Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Ukraine/Russia Self-Defeating Conflict: Both are Economically Intermeshed to the Degree that Hurting One Seriously Damages the Other. 
Time to Stop Fighting and Start Making Money in Both Countries! 
Let’s get the Interested EU, East European countries and the USA involved in a constructive economic program for both countries. This way everyone wins.
And just for the record: No statement could be more false than the one that Russia has changed the borders of the Ukraine by annexing Crimea. As I have pointed out almost a year ago, Russia has had both a historical imperative to the warm waters of the Crimea for which it had fought a major war in the late 19th Century, losing millions of civilians and soldiers in that process. Furthermore, Russia had been promised when the Soviet Union was dismantled-- through side agreements and verbal assurances –that Crimea was and will continue to be part of the Russian sphere of influence. Despite those assurances, America and its NATO allies entered into costly economic/kinetic war that really resolved very little in terms of territorial hegemony. More importantly, this economic warfare which we successfully implemented has come to point where it is now becoming self-destructive both to Russia and to the Ukraine.
The reason is really quite simple.

Russia and the Ukraine are so economically intertwined that by trying to hurt one bank in Russia, we in the west, are really damaging a corresponding bank in the Ukraine. Witness the fact that Foreign Direct Investments [FDI] from Cyprus [Russian Banking Cut-Out Country] fell from 33% to 29% in Ukraine 2013 to 2014. [Stratfor, 2/18/2015]. Similarly, Russia and the Ukraine are one major oil/gas terminal made up of interlacing pipelines; wherein both Roseneft and Lukoil [both Russian firms] sold off 240 filling stations in the Ukraine to an Austrian Company AMIC Energy Management.

This worldwide accepted narrative that Russia has pre-empted western attempts by Kiev to enter the EU is not completely true nor enlightening. That narrative as usual serves the more bellicose desires of those strategic neophytes who pontificate about antiquated geopolitical spheres of influence which now have evaporated into a vapor cloud of computing. These are now amorphous Cyber-Nations, funded by binary numbers consisting of ones and zeros.
So what is to be done?
It imperative for the USA to initiate, along with its French/German/ Austrian and Chinese partners, a financial packet which will address both the monetary requirements for economic rehabilitation in both of the twin countries of Ukraine and Russia. This is a unique opportunity for the leading financial Eastern and Western Superpowers in partnership with their respective private financial conglomerates to create a new menu of finance products/partnerships.  These should appeal to the youth of both nations so that they might start respective hi-tech and manufacturing incubators that can act as models of economic entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Why not reconfigure an impending disaster into a hopeful opportunity for peace and prosperity? 

The Ukraine and Russians must remember that they have far more in common than they have differences. Kinetic military actions will have to become subservient to the economic imperatives of MUTUAL DEPENDENCY! Otherwise, what will hurt one will also hurt the other. Cut off one limb in Russia and you may be unwittingly amputating two separate limbs in the Ukraine.

This time let us think out-of-the-box!  Where are the Silicon Valley Boys? Its time to grow up and influence developing economies in a positive way.
Let me reiterate an interesting thought by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“Whosoever would be man must be a conformist.”
Or, in the words of the great economist, Adam Smith:
“Man, an animal that makes bargains.”

In the Information Age: Make Commerce not War.


  1. Latest news. Caritas of Europe also demands unconditional guaranteed liveable salary for everyone. Just how it was asked in Davos. Global problems global solution, US model of controlled capitalistic cartel and of closed market monopoly where big salaries were given to US workers by making them biggest spenders on world must be replicated very fast on global level, or everything will go to hell. US capitalists cared very much about small towns to provide them job, middle class went to churches, families were protected, everything was fine, now those are trying rightly to take world with such good concept, and i support them BUT... 1. are they going to repeat that model on global scale considering that they destroyed that in USA by opening to China and NAFTA? Will they make it... 2. Do they want that? I think Google should give 1000$ to every man on world to spend it on internet, of course only those companies owned by good guys (who made it first in US model should get advantage). It can work again.

