Thursday, March 31, 2016

A little song by Norman Smith


  1. Is there a bit of a jump?

    In a way there is.

    But if you support a serious enforcement policy on illegal immigration & flagrant H1B visa abuse (forcing American citizen workers to train their foreign replacements at lower wages & benefits); you oppose the de-industrialization of America; oppose the endless wars which seem to benefit other countries more than America; then you gotta hope Trump comes through.

    No other candidate takes the heat for those three issues.

    And that is what this election is about.

  2. Bernie:

    Lived in a Kibbutz in Israel

    Did support & worked for the American Worker's Party (communists here in America)

    Lived in a earth floor shack in Vermont (his wife at the time left him, guess she didn't want to sweep a dirt floor)

    Didn't have a full time job until he was 40

    I don't know, man.

    Nice guy

    But I just don't see it, man.