Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Navy buddy sent this to me, not sure if true, Obama's mansion in Dubai????  Please comment if u know the truth.


  1. Well, the admiral was fired.

    If Obama is purchasing the house, what does that say about his loyalty to the good ol' U.S.A?


    Obama was always a functionary for the elite.

    Don't kid yourself, his interest was never helping the working or middle class.

    He was sent by the elite to take this country in the direction the elite wanted.

  2. Obama: "I’m here to create demoralization and chaos. I’m an agent."

    No Obama didn't say that, but sure as sinola that's what he is: An agent of the elite.

  3. No extradition from Arab Emirates.


  4. A man close to me who you may know Petros Doxiadis, Peter Huresson died because he know that many government officials used fed money to buy homes in Dubai. So, while Obama's info I don't know but, I do know others have these types of homes as well.

  5. Source: = Sorcha Faal = immediately dismiss. Please, Dr. P. don't waste our time.