Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Savings and Loan Scandal: redux.
HELL! o.  Seriously, Cruz should think twice about having a Bush on Board.  They must think we are so stupid.


  1. cruz is very smart, and i believe very deceptive, and a weasel. his wife's departure from goldman-sachs, i think is temporary, until they see what happens with the republican primary. it's said that he's not liked by his colleagues in the senate.

  2. News Flash: Trump kicking establishment ass!

    1. What the establishment worries about: Trump kicking ass & taking names.

      Although, as a good politician, Trump has been conciliatory to fallen opponents & elected officials when opportunity arises.

      Hint to the establishment: Back off! Your attacks are only making Trump stronger and your weakness more evident.

      Listen to Trump.

      See if you can match his arguments on illegal immigration, bad trade deals, and disastrous military foreign policy.


      That's why the establishment is trashing Trump: They can't beat him on the policy.

      And that's what they REALLY care about.

      Follow the Money.

    2. And why can't the establishment beat Trump on the policy?

      Because the facts & evidence that illegal immigration, bad trade deals, and foreign policy, are damaging the American People's rights & interests is overwhelming.

      And no amount of establishment dog food is going to change that.

      The American People are rejecting the establishment dog food.

      "They just like it, sir."

      Said the minion in response to the CEO who asked why they won't eat the dog food after it had been so heavily marketed as good for the dogs.

      Yes, the establishment exposed themselves, in all their arrogance, to the American People and not only are they not buying it, they are repulsed by the spectacle.

    3. Just shows a typo can change the who meaning: I meant above,

      "They just don't like it, sir."

      Well, Well,

  3. always appreciate your insight. TY!

  4. Poor George, looks like he has the early stages of some neurological disorder with that odd facial expression, or perhaps Alzheimer's?

  5. America does not need another 'puppet' POTUS it needs a CEO.

  6. Everybody is exposing themselves.

    There are many different players, each playing its game. But in the playing of it, they are exposing themselves to the bright light of public inspection.

    They have much to hide.

    Trump knows this.

    A secret of Trump strength:

    The information revolution on the internet.

    Quite the contrary to Sen. Cruz, Trump supporters are well informed.

    Cruz not only put a Bush brother on his finance team, but other minion Bush supporters from Texas are lining up for Cruz.

    And Jeb Bush is going around to Kasich, Rubio, and (Yes, Cruz was willing to listen to Bush's conspiracy [to stop Trump] ) Trump.

    Bush(s) are politically radioactive.

    Now Cruz insults supporters of Trump as "low information voters"... What does this say about how Ted Cruz views voters in general?

    Ted Cruz is an opportunist of the highest order.

    He was a Bush insider who realized after the failed Bush presidency it would be better to hop a ride on the Tea Party movement as an outsider (cough, cough).

    In committee Cruz supported the gang of eight bill.

    Cruz has flip-flopped on all the three great issues of this campaign:

    Illegal immigration

    Bad trade deals

    Bad foreign policy

    On each issue he's either started on the globalist side of the issue or started, changed, and changed again.

    The videos and statements of Cruz prove it

    You thought Rubio was the stealth manchurian candidate? Cruz, possibly, is the worst manchurian candidate of all.

  7. Before UNITED STATES SENATOR Ted Cruz (R. Texas) even was on the ballot or even started to discuss possibly running for President of the UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES SENATOR Ted Cruz stated on several occasions: "I am a friend of George W. Bush Jr.. THE BUSH FAMILY are my friends. Jeb Bush was a "good" Governor of Florida." This is what raised the "RED FLAG" for me! After that, I knew Ted Cruz was a "Hypocrite"! What makes this thing really "STINK" is: While being close friends with THE BUSH FAMILY, Ted Cruz (Hypocrite) is Ted Cruz stating: "Praise THE LORD; and now, let us 'PRAY'!" Therefore, Ted Cruz (Hypocrite) is basically committing "FRAUD," while "conning" any and all Evangelicals to vote for him (Ted Cruz)! This is really "SAD"!

  8. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Two (2) days ago (March 9, 2016), I went to the Bank of America (located at 3730 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)); and I tried to deposit $10.00. However, I forgot my A.T.M. Personal Identification Number ("P.I.N."); therefore, I had to go inside the said Branch (Bank of America). While inside the said Branch (Bank of America), the banking personnel asked me for an IDENTIFICATION CARD! I stated: "I do not have an I.D.. But, I do have an "EXPIRED" I.D.." The "Banker" (Hispanic male) assisting me stated: "This is alright." The said "Banker" also asked me for my A.T.M. CARD; and I gave him (said "Banker") my A.T.M. CARD. After that, I asked to leave to go outside to acquire my personal belongings; therefore, they would not get stolen. The said "Banker" stated: "O.K.." While I was gone, the said "Banker" acquired a "FORM" for me to sign. When I came back inside the said Branch (Bank of America), the said "Banker" handed me the said "FORM" to sign; and he (said "Banker") indicated to me that the said "FORM" was necessary when a "P.I.N." is changed by a "Banker" inside a Branch (Bank of America). Therefore, I signed the said "FORM;" and I felt unconfortable signing signing said "FORM"! Is this where they (agents for THE JESUIT ORDER and BRITISH EMPIRE) separate me from my own bank account??????? In the past, there was no form! But now, there is a form! In addition, the female "Banker" (same Branch of Bank of America) that used to help claimed she (said Banker) was affiliated with THE JESUIT ORDER!

