Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dupont Circle Hotel, Wash. D.C. 
Corrupt Putin Henchman Dies from “Russian Heart Attack” Broken Skull, Neck, and Spine!
For Russian Oligarchs who flee Putin and Squeal to U.S. Agencies: Payback is “A Bitch”. Meanwhile in the midst of our Second American Revolution while the Republican Establishment pathetically attempts to stop the Trump Express to the White House, Putin took the necessary time to terminate one of his “stool pigeons” who fled to America for some sort of sanctuary.
Normally the name Mikhail Lesin would mean less than nothing during the halcyon days of our Republic. Mikhail would have remained one of those exceedingly rich “mujiks” [Russian Peasants] whom Putin trusted to intimidate Russia’s media into one unified conglomerate under Putin’s control. Think Murdoch with muscles. Lesin was known affectionately as the “bulldozer” who became the premiere thug threatening everyone on behalf of Putin to tow the proper propaganda line. His official title was “Press Secretary” to Gazprom Gas Company.

Yet one day, Lesin has a fall out with Yuri Kovalchuk, an even closer confidant/thug of Putin’s. Remember that Putin’s fear of a possible intelligence coup against him has risen to new heights of justifiable paranoia.  First, Lesin fled to Switzerland. Next, he escaped to Hollywood where his son was a producer of the great American WWII film,“Fury”[starring Brad Pitt]. Are you beginning to see how Hollywood and Intelligence are really one and the same?
Lesin was then asked to come to Washington D.C. He was probably ordered to stay at the Dupont Circle Hotel located very close to the Russian Embassy /Consulate.
There, his family claimed he died of a ‘sudden heart attack’. However, the Wash. District coroner took exception to the wishful diagnosis. He found that Lesin’s skull, neck and spine were crushed by some type of brutal force.
From a medical perspective, it’s quite a stretch to declare that Lesin died from ‘natural causes’. Yet from an intelligence perspective, I would have to say that Lesin suffered from the same brutal disease called ‘turncoat’ which Trotsky had died from in the 1930’s. An ax was mysterious discovered in Trotsky’s skull; after having escaped Stalin’s wrath for having called Stalin ‘stupid’.Yes, there is code of honor among thieves and scoundrels, be they Americans or Russians. It’s the same simple diktat: “Profit illicitly; but remain silent!”
Lesin and other past ‘Russian snitches’  had to learn that lesson from the time that the Polish Count Dzerzhinsky [a Jesuit-trained Yiddish-speaker] became the Director of the OGPU [1918]; forerunner of the NKVD/KGB/FSB under Stalin [once an aspiring poet], who was in charge of terminating the lives of tens of millions of Ukranian/Russian citizens. Let me tell you one thing about the Russians: do not mess with them! 
So why did Putin initiate this hit right now?
My suspicion centers around a blog I had written over a year ago. At that time, I had warned Putin that he was descending into an economic maelstrom which neither he nor his Kremlin Kronies could control. In part, theUSG effectively created an economic warfare where the Ruble was falling and the bond rating was designated as ‘junk’. From a geopolitical perspective, this type of warfare was justified because of Putin’s incursion into Crimea and other parts of Central Asia. Adding to the pressure, Putin has had over twenty different rural regions [out of 80] which were declared ‘bankrupt’. Now, we see Russian workers have started to demonstrate and demand job security.

