Thursday, January 21, 2016

As Our Novitiates of War Scream for Retaliation Against ISIS, Turkey is Ready to Invade Syria!
Sometimes multilateral diplomacy, in concert with military force structure, does work. Irrespective of the shrill cries that “our brave sailors were captured and humiliated by Iran”, a far more important narrative is evolving in the Middle East. BTW, Iran did not “capture” nor “humiliate” our sailors. They actually helped our young men to retrace their navigational mistake and place them out of Harm’s Way.

In the meantime, according to reliable intelligence [Stratfor; January 19, 2016] Turkey is in the process of preparing a major land invasion into Syria to finally clear the land that ISIS occupies along the Syrian-Turkish border. In conjunction with the Russians, Iranians and the US military forces, Turkey has sought permission to clear the minefields planted along the border of the ISIS-controlled Syrian town of Jarabulus in preparation for a land invasion of Syria. Concurrently, Russia has tempered its anger over the aberrant Sukhoi Su-24  which was shut down by Turkey some time ago. In return, Turkey has promised that it will not march toward the buffer zones of the Mediterranean Sea which are controlled by Bashar Assad and his Syrian Government forces; as well as Russian troops.

What is about to happen, in my humble opinion, is a massive Pinzer-like squeeze of the Saudi-sponsored ISIS via a northern attack by Turkish troops to clear ISIS from Aleppo [a once beautiful city where Agatha Christie wrote her mystery stories]; while the Kurdish People’s Protection Units[YPG] expand their successful assaults from the eastern part of Syria toward the west [Euphrates River]. From the south, Syrian Government forces, backed by Russian air/land firepower, are advancing north toward the city of al-Bab. From the west, rebel forces backed by Turkish military forces [Mare Operations Room] are moving eastward.
In effect, we should be witnessing the beginning of the end of ISIS control over Syria; and possibly even Iraq. Both VP Joe Biden and U.S. Assistant Secretary of Europe Victoria Nuland [our favorite profanity-shouting neo-con] will go to Istanbul to coordinate Turkish military advances with Iran, Russia, Hezbollah, and other parties in the conflict. For those of you who worry about the Holy Land, Israel, they have been guaranteed by the USG and Russia that no missiles or guerrilla warfare will encroach on any of their supposed territories.
This major Turkish land invasion into Syria, may be just the right catalyst that will justify Obama’s long-held wishes not to send American troops into Syria. We have American boots in the ground. Yet, like most shell-games of the different Presidents, these “American boots” are confined to such well-defined nomenclatures as mercenaries, Special Forces, and proxies. Not real, ordinary American foot-soldiers!

The new Drone Warfare has placed a premium on reversing our strategic military outcomes. Instead of measuring outcomes by body-counts; which we foolishly implemented during the Vietnam War [unfortunately contrived by MIT Political Science Department]; we are, now, ordering our officers to minimize battlefield casualties. Therefore a US military Captain or Major has to make certain that he does not win a conflict; but, instead he/she has to avoid an unnecessary engagement in order to maximize the number of men he/she brings back home safely and intact.That it is the new approach to modern-day warfare.
I have written over several years that our best allies in the zone of conflict have been those seemingly “Muslim terrorists” who had devastated our American soldiers during the inane invasion of Iraq. Americans are now depending primarily on the brave, highly combat-experienced Shi’ite soldiers provided by Iran[ IRG] and Hezbollah. So, we, Americans, should take heed of the fact that neither Ayatollah Khomeini nor Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah are insane, anti-American; nor anti-Israel. Any rhetoric to the contrary defeats the delicate coalition built over decades by several US Presidents and the CIA/MI community.
Times have changed. What were once were our enemies; have now become our allies. And, our erstwhile allies, the Saudis,  have become our potential enemies.That is the nature of Realpolitik.

Remember: Americans really have no friends only national interests; and, we build alliances accordingly. For the moment, let’s give POTUS and our military/intelligence community some breathing room so that they can do what they have done best—keep our women/men out of Harm’s Way with a minimal body count!!
Once again, Erdogan, welcome to Syria! Please don’t take too long to wipe out ISIS… Also, please, try to stop your infighting with the Kurds.
As the 2000 Year old man, Mel Brooks, once said—“Good luck”!


  1. Well according to the nuts in our mist ISIS was created and supported by the US and Turkey so I hope this lays to rest such crackpot notions. As for the Saudis supporting it I don't think it's the Saudi government which does so as ISIS represents as much of a threat to the champaign sipping Saudi Royals as bin-Laden did when they tossed him out. There are plenty of individuals in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf which support ISIS and al-Nusra and anyone else touting Salafist goals, but they are not the Saudi government.

    The shame in all this is that it always takes soooooo long to organize these things. This should have been done much sooner.

    1. CIA, it's not nuts, it's facts & evidence that lay the foundation for the conclusion that the U.S. and Turkey have been helping ISIS.

      The evidence that Turkey has been helping ISIS is overwhelming.

      But once a CIA lying son of a bitch, always a CIA dumb son of a bitch, I guess.

      Saudi is up to its eyeballs in supporting ISIS, as Saudi has wanted Assad out for various reasons.

      Strange how the U.S. couldn't do squat against ISIS after a whole year of bombing, but Russia comes in to the situation, invited by the Syrian government, and "boom", the terrorist rats are on the run.

