Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump Slams Super Tuesday and Acts Presidential While Rubio and Cruz Belittle the Front Runner!
Very obnoxious behavior from two party pawns. Ask yourselves: what is the GOP so afraid of…winning?  Exposure of Bush crimes?
I don’t know how many times I have to write a blog about the increasingly offensive behavior of the non-front runners: Cruz and especially Rubio. Where did Rubio get the notion that Trump was not macho enough to run against him or anyone else? If Rubio does in fact represent the mainstream Republicans, whoever they may be, then that part of the party is completely moribund and decaying with the putrid smell of gangrene. But wait, we now have the threat of Romney coming out and saying what??  The Great White Dope? BFD.

I have never seen a case where a Republican front runner had to fight for his legitimacy in the party to which he swore an allegiance. If the party ghouls insist on fighting the popular Trump and decide to self-destruct in the process then that is their problem. However, those of us who chose Trump because he represented a movement of change in a time when change is badly needed, we will fight to the end in order to make certain that the only opponent Trump has to engage is potentially Hillary Clinton.

Those individuals who have supported Jeb and other mainline candidates have an obligation to the rest of the party to cease and desist from their counterproductive behavior. Needless to say, those of us who championed Trump from the very beginning will not stop to impale every Republican who has refused to recognize that Trump is the legitimate Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential elections.
Threats aside, I will state a simple point of fact. In Trump’s Super Tuesday speech,  he acted extremely Presidential, extending an olive branch to his fellow Republicans. He was neither bitter nor condescending. He was elegant, articulate and compassionate [expressing admiration for Ted Cruz’s hard won victory in Texas]. 
It is imperative that I emphasize the importance of having a self-made business man as our party representative because he clearly understands the esoteric financial instruments like: inversion, swaps, leverage, deleverage, negotiations and most importantly; and at the same time, he can espouse the principles and imperatives for job creation.

Those who feel that he cannot beat Hillary are sadly mistaken. Hillary is a walking/talking fact idiot savant who has no concept of business; other than financial monkey business. She is bereft of any skills or talents. On the other hand,  pit her against Rubio or Cruz and you will see a normally harmless lioness devour two baby cubs.
The future strategy for the Republican Party is simple. Consolidate behind Trump, assist him in the remaining states, and sever the tongue of those who denigrate him during the race.The alternative will be a complete, unmitigated blood bath between those people who really did serve Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush Sr… and the poseurs. Those aforementioned POTUSs left a very strong legacy of winning at any cost coupled with discipline and courage.
Don’t tempt those of us who only serve by writing and insinuation. The word, believe me Rhinos, is far mightier than the sword.
Homer warned of the following phenomena:
“Achilles absent, was Achilles still.”


  1. As a businessman Trump has a competitive world view. He recognizes that other states and actors have goals of increasing their nations' wealth and power at the expense of other states.

    This is why he advocates for what he does and speaks the way he does.

    But this is the opposite of the assumptions of the current gaggle of American politicians. Present political convention has it that everything is based on COOPERATION instead of competition. America's politicians have adopted for some time now an unrealistic "win-win" philosophy of trade and diplomacy, and then they're in denial when other states come out the winner in trade relations. They simply deny that wealth is flowing out with every dollar of trade in deficit. Nor do they admit that letting in millions of immigrants every year is to the advantage of the immigrants but not the American people.

    Blue collar workers and others are energized by Trump's attitude of winning instead of losing to foreigners. Academics, progressives and the political establishment is appalled because they conflate criticism of competitors as malicious because it defies the cooperative model which they all hold. To them is you don't seek to cooperate such that everyone can benefit then you are malicious to our trade partners and others. They don't understand that you can be competitive and seek to win at their expense and still NOT hold any malice toward them. However to them there is either cooperation or malice....nothing like simple competition.

    It's an un-natural world view which academics and policy makers and pundits have adopted. They think all boats can rise together or the alternative is division and separation.

  2. As always, insightful. Thanks for your comments, CIA.

  3. if the powers that be succeed in stealing the republican nomination, or the presidency from donald trump, they'd better be very careful about how they live their lives, and conduct themselves in their daily lives, because there will be a large majority of good, patriotic, law abiding tax paying US citizens who are going to be extremely angry. these US citizens will begin to do anything to destroy the dishonest, corrupt, conniving, manipulative, insider filth in the mainstream news, and power brokers with their trillions of dollars, and every other criminal insider who stole this election from the rightful candidate, donald trump. this will be when the real revolution begins. and God help the false candidate who is given the presidency by this insider power filth.

    1. Obama will dare martial law & go house to house without a warrant.

      Boston 4-19-13 was the dress rehearsal.

  4. Never thought we would get here but here we are. By stealing the election the neocons and their allies will have put water on a movement that would give the Republicans 100% control.

    The Trump movements people will stay home and not vote and Hillary will win. If they let Trump do his thing, he will trounce Hillary and many of Bernie's supporters will stay home and not vote for Hillary.

    Its obvious he has broadened the party and that will continue. It should be obvious to the Neocons since the only candidate they have is former Tea Party guy Rubio and he is going nowhere.

    The Latino media in California is spreading the worst yellow journalism imaginable with the attribution false quotes to Trump far worse than our English media.

    Its going to be a long hot summer and a cold winter if Trump wins. I fear what kind of false flag the neocons will dream up to keep their grip on power.

    How about this, Hillary wins and gets indicted before taking office. Then what? A constitutional crisis with Obama staying in office by self-appointment not by election.

    The constitution does not say he cannot serve a third term, it only says he cannot get elected to a third term. With Scalia out of the way this looks like a possible angle they are working.

    1. Hillary has all the symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure.
      My wife died of that.

      She'll be hospitalized at least once before the election, which will change the dynamics.

  5. North Korea Publicly Humiliates U.S. Student Who Stole Propaganda Poster in Hotel: Maybe Tom Hanks can get him out!

  6. Its very obvious the elite have lined up against Trump which validates everything you are saying Doc. Trump may be far from ideal in many ways but it will take someone outside the system with change the system. He's the last chance. Amazing how many sheep still don't get it. Hang in there Pieczenik....NEVER give up.

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  8. Exaudio. Hear, hear!
    Very well stated. The best.

  9. Dr. P is dreaming. The establishment is sinking $150 million into ads for anchor baby ineligible pill popper Rubio in Florida.

    They will commit massive absentee voter fraud.

    Rubio can only insult when he is speeding.
    Did you see him sneak a pill during the debate?

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