Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A poignant piece from the Haaretz


  1. I don't agree with the analogy that Israeli society is "immature" and can mature into something better.

    The problem isn't that Israel has lessons to learn.

    The problem is that it was founded by ruthless people who stole the land and then tried to lie to the world about what they were doing.

    They got away with false flags targeting US ambassadors in Egypt in the 1950s, with attacking American ships in 1967, with spying on the American government and selling the data to Russia, with swearing to Kissinger in 1973 that they would cease fire and then immediately broke it to gain advantage over the Egyptians, of always acting in bad faith, of running agents of influence in the United States to bend policy away from the vital interests of American citizens, of making up stories that Hamas uses people as human shields when in fact only Israel uses people as human shields, of attacking aid convoys with special forces.....

    But capture or kill one of their precious jew boys and they'll trade anything, do anything, to get him back if they can.

    I've got news for you....

    The problem with Israel is that 90% of Israelis only care about Jewish blood, and if you're not a Jew than you are lower than dirt to them.

    That's why Israel does what it does, not because it's "immature."

    Oh and by the way....

    It was Mossad which killed the three Jew boys which started this last round of genocide.

    I'm always skeptical about claims of false flag, but in this case I know personally that Hamas and no Arab organization had anything to do with killing those boys.

    Mossad regularly uses false flags and is the only service which has been known to kill their own agents and officers.

    They are the most disgusting service of assholes any government has ever created.

    Let's return Jonathan Pollard to pieces.

    1. Mossad and Netanyahu cooked up this plan because Abbas lost all credibility due his cooperation with Israeli police and but was repaid by the Israelis continuing colonization and "settlements."

      Abbas had no choice but to join with Hamas, and that's what set off this program.

      Mossad officers murdered the three Jew boys, and then the Israeli government claimed with absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Hamas was behind it. This claim was never challenged by the Jew/Zionist controlled western media.

      With Hamas throughly soiled Israel began a program of punishment in the west bank. It was this program of outrages which prompted Hamas in Gaza to retaliate with their cache of useless rockets which harm no one.

      And this of course is what prompted the Israeli invasion of Gaza, which will not end until Gaza is leveled and nothing remains there save for the carcases of Arabs there.

      As for world opinion guess what. As long as John Kerry and every other American politician is afraid of Christian evangelicals in the US, more so than the Jewish lobby, then no American government will do anything to restrain Israel.

      Israel doesn't give a shit what most American Jews think.

      They only care about what American evangelical Christian idiot hillbillies think.

      In their age old tradition the Jews are laughing at the backwardness, stupidity and gullibility of the gentiles.

    2. American Christians have adopted Judaism as their own. They study and teach the books of the old testiment to their children as their code book of life values. They live according to the myths, legends, and codes of the ancient hebrews. American Christians forget completely that Jews claim Christ was a liar, a villian, a phony. Because there has been little if any real anti-semitism in America these Christians have no idea that Jews are implacably hostile to Christianity and the doctines of Christian churches.

      Yet this doesn't stop them from villifying any American politician who criticises Israel. These moronic American Chrisitan hillbillies control American politics. Eighty percent of Americans believe in the Christian/Hebrew God, attend church, etc.....

      America is the only western society with this level of theism...and that's what sustains Israel.

    3. Posted my blog then read this!!! Very powerful posts MIT!!!

    4. This whole thing goes back to national character and intelligence levels just like anything else.

      You have this one tribe in the Middle East with very high levels of intelligence, higher than anyone else. And they use their intellect to compose these written legends, myths, and so forth which are far more logical and compelling than anyone around them, certainly anyone in Europe.

      While the Greeks and Romans are telling each other fairy tails about Zeus and Hercules which no can actually believe...

      The Jews are cooking up this one credible God that rational and intelligent people can actually believe exists!

      What a coup. And the refinements of the Christians with their promises of eternal life and personal salvation and empathy and altruism...

      Well why would anyone chose Zeus and Hercules over that!

      The Jewish people play the central role in European culture because they invented the core culture of values and beliefs that Europeans adopted because the European were not clever enough, or dishonest enough, to INVENT a con-job of "religion" and "faith" such as the Jews have performed.

      This is what the Jews themselves call, "the gift of the Jews" when it's really....

      The con-job of the highly intelligent, clever and deceitful jews.

      They have the gentiles by the balls because the gentiles have been conned by stories of Jonah and the Whale, of Noah and the Ark..etc...all bullshit.