    1. Football (Soccer) hooligans are best way to start any political change, who controls them he controls. This happened today in Rome, Dutch Feyenoord against Roma...

    2. There is also one good way to organise, there is organisation called "Live wall", they are stopping removal of families from their only homes because of any debt... by force of course, and police often must back down... veterans included... this family of 9 members was saved today... use google translator... there are many other ways... ... bright future is ahead of us all... no barging no economy...

    3. especially when you have constitution which says that every home is inviolable ...

    4. This sounds way too much like the Marshall Plan redux.

      I don't exactly think Putin at any point is going to welcome an "aid package" from the West when they were doing just fine until the West slapped a virtual embargo on them....

      I don't think that high tech initiatives are any answer either.


      What's needed is to quietly backtrack out of this confrontational economic situation altogether which can go no where, isn't working, and should have never have been adopted in the first place.

      The status of Ukraine needs to be that of a neutral state not aligned formally with the EU or NATO or Russia, but somewhat of a "Switzerland" of the east [now that's an idea] or maybe an Austria perhaps.

      We need to go to Putin and tell him that we didn't mean to suborn Ukraine too terribly much, and maybe we could live with a neutral Ukraine afterall given that we are intent on maintaining a NATO alliance even after the Warsaw Pact is dead and buried.

      Maybe we should consider dissolving NATO altogether. Now there's a thought.

    5. "Maybe we should consider dissolving NATO"
      More of a Zionist, global domination, motivation.

    6. NATO was formed to defend against the Warsaw Pact, but the only time it's charter for mutual defense was ever invoked was in 2001 for the invasion of Afghanistan, which never attacked anyone. The "mutual defense" clause was invoked to invade a country because it wouldn't honor and extradition request for a criminal.

    7. If you are alluding to OBL the Taliban would not hand him over because Bush Junior could or would not provide evidence of his involvement with 9/11, in fact he never made FBI's most wanted for 9/11 either because they said there was no evidence for it.

  2. Rothschild Puppets want revenge. To avoid war,
    Russia needs to worship the Anglo-American Oligarchs.

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  3. Dr.P I think you are missing the point. Not everything is about making money, and there are more important things than material gain.

    In 1965 Lyndon Johnson tried to bribe the people of Vietnam into accepting partition of their country by offering a colossal aid package in which the US would build schools, highways, hospitals and dams from one end of the country to the other.

    I don't think it even occurred to him that unifying the country was more important to them than a new school building or rural electrification.

    In his venal and unprincipled mind he could never understand that some people have convictions.

    1. Putin is emperor. He thinks we wants 50-50, he had that "democratically" before... He must get it that Yalta agreement from ww2 must be operationalised, That means, Crimea to Russia yes. Sandžak, southern west Serbia bordering Montenegro to Ottoman Empire, Vojvodina (Northern Serbia) to Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia (muslims, and serbs from there moved to new ottoman part of Balkan, or central Serbia, Ukrainian refugese and latin americans settled in Bosnia), 3/4 of Macedonia to Bulgaria (other 1/4 to Ottoman Empire), Montenegro as new Puerto Rico to USA, that is solution Russia would have to accept by Yalta, that is Yalta as i know, let not forget that Yalta is recognised on far east where Japan-USA defence contract is not on power for Kuril islands occupied by Russia which were taken practically illegally from Japan, or if they are not going to like that than Ottoman empire connects it self to muslim Albania, Kosovo, Sandžak not respecting souther Bulgaria, northern Greece and by taking whole Macedonia and Southern Serbia. Just how it was in 1912 before Balkan Wars.

    2. I heard LBJ went into office with a net worth of $700,000.00 and left with a net worth of 17 million dollars. Also heard he had started a trucking Co. Called Lady Bird Trucking to ship material goods around relating to the Vietnam war, anyone else hear of this?

