealing, so in one generation they become supreme race. So ok you are right. On north if you steal whole tribe goes down, because of harsh winters, while on south you put plant in ground, and go to sleep. Food will be there. In Africa civilisation was not developed because it was not needed. So, ok you are right.

    4. On south you do not get punished for stealing. On south of Europe you earn big money by smuggling of goods in one year, build big nice building and go to sleep for next 10 years. While on north, people live and work like they will die if they stop, every day, here 90% of population lives in own house. It is tragedy when i see how many people on north live, many of them works and get used by capitalists just because they have such nice working culture, even their quality of life is much worse (just by looking numbers). South will win, we are getting poorer, so soon northern Europe will also (nowhere to sell products), and i hear now that our model where people lives with mothers and families until theirs 33 is winning in USA also. You can t escape. Right now i am working as saboteur of system. We all have to stop working and ask for goodies. If not, blood street, or go back to sleep. Greeks are very developed society, they always had nice progressive thinking and good experience with real communism. They said to Germany yesterday, give us money of we go to: 1st USA, 2nd. Russia or China... They want to have same salaries like german workers have, they had them 5 years ago. If not go home to north and we will go to sleep.

    5. but we croats are degenerated people because we have to much genes coming from goths, so we think that germany is something good... germans are good only if you become directly occupied by them and get german police on streets, like under Habsburg s... today problem is hitler and those policies by which germans are changed... even today german bureaucracy will not say concentration camps, but ghetto in all legal documents... full occupation or nothing

  9. you must watch this, better than Monty Python, hard to get beaten by anything this year...

  10. Two observations I thought I would share. On Tuesday I was in the grounds of the Vatican and saw a beggar woman approach a man dressed in Holy Robes, he did a great body swerve then gave her a look of utter disdain...all for public consumption. Dear Vatican sell one of your paintings and help these folk out. Secondly I was very impressed by the presence but light touch of the Rome Police. While I was eating a Pizza in a square the same evening, at least one Police car passed by 5x, they were everywhere, if any sort of problem had kicked off they would have been there instantly, never seen anything like it. Although I am not sure Alex would approve.

    1. That was pure provocation by Satan, and Vatican cannot sell those paintings because those paintings keeps His Church alive, in this world ruled by Satan and economy. Jesus said that His Church will last for ever so how can you sell something if Church will last for ever or let s put it in Satan terms, be rich for ever. That beggar-provocateur could only sell him some golden bar to get proper reaction. Now let s be little funny, Catholics schools are only normal schools on west if you look price and quality and also in poorest areas of Africa where they get killed if they mess up with pagan priests who recommend that for luck it is good to rip heart of child from back and eat it. I think that was perfect decision by respected authority. Beside i think that lady was cursed, she should have asked God to help her. We are not in Africa. Or is she wants to act as being created in image of God, than she should join Communist party. There is one law in Bible, in which you do not trust word of poor against word of rich just because he is poor. Even we all know that all rich goes to hell.

  11. Frankly Chia Cha if Jesus came back tomorrow and walked around the Palace that is the Vatican he would be appalled. The Priests and Pope would be trying to hide all the 'stuff' and then someone would have to kill him again. Nice ceiling though!