Sunday, January 10, 2016

Death Becomes Putin!
On Jan. 4, 2016, Col. Gen. Igor Sergun, Former Director of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia’s General Staff [GRU] died at the young age of 58 from unknown causes. To most aficionados of intelligence, Igor was described as a quiet, effective operative who was able to consolidate power over near and far aspects of Russia’s extensive borders [remember it has 11 time zones].
Igor and his Kremlin buddy, Vladislav Surkov, had been lauded for their innovative approach to the guerrilla warfare strategy assisting the ‘separatist leaders’ in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately for Igor, he and his comrades in the GRU were not very popular with the FSB [old KGB], once headed by Russia’s saintly leader, Vladimir Putin.
As one might have expected from a Tom Clancy novel, both FSB and GRU were competing with each other for control of domestic and foreign intelligence. Each side jockeyed for position in the grand halls of the Kremlin.
It appeared that the GRU was winning that contest until the FSB garnered most of the control over both the Chechnya and the Ukraine over the past few weeks. Even more interesting was the fact that there are rumors in the IC suggesting that Sergun did not have a heart attack. Instead, it is believed he may have died in Lebanon or Syria. In either case, it appears that Putin is trying to tighten the reins of control over his different competing intelligence services. 

What makes this issue even more interesting is the fact that the FSB and other IC units have been depleted of necessary funds during this past year as the price of oil dropped from $100 to $20 per barrel. And, while Russia is descending into an economic cauldron of impending riots, Putin is concerned that he may not be able to manage what may turn out to be a next revolution [not Bolshevik].
The Russian people are stoic. Yet, they are also entitled to bread, butter and vodka. If the basic nutrients are not provided to them ASAP, then Putin has to worry about the loyalty of his internal security apparatus that has to oversee more than eighty different federations [20 of which are already bankrupt].
From my perspective, I think that the sudden unexpected death of a GRU General means that Putin and his Kremlin cohorts are in serious trouble. The mysterious death of a senior GRU general does not become Putin. It may portend to increasingly greater political/economic problems.
Time is not on Putin side. The only factor left for him is to pray in the Orthodox Russian Church while he cracks down on potential dissidents.
What an unholy alliance!
Boshen Daragoy! 
God Help Us! 


  1. Working in Lebanon he could have been assassinated in a way which the Russians are not ready to admit. Having enemies in the West and the East we should see something in the future by the way of Russians response to his possible assassination.

    Russian has never been a favorable place to live even with oil at $100 a barrel. Everyone I know that has been there and worked there hated being in Russia.

    The crime and murder rates are very high, the men are contentiously drunk. The only bright spot is finding a good women who loves to be appreciated in a way Russian males are not able.

    1. If all Russians are continuously drunk , Americans are chewing gum in the ass... I spent some time in the US and will tell you that there are No neighborhoods in Russia like Flatbush , east New York and other black ghettos where you- American whites can not even enter.... You haven't even been to Russia - and you assert this shit. Read about five Negros raped a woman in Brooklyn today. Read about hundreds of women molested and raped by fucking Muslims in Germany and Switzerland. And coward Germans can not defend their women because of liberal fascism in their country. No wonder we kicked their ass in WWII. Look for the log in your eye first- myopic hypocrite .

    2. Alex, you retarded. U obviously know nothing about New York or Brooklyn...worst of all Flatbush.

      Btw, the girl that was raped was the same race as her attackers.

    3. Alex, you retarded. U obviously know nothing about New York or Brooklyn...worst of all Flatbush.

      Btw, the girl that was raped was the same race as her attackers.

    4. Alex,

      As a German-American I have to say I agree with your statements about American cities and that my home country of Germany is far too much on the Left...

      However I don't think you're in any position to stand behind the implications in your statements that Russians are any better.

      As for rape in Germany by Muslims there have not been even one millionth the number of Germans raped by muslims as were raped by you Russians when you entered Germany during the war. Russians are equalled only by the savages of Africa when it comes to mass rape as a practice in war.

      Secondly, the only reason why the Germans didn't crush and smash you Russians during the war is because the United States sent you miserable creatures 50,000 trucks, millions of boots, thousands of aircraft, tons of oil and food that you couldn't make yourself because you had killed off twenty million of your best engineers and intellectuals and farmers!!

      The other reason why Germany was invaded by you savages is because half the Germany army was busy fighting off the British and Americans in the west and occupying France. If it were not for the British and Americans we Germans would have continued to encircle and capture you idiot Russians by the hundreds of thousands like we did time and time again. You captured us only once at Stalingrad, but we encircled and captured you a dozen such times and it didn't matter because you create an inexhaustable supply of new Russians because you won't stay off your women and they're constantly popping out new Russians babies for more canon fodder.

