Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rahm Emanuel, Police, Univ. of Chicago: All Continuous Failures During the Anti-Trump Demonstrations in Chicago! 
As I was bidding farewell to my 26-year-old county commissioner who was being deployed to AFRICOM as a Lieutenant in the Florida National Guard so he may protect our country from extremist Muslim terrorists, I was aghast at the vision of cowardly millennials creating major disruptions at a Trump rally. I was not surprised that there was a protest organized by every minority group with a grievance against something or someone. Yet, I was taken back by the ineptness of the Chicago police who, once again, showed their true colors as representatives of the dysfunctional Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. 

There is a certain dynamic that is particular to Chicago politics. It revolves around several prominent Al Capone families like the Pritzkers, who were nothing more than Jewish mobsters who killed and tortured their way up to political stardom under Obama and the Clintons. What I saw on TV yesterday was a primer of agitprop by a bunch of amateur Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and Whites who had been well trained by two cut-out organizations,  cutely entitled, “Showing Up For Racial Justices”; as well as, “Black Lives Matter” [Ferguson]. Without much opposition, these millennials were prepared to impede a Trump speech at all costs, no matter what the consequences were for themselves or the Trump Organization or America.
Inevitably, when agitprop is affected, many people get injured on all sides of a confrontation. Agit/Prop is an effective disruptive technique intended to create chaos and violence. Donald Trump/Corey R. Lewandowski were smart enough to call off the speech in anticipation of this possibility. This agit/prop did not suddenly start in Chicago, hints of its use was demonstrated when a nondescript female reporter claimed she was manhandled by Corey, Trump’s exceedingly clever, professional right-hand man who was used to this type of nonsensical hysteria.
Who then is to blame for inflaming the body politic? I don’t really blame the Democrats because they have a felon and a socialist running for the presidency. By its very nature, they are running an Alice in Wonderland type election where reality fell by the wayside of both self-delusion [HC] and wishful thinking[BS]. It is within the ranks of his own party that Trump has to seek out his Judas. There are many who have advocated for his termination [politically speaking of course]. However, I know of only one name that has made it part of their familial legacy to create agit/prop, dirty tricks, and even killing an American POTUS. Of course, I mean the Bush family. No one family has been involved in the assassination of one POTUS [JFK]; as well as, the failed attempt of another 
[Ronald Reagan].

Dirty tricks are their métier because they are bereft of integrity or any talent other than that of self-aggrandizement and the decimation of American lives –9/11. When Neil Bush, the dumbest of the dumb, was about to join dirty tricks Ted Cruz’s “Lets Vote a Canadian Into The White House” scheme, the signs of Republican thuggery became a “Clear and Present Danger”. 

I can only say now that once agit/prop has entered the election process, I anticipate a very turbulent election cycle.This is what I have been warning about—a true American Revolution! Let me state a simple fact: Corey R. Lewandowski, the Trump Campaign Manager, is a New Hampshire native who ardently believes in the state’s motto: “Live Free Or Die”! That’s a fair warning to those who think that demonstrations are intended solely for the amusements of millennials who have nothing else to do but riot in the streets about everything and nothing. 

At the same time, let me bid farewell and good luck to those young men/women who are sacrificing their lives to allow these millennials the chance to disrupt ‘free speech’ and civility. Let me end with an old Scottish proverb:
“No one provokes me with impunity [nemo me impune lacessit].”



  1. Will Donald Trump actually work out, or will Donald Trump do a 180 degree turn once elected President of the UNITED STATES???? If Donald Trump does NOT work out, the only "SOLUTION" is ARTICLE I, Section 10, and paragraphs 1-3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (LEGAL "STATE SECESSION" from the "INVADED" UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, while still subservient to THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION); and this is in addition to THE 10TH AMENDMENT of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION ("STATES RIGHTS")!

