Thursday, January 21, 2016

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning: All Violated U.S. National Security Top Secrets and All are in Hiding or Jail!
What about Hillary Clinton? SAP/Top Secret Violations. I vote for Hillary to go to Prison in 2016.
Just when I thought I was done with Hillary and there was absolutely no more for me to say, suddenly, I learned that she received Top Secret plus SAP on her mobile phone.

SAP, for those like me who did not know what that stands for, means Special Access Programs according to the Wikipedia- usually denotes highly sensitive, black-ops project actions with a mandate of nondisclosure. Accordingly, there are three categories of SAPs in the DOD:
Acquisition SAPS[AQ-SAP]; 
Intelligence SAP [IN-SAPS];
Operations and Support SAPS [OS-SAPS].
If you spend some time on Wikipedia, you will understand the major differences among these classifications. Sufficient to say that anyone, including General David Petraeus who had violated TS procedures, was punished with a monetary fine and a possible grade demotion. Assange, Snowden and Manning –all have the distinction of violating U.S. National Security secrets and eventually fled the country to seek some form of relief; or in the case of Manning, he/she went to prison.
Yet, Hillary, as usual, has not been able to admit that whatever she received on her unclassified, commercial, bath-tub constructed server was highly classified. She repeatedly makes mention of the fact that she did not read any or recognize any classification whatsoever on her open source mobile phone. Of course, she is lying. In fact, her crime is so perfidious that it is costing us, taxpayers, millions of unnecessary dollars for the FBI to allocate approximately100 special agents to sift through her supposedly unclassified emails.
It only gets worse for Hillary.
The longer she waits and refuses to admit her sins; the greater the sins become. It’s one thing to mishandle classified information up to the level of Top Secret [the highest level I had ever wanted]. It is another issue to deny any responsibility for violating SAPS which can compromise the lives and plans of black operations that in reality do not ever exist. To obviate the sanctity of black ops; and, at the same time, to place countless numbers of brave covert operatives’ lives in danger is a major violation of federal law, immoral and its anti-American. It is punishable by imprisonment and loss of one’s regular life while spending time in prison.

Hillary is no exception to that truth! Yet, we should know this by now, this is part of her known history: whitewater, fake commodity profits, white house scandals, 9/11, what else do we need as evidence that this family is trash and needs to be thrown out?
The longer she lies, the worse her sentence should become, compounding her time away by years if not decades. She may think that she cannot and will not be held to the moral standards to which, we all, in the intelligence/State Dept. service had to swear by and even sign special papers recognizing our culpability if we in fact violated that trust. Hillary will soon discover, like the rest of us, that this type of blatant crime will not pay.  
How do I know?
I have no special knowledge; other than the faith I have entrusted into a group of professionals in the FBI and Justice Department whom I believe, against all hope, will act accordingly. Do I think that Obama will interfere with the final investigation that I am certain will find Hillary guilty of crimes against the state?
Yet, I believe that Obama has decided that his political ascendancy, as well as, his eight year tenure as POTUS, has had their fill of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Chicaneries. Obama wants to leave a legacy of domestic and foreign policy achievements that will supersede any mention of the Clintons—good or bad.
Obama will have to determine whether General Petraeus should be demoted for personal infractions against national security. I believe that Petraeus may have been guilty of confusing which “gun” he was supposed to be shooting in the presence of his biographer. That does not take away from whatever achievements he may have accomplished in order to warrant a four star promotion. One is based on warrior abilities. The other has to do with personal fallibilities. The two should not be confused when allocating a potential punishment. Nor should punishment be retroactive; otherwise, our history and personnel will be held accountable to the slightest whims.
Hillary has reached the apex of her career, she is post-peak. She has accomplished what no other Sec State has ever done—purposefully violated national security; as well as,  compromised covert operatives; risking their lives around the world for black ops programs that never existed in the first place; in order, to protect our country in the second place. I have never witnessed such infantile selfishness and self-delusion as Hillary has evidenced time and time again.
I suggest to the American Psychiatric Association [APA—to which I do not belong] that they create a completely separate category of sociopathy called “CLINTONISM”—where one considers oneself completely unbound by the rules of society; and by doing so becomes the model of faux future behavior. BTW, this disease may be contagious. It is known to occur in family clusters over several generations both in boys and girls. We might enter this new disease in the DSM of politicians or sociopathus extraordinaris.