      Now I agree with you that Germany today is way too far on the Left, but it was we Nazis who struggled against the Left among us and it was your Russian Stalinists and Trotskyits and Leninists who were organizing our Left, so it's you Russians who are the biggest at being Left and encouraging our stupid Left in Germany.

    5. You are totally wrong American Nazi. US and Britain went to the war for the reason not to allow Stalin to conquer all the Europe. Soviet Union had by 1944 all the industrial and manpower to crush Germany by itself. As for the rapes - nazis killed 25 mln Russian people and considered them underhumans. Now you Germans are underhumans in the eyes of Muslims. Germans are complete suicide killers this time and all these rapes and terrorist acts are just the beginning. Soon you buddy will come to your historic motherland and will be considered kyafir and will have to obey sharia laws. I was amazed by the degree of disintegration in German police- it was astonishing. As for leftish shit- Stalin times are long time over and Russia is the stronghold of right and conservative Christian values while bombing the terrorists that US fostered and raised.....while your beloved Germany and idiotic France are admiring their LEFTISH values killing their population in Islamic shit. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Stay tuned to new terrorist acts, hostage dramas and mass rapes. All this will be finished when Eurozone collapse though.

    6. Vic
      I lived several years in park slope. I walked and travelled a lot in other parts of Brooklyn and I just could trust my eyes. The degree of hatred towards white people was astonishing in several areas . As for the rape of one negro woman by 5 negro youngsters - it is still the rape , whatever race the victim was. Or do you assert that the black US citizen woman is of lower value for you than others?

    7. Would be great not to have a Russian-American caricatural duel.
      Alex is right against caricature of Russia in "West" minds. Who really knows how far went the Red-rotten habits in Russia... Things cannot evolve well from this on the spot.

      Russia's army raped german women, but thanks the vicious bolchevik/soviet propaganda (Ilya Ehrenburg) which was actually a messianic-deviant jewish one. All US-/GB patriots knew this, today quite forgotten.

      So please understand good and evil is inside all human, nation, etc... and get rid of damned propaganda from one side or one other. Make place to alliance of patriots on both sides.

      (Therefore France is a a balancing power... :-D)

    8. Alex you are a typical Russian dumbass. Britain and France declared war on Germany in the first week of August 1939 and it had nothing to do with seeking to prevent the USSR from conquering all of Europe. The US joined because it wanted to prevent Europe from being dominated by Nazi Germany. Try reading some books on history for a change.

  2. Although Usa may gloat and glee over Putin's Problems, nevertheless, the sting is in the tail. If Putin goes down, then worst is yet to come for the rest of us.

  3. Frankly it is a bit obvious for Putin, also he has such power I do not think he would revert to his old KGB ways. I am more interested in how the military industrial complex or Clinton/Bush families are going to 'rationalize' Trump. Coming in at number 1. Helicopter crash, 2. Heart Attack 3.lone nut Gunman/Stabber 4. Wig Transplant.

  4. I think Europe has bigger problems....the multi cultural experiment will not work with integrating Muslims. the patriotic base held so long during the cold war is fractured and will continue to erode. If the Don is elected, trade will improve between Russia and USA but I See Europe desend into chaos.

  5. Dr. Pieczenik, your hostility is misplaced.

    There isn't any evidence to support your implied accusation against Putin. But you make it anyway. Perhaps, it is idle speculation only.

    Low oil prices will not collapse the Russian economy. That you trot out this elite meme suggests to me that you still put too much reliance on the main stream media and their pundits, mostly neocon, who constantly attack Putin, as he stands in the way of their destructive agenda.

    Putin has repeatedly made lemonade out of lemons and confounded the corrupt Washington elite.

    Actually, low oil prices hurt Saudi Arabia much more than it does Russia.

    Saudi Arabia has been tricked (possibly) to over extend itself and now has no choice but to pump high volumes of oil to pay off its debts to western banks.

    See the corrupt elite stab in the back even their most loyal vassals. There is no loyalty in the elite.

    Russia is much more self-contained and self-sufficient than what you, Dr. Pieczenik, give it credit for.

    Old habbits die hard, I know, and that old cold war reflex against the USSR seems quite strong in an old cold warrior like Dr. Pieczenik.

    Russia & Putin want stability (to develop their economy), while the corrupt western elite want chaos so they can take control of resources and with unlimited fiat currency (petrodollar) can rebuild from the ground up. That is why they are content to destroy so much infrastructure in object countries.

    Russia & America are natural allies.

