Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Trade Secrets of the Louis XVI Republican Beheadings!
When I and other concerned Americans started to protest the lies of 9/11, we understood all too well how a great country like ours could kill/destroy itself when cowards, traitors and draft dodgers took over the White House. The Secret Service, an institution with an ethereal presence and questionable legitimacy protected those individuals who were intent on committing treason. Similarly, the FBI acted, at that time under Freeh, Mueller, with dishonor and disgrace. I had hoped with the present Director Comey, that the FBI would change its moral compass. So far our highly funded internal/external security apparatuses chose not to protect their real employers- The American Citizen. Instead these self-anointed guardians of secrets decided to let the American people find out for themselves what in fact did happen and how misled we have been for well over half-a-century.

As someone who was involved in many of the untoward escapades of several administrations, I fully support the wrath our citizens as it burst wide open in the 2016- Louis XVI- French-style Revolution.You may remember that Louis XVI and his Austrian wife, Marie Antoinette were beheaded. In modern times, we have been actively decapitating the lies, personaes and narratives of our entrenched ruling class in both the Republican and Democrat parties.
To begin with, let us understand that no President is perfect and none achieves the high office of the Presidency through good deeds and moral rectitude.The road to the WH is littered with the garbage of human detritus which no POTUS has been able to avoid effectively. What they attempt to accomplish once they are in the WH is really the true determinant of that person’s legacy-despite their personal frailties. 
In the meanwhile, the usual contrived building blocks of lies and deceits manufactured by the WH is eventually discovered by us, the American plaintiffs, who will try to uncover those miscreant deeds over time. None of our recent POTUSs could have passed a Top Secret clearance investigation required of most ordinary citizens.  Now, we witness the rage of the American people expressed through two basic outside candidates [about whom I have written extensively]—Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

However, the Republican establishment, or what remains of the remnant of the ‘so-called aristocracy’ has been scared by the onslaught of Trump. Neither Romney nor McCain can impede the onrush of emotions that cry for these two men of limited value and integrity to attend their respective decapitation at the Republicans’s guillotine of   collective disgust.
For certain, Trump stands to win the Republican nomination. In turn, the Republican aristocracy stands to lose their respective standing, or ‘head’. There will be no compromise within the foreseeable future since the harsh words and mutual denunciations on all sides have inflicted irreparable damage on everyone involved.
The American people, will be vindicated eventually for their lingering disgust of these aristocrats who have leeched off the hard work of the American taxpayers for too long.

The final moment of truth should arrive around March 15, when Trump will garner the necessary votes for his eventual nomination as the presumptive Republican Candidate for the 2016 Presidential election.
In the meantime, we will witness a barrage of slander and personal innuendos, which will in the long run, damage the image of a mature, responsible Republic, ostensibly founded on the basic principles of transparency, justice and civility.
The French have an apt expression for this inevitable cacophony of political angst that will arise:
“All men are born truthful, and die liars.”


  1. Romney and his ilk would rather see Hillary President than someone like Trump or Sanders. They will say anything and do almost anything to prevent an outsider from coming into office.


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  2. “…if you put a drop of poison in water the purity of the rest of the water is not going to do anything for the poison.” - Bishop Sanborn, Holy Trinity Seminary, FL

  3. Good post. I cannot believe that most have had enough of the tissue of lies and manipulations presented by the media.

    I have never seen the elites in such a panic mode. Like Gerald Celente always says, "when all else fails they take us to war."

    B-52's are being sent to protect the Syrian Turkish border. B1's are going to Australia. NATO is building up in the Baltic's.

    We will be going to war with women generals in the lead and transvestite troops leading the charge. God help us all.

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