    Donald Trump better not start a NUCLEAR WAR! Because, a NUCLEAR WAR, now, will cause an "EXTINCTION EVENT"! This is due to the annihilation of both THE PACIFIC OCEAN (already dying due to Fukushima fallout) and ATLANTIC OCEAN!

    1. After Trump said he would pay for the legal expenses of his supporter who punched a negro protester a survey of voters found this about how his legal support effects voters.

      75 percent said it didn't sway them against him at all.

      25 percent said it makes them like him even more.

      Yes finally we have someone who understands the working man. I don't mean that faciously. He actually thinks the way most Americans do. He understands their sense of fairness and right and wrong, as opposed to the sensibilities of orthodox academics and social leaders and self appointed opinion leaders and pundits. All these people for decades have been about trying to lead Americans into a better place, to steer society into a direction they, the elites, think is best.

      But it's not what common people want or have to deal with in their daily lives.

      Common people in America struggle everyday with humiliation. They are humiliated by their employers, by the police, by their neighbors, by the IRS, by everyone.

      Common people are insulted by rage roaders who drive by and shoot them the finger. Their daughters go on social media and are bullied and ridiculed because of their appearance of because they don't wear the coolest shoes.

      Their sons are bullied because they don't play sports, or for whatever reason.

      And when they find themselves afoul of the law they get thrown into jails where they are made to fight for their pillows and cigarettes and wind up with their teeth knocked out.

      This is the real world of common Americans in the 21st century.

      For opinion leaders to preach non violence is a FUCKING JOKE !!!!!!!!!!

  2. If Hillary Rodham Clinton gets THE WHITE HOUSE, there will be "MARTIAL LAW" and "MUSHROOM CLOUDS" (THERMONUCLEAR WAR); and as stated, a NUCLEAR WAR, now, will cause and "EXTINCTION EVENT"! Are WE (EARTH'S POPULATION) ready to be "EXTERMINATED"??????

  3. I hope Donald Trump is not there to be a "STAND-IN" to get Hillary Rodham Clinton into the WHITE HOUSE. Obviously, Donald Trump will win the REPUBLICAN NOMINATION! However, will Donald Trump win the GENERAL ELECTION against Hillary Rodham Clinton??? This is the issue! Is Donald Trump "playing a game" to eliminate any political "fallout," after he (Donald Trump) loses to Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 6, 2016??? "Oh, I am sorry; WE really tried!" As stated in other comments, if Hillary Rodham Clinton gets the WHITE HOUSE, there will be an "EXTINCTION EVENT"! Because, a NUCLEAR WAR, at this point (both the Pacific Ocean (mainly Fukushima fallout) and Atlantic Ocean destroyed), will completely destroy the EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE!

  4. As for THE BUSH FAMILY and other American NAZIS, EVERYONE MUST SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Dark Legacy: George Bush And The Murder Of John Kennedy" [This YOU TUBE VIDEO contains substantial "EVIDENCE" showing George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, TRILATERAL COMMISSION MEMBER, and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) was E. Howard Hunt's (TOP C.I.A. ASSASSIN in charge of a "WET TEAM" put together by Vice-President Nixon (actually a NAZI)) "BOSS" during 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by THE C.I.A. on November 22, 1963!] posted by Webster Tarpley Radio (AUTHENTIC) on November 24, 2013; and "The Bush Family, Wall St., Eugenics, Darwinism, and Fascism (full lecture)" [This YOU TUBE VIDEO shows "EVIDENCE" showing Prescott Bush (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) put Adolf Hitler into power during the 1930's!] posted by LaRouchesupport (AUTHENTIC) on May 23, 2012! By the way, the actual Coup d'état happened during 1945, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was assassinated by SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS and NAZIS to put Vice-President Harry S. Truman (TRAITOR, who was "sold-out" to THE BRITISH EMPIRE); and SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt" [Historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley Ph.D. explains the death (assassination) of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.] posted by Webster Tarpley Radio (AUTHENTIC) on March 19, 2015! Furthermore, there was an "attempted" NAZI Coup d'état ("The Business Plot") of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during 1933 [Prescott Bush was a "ring leader"!]! Moreover, President Harry S. Truman created THE C.I.A. during 1946, brought over through THE O.S.S. "OVER 1,500 NAZI 'WAR CRIMINALS'" to the UNITED STATES, and executed The National Security Act of 1947 to protect THE C.I.A. (ESPECIALLY AFTER 1953 [The C.I.A. became "PRIVATE" organization!], when controlled by SKULL AND BONES and NAZIS) doing various criminal activities on UNITED STATES SOIL!

