Thursday, January 14, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz, a Vanishing Candidate!
For some time now, I have been watching the ascendancy of Ted Cruz, a once promising Presidential Candidate. Yet, several recent intervening variables have created some concerns about his legitimacy as a viable candidate.
The first issue relates to the well-known fact that he was born in Calgary, Canada. Clearly the issue of a Canadian-born candidate raises the appropriate question as to what constitutes a ‘natural born citizen’? The fact that we know nothing about his mother, other than the fact that ‘she and her husband [ now an Evangelical Minister] were both alcoholics’, does not lend very much credence to the serious issue –why should we vote for a Canadian-born citizen?
Next, Cruz has made quite an issue of the fact that he and his loving wife, Heidi, have ‘self-funded’ his respective campaigns as Texas Senator and Presidential nominee with their “own hard-earned monies”. He and Heidi forgot to write on their application for federal finances that Ted received one million dollars for margin calls from Goldman Sachs; as well as, another $500,000 from the equally corrupt, Citibank.

Now, we find out that Heidi, a Christian-loving, family-dedicated-mom, is a managing director of Goldman Sachs Banking–a ruthless, corrupt financial institution that was a principle contributor the 2008 US financial crisis.  Ironically, Goldman Sachs also hedges its political bets by heavily supporting Hillary Clinton directly; as well as, making major yearly donations to Bill Clinton through the Clinton non-profit foundation. No mention of these financial discrepancies from our sanctimonious so-called “conservative, born-again God-fearing Christian, Ted Cruz.” 
Are we supposed to believe that Heidi received a highly coveted job at Goldman based on her looks and dedication to Christ? Most probably, she must quite ruthless, if not more so than her husband; otherwise, she would not have received that heavily coveted position in a primarily Jewish banking firm. 
It is clear to me and others that someone will undoubtedly file a law suit in Supreme Court contesting Cruz’s viability as a presidential candidate who was not born in America. 

As if Ted does not have enough self-imposed problems, he has solicited the help of his once alcoholic, wanderlust of a Cuban father. Apparently, Dad Cruz fought with Fidel Castro and the other misbegotten Communists in Cuba. Now, Rafael Cruz has become the enthusiastic spokesman for Jesus and our American Founding Fathers. He, of course, forgot to mention that he was a considered a ‘snitch’ by both the Cuban communists and Batista’s operatives. Neither side trusted him. Both sides correctly claimed that the father, like the son, had never seen combat or even fought for his supposed Marxist ideals.
What we now see, in both father and son, is an ability to distort history and sound extremely bellicose and self-righteous, encouraging others to initiate wars that both men were afraid to fight. We see that the father and son are two cowards who are more than eager to create wars that they will never have to fight; nor will their kids.  
Cruz is in trouble! His stories become conflated with bellicose statements that belie his own loyalty to America and his willingness to die for our country. Ted Cruz reminds me of the most egregious panderer for money [like Jeb, Rubio, Fiorina, Carson] whose only merit is his talent to augment his self-aggrandizements to the highest levels of incredulity. He casts himself as the savior of a country who afforded him the best Ivy League educations available without having to stub his tiny toes in Harm’s Way.
As a natural born Cuban, I served my adopted America on countless number of occasions. This makes me find Ted Cruz [as well as Marc Rubio’s] and his Cuban-American- inspired narrative quite repulsive. Distortions and omissions conflate into one screaming Ben Carson-type sociopathic lie! Haven’t we had enough of fakers who pretend to be American?

Let’s go back to the major candidates whom I think deserve to be considered seriously.  
On the Democratic side—American-born; NYC bred, Bernie Sanders.
On The Republican side—American-born; NYC bred, Donald Trump.
The true Americans in this race come from the city in which I grew up after leaving Cuba—NUEVA YORK!!!!!
This time around NYC will determine the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. 
Welcome to America!!!


  1. Ted Cruz is inspirational.
    So was Obama.

  2. All the Cubans who left after the revolution are the same. They live grandeous lives of ambition and deceit. It's all they know informed by their desperation.

    As for the prospects of others I'm leaning more towards Christie of all people. Yes Christie. He's not perfect but he doesn't pretend to be, or is actually, some kind of religious nut like Cruz or Carson. He's not some Cuban wunderkind like the Spock-eared shortpants Rubio. He's not in bed with Florida based criminals and terrorists like Rubio or "Jeb." But what makes Christie winnable to me is his personality. He's got personality and he's driven. Yes his personality is overwrought at times, and he can't control his eating and so forth. He's an excessive person in his habits and probably his zeal for being a prosecutor. But he's intelligent and might be able to make reasonable decisions and hasn't done a bad job in New Jersey as far as I know when his staff wasn't up to dirty political tricks. I have to say in a debate he would sweep the floor with Hillary and she's the default candidate because "Bernie" is not only an old-fashioned "Red" from New York but he's annoying in his speech and he's fucking old as dirt and did I say his Brooklyn accent is ANNOYING AS HELL. Not to mention that the Left will DROP HIM BECAUSE OF HIS STAND ON ISRAEL...OY. Already Chris Hedges has declared his loathing for Bernie on that and his voting record favoring defense contractors and private prison companies in his puny meaningless heroin addicted state of Vermont...LOL. Now that's a laugh.

  3. Congress has tried to legislate the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" many times in recent history. Read: The “Congressional” Natural Born Citizen Part II: Shocked, Outraged or Ambivalent?

  4. Barack Obama is an illegal alien.

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