Friday, March 4, 2016

Gingrich on recent GOP attacks on Trump.  Rumored that Chertoff is involved in masterminding the attacks on Trump. hmmm, what are they so afraid of...


  1. Yes Gingrich says that Trump isn't a part of their Secret Society and is therefore "uncontrollable." This is what I was referring to when I posted that "Bid Daddy Mitch" McConnell was part of the "boy loving Bohemian Grove" internationalist group within the Republican leadership, and that "Daddy Mitch" would soon be seen on air wearing his celebratory leather Cod Piece, leather vest and black leather cap to announce his alliance with the "Log Cabin Republicans" [who are homosexual pervert Republicans who take their name from Abe Lincoln because he slept with young men while President].

    I've just invested in the company which markets "Elbow Grease Anal Lube" because their stock price is getting ready to shoot upward just like the sploog from a Studio 57 Masturbation Competition circ 1976 ! No need to invest in Viagra stock however as the aged men of the GOP use generic sidenafil from Indian pharmacies online.

    1. I meant to say "Studio 54" which was the iconic disco club of the '70s owned by Jewish homosexual and former military intelligence officer Steve Rubell. Before he died of AIDS Rubell had masturbation contests after hours where he would line up the bartenders to see which one could ejaculate the furthest! The longest shooting ejaculator won a prize, sometimes the honor of accompanying Rubell on a cruise on one of those gay cruise lines in Barbados or someplace where homosexuality isn't a felony.

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  3. chertoff? that's interesting. it's said that chertoff is a big wig with powerful zionists, and this zionist organization, is far more powerful, and are far worse gangsters than the sicilian-italian american gangsters who chertoff was prosecuting with giuliani in the 1980' and 90's. i've heard it said that this zionist organization had something to do with 9/11/01. correct me if this info is wrong.

    1. The opposite is fact:
      Orthodox Jews are given religious exemptions that secular citizens resent.

  4. I have been studying the Zionists lately, I had always supported them and Israel but I am coming to realize that what is under the covers is not very savory at all. The Neocons and the Zionists are joined at the hip. It goes much deeper than that but who knows where it really leads.

    I can see why losing control of the bureaucracy would scare them. They have gained so much post Reagan it would be tough to see that reversed.

    I think they are wrong, Trump will not reverse what they are doing in any large fashion other than trade. Even then I am skeptical.

    The Zionist has carved themselves into an excellent position, I am wondering what kind of false flag or war they will use to get the their Temple rebuilt on the Dome of the Rock.

    They have fought the will of the most high God for so long that they just don't get it. Jewish history has been horrific.

    I wonder what things would have been like if they accepted Jesus as their Messiah? He taught nothing but peace and love save for the time he walked into the Temple and whipped the money changers out of the Temple grounds.

    Their future messiah that they are working towards will be a disaster for the world.

    1. i understand that the orthodox jews in israel are treated horribly there by the zionists, because of their outspoken beliefs, which oppose everything the zionists stand for.

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    3. Typo:
      If they were joined at the hip, Obama would be checkmated, & pollard would not have spent 30 yrs in jail to shut him up.

      Don't believe the blood libel.

  5. All the media pundits say these secret clubs are a conspiracy theory, good to get them out in the open.

  6. Chad Sweet, INELIGIBLE FRAUD Ted Cruz’s campaign chairman, is a former CIA officer. Michael Chertoff, George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Homeland Security, hired Sweet from Goldman Sachs to restructure and optimize the flow of information between the CIA, FBI and other members of the national security community and DHS. Chertoff and Sweet co-founded the Chertoff Group upon leaving the administration.

    Cruz is a globalist.

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