    It is the criminal elite who want to divide America from Russia as part of their ever ongoing "divide & conquer" strategy.

    Dr. Pieczenik, don't drink the New York Times Kool-Aid, you are better than that.

    1. Very relevant comment.
      Not impossible our beloved Doc discreetly gives us the implicit info regarding a possible death in Syria/Lebanon, but hides it behind an obsolete (even if true) GRU/KGB internal war.
      Cf. Stratfor publication (Stratfor that Dr. pieczenik thanks in his introduction of the 1st volume of his blog compilation) : "A Mysterious Death Raises Questions in Russia". 6 January 2016.
      (This just as an hypothesis I raise here - Guess our Doc would neither confirm nor infirm, as "things" go...)

  6. I am sure Dr P. That you know Russian language better than me , would you please explain me what "Boshen daragoy"does mean?

    Believe me "butter and vodka" are still available in Moscow and will be in the nearest future. I am not big fan of Putin again but you know he suits OK to Russia. You Americans fucked up everywhere where the boot of US marine landed in the past 50 years while imposing democracy to "camel jockeys" who understand only brutal force and authoritarian rule. USA is the best promoter of radical Islam helping ISIS, taliban and other Syrian bastards to cut Christian heads. Look at the rate of approval of Putin ( more than 50% anyway after making allowance for propaganda lie) , and look at Obama with false tears depriving people from the right of self defense. Remember what his approval rating is? Such a great nation as USA ( my honest opinion) is ruled by the man of disgrace and dishonor. When republicans will win the elections Russia and US will be natural allies ( hope God will help) otherwise drunk Muslims will be raping women on the Times Square under full politically correct protection by old witch Clinton. Best wishes Dr. P.

    1. "RA go deep BO month"
      does not make sense in translation
      from Chinese to English

    2. Alex,
      Lord willing, USA patriots will help elect Trump, impeach Obama, imprison Hillary, constitutional convention federalism back to reality, and overthrow Talmudic IMF + political Islam proxies in the USA and globally along with Russia and Putin. Godspeed.

    3. I think Russians are the Arabs of Europe, or Asia, or wherever it is that the Russians live..their cold God forsaken miserable stepps. I would rather live anywhere else on this planet than in any part of Russia. It makes even places like Ukraine look good.

    4. Especially when you never been in any parts of the world you are mentioning. Go to Germany when 9 more million of Muslims will land there in coming years. You will have nice experience shouting "allah Akbar" while surrounded by several young and "gentle" Arab youngsters holding knife near your throat. Come on visit the land of ancestors. Start with the neighborhood south of hauptbanhof in Munich first ..... Feel the spirit of Germany .

    5. As a Nazi I agree that we Germans are making a horrible mistake letting in any muslims, but we Nazis are outnumbered by the Communists in Germany thanks to you Communist Bohsheviki scum in Russia.

    6. Anyway you lost in WWII and will lose again as Germans in WWIII with Muslims because of you German arrogance and stupidity. Just reconcile with this and make circumcision buddy ASAP.

  7. Dr.P I think you are mistaken in saying that Putin was the former head of the KGB or FSB or such. He was an officer, but no where near any head. And the fact that he was an officer means he is a totally immoral human being.

    The be KGB in the Cold War to me means he is a creature unworthy of life.

    1. Poutine was indeed head of the FSB (july 27, 1998 – august 9, 1999)
      Every KGB operative wasn't unhuman at the end of the Soviet Union. Situation is way more nuanced, between real subversive operatives and would-be Russia's servants. The fact is, at this era there was no room for non-communists patriots States servants...

    2. Yeah, well I think the same about CIA.... a few exceptions: John Stockwell, Phillip Agee, Victor Marchetti. Where were you Michael?

      We do appreciate your frankness though.

      And, this flame war between retired cold warriors is a hoot.

    3. That's a good question. I live in Austin and went to the University of Texas here for my undergraduate work just as John Stockwell did. His father was a pastor here in Austin. Stockwell was a Task Force Chief and therefore the highest grade to leave and become a critic. Agee was sincere but his perspective was that of a lowly case officer and some of his views about what drives US policy are untrue. I like Ralph McGehee more than most of the others. He was correct about Vietnam.
      Ray McGovern is wonderful. He's right on the money all the time. See him on Youtube.

      If you wanna understand CIA go to Youtube and see vids of these two officers...Robert Baer and Michael Scheuer.
      Baer and Scheuer bot advocate extra judicial killing quite a bit. It's shocking how much both of these two people advocate for assassination, and they are both otherwise reasonable people.

      Both of them are frankly a little un-hinged.