Putin has not been able to resurrect the failing economy; instead, he has to rely on his FSB, GRU and SVU--- intelligence units which have shown major mistrust of Putin ---and his ability to continue to rule effectively. Putin understands their concerns. He has called out to all of the Oligarchs to come back to Russia and help solve the economic problem. This means that Putin has asked these corrupt ex-KGB officials to donate their ill-gotten gains back into the “Russia Fund” which would insure Putin’s continued tenure as the leader of this vast Russian Federation. 
Those who refused were terminated. Others remain in a state of constant fear. Surmounting this financial conundrum is the fact that Putin could no longer afford to keep his elite Russian air force, ground troops and other military personnel remaining in Syria. In theory, these soldiers had accomplished what Putin had wanted to achieve. He was proud of the fact that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he rebuilt the Russian forces into a very impressive military; at a time, when the world was wary of his capacity to do so.
He proved to the world—don’t mess with Russian forces, anywhere or at any time. Point well made!
Now, Putin has to concern himself with his internal security apparatus. Which of the many intel agencies will be loyal to him? How can he afford to pay them at a time when the Ruble is worth nothing? Putin has gone from the leader of a country to becoming a concerned paymaster who wants to collect back the money he had initially distributed to insure his tenure as the supreme leader.
Yet Putin is no Stalin. His intelligence community is not led by the ruthless, cunning genius of Count Dzerzhinsky.
Lesin’s murder reminds me of Joyce Kilmer’s poem:
“Things have terrible permanence when people die.”


  1. Interesting pragmatism. Often surprising, how turncoat do have fragile health. Weather change, for sure...
    The fact is indeed, that Putin could win the Battle for Syria but lose the Battle for Russia.
    The top of the subject remaining the way money is "created", the Russian Central Bank was the main goal of the 1990's demolition of Russia ; this is something systematic with globalists, and only some farsighted people understood this, before WW1, WW2, and now...?
    Remember Caroll Quigley (Tragedy & Hope, 1966, p.1311): "war and depressions are man-made, and needless..."

    1. Dr.P the film "Fury" with Brad Pitt was one of the worst films ever made and not only I but every critic on the planet agrees it was a piece of shit.
      The Americans depicted in the film were rapists and murderers. It was a disgrace to all American servicemen. It's point was that the Nazis were an ultimate evil and in order to kill them you must become a savage too....
      Well that's a nice 21st century hollywood distortion but most Americans who served in tank companies during the war did not become atavistic savages raping girls and murdering prisoners for sport.
      Brad Pitt is not only a bad actor but a dumbass and a moron as well.

      Now as for Putin and the Russians they will always be what they are. During the war the Russians did in fact rape millions of girls and even elderly women not only in Germany but everywhere else they went. One reason was because they were communists and communists are nihlists who do not believe in any morality or God or anything except the rule of the jungle and that might makes right.
      But the other reason is just what you see with Putin and the situation in Russia today...they are assholes. Sorry but Russians are ruthless and power mad and full of chauvanism. They are a bunch of knuckleheads.

    2. In Portland, Oregon many moons ago, I met a museum curator from The Hermitage. She vividly described the sexism she endured at her job. I am grateful not to be trapped in such a place.

    3. You old nazi shut up. You genocided tens of millions of people and finally we kicked your ass. Enjoy now how Arabs will be raping your German women and German men will be observing this in fear to be dubbed racists. Germans became cowards.

    4. Your president was humiliated today by Cuban Raul Castro . He didn't even met him in the airport. Your Obama again put the shame to all your nation. This worthless person want to be the ground breaker at any cost..miserable coward.

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  4. You know guys as Russian I DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT THE DEATH OF ONE MORE CORRUPTED MOFU!! 98% of Russians do the SAME!!! You are paying attention to it - not us? We really do not care how KGB people are killing one another....have a good one!!

  5. The power of Putin is stronger than it was 5 years ago. Military, defense, public workers, retirees , burocrats really appreciate his pursuit of stability. These groups of population comprise 60 % of total. 15% of middle class is not meaningful at all .

  6. I hated Putin 5 years ago because he totally lost the opportunity to change Russian economy more diversified way when oil prices were high. But after all your worthless sanctions and oil price collapse he managed to make the right steps both economically and politically to strengthen his power and didn't allow the poverty to ruin the population I started to respect him. He was doing the right things for the general population. If he managed to get through the worst of oil and isolation YOU WILL HAVE TO TOLEARATE HIM even further !!! You Americans can not understand that your democracy with the ugly ramifications like political correctness and liberal fascism IS NOT SUITED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. Last 25 years you fucked up everywhere in the world trying to forcefully impose "democracy". You just achieved either chaos or sharia laws everywhere where you were involved.....THINK ABOUT IT. !!!!

  7. P.S. Double is strengthening and oil is on the mend.....

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