      Frankly, Dr. Pieczenik, I hope you are right, but Stratfor is a dodgy outfit.

      Others state a concern that Turkey wants to create a "safe-haven" for ISIS, now that they are getting their butts kicked by the Russian air force and the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) on the ground.

      But there is one fact that supports your hypothesis: If Turkey attacks Syrian ground forces, Russia will likely destroy the Turkish forces.

      Armed conflict between Russian forces and Turkish forces spells big trouble for Turkey.

      The Turkish People will not rally to Erdogan, as he would hope they might, rather, Erdogan will create the climate for civil war in Turkey.

      The Turkish People do not support an invasion for the purposes of creating a "safe-haven" for ISIS.

      Again, Dr. Pieczenik, I hope you are right because an invasion to create a "safe-haven" for ISIS with attacks on Syrian forces & Russian forces could lead to World War III.

      There is a saying I've heard: "As long as you're right."

    2. Doc P - You said POTUS and intelligence in the same sentence. I sure hope you aren't smoking the same shit he does...

  2. Well... "duel of the fates!"

    [As Our Novitiates of War "Scream for Retaliation Against ISIS (not Iran?)]

  3. A possibility : this could mean an internal duel between Turkey's military against the Erdogan's clan, I mean
    -apparently doing Erdogan's dream into Syria,
    - actually half-cleaning ISIS, using their proxies.

    Form Russia it would be great : cleaning ISIS first, then negociating with Turkey in better position of Force.

    BUT this also brings new possibility to build incidents between Turkey/Russia & Co...

    A things for sure : The beloved Saouds will begin to feel the wind of the cannonball, as we say in French : "le vent du boulet"... :-D

    In 1930 a French Agent (Xavier de Hauteclocque, cousin of the future Maréchal Leclerc), went to Mecca under reporter cover, and reported everything about the Saouds ("le Turban Vert", 1930) : bolchevik-style Terror, Saoud's parades with guards ready to thrown grenades to the crowd, fine art of execution, genuine cruelty...
    AND most : the GB (Saint John Philby) activism against French (muslim) Empire, especially Syria (they already wanted the wahhabits to include syria...), preparing the future djihadists who were used against French Syria then Libya then Algeria...

    As you can see... History comes back : first time as a tragedy, 2nd as a Farce...

    Your 2012 first interview already spoke about the end of the 2 illegitimate countries : Saouds 1st, 2nd Israel, meaning Israel would have to foeget his foolish dream of being "Greater"...

    Once again : so close to Nero's era... look at the scandals in internal US policy, at the parallel between Neocons/sionists, and remember the Jewish–Roman wars, 66-135...
    We live a nice era, about reforming things the right way.

  4. Do not thing Turkey will massively invade Syria to crush ISIS. After su-24 incident turkey will think twice to make further possibilities to confront Putin. Only if US will mediate and provide some sanction relief for Russia in exchange for this. There are anecdotal evidences that now the sky on Turkish - Syrian border is clear from Turkish planes because it is totally controlled by C-400 anti-aircraft system. Putin really angry personally towards erdogan- usually this means a lot.

  5. What about this?
    "Turkish Downing Of US Marine Helicopters Killing 12 American Soldiers Stuns Russia"
    possible in the Kurd sector...

  6. A Delicate Coalition Built Over Decades, Or, The Work of a Nation

    What a tangled web we weave. Well, if it was so delicate it probably wasn't worth constructing such a house of sand (Matthew 7:26) in the first place. How do you say Realpolitik in Arabic? It may only exist as a loanword.

    Curiously the CFR neo-con cabal has the same weltanschauung. Podhoretz specified the overthrow of KSA as the ultimate aim of the neo-con project in his book, WWIV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism. I suppose Realpolitik makes for strange bedfellows.

    To borrow another idiom from the British, yours originally pertaining to the British Empire, Churchill is said to have remarked that the “Americans will always do the right thing... After they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”

    US operational assets face more risk, not less, owing to isolation from traditional allies in the region. Undermining confidence in the US as a reliable ally remains a key Russian strategic objective; that should be plainly obvious.

    The US providing hand-in-glove military assistance to PKK terrorists is not a matter of Turkish infighting; it's a ham-fisted, ill-conceived and completely untenable position indicative of general US foreign policy failure in the region.

    If Great Britain's Machiavellian schemes and the resultant bitter fruit of Sykes-Picot are now seen as a tragedy, then certainly the "delicate" pseudo-Machiavellian policies of the US in recent decades can only be viewed as a farce.

    Wasn't the CFR headquarters in Manhattan right across the street from the Soviet Embassy? To paraphrase an American idiom, if you're not sure who's the sucker at the table, it's you.

  7. Syria is just another of the old Soviet client states that we have been undermining since the fall of the old Soviet Union.

    I cant imagine Turkey maneuvering to help Russia rid Syria of ISIS unless they feel the Syrian state has been sufficiently damaged and ISIS is behind the wave of terror in Turkey. They are likely pointed at the Kurds.

    I do think the Saudis are next on the list. No one will come to their aid. We are in a post Vietnam like trance that precluded us pounding Iran in 1979.

    Oil prices are far to low for something big not to happen. Chaos is the order of the day.

  8. "don’t take too long to wipe out ISIS"?

    ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
    Those against ISIS are anti-Semitic.

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