  2. Interesting article but upon reading it you get the feeling that Israel is not long for the world especially if it doesn't change its policies and that has indeed been suggested on this very blog that Israel is a strategic liability and due to the USA loss of political influence (and the west in general) its future is indeed very bleak! I don't agree that it is a "normal" state but would concede that it is indeed in control of its own fate and the authors idea of dismantling major settlements and unconditional negotiations should be a most urgent policy! I also take exception to the term "anti-semite" as its in fact a total nonsense as a Semite is someone who is actually from Palestine Muslim or Jew! And the overwhelmingly vast majority are indeed Ashkenazi Jews whom hail from predominantly eastern Europe so therefore have as much lineage to Palestine as I do as a northern Englishman!!! I'd even argue that it is indeed Jewish occupation as opposed to Israeli occupation and its Jewish acts as opposed to Israeli acts! I'm sure the article will start great debate and we shall see but the over riding point I took on board is that maybe Israel is worried and reading past blogs regarding its status as a liability it wants to be.

    1. Peacenik Jews want to believe that Israel will be punished for it's sins so they write this kind of wishful thinking.

      Israelis don't give a shit what peacenik Jews think.

      Israelis will always win because they can deceive American Christians into thinking they are the persecuted ones and the Arabs are the persecutors just like the Nazis, etc...

      Oy Vey!

    2. Throughout time Jews have used their intellect to advance science, practice law, advance medicine, invent the internet, the motion picture industry, most media, etc....

      But also to perpetrate huge cons on the west so they can survive, and even prosper greatly.

    3. The Jews are the winners so long as the battleground is media and courts and places where guile, deceit and distortion can win the battle.

      But after a while people get fed up with this and say, "Hey we can defeat all these lies protecting them so let's get some rockets and strike back...or let's round up these Jews and kill a few of them...etc...."

      That's how anti-semitism operated. It wasn't because the Jews were different, as they claim. It's because they monopolize, the discriminate, and they lie. People have no choice but to use violence from time to time to put them into a place of fear of what might happen if they continue with their shit.

    4. Just look at Alan Derschowitz. The guy is brilliant and continually lies and lies all the fucking time about every fucking topic!!

      The guy can't tell the truth about anything!

      Every fucking thing that comes out of his mouth is untrue...and he knows it and doesn't care.

      What do you do with someone like him who's in Poland, say, and using the courts to lie and lie and get away with all kinds of crimes in injustices....

      See why the Poles from time to time would react???

      Ten percent of the population of Poland were Jews...3.3 million out of 32 million.

      In Germany Jews were only 500,000 out of 80 million....less than one percent.

    5. And Arab leaders could care less about what happens to the Palestinians. They only care about holding onto power so they can have lots of girlfriends, whisky, and other sins common muslims are forbidden.

      Prince Bandar is an example of that, with all his western pussy he likes to fuck, all the Jack Daniels he gets drunk on, and so forth...

      THE SAUDI ROYALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The only muslims with any integrity and care about anything are the FUCKING ZEALOTS.

    6. Dershowitz doesn't lie, consciously. He has a form of Aspergers. Therefore, he sees reality differently.

      His logic appears contrived. Actually it is refracted.


    So the jury found that Kyle, the high school drop out who CLAIMED to be the world's best sniper....


    Kyle never saw Jesse Ventura or struck him..Ventura never said SEALS should die....

    The one or two lying SEALS who testified that they witnessed Ventura says these things TURNED OUT TO BE LIARS TOO....

    So Dr.P what do you say about your fond American servicemen and military now......

    Like I've always said the US military is a bunch of lying, raping, stealing, looting assholes from the different groups of idiots which comprise America...and that's mostly a bunch of scoundrels, liars, and theives like CHRIS KYLE the lying SEAL asshole who probably never hit anything with his fucking rifle either !!

    1. THANK GOD someone in Special Operations Command had the foresight to make sure that....

      KYLE would be assassinated so the damage of his lies would be limited...

      btw no where in the media where the story of the Ventura assault was aired was the jury verdict mentioned.

    2. Right now Chris Kyle is barking in hell.


    3. The poor dupe who shot Kyle is now waking up in a jail in Texas with the Sirhan Sirhan syndrome.....and like Sirhan he was under the "care" of a government clinician leading up to the event.

      Nice to know MK/U techniques still in use somewhere.

    4. O'reilley the multimillionaire slammed Ventura for not returning his award money back to the widow & kids.
      Says Ventura is a conspiracy theorist & made a pr disaster.

      Decided Ventura must need money - that he is unemployable.
      It is o Reilly who should be unemployable.

  4. Your comments roll better than the blog posting sometimes, lol.