    3. Chia Cha -- "Putin is emperor"
      Putin expresses will of the Russian Oligarchs.

      Russian Oligarchs do not want to be controlled,
      possibly replaced, by Golden Sacks operatives.

    4. no no, oligarchs must bow to emperor, he got them all in line, those who are not in line are poisoned, in prison or they are crazy...

    5. here evil rich feudal oligarch must give report to emperor ... it is shown in this example how feudalism is much more advanced and progressive system than US liberal capitalism, feudalism emerged after western roman empire disintegrated when they entered liberal capitalism... Putin emerged out of liberal capitalism of Yeltsin... Russia also was exporting many prostitutes in 1990s while they were in liberal capitalism, same what you have today in USA with export of capitalistic hippy movement and gay movement. Hippy movement was great way how to move youth out of family life to get super large mobilization pool for Vietnam, could be Korea and so on. You do not need Stalin if you have discotheque.

    6. Lyndon Johnson made his fortune while in Congress and not while in the White House. While in Congress he lined his pockets with bribes, traded in inside information and swindles, and purchased businesses with generous bank loans from bankers he repaid with political favors.

      He purchased a radio station with John Connolly early on, and Connolly used to tell the story that his father was worried because the $50,000 he borrowed from a bank to purchase his equity in the bank was an amount soooo large, and what would happen if it couldn't be re-paid....

      Try going to a bank today and ask them for $50,000 in credit so you can go buy a business somewhere and watch them laugh. Those were all sweetheart loans with strings attached.

      I think the Johnson estate in the last years has been worth a measely fifty million, a paltry sum by today's standards in Texas.

    7. I meant to say Connolly borrowed the money to purchase his equity in the radio station, not the bank.

  4. It's true that the business community in Russia is scared to death over this financial crisis. If it were up to them they'd throw in the towel and do anything the West ask Russia to do to return things to the statu quo ante.

    That's why now is the time that Putin's prior authoritarian displays are able to pay dividends!

    His previous displays of power will make all the venal businessmen among him cringe when contemplating any dissent or even revolt against him.

    Putin knows his country well, and his previous authoritarian dramas have been meant for precisely this moment.

    1. You can't go against emperor if emperor is not drinking. Only problem of Putin is that he is not as Stalin. Stalin knew that all those around him are worse scum than he was, and that every one of them want to become russian emperor. So better to stop coup in beginning. Day when Stalin died (he was not poisoned), the same day Beria came and called for meeting. Generals came under Zhukov and Beria started to talk appositely about enemies of people, (calling for more arrests), but after speech no comrade felt need to ask or talk after him, there was silence, after that Beria said that he needs to go to toilet but he went to phone to give secret word to NKVD to start arrests and shoot Zhukov with others, but moment before soldiers came and he was taken to yard, and every officer of NKVD was shoot few day after and NKVD abolished. Obviously military did not like purge of 1936. That was good work of Abwehr who set up documents about possible military coup against comrade Stalin to make him think. In some moments it is important to be closer to phone.

    2. Of course Zhukov had also few minutes to organise his team.

    3. One guy who freaked out Stalin and Hitler was Wolf Messing the Psychic/Mentalist. Hitler put a bounty on him for predicting his death if he turned East. While Stalin challenged him to get through to his country retreat without papers (he convinced the guards he was Beria the head of the secret police), oh and rob a bank with a blank piece of paper.. Apparently he did both with ease. We have a bloke called Derren Brown who practices similar stunts and you have Kreskin...who is still going strong.

    4. Yes dear comrades, there are two great comrades which needs to be studied and red, it was recommended to me.
      Max was right, Piketty also (just his solution is to have ww3 to get back in stability). Rich just do not pay taxes because they just says that they did not work... so they fall in to capital gain where there are no taxes. Marx explained that already, profit must come from theft and pillage. This is world is so dumb, and working class lost solidarity because attack on families were done by capitalistic abduction and missus of communist female emancipation. Occupy wall street was great movement, it was about 1%, it was not about 0,1 or about 0,01, no it is about that 1% :) Occupy came to early, and Ferguson too late, but in combination it would be that. We just need armed whites from Chicago.

