Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trump Implicates the 9/11 “Chicken Hawks” Who Helped to Kill 3000 Innocent American Civilians!
Mitt Romney, one of the Mormon Church’s dumbest acolytes, unwittingly opens the rat cage of the 100 so-called National Security experts. Once the truth came out about 9/11 and we learned all about the Israeli, Jewish, and Bush/Cheney involvement in this moment of American tyranny, Trump knowingly has forced these 9/11 stooges to reveal themselves in an absurd petition claiming that Trump is not fit to become POTUS.

Let us see who these so-called experts are:
[1] Michael Chertoff, an effeminate American Jew, with an Israeli passport who was deeply involved in creating 9/11 to eventually profit from that terror by creating passenger scanning machines [Israeli Company].
[2] Rabbi Dov Zakheim-Dual Israeli/US citizen. “The Bionic Zionist”[Jerry Mazza]. Pentagon Comptroller, misplaced $2.3 trillion.  CEO SPS International—Flight Termination Systems that could hijack a plane, land it, or crash it.
[3] Eliot Cohen-Jewish Counselor to incompetent/liar Sec State Condi Rice. “Draft Dodger” advocated war against Iran and Iraq.
[4] Robert Zoellick- former President of World Bank and former US Trade Representative; Former VP Fannie Mae and Senior Advisor To Goldman Sachs [involved in subprime mortgages fiasco]. He also worked for Enron executives before they were indicted.
Robert is someone whom I have known well and worked with for several years. He is very bright and competent in any role he might assume in the USG. Yet I am afraid that he has compromised himself as a ‘loyal Bushite’ to the degree that he has seriously damaged his own integrity. He knows that and I suspect he is afraid that Trump will uncover the degree to which he had lost his intellectual gravitas to greed and self-aggrandizement.
I have said from the very beginning of the Bush/Cheney 9/11 false flag/stand down, eventually the truth would come out, one way or another. Finally, we, Americans, have a candidate who knows most of the details of what happened on that ‘day of infamy’ September 11, 2001. Now, we are witnessing the futile efforts of those chicken hawks who have refused to serve our county in time of need: Romney, Bush, Cheney, Chertoff, etc.—employing code terms like “Trump is psychologically unfit” to be Commander-in-Chief; even invoking the absurd comparison to Ronald Reagan who WAS demented during his administration an example of competency.
Now, not only are we seeing a political revolution in the works but we are also witnessing a class of traitors numbering in the hundreds, senior civilian/military officials who worked primarily for Bush Jr defending themselves out of desperation for fear that they will be exposed for the ‘war criminals’ and ‘American traitors’ that they are. It is good to remember that no one is above the law in America, neither POTUS nor his servants who did/do his bidding.
Americans are rightfully enraged because a grievous injustice has been perpetrated by our Zionist “Friends/Allies” along with our IC and US/Israeli military. It would behoove us, Americans, to remember that Israel Air Force attacked the USS Liberty [intelligence] on June 8, 1967. The IDF mercilessly killed 34 American crew members and wounded 171 American sailors; all the while the ship was in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula. Under order of another pathetic POTUS, LBJ [never served in our military], he tried to create a ‘false flag’ incident during the Six Day War between Egypt and Israel. This LBJ, like most POTUS cowards, created another false flag incident by accusing the North Vietnamese of initiating a war in the Gulf of Tonkin [our military knew better; but as usual, they did nothing about it].

As you can see the principle of false flags or stand down is quite simple: use Israel or their direct minions: Rabbis, Neocons, Dual Citizens to inflict damage on the people who helped create the State of Israel; as well as, helped to defend it in times of need. No good deed goes unpunished.
It can be said of those 100 supposed Republican National Security experts who are afraid of going to jail for acts of treason against the American people, the following:
“History is the Devil’s Scripture!” 



  1. No good deed goes unpunished. I guess we see that best at The Crucifixion!

  2. Their day of reckoning will come when they meet their maker. They got a "lot of 'splainin to do"

    Now a weird but fun YouTube video interesting sounds:

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