Monday, January 18, 2016

Ted Cruz: Tartuffe-- The Modern Day Religious Hypocrite!
with the Full Support of his Goldman Sachs/ Council on Foreign Relations Wife, Heidi. They Both try to Make Fools of Evangelical Christians and Us, Americans!
Hypocrisy and lying are two essential components of creating a convincing narrative as a candidate for POTUS. The issue is always to what degree does the narrative reflect reality; or, is it simply a vehicle of propaganda, intended to denigrate the intended audience with Goebbels-like lies, repeated incessantly?

Such a character is Ted Cruz whom the brilliant French playwright, Moliere described in detail as “Tartuffe,” as far back as the 1600s. No candidate in the 2016 Presidential race has relied on the Evangelical Christians of Iowa; as well as, the southern tier of the American states, as today’s Tartuffe, Ted Cruz. He has organized his personal narrative around a fictitious portrait of himself as the ‘Humble Servant of Christ’ and the “grateful son” [read draft-dodger] of “America”.
Nothing in his life denotes an iota of Christian sanctity; least of all his own arrogant, obnoxious behavior, bereft of compassion, or any form of empathy. As if that were not bad enough and even insulting to us, Americans, Tartuffe [Cruz] has been ENABLED by Heidi, his ‘devoted house frau’. Nothing exposes the hypocrisy of Ted as much as the background of his politically ambitious, financially rapacious Heidi who probably should have run for POTUS based on her own political ambitions.

Please indulge me for a few descriptive riffs here. Her CFR file, which was quickly removed from my perusal, reveals some very interesting evidence denoting a potential personae akin to our beloved sociopath,  Hillary Clinton.
Heidi is a member of the globalists, CFR; where her research recommends that Mexico and Canada [Cruz’s birthplace/citizenry] should be amalgamated into one North American entity. She is a true Globalist, denying American Exceptionalism!
Heidi served loyally to one of the most corrupt, inept Sec States, Condoleeza Rice; whom I could barely consider either intelligent or truthful. Condi was one of those “affirmative action candidates”, like Obama; who ascended up the “greasy pole” of Republicanism through her minority status at the expense of dismissing other more qualified candidates, who could have prevented 9/11.
Heidi was a special assistant to Robert Zoelleck whom I knew quite well. He was/is a Bush Family loyalist whose performance both in the FANNIE MAE and housing crisis leaves his tenure open to questions of financial irregularities.
Heidi is a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs. Nothing bespeaks a greater hypocrisy concerning the Cruzs’ “Christian Values” then that “esteemed” title which represents the worst type of avarice and political cronyism required to ascend the troughs of that corrupt NYC bank.

Interestingly enough our Tartuffe stupidly attacked ‘NY Values’; when in fact, he and his wife were buried up to their chins in the manure represented by the dregs of two miscreant banks. Ted and Heidi owe Goldman, a mere $1M at the same time, they owe Citibank, another $500K. What more could be said about this modern-day Tartuffe husband/wife team—brilliantly described some five hundred years ago? Let us not forget that he is not a natural born citizen of America; despite the fact that his mentor Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a NYC blowhard defends him ad infinitum while Alan is being indicted for sexual deviant behavior.

We must and can produce far more convincing, compelling characters than this Canadian reject. Yet, what would I and other bloggers do without a buffoon like Ted Cruz-- to whom I donated some moneys in order to observe what this Cuban/Canadian version of Tartuffe would say and do under the onslaught of reality?
As a writer,  I am thankful that we will always have a plenary of Tartuffes, just in different shapes and forms always willing to play the hypocrite at will…..
There is always Rubio, Christie, Jeb, Fiorina…..and of course, Hillary!
Thank you Jesus!!


  1. Cruz is not eligible in my opinion and is supported by a Supreme Court unanimous decision issued by the Chief Justice, Minor v. Happersett, 1875. Cruz's statement that his eligibility is "settled law" is a lie.

    Cruz is a hypocrite & opportunist of the highest order.

    Good post Dr. Pieczenik.

  2. Over here there are really only two candidates for POTUS, Clinton and Trump in fact you can still get odds of 11/2 on Trump might have a flutter, as I do not now see how Clinton can climb out of her mire of lies to win. With each passing day I become more convinced that Trump will be 'wacked' it is wether it is pre or post Presidential.

  3. Schorrer is a POTUS requirement for eligibility.

  4. Heidi reminds me of Fawn Hall in that both are fascist love dolls!

  5. Heidi and Fawn! Where do they get these names?

  6. So here's what we'll do.....

    We'll revive "I love Lucy" only instead of Lucy it will be HEIDI, and she will be married to the hot blooded Cuban Ted!

    "I love Heidi" will be a huge hit.

    Ted will come home after a long day on Capital Hill crying "Heidi lemme esplain!"

  7. Ted Cruz is a big fake. Read this link and understand Cruz is a neocon, not a constitutionalist.

    That is just a cover to give him street cred with the teaparty faction.

    Ted Cruz's Closest Counselors Are Neocons

    Know those by who they associate with.

    Ted Cruz is an unreconstructed neocon in cowboy drag.

  8. Nice try. Cruz isn't Mexican or of Mexican descent. His father escaped to the US from Cuba. MAJOR error if you expect to be taken seriously.

  9. Nice try. Cruz isn't Mexican or of Mexican descent. His father escaped to the US from Cuba. MAJOR error if you expect to be taken seriously.