    5. Tony Blair was good, he is smart, we can talk this and that, but fact is that he got what he wanted... it is funny how americans wanted to sell concept of not free health care to UK, that same model what UK had only for their colonies... funny... he earns millions today by consulting governments...

  5. With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my fears apart.

    And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, touches my foolish heart.

    Sunshine, never, never change...

    Keep that breathless charm...

    Won't you please arrange it 'cuz I love you...

    Just the way you look tonight.



      Because I am idolatrous and have besought,
      With grievous supplication and consuming prayer,
      The admirable image that my dreams have wrought
      Out of her swan's neck and her dark, abundant hair:
      The jealous gods, who brook no worship save their own,
      Turned my live idol marble and her heart to stone.

    2. I knew Morrissey was stealing his lyrics from somewhere, and now I know...

    3. I know nothing about a "Morrissey". I had a wicked crush on an English prof in college who had completed his dissertation on Dowson's writings at Auburn University. Yeat's accredited his technical merit, according to my parents Encyclopedia Brittanica, to Dowson's influence. Beardsley did gold leaf covers for some of Dowson's books. I have held them in my hands in the rare book reading room at Library Of Congress in DC. Your Beardsley prints, your fashion sense...The L of C holds Beardsley prints and tickets to a public reading of Dowson in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris in like 1898. He and Beardsley were friends and both died very young. Let me find a great poem for you that Dowson dedicated, "For Aubrey Beardsley".

    4. Soli Cantare Periti Arcades

      OH, I would live in a dairy,
          And its Colin I would be,
      And many a rustic fairy
          Should churn the milk for me.

      Or the fields should be my pleasure,
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      Piping a frolic measure
           For Joan or Marjorie.

      For the town is black and weary,
         And I hate the London street;
      But country ways are cheery,
          And country lanes are sweet.

      Good luck to you, Paris ladies!
          Ye are over fine and nice.
      I know where the country maid is,
          Who needs not asking twice.

      Ye are brave in your silks and satins,
          As ye mince about the Town;
      But her feet go free in pattens,
          If she wear a russet gown.

      If she be not queen nor goddess
          She shall milk my brown-eyed herds,
      And the breasts beneath her bodice
          Are whiter than her curds.

      So I will live in a dairy,
          And its Colin I will be,
      And it’s Joan that I will marry,
          Or, haply, Marjorie.

  6. "Why not reconfigure an impending disaster
    into a hopeful opportunity for peace and prosperity?"

    Anglo-American Empire is declining. To stay on top,
    others must be destroyed. ( similar to too successful
    Germany before WW I )

    1. It is impossible to compete in world with uncompetitive economic model, Angola made very wise decision to choose Chinese model and forget democracy and liberal capitalism, in 2 years they will overtake Romania and Bulgaria, they have huge growth even with falling commodity prices and even they had growth of population. Only Scandinavian (they should be destroyed, they give to most of people wrong examples) people can have democracy, even for UK democracy is not suitable solution. King from time to time must kill all members of oligarchy if you want to have peace and prosperity. Weak King is weak state. USA should kill their own sad incapable sad rich and import Angolan rich. They had revolution, in war against Portugal 1975, they were helped by Cuba, and they did not adopt racially idiotic model of USSR, they did not installed democracy, they learned from Croatia mostly as non-aligned. Next year they are overtaking South Africa which have too many white people so they are poor and getting poorer as South Africa adopted US-EU-USSR socialist model. And yes they are mostly Catholics.


  7. Two observations this Saturday morning. I see the evil Cabal puppet master are doing a good job stoking up Cold War 2 in Europe. Secondly I see another Skyscraper in Dubai burning like a 'Torch' with 'furniture fires' a plenty not falling into it's own footprint in 7 seconds and no one yelling 'pull it'. I wonder if they doubled the insurance on it six weeks ago?