    Today, there is about $20.00 in unexplained funds located in my bank account (Checking account at Bank of America)! WHY???? On March 9, 2016, there was unexplained monies located in my said account; and it was about $10.00! The next day, on March 10, 2016, there was only a small adjustment! By the way, while at the said Branch (Bank of America) on March 9, 2016, I acquired a "print-out" of recent transactions; and none of the recent transactions showed why an unexplained balance! This shows "minor adjustments" occurring to my bank records concerning bank history several months ago! I suspected this before, when I noticed "weird balances" indicated on my A.T.M. receipts! By the way, I try to keep any and all bank receipts; however, several months worth, as stated in past comments, have been stolen by WEED AND SEED "AGENTS" (possibly transient agents) ultimately working for THE C.I.A.!

  9. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    As stated before, John Edward Addington stated to me that a "LIST" existed of "career criminals" and "sex offenders" to get my "watered-down" IDENTITY!

    As stated in the past, on December 30, 2010, while I was at a strip-mall (with LA PALOMA MARKET (located at 1624 S Standard Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707)), I was stopped and arrested by two (2) "plain-clothed" ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES! As stated, I was pulled-out of an "A Taxi" van and processed for suspicion of possession of controlled substances; and as stated in prior comments, the said Deputies found about $100.00 worth of "ROCK" Cocaine on me! They (said Deputies) also found a "PIPE"! Therefore, I was "CHARGED" with violating California H & S Code Section 11350(a) [FELONY] and California H & S Code Section 11364(a)! However, this was an "ILLEGAL ARREST"! WHY??? Because, first of all, Santa Ana Police Department (proper protocol) were supposed to do the said arrest; and the intentional breach of proper protocol was done for the purpose of using said arrest to substantiate an "illegal identity switch," while working with THE C.I.A.! When I was eventually "BOOKED" at THE MAIN JAIL (550 N. Flower St. Santa Ana, California), I was "BOOKED" as Raymond Carlson (without my "middle name" of Howard) born in California; however, I am actually Raymond Howard Carlson born in a different STATE! I WAS NOT BORN IN CALIFORNIA! Therefore, "criminal elements" (includes WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS working with THE C.I.A.) of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, put in place by prior Sheriff (just gout out of FEDERAL PRISON), committed "FRAUD ON THE COURT" at my Arraignment in CENTRAL JAIL 1 ("C.J.1") on January 4, 2011! This is "GROUNDS" for a DISMISSAL; however, because of all of the "EVIDENCE" stolen beginning on October 29, 2013 (first plastic bag stolen), I may NOT have sufficient "EVIDENCE" to support the appropriate "MOTION"! And, there is another "PROBLEM"! Without a LAWYER willing to go up against "THE SYSTEM" (including THE C.I.A.), I can NOT process the said "MOTION"!

  10. Between January 2011 and February 16, 2012, as stated in prior comments, I was illegally separated from 11CF0028 (said ORANGE COUNTY "CASE")! This was done to prevent any "take-over" of the said "CASE" by a different lawyer; therefore, the said "CASE" is contained with the "very corrupt" ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE! The said ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE are complicit to stated "illegal identity switch" (illegal modification of all MY RECORDS)!

    On both occasions (January 14, 2011 ("sabotaged" DRUG PROGRAM before enrollment to create PROBATION VIOLATION) and February 16, 2012 (COMMISSIONER HALL "unofficially" read into THE COURT RECORD several FELONY CASES tied to Raymond Carlson without my "middle name" of Howard)), they ("THE SYSTEM") were trying to "screw me" through ORANGE COUNTY PROBATION; therefore, I was "FORCED" to go "on the run"! Therefore, technically, I am NOT a Fugitive; and some of the Santa Ana Police Department know this and everything else (including the illegal modification of all MY RECORDS)!

  11. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (March 11, 2016), I followed my usual route (from Main St. to Bristol St. down Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California); and was pushing a "99 cent shopping cart"! The "99 cent Store" is located at 2311 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA, 92704 ("Bristol Warner Village")! When I arrived at "Bristol Warner Village," I asked a lady for some change; and she gave me 50 cents! When I was taking possession of said 50 cents, the "asshole" Security Guard told me to stop pandhadling and move along! Said Security did NOT state to me to leave the property permanently and not to come back; therefore, I went to Starbuck's Coffee (located at 2303 S. Bristol Street; Santa Ana, CA 92704-5755) and bought a banana! When I started to leave, said Security was at the door, and he stated: "Did you not understand what I just told you????" As stated, said Security did NOT tell me to leave the property and not to come back! Therefore, I questioned his (said Security) actions; and at that point, said Security inquired about the said "99 cent shopping cart": "Are you trying to steal the shopping cart?" I replied: "I am returning the cart!" During the "entire" conversation, the said Security did NOT clarify "permanent removal" from the said property (Bristol Warner Village)! Is said Security is going to try and process California Penal Code Section 602 on me with S.A.P.D. support???? Was this a "set-up," given what is going on with my said bank account (Bank of America)????

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