Sunday, January 3, 2016

Saudi Arabia Welcomes the New Year 2016 with Salafist Compassion and Empathy.  
The New Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, in his Sagacious Wisdom, Summarily Executes Shi’ite Holy Leader, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr!
The Holy Wars Continue!

For moment there, I was becoming concerned by our brave Hawaiian/Kenyan Leader, Sheikh Obama, and his obsessive needs to create false flags and stand-downs like Sandy Hook in order to impose gun control. Yet, no act of stupidity by Obama can really match the pubescent thoughts of the present rulers of Saudi Arabia. After having just executed over 157 people to mark the beginning of the new year, Saudi Arabia sent ‘a message of determination to Iran’ [NYTimes, Ben Hubbard, January 2, 2016] by killing the most revered Shi’ite leader in that God-forsaken rat hole, Sheikh Nimr al Nimr, the leader of  the minority Shi’ites in Saudi Arabia.
Since Islam provides for more than ample allowance for the eye-for-eye Code of Hammurabi, The Saudi Arabian Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulazziz Al Sheikh “called these executions a ‘mercy to the prisoners’ because the executions would save them from committing more evil acts.” Now, if that reasoning is not solipsistic, I don’t know what else to call it, other than venal, absurd, short-sighted and clearly self-destructive.
If anyone in America or the western world thinks that the present reign of terror is about anything other than Shi’ite versus Sunnis; they then should keep their hands on their smartphone and their minds on social media—lost in the world of binary numbers and the Kardashians. Nothing has changed in decades or centuries, since the Shi’ites and Sunnis have been killing each other over a belief; interpretation of the Koran; or whatever rationalization might be proffered at a particular time.

I have repeatedly warned the Saudi Kingdom that they are living in a world of self-created misery and death that has been their inveterate companion since the birth of that desert kingship [after WWI]. Nothing was more ill-timed and poorly conceived than executing a highly revered holy man [whatever his religion] alongside common criminals who were absurdly categorized as ‘Al Qaeda/ISIS’ terrorists.
No one in the world will believe that Saudi Arabia, which gave birth to Al Qaeda,  in concert with its puppet masters--the choirboys from the increasingly defunct American CIA; Israeli Mossad; and British MI/6—can exonerate itself for past, present and future crimes committed against the rest of the world. Iran has and will retaliate in kind, if not worse. The world is waking up and realizing that the Saudis are very old news and the country is warped beyond repair. 
Having travelled through both countries, I garnered a clearer sense of civility and sobriety in Persia, present day, Iran. I personally witnessed their complete tolerance toward Sunnis, Greek Orthodox Russians, Armenians, Jews, Christians and many other religious sects other than Bahais [unfortunately]. In contrast, Saudi Arabia tolerates no other religion on its soil—neither Christianity nor Judaism [its creator and writer of the Koran].

Geopolitical imperatives had placed Saudi Arabia, and its desert minions in supplicant positions to the great western powers of England and America. However, now that neither power is in need of its sycophant partner, Saudi Arabia has literally been cast to the desert of 40% unemployment; as well as thrown to the mercy of a resource which has been completely depleted—oil.
Now, alone, left on its own, Saudi Arabia has shown a complete lack of understanding of how to arise as a civilized nation in a world that no longer cares about a former faux desert kingdom. It would behoove the rulers of this pathetic country to learn a little bit about Christian charity and forgiveness in this New Year of 2016, if they have the least desire to see the next few years.
My prediction is that Iran will teach SA such a strong lesson that their rulers will think twice before committing another stupid act like this one. As for the rest of the world, let Shi’ites continue to kill Sunnis. That’s just what they do.

 I urge both sides to enter combat at full force until there is no more will to fight. Only the complete exhaustion of hate can allow for some new, more constructive remedy in the 21st century.
Allah Be Praised!


  1. With the Brent WTI spread gone, I felt that something big is about to happen to restore the spread. This could be it. A few damaged oilfields in Saudi would amp the price of oil again.

    The Kingdom is under massive pressure. Their borders on the south are under constant attack and their Eastern Provence is a pressure cooker. They are building a wall in the North to keep ISIL out; the very terrorist they support.

    One wonders if they listen to closely to their western advisers. They may profit more by aligning with Russian and China. It would certainly increase their longevity on the throne.

    1. Obama is hiding a dark secret that just came out and this effects you!

  2. The leaders of these countries are profoundly dumb. I was always waiting for the South Africans in the 1980s to announce that Nelson Mandela had succumbed to a stroke or had a heart attack or something, but NOOOOOOOOO...they left him alive for decades rotting in jail so he could be the focal point of indiginous terrorism and hatred towards whites. Whey they never killed him and announced it as a natural death was suicidal.

    Now we have the Saudis, the champaign sipping, slipper wearing, gown gropping pedohiles of the Arabian Penninsula trotting out minority clergymen to be slaughtered or beheaded or whatever in gory, nightmarish displays of barbarity which is guaranteed to only incite never-ending blood-soaked antipathy toward them. What are they thinking? Is this a "principled" stand against dissent? Is it meant to deter others? I think not. I think it's nothing more than a desperate retaliation made necessary by the internal roles of the Royals themselves. I don't think anything was considered such as consequences or anything of the kind. I think it was a thoughtless act, a product of a gaggle of Royals sitting around and saying to each other, "Well this is what we do isn't it? They deserve this; well we can't not do this can we?"

    This was the product of internal tough mindedness shown between the Royals to satisfy each other that they are doing something about this problem. They're not thinking about consequences except how they will appear to their fellow Princes if they didn't go along with this punishment.

  3. Either that or they were all sitting around the royal conference table eating pretzels and firing off beer farts, and on a dare one of them said "off with his head" in a mindless act of self indulgence. I like my version better, a little more colorful and less dignified befitting a debacle of this magnitude.

    1. Its not good to piss off the Ayatollahs.

    2. Its not good to piss off the Ayatollahs.

    3. That's a great line LFH I wouldn't argue with that sentiment one bit!! Another great post Steve Pieczenik once again we got the heads up on this blog first whilst once again barely a mention in the British press or a whimper off our government save to say the opposition party demanding a break of diplomatic links

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