Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chinese Trump, Ren Zhiquiang, Defies Communist Party Leader President Xi Jinpeng!
The American Trump Revolution has spread to China where billionaire real estate tycoon, Ren Zhiquiang “publicly derided President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party in his microblogs.” [NYTimes Chris Buckley, March 18,2016]. Normally Ren would have been arrested or even kowtowed by the Chinese media as a ‘capitalist traitor’ and banned from China forever. However, the sophisticated Chinese people, including scholars, journalists, students and dissidents supported Ren against the Chinese Communist Party. That is quite amazing and unprecedented in modern times.
Normally, when the leader of the Chinese Communist Party reprimands anyone for ‘deviating from the party line’, they are arrested, or worse yet, killed. Like our Donald, Ren was described as follows by a well-known Chinese businessman /historian: “The Ren incident has been an eruption of feelings pent up inside the system for a long time…..I think a lot of people felt fed up, and they felt that finally somebody had spoken up. The backlash [against the President XI] over the Ren attacks went beyond what the authorities expected.” [NYTimes]

What is really happening in China may be the closest thing to a new Chinese Revolution.  The events are not quite on par with Mao’s barbaric Cultural Revolution of 1966 where millions of innocent Chinese adults were butchered by their own people on Mao’s orders.

President Xi has proven, as I have written in my former  blogs, to be completely incompetent in handling the economic crisis looming over China. Thanks to our beneficent American trade policies over the past twenty years, we, Americans, have literally encouraged the Chinese GDP to grow over 6% every year; allowing countless of Chinese peasants to escape poverty and enter their middle class. In return, we garnered the cheap Chinese made products found in every Walmart, Ace Hardware, and elsewhere. We also made the average American worker lose good paying jobs and lowered our standard of living. Good for China, bad for America.
However, those days are over. In turn, Xi a princeling, whose father was part of the Communist bourgeoisie class [ a political contradiction], decided to invoke the antiquated principles of Maoist theocracy as a way of controlling the far more sophisticated Chinese people [1.2 billion in size] who were now entering the Middle Class, earning greater wages than they had before.
So GDP has slowed to a trickle. China has to constantly devalue it’s Yuan in order to maintain a quasi-effective export program [because of its higher workers’ higher wages].

In turn, Xi has a very serious problem of maintaining political/economic stability in his country. He was neither a trained economist, nor a business man. Absent of talent or professional expertise, Xi turned to the nonsensical sayings of Mao in order to maintain some modicum of stability. Then, like Mao, Xi turned despotic.
Like his Khmer Rouge protégé, Pol Pot, Mao was not a man of conviction; but a coward invested in torture/slaughter/barbarism of his own people. President Xi is a spoiled princeling of the antiquated Communist Revolutionaries; who squirmed his way up the greasy pole of the Chinese Communist Party through corruption and cronyism. Xi is bereft of any formal profession or any talents of significance.  
In the meantime, the Chinese citizens have been screaming the same American discontent that we find in our own Trump Revolution: “Don’t use the taxpayers’ money to do stuff that does not provide services to the taxpayers… The people have been tossed into a forgotten corner.” [NYTimes].
Sound familiar?
The Chinese establishment, akin to our corrupt Democratic/Republican parties, is seriously being challenged.Yet, unlike our country, the Chinese people will go into the streets of Tiananmen Square [1989] and defy the tanks that Mao’s progenitors ordered. President Xi has been in very serious trouble for the past year. His base of support is not within the Chinese population; nor even within the peasant class [Mao’s base]. 
Xi has no real base of power; other than a fictional notion that he somehow represents some vestige of a deteriorating, ossified Communist Party.  In contrast, the formidable Chinese military /industrial complex saturated with the best and the brightest, has ascended in both political/economic legitimacy, acting as an effective counterforce to Xi’s corrupt party bureaucrats. China is moving too quickly for Xi. His words ring with the perfect tone of hypocrisy and political cronyism as did Mao’s. Xi’s wife is a famous actress/singer and his children attended Harvard College.
Xi has no right to preside over an ever evolving China. He is at best irrelevant; at worse, detrimental to its growth as a super power in the world. Xi’s gibberish of Communism and Maoism has been relegated to the virtual vaults of obscurity and ridicule.

Now, China (like America) must find and elect a new type of leader, vital and defiant; someone akin to Ren, who can entertain thoughts of government transparency, and equal wage benefits; without the destructive cult of personality. 
The following Chinese proverb describes President Xi aptly:
Jiu niu yi mao[ pronounced: joe nee-oh eee mao]
Literal Meaning: nine oxen one hair
Idiomatic meaning: Xi is “of no importance; insignificant”.  



  1. Dr. Pieczenik, excellent commentary & analysis.

    China has the potential to continue to improve the lot of the common people without their own predatory trade policies or "free lunch" trade policy provided by globalist U. S. government trade representatives, back by a supine Congress, and a bought & paid for President and a "go-along-get-along" bureaucracy (of course, there are many good public servants).

    China can have a internal market much as America had for 150 years until the globalists took over after WWII, but sped up in the 80's.

    China need not be an existential threat to America.

    Rather a rival & competitor.

    The parallel with Trump is striking.

    But my hope is that the American People can be just as assertive as the Chinese People.

