Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OMG, is 18 year old Ted Cruz


  1. [Out of the Thema here, but...] Doc, please, I would be eager to have your point of view about what kind of psychopathologic disease our beloved idiotic Président could have (jewish FYI, as Sarkozy was you may know it) : always wanting to seduce any woman, but in such a ridiculous way that seems to me being something like a disease... What for a desperate need of consideration?
    Here in Australia, in a Thales hi-Tech factory... Asking personnal question in front of journalists, what an insane lack of "classe"!!!

    That also was the case for Chirac, not jewish, "instant-fucker" who was nicknamed "3minutes, including shower...".

    That was also the case for Dominique de Villepin [PM], very loutish aboutr what came close to sex BTW, and able to use special bodyguard forces [SPHP - Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités] to secure him when he wanted an extra-fuck...
    ...even if de Villepin was quite the only one among the others (hollande-Sarkozy-Chirac) not to have been a traitor, or having showed a real moral fiber regarding states interests....

    ..and don't tell me it is "French" : it is the kind of deviant people the System loves to manage to the top...

  2. Dr. Pieczenik, I appreciate your decision to make this video of Ted Cruz a blog post.

    Normally, I wouldn't put a lot of stock into what an 18-year old says about his future, and I'm old enough (older that Cruz) that videos of future intentions weren't often made.

    But the arrogance (okay, 18-year old's are often quite arrogant) and his statements about "ruling the world" and such tie into his hypocrisy and opportunist political career that it can't be blown off easily.

    When Cruz led the government shutdown, when everybody knew it wouldn't work was a classic:

    Cruz led his followers into a political wilderness that only served to raise his political profile, and most important, he left his followers in the wilderness (only the disasterous rollout of Obamacare saved the Republicans generally and his followers from a major political fall).

    How many 18-year old's are so filled with overweening ambition that they would make a video like the one we see above?

    Cruz is smart, but pure brains does not make one a leader of men. In fact, pure brain power unattached from any sense of humility often leads to disaster because the lack of a sense of limits or boundaries, leads to a hubris which limits self-awareness to the consequences of ones actions.

  3. May I re-write a paragraph (okay, I will anyhow):

    Cruz is smart, but brain power alone does not make one a leader of men. In fact, pure brain power unattached to any sense of humility often leads to hubris and a poor sense of limits or boundaries ("I'm smarter than all the rest, thus, I can get away with it."). Also, hubris can lead to a lack of self-awareness to the consequences of ones actions.

    So, while I can understand
    Michelle Malkin (a conservative pundit commenting on Ted Cruz's video) playing it down and diverting to Obama (a classic rhetorical & propaganda ploy), I do not agree with her dismissal of the video:

    Malkin: "Yep, teenager. The supposedly blockbuster viral videotape leaked by an anonymous classmate was made twenty-eight years ago, back when VHS players still existed and Cruz was a snarky, glib and overly grandiose 18-year old-high school student.

    Newsflash: If you are not snarky, glib, and overly grandiose at 18, you may be from a different planet.

    If you like Ted Cruz as I do, you’ll find the vintage late ’80s video charming and funny."

    Malkin's putdown of anybody who attaches significance to the video follows:

    "If you hate Ted Cruz, as so many in the Beltway media and political establishment do, you’ll find it an appalling confirmation that he’s the worst thing since Spam, lead poisoning and the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion."

    I got news for you Ms. Malkin, conservative Republicans can also be concerned about this video; particularly when Cruz's political career and political associations are compared with his "aw, shucks, Texas cowboy" rhetoric and supposed devotion to the Constitution are examined.

    What I get out of it is a narcissist potentially willing to do and say anything in the future to advance his ambitions.

    Ms. Malkin, I'm sorry, but your treatment of the video doesn't increase my respect for your political commentary.

  4. Replies
    1. These books keep coming out and like Teflon Tony Blair, nothing can touch them. I wonder what a Bush or Clinton would have to do to get arrested...shoot the Pope!

  5. Article from National Review about the idea of a FBI Comey resignation.

    How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute... via @NRO

  6. Anaconda wrote: "What I get out of it is a narcissist potentially willing to do and say anything in the future to advance his ambitions." -- Jan. 27, 2016

    It seems that now almost all the Republican candidates for president have figured it out and are letting Cruz have it.

    Ted Cruz under siege in Iowa

    CNN wrote:"Cruz's problems were in sharp relief at the Fox News debate in Des Moines Thursday night, where he was everyone's favorite punching bag. The consistent charge: Cruz is a fake."

    Even the other fake Cuban is in on it:

    "This is the lie that Ted's campaign is built on, and Rand touched upon it -- that he's the most conservative guy, and everyone else is a -- you know, everyone else is a RINO," Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday night. "The truth is, Ted, throughout this campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes."

    Talk about the kettle calling the frying pan black!

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