      Look I'm telling you if you get involved in Covert Action or even espionage this is what happens to MOST people. If you get involved in these matters MOST people will wind up spiraling downward into a world of assassination and kidnapping and rendition and torture. It's just what happens. I think most of the people who started CIA were sincere but they were men of action and not thought. CIA was an action force and it didn't create intelligence worth a shit because everything was bent to support the Covert Action missions it was pursuing.
      CIA did a lot of horrific things. But look at what happened in Russia and China and Cambodia and Hungary and such places under Marxism and tell me there wasn't cause for extreme alarm. It bent so far over that most CIA figures just thought it was better to kill anyone who was a Communist no matter where they were or what they were. This is the kind of mentality which started in the Spanish Civil War and went on through Indonesia in 1965 where CIA assisted in massacring hundreds of thousands of Communists and others merely suspected of such, as in Chile, etc. You might not know this but in Iran in 1953 the CIA Chief in Tehran was OPPOSED to the US led coup there which brought the Shah into power. In CIA there are human beings too, and black hats and white hats. But the mission usually determines that the white hats are pushed aside.

    4. Another thing which most people don't understand is that in so many countries after World War II there was such support for Soviet led communism that you just wouldn't believe it. I mean the American public just doesn't have any idea even today the amount of support Communist parties and groups had in all these countries, and it was mostly from Moscow. And in so many countries these parties actually had real chances to take over government and countries. Go to Youtube and see the documentaries about the Spanish Civil War. It was not at all a struggle between fascism and democracy as was depicted here. It was a struggle between Communism/anarchists and traditional society. Unless they were stopped Spain would definitely have become a Communist state in the mold of the USSR. The only people though who were willing to take up arms and stop them were themselves very savage people also. There just are not good alternatives in these matters. There are only choices between fanatics. That's why it drives you nuts.

    5. If you wanna know what good CIA case officers and agents look and act like go to the movie "Munich" by Steven Speilberg. There is a scene where the heros, who are Israeli assassins, are in London on a rainy night and are stalking this Arab terrorist. They are just closing in on him for the kill when suddenly these Americans show up, and they are pretending to be drunk and they start a fight with some of the Israelis...and the Israeli's plans are thwarted. If you look at those actors playing in that scene and how they look and act they are right on the money. They're exactly like real agents or officers.

    6. Thanks for that. Yes, McGovern occurred to me as well, but I'm not familiar with McGehee.

      I recently read Agee's CIA Diary, and while where he was stationed (Ecuador, Uruguay) weren't the hot spots of that era, nevertheless even in these countries the tactics used to control the host governments struck me as essentially mob tactics - paying off police and politicians, getting them in compromising positions and blackmailing, but even going beyond that and fabricating fake documents to implicate their perceived enemies.

      There is a series out called Hollywood vs. the Mob, and each episode deals with different types of gangs - of course devoting much to the Sicilians, but also there are episodes for the Jewish gangs, the Irish gangs, the Black gangs, and one for the "Law gang," i.e. the FBI, which is treated as just another gang. Well, it occurred to me that there should've been an episode for the "above the law gang," which would be the CIA, along with the covert action agencies of other countries as well.

    7. There's no doubt that the Soviets were imperialists in their own right especially in Eastern Europe after the war...

      There is an argument to be made however that Churchill, by naming the Iron Curtin as such, along with the efforts of the Dulleses and a malleable Truman, did more to cordon off those countries than did the Russians, who with the sacrifices made during the war felt entitled to a buffer zone lest Western Europe should once again attempt an invasion. Certainly the Russians could see what was happening in the immediate aftermath of the war - and even before the war ended - that U.S. intelligence was quickly adopting former nazis into its service, particularly Gehlen. So why shouldn't the Russians be alarmed by that and react accordingly?

    8. Actually Stalin knew more about what was going on in the American government than the American public knew. What he knew was that the new team after FDR died were about not only reversing communism in eastern Europe but in Russia itself! Stalin knew that within the Truman Administration were Communist haters like myself who wished to crush Communism in Russia as much as the Nazis did. This is why Stalin was so defensive about the Marshall Plan and everything else. Among his many spies were Kim Philby and others who knew the CIA and American military and passed on to Stalin that these people would invade and attack Russia with nuclear weapons at the drop of a hat. Stalin's fears about the West were not paranoia but were based on the truth.

    9. As usual you are contradicting yourself Alzheimer nazi. You are condemning Stalin for everything he did and now you are praising him for his thorough thinking. Soviet army in 1945 was ready to "conquer the sky" and Americans knew this that is why they finally made the Normandy attack. Before that they procrastinated with the real military involvement making the lend - lease program to impair both hitler and Stalin .