    We ain't done fighting yet, no We've just begun to fight!

    1. Why does the U. S. government provide "free lunch" trade policies to China?

      Money... yes, some do benefit, banks on the money trade, no matter how big the trade deficits; and selected corporations.

      But its bigger than that.

      The so-called "Western Elite" want to intertwine & incorporate China into a dominating embrace.

      It's a fools errand.

      But it's hurting the American People in the process.

      It ain't the aim of the elite to benefit the American People with their China policies.

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    1. General Leslie Groves used to dress up in high heels and garters and put on a wig and stockings, lipstick and push up bra. He had to to this in private only among his closest friends, such as the German jewish scientists in the Manhattan project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee or at the remote desert location of Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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    Published: March 6, 1999

    Correction Appended; From The Editors

    WASHINGTON, March 5— Working with nuclear secrets stolen from an American Government laboratory, China has made a leap in the development of nuclear weapons: the miniaturization of its bombs, according to Administration officials.


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  8. [minor corrections]

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Russia Prepares For Armageddon - Withdraws From Syria" [This is a YOU TUBE VIDEO by Dr. William B. Mount M.D. (Retired Captain, former Ambassador member, foreign Royalty, and member of The Knights of Malta)!] posted by William Mount (AUTHENTIC) on March 14, 2016! I just found out about this guy! He (Dr. Mount) believes Russia is preparing for nuclear war; and I concur with some of his (Dr. Mount) analysis! What do you think about this analysis by Dr. Mount [punctuation correction]????????

    In addition, Dr. Mount has a WEB PAGE; and also, checkout his (Dr. Mount) YOU TUBE CHANNEL! I do NOT concur with everything Dr. Mount says! I just want everyone here (Dr. Pieczenik's BLOG) to know and understand this guy (Dr. Mount)!

    1. Three World Wars were deliberately planned by the NWO according to Albert Pike:

  9. In my electronics hardware company I am considering calling for a boycott of all trade with China until democratic elections are held. This is a disgrace.

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    1. Its old news Ray and if any, or all listed above was done, it was for the greater good. C'mon Raybo, you know the enlightened ones have the collective's best interests at heart.

      In order to make a great omlette you must first break a few hundred million eggs. Can you imagine how many eggs will get broken for the next great omlette?


  14. "Let’s admit it. As political provocateur, Donald Trump has a dizzy kind of genius. He feints to the right, then he spins to the left. Either way, the hot subject for political chatter becomes Donald Trump."

    William Greider, The Nation.

    Great phrase.

    I laughed when first reading it.

    In a good way because the issues Mr. Trump is raising are the right issues.

    He's a politician, all of eight months, but, oh boy, doesn't he hit the high notes?




    That's what the American People need to talk about.

    Trump makes us talking.

    That's a good thing!

  15. Easter Surprise - Did Ted Cruz Pay Hush Money to Carly Fiorina's Campaign to hide extramarital affair?

  16. TO C_I_A_operator:

    The C.I.A. needs better "female assassins" that know how to actually do a "CLEAN OPERATION"! I mean "CLEAN"! They need to know how to properly "VACUUM"! Here is a very good female assassin that really knows how to "VACUUM" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Lethal women kiss a bad men for killing him" [See the entire episode for free. Just copy and paste "The Hunger, Episode 2x44 The Suction Method" at!] posted by lmg66 on November 13, 2007)!

    1. The CIA of today doesn't have the brains to recruit a female assassin or to even tell who needs to be killed or why. The CIA of today isn't your daddy's CIA like my CIA was. In my day we had the Cold War and real threats to worry about, unlike these pesky terrorists with their shoe bombs and exploding sauce pans and pressure cookers. Our enemies in my day had thousands of nuclear weapons...Duh. We had the real war to fight and we did a darn good job of it too!

    2. TO C_I_A_operator:

      Did you watch the said YOU TUBE VIDEO??? That woman knows how to clean a "DIRTY CARPET"--a total "VACUUM JOB"!

      You are taking this too seriously. It is supposed to be "dark humor".

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  20. MIT if you are an audiophile you should listen to your favorite music on a pair of ESS AMT 1D's with at minimum 200 Watts per Channel coming from a low THD Amp.

    I think their website is "Sound as Clear as Light"

    The guy who invented and patented them came up with something he named a "Heil Air Motion Driver" and was a Cal-Tech Physicist at one time I believe.

    He explained it in layman's terms as sound emitted from his driver like one would squeeze a cherry pit out between your thumb and index finger. It doesn't distort the sound as much as regular speakers, and the sound seems to fill the room differently, like its floating in mid air.

    I'm waiting for my old fuddy duddy neighbors to go on vacation, then I'm going to crank up the system.

    I looked at the patent online, but not being a "sound" engineer, couldn't appreciate his design to it's fullest.

    1. I've been getting by with a very large Onkyo receiver and Bose system I found at Goodwill Industries. The limiting factor in distortion on all higher end speakers is the media, i.e. the vinyl I prefer. And to me CD's are a crime so I never use them.

  21. "Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, Pakistani Diplomat, Dies at 95" (NYT - Jan. 28, 2016)

  22. Found this on Public Intelligence Blog, Pilger brilliant as usual on US.