  5. Ted Cruz says his op-ed with Paul Ryan wasn't an endorsement of TPP, just fast track of the agreement.

    This guy has a Bill Clinton problem:

    He's trying to say it's not clear what the meaning of "is" is.

    Yes, Bill Clintonesque lying.

    It's coming all out in the wash:

    Ted Cruz is an opportunist and a fake outsider, yes, he is smart, but as the old saying goes, he's too smart-by-half.

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  7. I hope Trump is not part of the NWO program. It would be interesting to have a patriot in the WH try to stand firm against the NWO agenda and expose it.

  8. I hope Trump is not part of the NWO program. It would be interesting to have a patriot in the WH try to stand firm against the NWO agenda and expose it.

  9. A word about Kasich:

    Nice guy, has been a good governor of Ohio.

    I even considered Kasich last Spring when he was exploring a run for the nomination.

    But as I quickly discovered upon listening & research, Kasich is wrong on the three big issues:

    Kasich is flat-out for amnesty, no ifs ands or buts. Which I disagree with.

    Kasich is flat-out for these bad trade deals, the TTP, doesn't even question proven bad results of NAFTA or the more recent Korean deal. Full speed ahead for Kasich.

    I disagree. These multilateral trade agreements are structurally the wrong approach and the Korean one is simply poorly negotiated.

    Trade agreements should be treaties between the U. S. and individual nation-states. Direct relations, "bi-lateral" in accepted diplomatic parlance, with terms explicit within the treaty that ONLY Congress decides trade disputes and makes adjustments and modifications.

    No transnational dispute boards run by the corporations and staffed by corporate lawyers who rotate from plaintiff to judge, who can award damages with no recourse to U. S. courts or the Congress.

    Kasich is wrong on foreign policy, as well. Kasich takes a warhawk position, frequently referred to as neocon.

    Neoconservative foreign policy has been a disaster for the U. S. in material terms and is morally repugnant in the human cost of death & destruction unloosed around the world.

    A realist foreign policy is sorely needed.

    Therefor, even though I liked Kasich, he's wrong on all the big issues, so I couldn't support him.

    1. You're right about Kasich. He's a big business Republican who loves Wall Street and large corporations. He's for outsourcing jobs and bringing in immigrants for cheap labor. He hates working people.

  10. The media like CNN have blamed Trump for the Friday rally disturbance and cancellation of his rally.

    That is blowing up on the internet as the story as proved through pictures, videos, and first-hand accounts paints an organized operation.

    All media have acknowledged the demonstration was planned.

    Who planned it?

    Not Bernie Sanders.

    More like the Clinton touch, don't you think?

    But also more. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel & Obama's Hawaii connections & support.

    This is a deep piece, must read if you want the scoop on the "deep state" organization for illegal immigration and the Syrian phenomenon of mass migration.

    From the piece:

    "Intelligence expert Kelly Greenhill defines this type of organized people-herding operation as 'coercive engineered migration', which means mobs from poor countries are shepherded across borders to disrupt the political system and economy in targeted enemy countries."

    The Obama ‘Famiglia’ Pays For
    Attacks On Trump & Sanders

    Anti-Trump 'Spontaneous' Violence Exposed

    By Yoichi Shimatsu

    Worth a read. Chilling if even close to accuracy. Has the ring of truth with good citation.