I am resolved to vote for Hillary Clinton to go to PRISON in 2016!!!!
Please vote with me and your fellow Americans to send her away for good!!!


  1. i think that the majority of US voters believe clinton should go to prison, along with her degenerate husband, but she's not going. she has the advantage of being an above the law, unaccountable big shot, and enjoys the disgusting double standard of the US judicial system. if she were one of us little people, she would have been arrested, while her emails, and server were being seized by the FBI, in a surprise raid, and would've been in custody, awaiting trial, yesterday. it's said by larry nichols, that obama won't tell the DOJ, to let the FBI do their job, and arrest, try in court, and convict clinton, because she's blackmailing a lot of people, and threatening to rat on everybody.. if this is true, the degenerate, and criminal clintons will skate once again. i know that you know all this mr pieczenik, what do you suggest?

    1. The problems with American penal codes and criminal statutes today is that they have no basis in any of the longstanding criteria used since time immemorial to justify the state depriving someone of their liberty and status and confining them in a jail or prison.
      Criminal laws used to require MALICE or Mes Rhea, the "guilty mind" and required that such willful acts of malice were deliberate and resulted in bodily injury, mental injury, damage to property or deprivation of the use of property [theft].
      Now the treason laws fell into a different category. Treason had nothing to do with deterring or punishing bad acts. Treason was merely about deterring people who thought the state was not legitimate and sought to act against it. It has nothing to do with morality or malice or anything of the kind. It's merely a severe penalty, usually the most severe of any penalty, to protect the state from those who want to bring it down because it has no legitimacy.
      As for these "national security laws" they are bullshit. If someone deliberately exposes an American covert asset and that asset is killed then the person responsible should be tried for murder. If property is damaged or stolen then they should be tried for that. Whatever the results of the disclosure are should be charged according to those things, and not the disclosure itself.
      In terms of Hillary her acts were that of ignorance and not malice. She should not be indicted or punished for anything and neither should Manning, et. al.

    2. I don't think Hillary is ignorant, nor Bill, because they are both lawyers and have superior knowledge of the law. Further, Bill was a Rhode Scholar and seems pretty bright, but self destructive.

      When Hillary now claims she did not receive or send classified emails, she thinks we Americans are ignorant. And she is lying, and she knows it, and I think her lies are malicious. Hillary lies about everything.

    3. Martha Stewart lied to the FBI about insider trading and received jail time. So should Hillary if she sticks to her bullshit story and tells the FBI lies.

      But as it stands now, not even that is required for Hillary to end up receiving jail time, she's already met the requirements.

      Question is will she receive equal treatment under the law? I doubt it.

    4. Jeffry,

      The greatest terrorist in AMERIKKA:

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  4. Concerning the assassination of Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A. under orders from President Clinton for his (President Clinton) wife (FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton), Vincent W. Foster was "shot in the neck" (HOMICIDE) at point blank range at "THE CLINTON PARTY PAD" on July 20, 1993 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Insider: Obama May Be the Last President" (at 25:07 to 30:07) [Alex Jones interviewed Larry Nichols (Governor Clinton's former "RIGHT HAND MAN")!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on August 17, 2015; and "The Clinton Murders" posted by dreamwarrior2008 on June 29, 2015)!

  5. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please discuss these issues on THE ALEX JONES SHOW A.S.A.P.!

