Monday, March 28, 2016

This story broke months before in RT, NYTimes just picked it up last week.  Dade County drinking water in peril due to leaks at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant.


  1. A little radiation never hurt anyone.

    1. :-D
      "tout est perdu, fors l'humour / everything's lost, except humour" :-D

    2. TO C_I_A_operator:

      I guess you do not care if thousands of people get various forms of cancer and die! This is what radiation does! It does NOT matter if the radiation dose is small, if the dose is constant, such as, DEPLETED URANIUM POISONING (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Beyond Treason FULL LENGTH" [This is a copy of "Beyond Treason;" and said copy contains statements by TOP EXPERTS!] posted by TriCorneredHat on November 18, 2012)!

  2. The way the nuclear research (for anything except bombs...) was killed by (mostly) the Big Oil cartel after the Three Miles Island incident, let us in a dangerous situation.
    The Pacific situation after Fukushima (1), or the way France is getting subtly intimidated by little UAV flying by our Nuclear Power PLant (2)... are some examples of true threat against mankind, this situation created...

    consequence of human vainglory/Madness/lack of spititual maturity...

  3. If the CEO's of the companies that own and operate the plants were personally responsible to lead the leak repair efforts, there would never be any leaks.

    Its okay, only Carribean Islanders drink from the tap anyway.

  4. "In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA" (LA Times, March 27th, 2016)

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