  11. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Last night (March 14, 2016) I went to bed at about 3:00 a.m.; and I stayed at 2415 Birch St. Santa Ana, California, because of the chances of rain. When I awoke at about 11:00 a.m. (March 14, 2016), I got something to eat from a local food truck. Then, I packed-up my things; and I went to where I stored my things, somewhere near where I was sleeping. When I got there, both the shopping carts (empty "99 cent store" shopping cart and a shopping cart full of my things) were gone! Stolen???? I believe so! At the time, the time was about noon (12:00 p.m. on March 14, 2016)! Said shopping cart containing my things contained over a year of various receipts (including Bank of America A.T.M. receipts), copies of my three potential motions (11CF0028), several pairs of shoes, and things relating to when I went to SANTA ANA COLLEGE between FALL 2009 and all of 2010!

    Now what???? Is there going to be additional "FRAME JOBS"???? Now, that they (C.I.A. and support) have over a year of various receipts, they (C.I.A. and support) will try and illegally alter my Bank of America Checking account RECORDS; or they (C.I.A. and support) might just leave thins at a crime scene to tie me to the crime (sophisticated "FRAME JOB")!

  12. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    After I looked around the area for my stolen things, I went to McDonald's Hamburgers (located at Main St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California); and I bought a cookie with my Bank of America A.T.M. CARD! At the time, I had my remaining shopping cart containing my blankets with me (store video)! After I left said McDonald's, I went to put my things away; and when I arrived at that location (where I store my things), I went and talked to the "manager" about my said two (2) shopping carts that were stolen between about 3:00 a.m. and noon (12:00 p.m.) on March 14, 2016! He said (said manager): "I did not remove them, and I do not know who took them." After I stored my blankets, I went back to same said McDonald's and bought a cookie with my Bank of America A.T.M.; and then, I went across the street (adjacent to the Elementary school) to the bus stop to catch the 72 bus going West bound to Bristol St.! The bus came and dropped me off at Bristol St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California. I walked over to the goodwill store and bought a pair of pants and a T-Shirt (paid part cash and part with my Bank of America A.T.M.)! After goodwill, I went to Panda Express Chinese food; and while was about to go to the restroom, a man walked-up and offered a meal at Panda Express. I was there (Panda Express) for about a hour. While at said Panda Express, the same "asshole" Security Guard approached me and inquired if I remembered what I said the other day! When, I eventually stated: "Ya." Said Security Guard replied: "I do not want you doing anything stupid around this area! Understand???" Basically, he (said Security Guard) was obviously "WIRED" based upon the strange circumstantial evidence; and once the desired result was obtained (me stating "Ya." or Yes) to fabricate an admission to a potential "FRAME JOB," said Security Guard left! In addition, there was a "99 cent store" shopping cart five feet from me with my things in it; and said Security Guard saw it and did nothing about it!

  13. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    While I was at said Panda Express (located at 2130 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704), the said man paid $10.00 and I paid $3.00 for a bill that came to $12.91! I did not use my A.T.M. CARD at this location. I did get the receipt. In addition, there are video cameras located inside and outside the said Panda Express. The exact time the meal was purchase was 4:06:24 on March 14, 2016! While I was eating said meal on the patio facing Bristol St. Santa Ana, California, a SANTA ANA POLICE UNIT sped past me with sirens and lights going; and I believe said S.A.P.D. UNIT turned left on to Warner Ave. (East bound). Is this related? I do not know. But, it might be, because of the possible "fabricated tape" from said Security Guard and what was stolen from me earlier in the morning (March 14, 2016)!

    After I left said Panda Express, I went to Starbuck's Coffee (located at 2303 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, California); and I purchased a banana! The time of purchase was 4:57 p.m. on March 14, 2016; and I paid part cash and part with my A.T.M. CARD! In addition, said Starbuck's Coffee has several video cameras!

  14. Raymond, none of this matters, give your life to Jesus, trust in your redemption! End of story.

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