  6. "I did not have sex with that server". ...Billary Clinton

  7. "I will say one thing about Hillary, if she is not indicted the rule of law in the U.S. is no more. While I have no interest in taking up arms in a civil war, I will encourage everyone to stop paying taxes in mass and ignore the federal government entirely. It will be the end of this country as we know it and I am afraid Obama and Lynch do not understand the gravity of the situation"

    This comment was posted by someone on Drudge" end wasright on the money.

  8. Here's what happened:

    The internet age produced a hyper aware population overnight. Unfortunately, the mass absorbing of new information did not catalyze in the brains of the majority of the populous to produce smarter people. Instead, there was an opposite reaction where the populous became stupider because their feeble minds could not handle the assault of so much new information, AND they became lazy because there were no longer any obstacles needing to be cleared in order to gain new information.

    True experts are becoming extinct simply because there aren't enough people disciplined enough to focus on one thing and be great at that one thing. There are way too many distractions, by design. It used to be that you'd have to pick one subject and go to the libraries to extract as much information as possible on that subject. You'd seek out experts on that subject and learn if there were competent teachers in your path. Nowadays, everybody and their uncle is an 'expert' on everything because they have an internet connection. BULLSHIT!

    Much has been discussed on this topic, but my research is confirmed using my own children as test subjects. Essentially, the kids were getting all the digital toys of the era; Nintendo Game Boy, Sony Playstation, Ipods, Iphones, computers with free internet, etc. I allowed the in-laws and wife to spoil them with the devices for a while until I saw the grades slipping and chores going undone. Once I saw that glazed over look and two second pauses to answer simple questions, I knew I had to act. Before I did anything drastic, I set up tests. In every test their cognative responses were studied for effect. The results were predictable. Note - both kids have very high IQ's like their father.

    The most amazing reaction noted was the hostility towards me and anybody else in the area when the plug was pulled and access was denied. Now imagine a wide scale outage with a multitude of adults (not children) denied their cyber habits. What happens with all that dormant unfocused energy? People can't even be neighborly or civil with one another anymore because their brains have been programmed into a state of complete disconnection from those traits and emotions which foster healthy human relationships.

    I am very sorry to say it, but all of these rat bastard criminal sons and daughters of whores will never be held accountable for their dirty deeds. There is no citizenry anymore, there is only sheeple who will do anything for their favorite what ever turns them on. Even this blog and every other like it doesn't matter. How do I know that? Because if it mattered, something would have changed by now.

    Experts in foreign policy are like experts in the music business, all talk the same crap identifying the obvious problems, but what winds up being produced is more crap - it never gets any better and wont. The only thing changing is the end is now closer than its ever been.

    If I were a demonic piece of shit hater of humanity and was running the program I would just pull the plug on the internet and offer free WiFi at the nearest FEMA camps.... FIRE UP THE OVENS BOYS, WE GONNA BE BUSY!!!

    1. Access to information has made very intelligent people like myself even better informed than we otherwise would be.
      But for the average college educated dumbass all this access to communication and data has made them less capable of critical thinking because they process more information through the same biased minds. It's more difficult to exercise critical thinking now than before. And I notice that people today are moving so fast that they don't consider other people's points of view or perspectives.
      It's making most people vastly dumber.

  9. Hillary is above the LAW.

    She had the goods on everyone especially ID FRAUD BARI SOETORO.

    Either she suddenly "dies from a stroke" which will seem plausible, since she looks very bad & weak, or she will stuff the ballot box.

    All her secrets will die with her:


  10. Hillary is not the only criminal in DC:

    All live off the cannibalistic sustenance of others.

    Means motive opportunity: FRAUD

    Neither Cruz Rubio, or Jindal are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS:


    Cruz is ONLY eligible for Canadian prime minister. He is ORALLY naturalized by his mother., but has no AMERICAN paper trail.

    RUBIO IS an ANCHOR BABY VIA 14th amendment born to two aliens who returned to Cuba, & then came back to Miami.

    Neither are eligible & are frauds, & should be prosecuted.

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