    1. no Dubai is real monarchy, they are evolved rich nation there... they do not kill their own people

  8. Across Ukraine there is a civil war going on.

    Russian aggression is driving more and more people into the ranks of the Nazis. Nationalists whose grandfathers fought on the German side during the war to shake off communist tyranny now have the upper hand in every city and village.

    Everything the Russians are doing is fueling hatred for them and all but the most die-hard of Red war veterans and their now humiliated families are now on the National Socialist side.

    It's amazing but inevitable given the division that's always been in Ukraine.

    Throwing money at the problem is no more the solution than the State Department valley girls proclaiming that we should fight militant Islam by creating more jobs in their countries....LOL.

    But this needs to be de-fused, and an international agreement for the neutralization of Ukraine must be implimented.

    If it's not Ukraine will become an openly Nazi state, and Jews will be expelled [those left alive already] and other excesses will occur.

    Give peace a chance.

    1. I mean the cemetaries of communist veterans are being destroyed and anyone seen with ribbons supporting the Soviet victory in 1945 are being assaulted and having their ribbons torn off...

      In the same way that anti-communists were humiliated and suppressed after 1945 the same treatment is being given to the former communists today.

      It's a real reversal.

    2. I know that Ukraine and Belarus conducted genocide over Poles and Slovaks in 1939-1941... Bush was doing better job, he was in Uzbekistan already... I cannot believe that it is so hard to colonise Sahara... why why why... Maybe USA should become nazi and start with open genocide there... than that failure in souther vietnam, having commie terrorists infiltrating cities, just how muslims are doing today... than failing to recognise that you cannot build army of south vietnam if that army was not war army... super strong paper army... on other hand colonisation is expensive... horrible

    3. Putin wants Mariupol... Bozo should send arms in moment they start shelling it. Bozo should than say that: "civilized world cannot watch new inhumane Leningrad siege in 21st century"

  9. Now I want to issue an open invitation to everyone to move here to Texas.

    It's not perfect and there's a lot of nuts around here, but the economy is very strong, it's always warm here, and the cities and towns are amazing.

    Taxes are relatively low, the neighborhoods of sprawling ranch style homes of stone and brick occupy spaceous lots with titanic oak and elm giving shade to the wild deer who stroll through during the day, and the green lawns make for the turf these deer lie on at night.

    Don't be surprised when you step out of your front door and see a family of deer - does and their little babies - lying around on your front yard. Nor is it unusual for racoons, oppossums or skunks to also happen by, particularly at night if you leave a bowl of cat food around.

    Gasoline is cheap here, and the highways and roads are okay. There is plenty of water in the many lakes, hills and praries with grasses and bucholic scenes of steers and other bovine are plentiful.

    On the House and Garden Network the new series "Fixer-Upper" or whatever it's called is filmed in Waco, one of my favorite cities.

    If you watch you can see that for less than $150,000 you can buy a 3,000 sq. ft house on a huge lot covered with trees and the taxes are so low because of the tiny property values.

    1. The houses that they buy in Waco are about $135,000 and if in Austin a similar place would be about $450,000....with taxes reflecting the higher price.

      Last year my cousin's son was the validictorian of Waco High School, so I looked up the place and was shocked to learn that whites there are only about 12 percent of the student body, with the remainder being hispanic or cousin's son is of course a pure blooded Nordic Norwegian ancestry.

      My grandfather in the 1950s built a whole subdivision of new homes exclusively for negros. That was in the days of "separate but equall" which by my mind is better... Anyway he built the subdivision for them and they were all new houses.

      Lake Waco is a huge lake on the west side of town, and if you ever want to go to Dallas or Austin it's not a far drive.

    2. i will move, 135,000 for house, i can sell shitty flat here for same... while salaries here are 700-800 if you have ok job, and i promise i will not wage communist revolution, with such relation between price of house and average US salary there is no need for that...

