Sunday, January 3, 2016

others agree


  1. Well... "it's gonna blow!"

    Am I fully wrong if I consider this as a "possibility"...? :
    -the initial (deviant US/GB:ISr) agenda was to push the Saouds to foolish acts (Syria/yemen), doing the dirty work of balkanization, with the idea to finally sacrifice them(and remplace them by ISIS), another stage of the balkanization of the ME.
    -the Russia-revised agenda blasting ISIS with the help of Hezbollah/Iran/Irak, will create a new path for a synchronization between US/Isr on the one hand, Iran & Cy on the other hand (cf. Seymour Hersh), to manage a positive issue : end of war in Syria, toppling down of the Saouds, general damage control.

    Then the questions remain :
    1-will the foolish civilian leaders of US/Isr+AS/Turkey/Qatar succeed, in beginning an artificial WW3 before this... (cf. Turkey/Su-24).
    2-the very question regarding sovereign money control : in our current situation, Russia still can win the battle of Syria but lose the battle of Russia('s economy) through the main thing at stake : WHO created money ? "le sujet des sujets"...

  2. Obama is hiding a dark secret that just came out and this effects you!