  10. Three things. In the US house price wise you are very lucky in south east of London average prices for quite a small place £400k-£575k with postage stamp or no garden at all. Secondly on the alien front some fella called John Podesta (an adviser to Obama) said his biggest regret was 'not telling people about UFO's' by that I think he means releasing certain files. Also British scientists have found microscopic metal pods in the upper atmosphere which seem to suggest alien seeding with microbes and organic material.Thirdly on PIBlog an FXX Russian Agent believes the Twin Towers were brought down with W54 Nuke artillery shells hence the melting of the core and powder apparently they were illegally exported during Bush/Clinton era. Far fetched but interesting and addresses those pesky huge steel central beams.

    1. Alien civilizations are waging war over our backs. Hitler was given some technology from them, especially for Bismarck battle cruiser, that is why he did those experiments with that flying bell, there was one croat couple scientist (one female) lost in it, for that technology you must work in pair, someone must be your host, no matter where. That is quantum physics. Bismarck had super heavy structure toward centre, that is why he looked stick and heavy like frog down under. His host brother had to be Tirpitz, but those structures cannot work in storms and are not reliable especially on different magnetic areas. Same was done for Josef Stalin JS-3 tank i think.

    2. In the America I grew up in every working man lived in a large house with a huge yard in spacious neighborhoods with wide streets. That's the way it was in Texas, and still is in places like Waco and San Antonio.

      But in Austin and places such as that these houses are not only too expensive for a single income family to own, but the taxes are about $15,000 or more. Those days are long gone due to the venality of the Americans who live today.

      The tiny lots and narrow streets of the UK are miserable, like most of Europe.

  11. Dr Steve, This following article about all this sickening child abuse in Hampstead reveals that all the usual scumbags are involved!! "HAMPSTEAD; FAMOUS JEWS; CHILD ABUSE"

  12. According to Alfred Lambremont Webre, while Alfred Lambremont Webre was interviewing Dr. Leuren Moret Ph.D. (TOP GEOSCIENTIST), Russian President Putin has invited THE VATICAN, THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus), and THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY (handles the VATICAN BANK) to THE B.R.I.C.S. BANKING SYSTEM (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Part III-Leuren Moret: Putins Plan-HAARP the radiation out of Russia. BRICS saves from $collapse" posted by Alfred Lambremont Webre (AUTHENTIC) on January 18, 2015!

    1. use google translate, it is on russian... about Blair, Rothschild, even China, playing not so much with US investors on mind...

  13. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Caravan To Midnight - Episode 232 Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Deconstructed" [John B. Wells invites two (2) individuals to the SHOW to show "HARD PHOTO EVIDENCE" showing THE BOSTON BOMBING was a complete and total "FRAUD" ("FALSE FLAG OPERATION" put together by THE C.I.A. controlled UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH)!] posted by John B. Wells (AUTHENTIC) on February 22, 2015!!!!!!!!

    1. I don't believe the boston bombing was a fraud. I just don't believe it.

    2. I don't believe the boston bombing was a fraud. I just don't believe it.

    3. You never believe in false flags, its ok but some of them might be real fakes. I value your input none the less.

  14. like most of these 'fishy' events Boston has all the requirements of fakery. We have smiling wounded looking for places to sit, interesting coloured blood. We have our patsies one of whom despite his hiding boat being riddled with bullets is still alive (how shit are they at shooting!) but don't worry son we will give you a tracheotomy, so you don't go blabbing. Then we have the pre-warnings from the FSB the pre-contact from the FBI. Who also admit again as usual they have no real evidence linking the brothers to the 'crime'. The famous disappearing back- packs of the Craft 'soldiers' lurking in the crowd (as you do at marathons!) All that was missing was a wile e Coyote bomb with a fuse. Now we have the ever receding trial as they get his story straight...pass the electrodes. The most silly part was closing down 100 square miles with para-military force, searching homes for one 19 year old with a gun...big deal how veryscary. It was as fake as a nine Dollar note.

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